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Fifth Generation

90. JOSHUA G. MABRY33,35,46,47,48 was born on 30 August 1789 in Grayson County, Virginia.46 He died about April 1849 at the age of 59 in Carroll County, Virginia.46

A Joshua Mabry or Maberry served in Capt. Green Blanton's Co, Va Militia, War of 1812 - another record suggests he was in the 1st Regt, Byrne's. WC 29359 - War of 1812 Pension Index. Capt Blanton was from Mecklenburg co and I doubt very much that this is the same Joshua Mabry.

A Joshua Mabry appears on the 1813 Grayson Co VA Tax List with only a single tithe and horse. His father Charles is on the same list with 4 horses. Joshua then does not appear on the Grayson Co Tax lists until 1835, with 1 tithe, 2 horses - did he live somewhere else for a time?

A copy of the minister's return of their marriage appeared in an Ancestry family tree - the image is of poor quality and the handwriting diffiult to read. But appears to say "August the 8 day 1816 Joshua Mabrey to Polly Huff".

1820 Census. Christiansburg, Montgomery Co VA, p.781
Joshua Mayberry: 1m 26-45. 2f under age 5, 1f 16-26

1830 Grayson Co VA Census, p.268
Joshua Mayberry: 1m 5-10 [Charles], 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50 [Joshua was 41]; 1f -5 [Anna], 2f 5-10 [Itura & Irena], 2f 10-15 [Amelia & Lucy], 1f 30-40 [Mary]

I find the following Virginia Land Patents for Joshua:
2 Oct 1832. Virginia Land Patent, Grant Book 81, p.35. Joshua G. Mabry. [Indexed as Joshua "C" but the grant shows Joshua G. Mabry] Survey made 29 Mar 1829, Land Office Treasury Warrant, #8086 issued 2 Mar 1826. Montgomery Co. 90 acres on drains of Greasy and Burk's fork. Adj Joshua Wilson's land. [I believe the location given is in error - the high ground between Greasy Creek & Burks Fork Creek is Indian Ridge which now lies in Carroll/Floyd Counties in the same area as the other land of Joshua Mabry. This had at a much earlier time all been Montgomery Co. It's also possible that Joshua was actually living in Montgomery Co at this time since he did not seem to be in Grayson with other members of his family.]
10 Oct 1832. Virginia Land Patent. Grant Book 81, p.93. Joshua Mayberry of Grayson Co, Survey made 17 Oct 1818 by virtue of a Land Office Trasury Warrant #17926 issued 21 Jul 1783. 100 acres on the waters of Big Reed Island [Creek]. Corner to William Sutfins land and with his line; corner to Charles Maybry's land, his line. [Burks Creek did drain into Big Reed Island Creek]
1 Dec 1837. Virginia Land Patent, Grant Book 87, p.736. Joshua G. Maybrey. Floyd Co. Survey made 29 Mar 1827; Land Office Treasury Warrant #12798. 140 acres on waters of Burks fork of Reed Island. line of Dautharts land, Pattersons large survey, corner to his own land, corner to Joseph Maybrys land, Pointers in the County line & with it.
1 Sep 1858. [Patent to Joshua Jr after his father's death] Virginia Land Patent, Grant Book 115, p.369. Joshua Mabry, Carroll Co. Survey made 27 Jul 1853 by virtue of Land Office Treasury Warrant #21045. Tract of one acre, one rood and 14 poles. On waters of Big Reed Island Creek. Corner of John M. Rains land; Shadrack Collins land. New line made by John Bobbitt.

1840 Census, Grayson Co VA, p.292 Joshua G. Mabry. 1m -5 [Joshua P.C.], 1m 5-10 [Jesse], 1m 15-20 [Charles] 1m 40-50 [Joshua, age 51]; 1f -5 [Lemima], 1f 10-15 [Anna], 2f 15-20 [Itura & Irena], 1f 20-30 [Amelia- Lucy has married]], 1f 30-40 [???], 1f 40-50 [Mary age 43].

There is a second Joshua Mabry recorded in the 1840 census. He is not the Joshua, a nephew, son of Isaac born in 1821 - too many children. Also Isaac's son appears to still be home with his family - he did not marry until 1841. As head of household this Joshua is age 30-40. He had 3m -5, 1m age 5-10, and one female age 20-30. He was living near several Montgomery families - some of Joshua G.'s siblings married Montgomerys.

In 1842, Carroll County had been formed from Grayson Co. Joshua G. Mabry was now listed in Carroll Co - with 2 thithe and 2 horses. The first meeting of the Carroll County Court was on 6 Jun 1842; Joshua G. Mabry was appointed constable.

Carroll Co Will Book 1, p.36 Joseph J. Mabry, Mathew B. Huff, Wm. H. C. Bolton, appraised estate of Elisha Pratt Dec'd
1 Jun 1844 Joshua G. Mabry, Admin of said Estate
p.105 Appraisers of estate of James Cock, dec'd 20 May 1845.
Joseph G. Mabry, Nathaniel Thompson, Richard Thompson, John Cock, Admr.
Nathan Thompson bought at Estate Sale.

Floyd Co KY Message Board,, Post dated 6 Feb 2000
On 19 September 1845 in Carroll Co, VA, Joshua G Mabry and his wife Polly (Huff) Mabry deeded 74 acres in Carroll county to Joseph C Thompson and (Amelia) Mary Jane Thompson with "care eminent and agreed to". Then on 21 April 1853, Polly Mabry, widow of Joshua G Mabry, deceased, both of whose names were assigned to the 1845 deed, relinquished her dower right to Joseph C Thompson and (Amelia) Mary Jane Thompson. It appears that Joseph C Thompson and Mary Jane were to have taken care of Joshua and Polly Mabry. Joseph C Thompson was the husband of "Amelia" Mary Jane Mabry who was daughter of Joshua and Polly Huff Thompson. Joseph may or may not have been related to Polly Huff's mother, Francis Thompson.

Carroll Co Will Book 1, p.180
Inventory of the Estate of Joshua G. Mabry.
In pursuant to test of the General Assembly made and provided for in case of insane mind, proceed on the first day of September 1848, at the house of Joshua G. Mabry of Carroll, who is now confined in the jail of said county as lunatick, have proceeded and have appraised the said estate to wit.
There follows a list of livestock & household items to include a clock but no books. Land was valued at $1000. Total of $1,479.67 1/2.
We, Christopher Turman [son-in-law] and John Cock Sr do hereby certify that the foregoing appraisement of the estate of Joshua G. Mabry is correct. Given under our hands this 1st day of September 1848. Signed: Christopher Turman, John Cock Sr.
Carroll County Court, Term 1848. The foregoing Inventory of the estate of Joshua G. Mabry a Lunatic, was returned to Court and was ordered to be recorded. Teste: William Lindsay

Carroll Co VA Will Book 1, p.186
Will of Joshua G. Mabry, dated 2 Jul 1848 [written only two months before he was declared insane as above]; proved Apr Term of Carrol Co VA Court, 1849.
Joshua does state that he is weak in body, but sound in memory. Wife to have necessary support ouf of the estate. Five of the children are now married and have left me and all have an equal part. [There were actually six married children.] Lemima to have sheep to make her even with the married children. Other daughter, Mary Frances to have livestock. Joshua P. C. Mabry to have livestock. Tract on Burks Fork to be equally divided between sons Jesse L. and Joshua P. C. Mabry by the trustees. Remainder to be equally divided among the legatees. Trusty friends Joseph J. Mabry, Christopher Turman and Aris R. Cox, Executors. [son and two sons-in-law] Signed: Joshua G. Mabry.
Wit: Joseph J. Mabry, Samuel S. Mabry [brothers of Joshua]
Proved by oath of Joseph J. & Samuel S. Mabry & ordered recorded. Apr Term 1849.

Carroll Co VA Will Book 1, p.214
Sales of the Estate o Joshua G. Mabry, dec'd. 20 April 1849.
The sale seemed to have a few items not mentioned in the Inventory - in particular 2 Bibbles [presumably Bibles].
The sale bill is signed by Christopher Turman, 20th Mar 1849.
Recorded August Term 1849. Teste. Fielden L. Hale, CC

Carroll Co VA Will Book 1, p.364-366
Settlement of the Estate of Joshua G. Mabry. In acct. with Christopher Turman Extr J. G. Mabry
Funeral Expenses None
Taxes Paid to Sheriff of Floyd and Carroll Counties
Expenses of Administration included amounts paid for Committing to jail of Joshua G. Mabry and to the Jailor as well as for crying the sale of the estate
Amounts paid for various bills including Nathaiel Thompson, J. J. Mabry, Samuel S. Mabry, Ch. Turman, to Mary Mabry for maintainence of children
The estate had taken in the amount from the sale of personal property and some interest
Amount on hand was $50.88 on 1 Oct 1855.
The Commissioner examined the report of Christopher Turman, Administrator of Joshua G. Mabry Deceased and found the sum to be accurate. They stated that the settlment had been duly posted as the law directs and the securities of the administration are amply good and sufficient. Nov. 1855. William Lindsay, Comr.
Carroll County Court, December Term 1855. Report of Christopher Turman, Admr of the estate of Joshua G. Mabry dec'd was returned. It is ordered to lie over one term for exceptions to be taken. If at the January Term there are no exceptions it is ordered recorded.

Ms. McColman makes the statement "checked the deed books in Floyd Co but found no real estate transfers to or from Joshua G. Mabry other than the part of his land that he acquired from the heirs of Elisha Hylton" Joshua had land on Burks Fork that he had himself patented as given above - these land purchases would not have been recorded in the county deed books.

Said to have land from the heirs of Elisha Hylton on Burks Fork that was later given to two of the sons in the above will. This land was likely on the Carroll/Floyd County line. Deeds are said to have been made from 1835 to 1841.

There is a deed from Joshua and Polly Mabry to Joseph C. and Mary Jane [?Amelia] Thompson on 19 Sep 1845, Carroll Co DB 4, p.20, 19 Sep 1845. 74 acres on Adams Branch in Carroll Co. Then on 21 Apr 1853, DB 4, p.21, is a deed from Polly Mabry, widow of Joshua G. Mabry, relinquishing her dower right to the above. The conclusion has been drawn that Amelia/Mary Jane and her husband were to have taken care of Joshua & Polly in exchange for this land - I don't know that this is so. Perhaps this was Mary Jane's share in Joshua's estate. This land was on Adams Branch in Carroll Co. - Adams Branch is nearly on the Caroll/Floyd Co Line and runs into Burks Fork.

Carroll Co DB 6, p.234. Jesse L. Maberry to Christopher Turman [his brother-in-law] on 7 Nov 1857. 255 acres on Burks Fork, conveyed to him by the will of J. G. Mabry and where the widow now resides including 30 acres which A. M. O'neal deeded to Jesse L. & Joshua P. Mabry and in the counties of Carroll & Floyd. Bounded by land of A. M. O'Neal, Joseph J. Mabry and Nathaniel Thompson [Is Nathaniel the father or brother of Ellen Thompson?].

Apparently Polly was still living on 7 Nov 1857. She's living with various members of the family - found still living as late as the 1880 Census.

Joshua G. & Polly are said by McColman to have had 10 children, four of whom moved west in the 1850's. Joshua's will names four still at home, and five that have "married and left him". The 1850 census shows his widow with the four younger children at home. But there are six children that are married. Married daughters, Amelia, Lucy, and Anna were all living with their husbands in Carroll County. Itura and Irena both were in Floyd County with their husbands. Charles had gone to Missouri as evidenced by the birth places of his children; however, he has not been found in any 1850 census.

JOSHUA G. MABRY and MARY F. "Polly" HUFF were married on 8 August 1816 in Patrick County, Virginia. MARY F. "Polly" HUFF38,49, daughter of JOHN HUFF and FRANCES THOMPSON, was born in 1795 in Virginia.38 She died circa 1886 at the age of 91 in Carroll County, Virginia.

Birth of 1 Jan 1796 is claimed on FamilySearch - said to be in a Cox-Phillips Newsletter, Dec. 1992, p.49. I am highly suspicious of this exact date - I doubt that there is any record - said to be from a Pedigree Chart.

1850 Carroll Co VA Census. Polly Maybry, age 53. Jesse L. age 16, Lamina 13, Joshua P. C. 11, and Mary F. age 9. [These were also the four children named in the will of Joshua; he also stated he had five married children who had received their part. However, there were actually six married children.]

1860 Census. Mary Mabry, age 64, Farming. Lived alone. Carroll Co, Dog Spur, Household 448.

1870 Carroll Co VA Census. Mary F. Mabry, age 73, was living with her grandson Barnard Turman.

1880, Laurel Fork District of Carroll Co. Mary Mabry, age 84, living with Lucy and Christopher Turman.

JOSHUA G. MABRY and MARY F. "Polly" HUFF had the following children:



Amelia MABRY.



Charlotte Lucy MABRY.






Iturea MABRY.



Irenia MABRY.






Jesse Lee MABRY.



Lamina MABRY.



Joshua Patrick C. MAYBERRY.



Mary Frances MABRY.