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Fourth Generation

52. CHARLES MABRY33,34,35 was born about 1760.12 He died about April 1840 at the age of 80 in Grayson County, Virginia.12 He was buried in Thompson Bolt Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia, USA.36

Some databases show that Charles Mabry was listed on the Warren Co NC 1790 Census. In all likelihood he did have cousins living there at that time, as his uncle John and his several sons were in that county. Charles Mabry was STILL in Warren Co NC in 1800, after this Charles had obviously moved to Virginia. This Charles Mabry in Warren County was instead the son of Joshua, a son of Hinchia Mabry of the second generation.

Some databases give his name as Charles Grafton Mabry - I have not seen the middle name in any actual record.

1789 - Charles Mabry was assessed tax on three horses in Montgomery Co VA, along with his cousin George. Within a few months, Wythe Co was formed from Montgomery.

1793 - Charles Mayberry was on a Wythe Co VA Tax list - a section of Wythe that became Grayson. Co. 1 tithe & 3 horses.

15 Jan 1793. Grayson Co, VA. Charles Mabry was appointed surveyor of the county line to "half the distance that William Dalton is appointed to keep in repair".
Printed in The Maybury Family, Vol. 13, No. 4, Fall 2007

1794 Grayson Co VA Personal Property Tax List
Charles Mabury, 1 white male over 16; 5 horses

1800, Grayson Co TAX List
Charles Mabury, 1 wm, 4 horses
1805 - Charles Mabury, 1 white male over 21, 5 horses.

Milita Officers of Grayson Co:
Charles Mayberry, Captain. 24 Mar 1807 - Oct 1807
John Dalton, Constable, Mayberry's Co Mar 24, 1807
James Gallimore, Constable, Mayberry's Co Mar 24, 1807

1810 Grayson Co Tax list - Charles Maberry, 2 males over 21, 5 horses
1813 - Charles Mabry - 1 tithe, 4 horses
Joshua Mabry - 1 tithe, 1 horse [Joshua does not appear again for some years]
1817 - Charles Mabery - 2 tithes, 3 horses
1824 - Charles Maberry - 1 tithe, 5 horses
1828 - Charles Mayberry - 2 tithes, 2 horses
1835 - Charles Mabry - 1 tithe, 3 horses

Patrick Co Va DB 4, p.58
27 Sep 1813 Charles Mabry sold James Lawson 183 acres on the south side of Robinson Creek of the Dan River that had been suveyed for his father Isaac, 14 Apr 1791. The witnesses were John Finny, Sam'l Helton and Jacob Helton. [Since there is no record of sale, it would seem Charles had inherited this land from his father. Charles is the only child of Isaac that can be proved.]

1820 Grayson Co VA Census, p.50
Charles Mayberry: 1m -10, 1m 10-16 [Joseph], 1m +45 [Charles]; 1f -10, 1f 10-16 [Elizabeth], 1f +45 [Elizabeth]

1830 Grayson Co Va Census, p.268
Charles Mayberry 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30 [Joseph J.], 1m 60-70 [Charles]; 1f 60-70.

VA Land Patent.
1 Jun 1831. Charles Mayberry of Grayson Co. 260 acres on Burks fork of Big Reed Island Creek. Grants #79, p.498.

In 1836, Charles gave 80 acres to his son Samuel, Feb 6th. The next year he gave his son Joseph 80 acres on Burk's Creek in Grayson Co. Grayson Co Deeds.

Charles Mabry's estate was appraised and return made April 20th, 1840 by M. C. Hall, Elijah Turman, Matthew B. Hall, Joshua G. Mabry, and Samuel S. Mabry.
Will Book No. 3:9-12, Grayson County, VA.: named his widow as Sarah

Charles Mabry is buried in the Thompson-Bolt Cemetery in Carroll Co VA. Date given for death is April 1840. The cemetery is also called the James Thompson Cemetery and is near the Floyd Co line. There is a marker placed in recent years:
Sarah Mabry, Died Aug 24, 1846
Charles G. Mabry, Born 1760's, Died Apr. 1, 1840
Believed Sarah Elizabeth Helton Mabry Buried Here [this would seem to be a duplicate unless someone thought that Charles was married to two different Sarah's...]

This entry is curious - Charles not known to have a son of the same name. This may be the source of the middle initial "G" often shown for him. The problem is that Charles Mabry had died in 1840 and wouldn't be listed with a tithe even had he left an estate to be taxed.
1842 - Carroll Co Tax List
Charles G. Mabry - 1 tithe, 1 horse

1850 - Grayson Co., VA, Charles Mabry Estate Settlement named his heirs as:
1) Hiatt Montgomery, husband of daughter Elizabeth
2) Isaac Mabry
3) Susannah Mabry-Montgomery
4) John Runnels (Reynolds), husband of daughter Anna Lee
5) John W. Mabry
6) Joseph Mabry
7) William Sutphin, husband of daughter Nancy
8) Samuel Mabry
9) Joshua Mabry
Charles Mabry's Estate Settlement is also mentioned in "Over the Mountain Men: Early Court Records in Southwest Virginia," by Anne Lowry Worrell (wife of Attorney Lawson Worrell of Roanoke, VA).

CHARLES MABRY and ELIZABETH HYLTON/HELTON were married about 1786.12 ELIZABETH HYLTON/HELTON37 was born circa 1765. She died in 1846 at the age of 81 in Carroll County, Virginia.

Elizabeth Hylton/Helton is thought to be buried Thompson-Bolt Cemetery in Carroll Co VA. She may have been the daughter of Samuel Helton. Those who believe that Charles Mabry married twice, suggest Elizabeth died before February 1836.

Some say her parents were John Hylton/Helton and Obedience Cox and she was a sister to Elias Hylton. Some online databases say John & Obedience did have a daughter Elizabeth, b. 1769, and married to Henry Hylton, probably a cousin. Others say that Elizabeth was the widow of Elias Hylton or that the second wife Sarah named in the estate settlement of Charles Mabry was the widow of Elias.

There is a Memorial headstone, Thompson-Bolt Cemetery, Carroll Co VA, placed many years after the fact, with three names. Sarah Elizabeth Helton Mabry with no dates and the notation "believed buried here". Charles G. Mabry also listed on the stone, as is Sarah Mabry who died 24 Aug 1846.

What makes the most sense is that Charles was first married to Elizabeth Helton, daughter of John & Obedience Cox. If she died and he remarried, it is quite possible he married the widow of Elizabeth's brother Elisha, whose wife was indeed named Sarah. Elisha left a will in Grayson Co in January of 1825, naming his wife Sarah and his children. Sarah's surname is unknown. I doubt that either lady had both names Sarah and Elizabeth. It is possible there was never an Elizabeth as I've not found her name in any record.

There is a further discrepancy - there are death records for children Samuel S. and Susanna in a database on Both of these cite Sally, or Sarah Mabry as their mother.

CHARLES MABRY and ELIZABETH HYLTON/HELTON had the following children:



Amelia Lee "Millie" MABRY.






John Wesley MABRY.



Isaac MABRY.



Nancy MABRY.



Samuel Scott MABRY.



Elizabeth MABRY.



Susannah MABRY.



Joseph J. MABRY.

CHARLES MABRY and Sarah HYLTON were married. Sarah HYLTON38 died on 24 August 1846 in Carroll County, Virginia.37

Charles Mabry's second wife is presumed to have been the widow of Elias Hylton. She is said to be buried in the Thompson-Bolt Cemetery where Charles is buried.
Others say that Sally was most likely the daughter of a Samuel Helton, a neighbor - but was this Elizabeth, the first wife?

Some believe there was no second wife and that the first wife was Sarah Elizabeth.

There is a grave marker in the James Thompson (or Thompson-Bolt) Cemetery, Carroll Co, VA with three names. This is not an old stone, but has been placed in more recent times.
Sarah Mabry
Died Aug 24, 1846
Charles G. Mabry
Born 1760's
Died Apr 1, 1840
Sarah Elizabeth Helton Mabry
Buried Here