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Sixth Generation

120. Iturea MABRY49 was born on 25 July 1822 in Grayson County, Virginia.98 She died on 15 January 1892 at the age of 69 in Floyd County, Virginia.98

Iturea and Matthew were married by Elder Nathaniel Thompson. Bond dated 15 Jan 1844 was signed by Mathew with Joshua G. Mabry, his security.
In 1850 Itura stated she was born in Floyd Co, Virginia - but it was not formed until 1831, she was born in what was then Grayson Co.

1850 Census. Floyd, VA, Hh 833
Mathew Weeks, 29, b. Bedford Co
Irura, 27, b. Floyd Co
Seemina Miss, 5
Cornelus C. 2
Chapman C., 2 months

1860 Census. Floyd, VA, Hh 1026
Mathew Weeks, 39
Itura, 38
Semima, 14
Cornelius C. 12
Chapman E. 10
Quinqua D. 7
Rosetta 6
Emerilla 4
Infant, 4 months, female

1870 Census. Indian Valley & Burkes Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 290
Matthew Weeks, 48
Iturea, 48
Semoramis A., 25
Cornelius C., 22
Chapman 3, 20
Quinqua D., 17
Rosetta, 15
Emmerilla, 13
Iturea C. A. 10
Matthew A., 7
Elijah G., 5

1880 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 265
Matthew Weeks, 54, Farmer
Itura, wife, 53
Samiris, 35, daughter
C. E., 30, son, house carpenter
I. C. A., 20 dau
M. A., 1?, son
E. G., 15, son

1900 Census. Burks Ford, Floyd, VA, Hh 59
Mathew Weeks, living alone, b. Sep 1821, 78 widowed

She is buried in the Weeks Cemetery, Willis, Floyd Co, VA, along with Matthew.

Iturea MABRY and Matthew A. WEEKS were married on 18 January 1844 in Grayson County, Virginia.68,98 Matthew A. WEEKS68,116 was born in 1821 in Bedford County, Virginia.49 He died on 23 April 1909 at the age of 88 in Floyd County, Virginia.68

Matthew was the son of Elijah and Margaret Thompson Weeks.
In both 1850 and 1860, the Weeks family was living in Floyd County.

Iturea MABRY and Matthew A. WEEKS had the following children:



Semiramis WEEKS116 was born on 30 April 1845 in Floyd County, Virginia.49,116 She died on 24 February 1907 at the age of 61 in Willis, Floyd County, Virginia.116

Semiramis married 16 Dec 1891 in Floyd Co to William Idle Spence, son of Harry & Nelly Mabry Spence. [Isaac Mabry line] She left him and lived the rest of her life with her brother Matthew. He remarried.
Note: I've never found her in Matthew's household

William Spence was 34, born 1857, when they married - Semiramris said to be 44. His parents listed as Henry & Nelly S. Spence.

She is buried Weeks Cemetery, Willis, Floyd Co, VA

1910 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 72
William I. Spence, 52, married twice - this time for two years
Amanda, wife, 37, married once, 1 child
Jacob, son, 10 months.



[Child] WEEKS116 was born in 1847.68 He/she died in 1847 at the age of 0.68

This infant is in the Weeks Cemetery, Willis, Floyd Co VA.



Cornelius Clayton WEEKS68,116 was born on 20 February 1848 in Floyd County, Virginia.49,116 He died on 12 October 1925 at the age of 77 in Floyd County, Virginia.116

1880 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 196
Living Alone. Cornelius C. Weeks, age 33, Dry goods merchant

Cornelius married (1) Sarah Wade on 21 Feb 1881. They are both buried in the Willis Cemetery. She was a daughter of Owen and Lavina Phlegar Wade. He married (2) to Elizabeth Adeline Wade Simmons, 21 Jan 1902. Cornelius married (3) Eliza Jane Marshall Baker on 24 Aug 1914 in Carroll Co. She was the daughter of Daniel & Rebecca Montgomery Marshall, his second cousin [Susannah Mabry's line].

1900 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 69
Carnelius Weeks. b. Feb 1848, 52, widowed
Stella, dau, b. Nov 1881, 18
Esper R., son, b. Jun 1883, 16
Kyle M., son, b. Aug 1889, 10

1910 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA
Clayton C. Weeks, 62, widow
Esper R., son, 26, married 3 years
Emma A., dau-in-law, 23, 1 child
Marvier, grandson, age 2



Chapman E. WEEKS116 was born on 3 April 1850 in Willis, Floyd County, Virginia.49,116 He died on 21 March 1902 at the age of 51 in Floyd County, Virginia.116

Chapman's age given as 2 months in the 1850 Census.

Chapman married Mary Ann "Molly" Ballinger. He was a Methodist Minister and served at Week's Chapel.

1900 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 56
Chapman Weeks, b. Apr 1850, age 50, married 18 years
Mary A., wife, b. Dec 1863, 36, 4 children
Eth Elbert, son, b. Oct 1882, 17
Andrew J., son, b. Jul 1884, 15
Ephrom A., son, b. Feb 1886, 14
Chapman E., son, b. Mar 1894, 6

Buried Weeks Cemetery, Willis, Floyd Co, VA, as is his wife. She was born 9 Dec 1863, died 4 Oct 1956.



Quingua Darius WEEKS116 was born on 31 October 1852 in Virginia.49,116 He died on 9 July 1942 at the age of 89 in Willis, Floyd County, Virginia.116

Quinn married 11 Aug 1874 to Elizabeth E. Hylton, daughter of Riley Harrison and Hannah Wade Hylton. Quinn was a highly respected Privitive Baptist Minister and lived near Willis all his life. Elder Quinn performed many marriages of the Mabry family. He and Elizabeth are buried in the Greasy Creek Cemetery, Willis, Floyd County, VA

1900 Census. Part of Indian Valley District, Floyd, VA, Hh 9
Q. D. Weeks, b. Oct 1852, 47, married 25 years, Farmer
Elizabeth E., wife, b. May 1854, 45, 7 children, 6 are living
John C., son, b. May 1890, age 10

1910 Census. Indian Valley District, Floyd, VA, Hh 101
Quinqua D., age 57, married once for 36 years, Farmer
Elizabeth E., wife, 7 children - 6 living
J. Cullen, son, 19

1920 Census. Indian Valley, Floyd, VA, Hh 194
Quinqua D. Weeks, 67. Elizabeth E., wife 62, Farmer
Same residence, Family 195
Cullen, 31. Sallie R., wife, 26. Elma A., dau, 7. John C., son, 3. Harry C., son, 1.

1930 Census. Indian Valley, Floyd, VA, Hh 181
Quinqua D., 77, married at age 21, Farmer
Elizabeth E., wife, 76, married at 20
J. Cullen, son, 38, married at 21, Mechanic
Sallie R., dau-in-law, 35, married at 18
E. Alpha, 17, gdau
J. Curtis, gson, 14
Harry C., gson, 12
Marvie D., gson, 3 years, 7 months



Rosetta "Essie" WEEKS.



Emarilla WEEKS116 was born on 23 April 1859 in Virginia.49

The census indicated Emarilla was perhaps born in 1856 or 1857. I imagine the date of her birth given in the McColman book is on her grave marker. Her death date is given as 27 Feb 1878, but this is obviously an error, as she had twins born in 1891.

She married Andrew Jackson Hylton, son of George and Annie Marie Harman Hylton, 27 Feb 1879, Floyd Co, VA. She was 22; he was 25. His parents listed as George and Mary Hylton; hers as Matthew and Ituria Weeks.

In 1880, they were living with Andrew's parents. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 272
George Hylton, 67. Mary, 63, wife
Andrew, 25, son
Emma R., 23, dau-in-law
Leroy L., 6 months, b. DEC, gson
Hannah Atterman, 27
Jackson Papp, 18, farm labor

1900 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 122
Andrew J. Hylton, b. Oct 1854, 45, married 21 years
Emmarilla, wife, b. Apr 1857, 43, 5 children, 3 living
Rozetta M., dau, b. Jun 1882, 17
Snowy E., dau, b. Dec 1886, 13
Cornelia, dau, b. Oct 1891, age 8



Iturea Cora Alice WEEKS.



Mathew Alderson WEEKS116 was born on 19 December 1862.68 He died on 3 January 1944 at the age of 81 in Radford, Virginia.116

1900 Census. Burk's Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 54
Matthew A. Weeks, b. Dec 1862, 37, married 7 years
Mary V., wife, b. Jun 1875, 24
Dada, dau, b. Apr 1894, 6
Etta, dau, b. Apr 1895, 5
Emma, dau, b. Apr 1896, 4
Ida, dau, b. Apr 1897, 3
Claude S., son, b. May 1898, 2
Harry C., son, b. Jun 1899, 11 months.

1910 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 114
Matthew Weeks, 67, widow
Dada, dau, 16. Etta, dau 15. Emma, dau, 14. Ida, dau, 13. Claud, son, 12. Harry, son, 10. Cora, dau, 9.

1920 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 139
Matthew Weeks, 56
Addie, wife, 43 (2nd wife)
Claude, son, 21. Clint, son, 19.
Rena, dau, 4 years, 1 month. Cline, son, 2 years, 1 month. Lena K. dau, 8 months.

1930 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 58
Matthew A. Weeks, 67, married at age 28
Attie T., wife, 53, married at 37
Rekeman L., dau, 14
Cline W., son, 12
Lena K., dau, 10
Almille A. Davis, granddaughter, age 4 years, 1 month

Matthew married (1) Mary Virginia Page, 10 Jul 1893 in Floyd Co. She was the daughter of Charles & Oney M. Conner Page. He married (2) on 15 Mar 1914 in Floyd Co, Attie Isabelle Weddle, daughter of Samuel P. & Catherine Harmon Weddle. Matthew & Mary Virginia are buried in the Weeks Cemetery at Willis in Floyd Co; Attie is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.



Elijah Gage Lee WEEKS116 was born on 13 July 1865 in Willis, Floyd County, Virginia.68 He died on 1 January 1951 at the age of 85 in Willis, Floyd County, Virginia.116

Elijah married Delilah Catherine "Kate" Smith on 20 Dec 1893 at Indian Valley, Floyd Co VA. She was the daughter of Jacob and Jane Nixon Smith. They are both buried in the Blue Ridge Church Cemetery.

1900 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA,
Elijah Weeks, b. Jul 1864, age 34, married 6 years, Farmer
Delilah, wife, b. Jan 1873, 27, 4 children
Ola O., dau, b. Nov 1894, 5
Iturea E., dau, b. Nov 1895, 4
Hattie M., dau, b. Sep 1897, 2
Sherman W., son, b. Oct 1899, 7 months

1910 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 112
Elijah G. Weeks, 44, married 16 years
Kate, wife, 37, 6 children
Ola, dau, 15. Itura, dau, 14. Hattie, dau, 12. Sherman, son, 10. Tenny, dau, 7. Perna, dau, age 4

1920 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 133
Eliga G. Weeks, 54. Delila C., wife, 46
Ola O. dau, 25. Sherman W., son, 19. Tenny L., dau, 17. Pernie K., dau, 13. Pierce M., son, 9. Ella L., gdau, age 2 years, 1 month

1930 Census. Burks Fork, Floyd, VA, Hh 162
Eligah G. Weeks, 64, married at 29, Farmer
Delilia C., wife, 57, married at 20
Perna K., dau, 24, Teacher, public school
Pierce N., son, 19, odd jobs
Ola Weeks, 35, head of Hh, divorced, Teacher, public school
Eloise L., dau age 12
Louise Ridinger, Boarder, 24, Teacher, High School

Elijah Gagelee Weeks, 85 years, died at his home at Willis, Monday, Jan. 1, 1951. Funeral services were conducted from the Blue Ridge Baptist Church at Willis, Wednesday, with interment in the church cemetery.
Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Kate Smith Weeks of Willis; two sons, Sherman Weeks of Fredericksburg and Pierce N. Weeks of Floyd; five daughters: Mrs. Ray Guthrie of Willis; Mrs. E. S. Burnett, Floyd; Mrs. Leonard Stultz, Fieldale; Mrs. Tennie W. Rhodes, Martinsville; Mrs. Horace Wright, Stanleytown. There are 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
Funeral services were conducted by Elders Jethro Harris, Oscar Harris and Andy Hylton.