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Fifth Generation

93. Nancy MABRY was born in 1799 in Virginia.62 She died in 1879 at the age of 80.62

Nancy MABRY and William Tyler SUTPHIN were married on 21 October 1819 in Patrick County, Virginia.4,62 William Tyler SUTPHIN4,62,66,67 was born on 13 June 1799 in Bedford County, Virginia.4 He died on 14 August 1874 at the age of 75 in Carroll County, Virginia.4

October the 1819 Sir pleas to grant William Sutphin lisens to marrey my dauter Nansey Mabery this from Me Charls Mabry To the Clark of Pattrick test: Wm McPeek

William was the son of Hendrick Sutphin and Rachel Owen. In the 1850 Census in Carroll Co VA is Hendrick, age 82, born New Jersey; 11th Dist, p. 347, household 425.

1850 Census, p.347b, Carroll Co VA. William gave his age as 51, Nancy 50. Milly 18, Nancy Jr. 16, John 14, and Templeton A. age 12 [female]. Living next door was a Thomas Sutphin, age 24, and his family - possibly another son. I'm sure there were other older children.

1860 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll, VA, Hh 529
William Sutphin, 60
Nancy, 60
Tempe A., 21, Lenora, 16 [why was Lenora not with the family in 1850?]

1870 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, Hh 267
William Sutphin, 71
Nancy, 70
Tempie A., age 32
Charles S., age 4 months, born in March

Death Records of Carroll Co.
1874. William Sutphin, 14 Aug 1874, of Dropsy. Age 75 years, 2 months, 1 day. Parent: Hendrick Sutphin. Informant & consort: Nancy Sutphin.

Carroll Co WB 2, p.625 6 Nov 1870 Will of William Sutphin
Wife Nancy, all of my estate for her maintenance her lifetime and my land to Isaac P. Sutphin after the death of my wife. My personal property to Nancy Sutphin, my wife and TempAnn Sutphin and Isaac P. Sutphin. TempAnn when she marries or leaves she is to have her equal part. Signed: William (X) Sutphin Wit: Hendrick Sutphin, John W. Mabry, George H. Turman.
21 Sep 1874. Present in court & proved on oath of George H. Turman, Hendrick Sutphin & John W. Mabry. George H. Turman made oath with Edmund Marshall his security.
p.627 24 Oct 1874 Inventory & appraisement of property of Wm Sutphin. James M. Blanset, Orlando Goad, G. H. Turman, Adm. Recorded 21 Dec 1874
7 Nov 1874 Sale Bill of property of Wm Sutphin. Rec. 21 Dec 1874

Nancy MABRY and William Tyler SUTPHIN had the following children:



Hendrick SUTPHIN68 was born on 10 September 1820 in Virginia.62 He died on 25 March 1900 at the age of 79. He was buried in Mt Hebron Church Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia.69 Hendrick served in the military at Pvt. Co F, 4th VA Reserves, CSA in Civil War.

Hendrick married 1st in 1841 to Huldah Turman and (2) in 1846 to Lizena Kemp.

1870 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, Hh 209
Hendrick Sutphin, age 49, Farmer
Lizena, 50
Madison T., 20. Landon W. 16. John M. 14. Saleta A., 10

1880 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, Hh 158
Hendrick Sutphin, age 59
Eliza E., age 57, wife.
Two families away - Hh 160
John M. Suphin, age 24. Nancy C., 22, wife. Alica A., 2, dau. Flora E. M., 4 months, b. Feb, dau.
Hh 152
Landon W. Sutphin, age 27. Mary M., 22, wife. Lou Edney, 4, dau. Mary Etta, 1, dau.
Hh 143
Madison Sutphin, age 30. Almeda, 25, wife. John C. 7, son. Cloyd E., 4, son. William W., 2, son.



Elizabeth SUTPHIN.



Matilda SUTPHIN was born in 1825 in Virginia.66

I believe this was Matilda. She married George Peter Kemp, 25 Feb 1847, Carroll Co, VA. They moved to the Pulaski area; burial is unknown.

1870 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, HH 207
George P. Kemp, 45
Matilda, 45
Mary 18. George 17. Lutitia 15. Valera, 13. Margaret 11. Futh 9 (male). Peter, 5. James 2. Abraham, age 1 month, b. July - crossed out (he shouldn't have been counted - census was taken on 23 August), Tempa, age 6.



Lamima SUTPHIN was born on 13 June 1827.68 She died on 11 May 1891 at the age of 63.68 She was buried in Kemp Cemetery, Dugspur, Carroll County, Virginia.70

Lemima married 1846 to William L. Kemp, son of William & Catherine Houseman Kemp. He was born 1 Jan 1823, died 29 Jul 1900. Both are buried Kemp Cemetery, Dugspur, Carroll Co.

1870 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co, VA, Hh 208 (between her sister Matilda and her brother Hendrick)
William L. Kemp, 47. Lamina, 39
James B. 21. John F. 17. Isabelle 4. Samantha, age 1.
Lucy Hylton, age 45, housekeeper



Amelia "Milly" SUTPHIN was born in 1832 in Carroll County, Virgina.

Married James Owen Sutphin - probably a cousin.



Sarah SUTPHIN was born in 1833. She died on 1 January 1911 at the age of 78. She was buried in Bill Sutphin Cemetery, Dugspur, Carroll County, Virginia.71

Sarah must have already married before 1850 - she wasn't with her parents.
She married John Mason Bolt, son of John & Rebecca (Dillard) Bolt. FindAGrave has the marriage date as 15 Jan 1848, Carroll Co. John was born 1825, died 1912; buried Bill Sutphin Cemetery with Sarah.



Nancy Miranda SUTPHIN.






Templeton Alice "Tempie" SUTPHIN was born on 17 July 1839 in Virginia.66 She died on 8 April 1901 at the age of 61. She was buried in Bill Sutphin Cemetery, Dugspur, Carroll County, Virginia.72

Tempie appears to have been a single mother. Children are listed as Sutphin on FindAGrave:
Nancy Victoria (1872-1960) married Turman
Charles Lewis (1872-1949) [1870 - see below]
William Cleveland (1876-1941)
Susie (1880-1926) married Goad

1870 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, Hh 267
William Sutphin, 71
Nancy, 70
Tempie A., age 32
Charles L., age 4 months, born in March

1880 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co, VA, Hh 155
Tempy A. Sutphin, age 42.
Charles L., son, 10. Nancy V., age 8, dau. William C., son, age 8
Isaac P., age 19, nephew, Farmer

1900 Census. Laurel Fork, Carroll Co VA, Hh 340
Richard Turman, b. Mar 1873, age 27, married 5 years
Nancy V., wife, b. Jun 1872, age 27, 3 children
Emma M., b. May 1896, age 4
Rosa J., b. Jan 1898, age 2
Malary A., b. Mar 1900, age 2 months
Tempa A. Sutphin, mother-in-law, b. Jul 1838, age 61 - had 4 children, all living