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Second Generation

6. Charles MABRY4,6,14 was born circa 1693. He died before 15 August 1749 at the age of 56 in Surry County, Virginia.

Charles had probably just come of age when his mother died.
p.64 [97]-70 [18 Jan 1715]
LW&T of Elizabeth Maybury dec'd presented by Charles Maybury one of her Executrs who made oath thereto and proved by John Bolling witness. Admitted to record. On motion of Charles Maybury certificate is granted for probate.
[21 Mar 1715] p.68 [104]-76
Charles Maybury Executr of LW&T of Elizth. Maybury dec'd presented Inv & Appt of said deceased's estate. Ordered recorded.

Charles & his brother Hinshaw were given a 400 acre patent on Fountains Creek in their father's will. Or the equivalent from the estate.

Charles's wife was Rebecca - some say Rebecca Loftin, including researchers of the Loftin family. She was the daughter of Cornelius Loftin [1675-1735]

p.254 Charles Maybury, 250 acres NL, Surry Co. S side Nottoway R; adj John Guillum's land. 5 Sep 1723. PB 11, p.275
John Guillum of Prince Geo Co. 240 acres NL. Surry Co. N side Nottoway on SouthWester Swamp. 5 Sep 1723.
p.303 Charles Maybury. 145 acres NL. Surry Co. So side Nottoway R & N side Racoon Sw. adj his own land & land of John Guillum. 24 Mar 1725. PB 12, p.424.
Nathaniel Philips. 95 acres NL, Surry Co. S side of Nottoway. Adj Col. Henry Harrison, John Guillum & Charles Maybury. 24 Mar 1725. PB 12, p.425.

VA Land Patents
25 May 1734 Charles Maybury. Land in Isle of Wight Co. 125 acres S side Nottoway and on the S side of the Hornet Swamp. Formerly granted to Francis Maybury late of Surry Co, dec'd, on 13 Nov 1713. The land was not cultivated by sd Francis, nor by George Maybury his son and devisee. Now granted to Charles. PB 15, p.235
Here is the original grant:
VA Land Patents from CAVALIERS, Vol III:
13 Nov 1713. p.134 Francis Maybury of Surry Co. 125 acres NL. Is. of W. Co. S side Nottoway & S side the Hornet Swamp. PB10, p.98. Imp. of 2 pers: Robert Yells, Arthur Johnson
This tract of 125 acres was left to George Maybury in the Will of his father. To son George, 125 acres on the Horn Branch at the Three Creeks.

VA Land Patents:
15 Mar 1741. Charles Maybury. Land in Surry Co. 340 acres on the South side of Nottaway River and South side of Raccoon Swamp - see the location of the patent dated 24 Mar 1725. PB 20, p.188
5 Sep 1749. Charles Mabery. Land in Surry Co. 119 acres on N side of Three Creeks beg at Martin Johnson's corner; main run of Little Houghman. PB 27, p.447

p.122/389 Mar 1745/46 Jury for John Pennington agst John Wever Junr. Included Charles Mabary. The defendant was not guilty of speaking slanderous words.

Charles Maybury's will was dated 16 Mar 1749/50 and names his wife as Rebecca. Nothing else is known of her. There were at least nine children: Charles, Francis, William, Ebill [Abel], Cornelius, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Emedia and Mary, whose married surname was Battle. The will was probated in Surry Co on 15 Aug 1750, presented by Elizabeth and Charles Maybry, two of the children.
Son Charles - 340 acres in the fork bet Raccoon Swamp & Spring Swamp
Son Francis - 119 acres on S side of Hornet Swamp
Son William - land at Little Swamp, up Nero branch, over to Charles Battles, Raccon Swamp
Son Ebill - plantation where I now live, my wife having her lifetime in it
Son Conelius - 119 acres on S side of the Plowman Also an entry of 100 acres bet Charles Battles & Tobert Lands and his ____
Dau Elizabeth - featherbed & furniture
Dau Rebecca - featherbed & furniture
Dau Rebecca - featherbed & furniture [apparently copied twice by clerk]
Dau Emidie - featherbed & furniture
Dau ____ featherbed & furniture that I and my wife lyeth upon after our decease
Dau Mary Battle - white linen
also to son William - a horse colt
To wife Rebeccah the remainder of stock and household goods
Wife and son Charles to be Executors.
Signed: Charles Maybry, Rebeccah (X) Maybry
Wit: John Hargrove, Nathaniel Clanton

SURRY CO VA DEEDS & ESTATE ACCOUNTS 1734-1755 William Lindsay Hopkins,
p.143/504 7 Aug 1752 Nathaniel Clanton to Benj Soesberry. Two tracts in Albemarle Parish. One for 95 acres, patent dated 24 Mar 1725 granted to Nathaniel Philips & sold by him to Nathaniel Clanton, bounded by Col. Henry Harrison, John Gilliam, and Charles Mabry. The other is 150 acres, lower part of 400 acres granted Edward Clanton on 27 Sep 1729 which Nathaniel bought from Edward on 21 Apr 1731. Signed: Nathaniel Clanton. Wit: Thomas Oliver, Wm Green, John Bishop. Rec. 26 Sep 1752
p.54/859 20 Mar 1753 Account of Estate of Charles Mabry dec'd lists Samuel Peete, William Mabry for legacy, Rebecca Mabry for legacy, Elizabeth Mabry for legacy, William Loftin, Mary Battle, Thomas Battle, George Long, Sarah Gilliam, and David Turner for legacy.
[from Surry Co Deeds, Wills, Etc. #9 1738-1754, Part 2]

Charles MABRY and Rebecca LOFTIN were married. Rebecca LOFTIN was born (date unknown).

Charles MABRY and Rebecca LOFTIN had the following children:



Charles MABRY15 died in 1769 in Sussex County, Virginia.

Charles wife was Jane. They had a son, also Charles, b. 20 Jan 1752, who married Martha Wilkinson.



Mary MABRY (private).



William MABRY15 died circa 1778 in Northhampton County, North Carolina.

William married Celia, surname unknown. He died about 1778-79, Northampton Co, NC, leaving no children. His widow then married John Tyner.



Abel MABRY15 died before 1801.

Abel married 1st Susannah, surname unknown, and (2) 15 Nov 1795 to the widow Mary Woodland, Sussex Co, VA.



Cornelius MABRY.



Elizabeth MABRY15 was born (date unknown).



Rebecca MABRY15 was born (date unknown).



Emedia "Amy" MABRY15 was born on 8 December 1740.



Francis MABRY15 died in 1771 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Francis married Elizabeth, surname unknown. They had a son Burwell Mabry.