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Fifth Generation

91. Isaac MABRY34,37,57,67 was born about 1798.66 He died in 1886 at the age of 88 in Patrick County, Virginia.4,66

An extremely inaccurate account of the family of Jefferson, son of "Isaiah" and Susannah Dalton Mabry, lists two additional daughters for the family - a Sally [probably Sarah] and Nellie [Eleanor]. This is in FLOYD COUNTY, A HISTORY OF ITS PEOPLE AND PLACES, by Dr. Amos D. Wood.

1820 Grayson Co Census, p.50. Isaac Mayberry. 1m 16-26, 1f -10, 1f 16-26
[There is a female child born before 1820, not listed with the children as given]

1840 Grayson Co Census, p.292. Isaac Maby. 1m -5 [Martin], 2m 5-10 [Jefferson & Alfred], 1m 10-15 [William], 1m 15-20 [Joshua], 1m 40-50 [Isaac, age 42]. 1f -5 [Amelia], 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30 1f 40-50 [Susannah?]
There are certainly more children indicated than we have names for, particularly daughters. Obviously several of Isaac's children have not been identified. It's also not known exactly when he married some of the later wives so some of these could be stepchildren.

1850, Carroll Co Census, Household 326. Isaac Maybry age 52, Farmer. Jane age 26. Children [Isaac's by Susannah Dalton] Alfred age 17, Martin 14, Amelia 12, and Elizabeth age 10. Annice McGrady, age 7 also lived there - child of Jane's.

In 1860, Isaac was age 62, wife Jane 34. Living with them was Elizabeth 17, and Julia Ann S. age 1. [I have no idea if this was a child by Jane or a grandchild. She wasn't in the household in 1870. However in 1870 she appeared to still be living with Elisabeth.]

1870, Laurel Fork Dist, Hillsville P.O., Household 275. Isaac 72, Jane 46. Ede Goad age 22 was living with them, doing Housekeeping.
Household 276. Elisabeth Mabry, age 26, Julia A 11 and Cleopatra age 2. Elisabeth seems to be having illegitimate daughters.

1880 Census. Isaac Sr. was now age 82. Wife Jane 56.

Isaac MABRY and Susannah DALTON were married about 1818.34,66 Susannah DALTON4,66, daughter of John DALTON and Eleanor EDWARDS, was born (date unknown).

Susannah was the daughter of John & Eleanor Dalton.
Another account states that she was the daughter of William Dalton & Elizabeth Sturman.

Isaac MABRY and Susannah DALTON had the following children:



Joshua MABRY57,63,66,68 was born in 1821.66

Joshua married Mary "Polly" Nester in 1841.

1850. Joshua Maybry, age 29, Wheelwright. Polly 24. Susan 4, and James J. 2.

In the 1860 census is Joshua age 38, Wheelwright. Mary age 31. Children: Susanna age 15, James J. 13, Sarah J. 11, Louisa R. 9, LeGrand 7, and Milly E. age 1.

In 1870, Joshua gave his age as 48, a wagon maker. Polly was 45. Children: Sarah J. 18, Rachel L. [Louisa] 15, Legrand 13, Elizabeth [Milly E.] age 10, and Joseph age 6.

1880 Census. Legrand Mabry was now age 24, a Farmer. Julia Ann his wife. Children: Victorine age 5, David Walter age 3. Legrand was living next door to his grandfather Isaac.

Legrand & Julia lost several young children as evidenced from Carroll Co Death Records:
1876. James S. Mabry died 23 May 1876. Cause unknown. Age 6 months. Parents: Legrand & ___ Mabry.
1890. Lenora Mabry died 30 May 1890. Cause: flux. Age 6. Parents Legran & July Ann.
1890. Patsy Mabry died 31 May 1890. Cause: fever. Age 4. Parents, Legran & July Ann
1890. O. Hayse Mabry [female] died 3 Jun 1890. Cause: flux. Age 1. Parents: Legran & July Ann
1893. Elizabeth Mabry died 10 Jul 1893. Age 1 month, 14 days. Parents: Legran & Julia A. Mabry.



Sarah Jane MABRY was born in 1824 in Grayson County, Virginia.4



William MABRY57,63,66,69 was born in 1828 in Virginia.57,66

Married Susannah Ayers in ??Surry Co NC.

1850 William Maybry, age 22, Farmer. Susannah age 20. Daniel age 1.

In 1860 they were living in Carroll Co. William gave his age as 32, Susan was 28. Children: Daniel 11, Peris 9, Itura 5, and Charlotte age 1.

1870, Laurel Fork District, Hillsville P.O., Household 191. William age 42, Susannah 40. Children: Daniel 21, Pyrhus 19, Itura 17, Charlotte 15, Rhoda 8 and Surrinah age 2.

In 1880, Son Puris, age 29 was in Pine Creek District of Carroll Co. Wife Carlotta age 19, Minnie F. 3 and Ituria E 1, daughters.
William Mabry was in Laurel Fork Distric in 1880. Age 54. Susan also 54. Children: Charlotte age 23, Rhoda 17, Cerena 13. Annie Ayers, age 76, mother-in-law was also living with them.
Eldest son Daniel, age 33 with wife Climanda [Timanda] age 30. Children: Sarah E. 7, Martha S. 5, Jane E. 3, and Elisha Kent age 1.

Susannah Mabry is listed as a Civil War Pensioner for Carroll Co in 1911.

Buried Newman Cemetery, Carroll Co VA is Daniel Mabry 15 May 1849 - 8 Mar 1913



Jefferson MABRY66 was born on 26 January 1830.66 He died on 10 January 1901 at the age of 70.66

Jefferson married Mary Wade Barringer on 1 Jan 1851, Floyd Co VA.

FLOYD COUNTY, A HISTORY OF ITS PEOPLE AND PLACES, by Dr. Amos D. Wood, gives an highly inaccurate account of his family. States that his parents were "Isaiah" and Susannah Dalton Mabry. The article states that all of the children of Isaac Mabry lived in Carroll County except for Jefferson, who moved to Floyd County in 1851 settling just outside Willis. He volunteered at the outbreak of the Civil War but was rejected because of a disability and was later detailed as a shoemaker.
Children listed are:
Jackson who married Magdaline Palmer, dau of Madison Palmer
Winfield who married Mollie Robertson, dau of Burwell Robertson
Wilson P. who married Malinda Spangler, dau of Solomon Spangler
George Monroe married Dove Lawrence, dau of William P. Lawrence
M. Augustus married Zora Alderman, dau of Benjamin Alderman
Julia A. married William Morris
Laula L. married Frank Weddle, son of Alexander Weddle



Alfred MABRY63,70,71 was born in 1833 in Virginia.70 He died before 1870 at the age of 37.63

Alfred married Emily Dalton.
In 1860, Alfred & Emily were living in Carroll County VA. He was a Shoemaker she was doing Sewing & Knitting. Alfred gave his age as 26, hers as 28. Children were boys William R. age 6 and Martin age 3.

By 1870 Alfred had likely died as Emily was head of the household. William R. was now 16 and Martin age 14. Living with her was Mary A. Dalton, age 32 with her children Roxsina 7, James A. 5, and Lilly C. age 6 months, born in February of 1870.



Martin MABRY57,63,70,72,73 was born in 1836.70

Martin married 1858 to Margaret Hodge.

Death Records of Carroll Co. 1859. Male child died 17 Mar 1859 of hives. Age 10 days. Parents: Martin & Margaret Mabry.

1860 Census in Carroll Co. He was 23, Margaret 25. There was an infant boy age 9 months named Isaac.

1870 Census. Laurel Fork Dist, Carroll Co. Household 234. Martin Mabry age 35; Margaret J. age 27. Isaac is now 10, John 8, Sarah J. 7, Emaline 5, Thomas J. 2, and Garland age 4 months, born April 1870.

1880 Census. Martin, age 45. Wife Margaret age 40. Children: John 18, Jane 16, Emeline 13, Thomas 12, Eli 8, Roxie 6, Gorden 4, Balland 2, and Mary age 3 months, born February of 1880.
Next door is Isaac Mabry Jr. age 20, wife Elizabeth also 20, and William J. age 1.

Death Records, 1883. Gordon Mabry died 27 Apr 1884 of Flux. Age 8 years, 6 months. Parents: Martin & Margaret Mabry.

Martin Mabry is listed as a Civil War Pensioner in Carroll Co for years 1900, 1911 and 1919.

Worrell Cemetery, Carroll Co VA
Martin Mabry Co G, 54th VA Inf, CSA



Amelia MABRY70 was born in 1838.70

Said to have married first a Mr. Dickerson who died in the Civil War.



Elizabeth MABRY37,57 was born in 1843 in Virginia.

1870, Laurel Fork District, Household 276, next to Isaac Mabry:
Household 276. Elisabeth Mabry, age 26, Julia A 11 and Cleopatra age 2. Elisabeth seems to be having illegitimate daughters. There was a child Julia Ann Mabry living with Elisabeth and her parents in 1860. Now there is a two-year-old.

1880, living in Laurel Creek District near her brothers and parents. Elizabeth Mabry age 39 with "Patra" age 11 and Sylvester J. age 8. She has had another child since 1870. She is marked as "Single".

Isaac MABRY and Margaret Ursula PRATT were married on 21 April 1845 in Carroll County, Virginia.4,66 Margaret Ursula PRATT66 was born (date unknown). Margaret was the widow of Elisha Pratt, maiden name unknown.

Isaac MABRY and Virginia Jane MCGRADY were married on 13 April 1848 in Carroll County, Virginia.4 Virginia Jane MCGRADY4 was born in 1826 in Virginia.57 Jane said to be the daughter of William McGrady & Lucy Spence. There was a 7 year old, Annice McGrady living with Jane & Isaac in 1850. Was she a daughter, or a much younger sister, or a niece?