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Fifth Generation

91. John Wesley MABRY34,49,50,51,52,53 was born in 1795.54 He died after 1880 at the age of 85.54

1820 Grayson Co Census, p.50: John Mayberry, 1m 16-26, 1f 16-26

1830 Grayso Co Census, p.269. John Mayberry, 1m -5 [Calvin], 1m 5-10 [Levi], 1m 30-40 [John - he was 35]; 2f 5-10 [Names unknown or dates of birth of some of daughters are wrong], 1f 20-30 [Nancy]

1840 Grayson Co Census, p.291. John W. Mabry. 1m -5 [John F.], 2m 5-10 [Andrew J. & LoIra], 2m 10-15 [Calvin & Levi], 1m 30-40 [John but he was age 45]; 2f -5, 2f 15-20, 1f 30-40 [Nancy]
I know of 3 daughters that should have been born in this time period - Mahulda, Leah, & Sarah but this census shows 4. Probably Huldah & Leah are the two girls under 5.

1850, Carroll Co, Household 305. John W. Maybry age 55. Nancy age 48. Andrew J. 17, Huldah 15, Leah 13, and John F. age 11.

I believe John Wesley may have left Nancy in Carroll County and gone off with one of his sons. I found him living with Levi and his family in Morgan Co KY in the 1860 Census. The sons Calvin & Andrew were also in Morgan Co in 1860. In 1860, Nancy was living as head of household with Leah still at home, back in Carroll Co VA. They were working as cake bakers.

In 1880, in Piper Gap District of Carroll Co is the Poor House. John Mabry, age 85, was a resident - a pauper. Nancy was living with a daughter in 1880.

John Wesley MABRY and Nancy DALTON were married in October 1819 in Grayson County, Virginia.54 Nancy DALTON49,54,55, daughter of John DALTON and Eleanor EDWARDS, was born in 1800 in Virginia.49 She died on 1 February 1887 at the age of 87 in Carroll County, Virginia.38

Nancy was the daughter of John Dalton.

I believe John Wesley went out "west" with one or more of his sons and left Nancy behind in Carroll Co. In 1860, she was head of household, age 60. Living with Nancy was daughter Leah age 21 and a nine-month-old boy whose name was Robert McN.

In 1870, Nancy Maberry, age 68, was living with S. Jennings, probably her daughter Sarah.

1880, Sulphur Springs Dist of Carroll Co. Martin Dalton, age 69 and his wife Keziah age 63. Sister Nancy Mabry, age 78. [Her marital status is given as "Single"] Sarah J. Jennings age 38, Boarder, and Lorenzo A. Lineberry, working on farm.
Also in this census, living in the Poor House as a Pauper, is a John Mabry age 85.

Death Records of Carroll Co for 1887. Annie Mabry died 1 Feb 1887. Unknown cause. Age 79. Parents, place of birth, unknown. Unmarried. Informant: William Mabry, son.

John Wesley MABRY and Nancy DALTON had the following children:






Calvin MABRY54,56 was born in 1827.54 He died in 1904 at the age of 77.54

Family tree on Ancestry gives date of birth as 30 Jun 1827, died 7 Jan 1904, Elliott, KY.

Calvin married 1851, Martha Branham. He married 2nd to Lucy Sparks.

1860 Census, Morgan Co KY.
Calvin Maberry age 32, Farmer, b. VA. Martha age 28 b. VA. John W. age 2, b. KY.



LoIra MABRY49,54,55 was born in 1833.55

Ancestry family tree gives birth as 2 Aug 1830, died 1900.

Loira married Malinda Duncan, 1851. [His name is sometimes seen as Lo Ira or just Ira.]

In 1860, Ira Mayberry was living in Floyd County. He was age 27, Malinda was 26. Children: Sarah J. age 8, Irene 6, William R age 4, Holianna 3, and Ben R. 1.

In 1870, Loira gave his age as 38. Malinda was 32. Sarah J. 18, Jackson 11, Lydia 9, Victoria 7, Beda 4 and Cavit age 2. He would appear several of the children died between 1860 and 1870.

In the Carroll Co death records for 1870 is recorded the death of Cabbit [Cabot?] Mabry, age 2 years, Parents: Loira & Malinda Mabry.

1880 Census. LoIra Mabry, age 48, Farmer. Malinda age 48. Lidia 17, Victoria 15, Bedea 13, Charlotte 10, Charles Lee 5, Jackson 19, farming, and Perry 3.

Carroll Co death records;
1886 Malinda Mabry, Sep 1886. Age 53. Parents ??? & Sarah Duncan. Born: Floyd Co VA. Married. Informant: Loira Mabry.
1887 Charlotte Dotson died 20 Nov 1887 of consumption. Age 18 years. Parents: Loira & Linda Mabry. Charles L. Dotson, informant & husband.



Andrew Jackson MABRY54,57 was born in 1832.54 He died on 22 May 1913 at the age of 81 in Elliott County, Kentucky.54

Ancestry family tree has birth as 9 Oct 1832, death 22 May 1913, Elliott, KY. His death is in the Kentucky Death Index, 1900-1999, on

Andrew married Didema Pennington, daughter of Elijah Pennington and Sarah Elizabeth Caudill. She was born 27 Nov 1832, died 4 Feb 1916.

1860 Morgan Co KY Census, p.557, Household 695.
Andrew J. Maberry age 27, Farmer, b. VA. Diadmus age 27 b. KY. Charles age 3 and Sarah E. age 1, children born in KY. So Andrew had been there probably at least 5 years.

Andrew & Didema are buried Mabry Cemetery, Morehead, Rowan Co, KY



Mahulda MABRY.



Leah MABRY was born in 1839 in Virginia.49



Sarah MABRY55,58 was born in 1839 in Virginia.55

This is probably S. Jennings as found as head of household in Pine Creek Dist of the 1870 Carroll Co census. Living with her was Elizabeth 10, Susan F. 8, and Lucinda 6. Also Nancy Maberry, age 68, her mother.



John Frelen MABRY49,58 was born in 1840 in Virginia.49

In 1860, John F. Mayberry, age 20, was living with James Reece and family, doing Farm Labor.



William MABRY58 was born.



Charles MABRY58 was born (date unknown).