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Seventh Generation

230. Mary Jane MAYBERRY was born in 1849 in Missouri.57 She died after 1920 at the age of 71.

1870, Logan Co AR, p.76a, Dwelling 32 is:
Luman, William, age 21, Farmer, b. TN can't read/write
Mary age 21, Keeping House, b. MO can't read/write
Alexander age 2, b. AR
Ituria, age 1, b. AR

In 1880 I find on p.253A, continuing on 253B, Dwelling 372:
Mary J. was living with her father & mother and some of her grown sisters. Her children marked as grandchildren of her father.
Luman, M. J., dau, age 30, b. MO, widowed
Alexander, gson, age 12, b. AR as were all of Mary J's children
Itura, gdau, 10
Mary, gdau, 6
??Laba/Laln/Lola J., gdau, 4
Chas. gson, age 1

1900 Census. Driggs Twp, District 53, Logan Co AR, Hh 18
Mary J. Luman, b. May 1849, age 51, widowed; had 6 children, 5 are living. Born MO, parents b. Virginia. She owns her farm.
Sallie, dau, b. Oct 1872, age 27, single, b. AR, father b. TN, mother b. MO
Voisin, dau, b. Feb 1884, age 16
Elijah C. Shirly, son-in-law, b. May 1867, age 33, widowed, b. Ohio, parents b. Ohio, farmer
Ocie C., granddaughter, b. Aug 1894, age 5, b. AR, father b. Ohio, mother b. AR

Note: the number of children Mary had is interesting. Five were with her when, as a widow, she was living with her parents, 1880. Voisin, a daughter was born in 1884 and would be the 6th child - perhaps born out of wedlock, unless Mary remarried briefly but took back her Luman surname. [Note - in 1910, Mary does say she had been married twice. I did find a marriage, Mrs. M. J. Luman to N. M. Rankin, 10 May 1883, Logan Co] No daughter Sallie had previously been noted, but she is close in age to the daughter earlier called Mary - perhaps her name was Mary Sarah or something similar.

1910 Census. Driggs Twp, Logan Co AR, Hh 118
Mary J. Luman, age 60, married twice, widow, 6 children - 4 are living, b. MO, parents b. VA
Voicy T. Rankones, dau, age 26, single [Rankin was her surname]
Ples Sentell, boarder, age 18

1920 Census. Antoine Twp, Pike Co, AR, Hh 165
Charles Luman, age 40. Susie, wife, age 30.
Oma, dau, 16. Thurman, son, 10. Gladis, dau, age 8
Mary, Mother, age 70, b. MO, father b. TN, Mother b. VA

Mary Jane MAYBERRY and William LUMAN were married about 1867.57 William LUMAN was born in 1849 in Tennessee. He died before 1880 at the age of 31.

Mary Jane MAYBERRY and William LUMAN had the following children:



William Alexander LUMAN was born in 1868 in Logan County, Arkansas.

According to an online database, Alexander married about 1883.

I found the family in 1900, living in the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma, Twp 5, Hh 24
Alexander Luman, b. May 1868, age 32, married 17 years, b. AR, father b. MO, mother b. KS, a farmer
Mary, wife, b. Apr 1867, age 33, has had 7 children; b. AR, father b. TX, mother b. IT
Willie, son, b. Mar 1884, age 16. Annie, dau, b. Mar 1889, age 11. Mary J., dau, b. May 1891, age 9. Sadoc [prob. Zadoc], b. Sep 1892, age 7. Estis, son, b. Apr 1894, age 6 - all born in Arkansas
Leonia, dau, b. Apr 1896, age 4, and Joe, son, b. May 1899, age 1 - born born IT

A note place on Ancestry reveals that Mary may have first been married to James Thomas Shadwick - that Willie and Annie were stepchildren of Alexander Luman. This would indicate they had been married much less than the 17 years indicated. I have no additional proof except the following 1910 census states they had then been married 21 years, or married 1889.

I did find the marriage record: W. A. Luman to Mary Shadwick, 28 Nov 1889, Logan Co, AR.

1910 Census. Houston Twp, LeFlore Co, OK, Hh 30
William A. Luman. 41, married once for 21 years, b. AR, father b. TN, mother b. MO, Farmer
Mary J., wife, age 42, married twice, 10 children - 9 are living, b. MO, parents b. MO
Mary Jane, dau, 20, b. AR, father b. AR, mother b. MO (same for all the children)
James A., son, 17, b. OK (Sadoc in 1910 - later documents show name as James Z.)
Estes A., son, 15, b. OK
Lona V. dau, 13, b. OK
Joseph C. H., son, age 11, b. OK
George M., son, 3, b. OK
Zella A., dau, 3, b. OK
George Conner, hired hand, age 22



Ituria LUMAN was born in 1869 in Logan County, Arkansas. She died between 1894 and 1900 at the age of 25.

Ituria married Elijah Henry Shirley.



Mary Sallie LUMAN was born in October 1872 in Logan County, Arkansas.

This child may have been called Sallie, born Oct 1872, in the 1900 Census.



Lola J. LUMAN was born in 1876 in Logan County, Arkansas.

Lola married Marion Jasper Beck. She is said to have died at the birth of a third daughter.

1900 Census. Driggs Twp, Logan Co, AR, Hh 29
Marion Beck, b. Oct 1872, age 27, married 3 years, b. AR, father b. GA, mother b. AR
Lola J., wife, b. Aug 1878, age 21, 2 children, b. AR, father b. TN, mother b. MO
Verna, dau, b. Mar 1898, age 2
Gissie, dau, b. Sep 1899, age 9 months

The 1910 census shows that Marion had been remarried for 5 years - the new wife had had three small sons. Erma L. a daughter, age 12, was the only child from his marriage to Lola that was still in his household - was this "Verna" in 1900?



Charles Henry LUMAN was born on 11 March 1878 in Logan County, Arkansas. He died on 16 February 1944 at the age of 65 in Garland County, Arkansas. He was buried in Kirby Cemetery, Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas.

Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1957
Chas. H. Luman, age 22, of Driggs, Logan Co, AR married Leo B. Lee, age 20, of Magazine, Logan, AR on 3 Nov 1901. License dated 31 Oct 1901.

1910 Census. Mountain Twp, Pike Co, AR, Hh 103
Charles H. Luman, 32, married for 8 years, b. AR
Leo B., wife, 30, 4 children - w are living, b. AR
Erma B., dau, 8 [later Oma]
Charles T., son, age 2 months?

Leo died 24 Sep 1916, buried Kirby Cemetery; she was born 23 Mar 1891

On 29 Sep 1917, Pike Co AR, Charles married Susan Ellen Tolleson.

12 Sep 1918 World War I Draft Registration
Charles Henry Luman of Kirby, Pike Co, AR, age 40, b. 11 Mar 1818
Susie Luman is his nearest relative
Medium height, stout build, grey eyes dark hair. His right arm has been broken and his ribs have been crushed.

1920 Census. Antoine Twp, Pike Co, AR, Hh 165
Charles Luman, age 40. Susie, wife, age 30.
Oma, dau, 16. Thurman, son, 10. Gladis, dau, age 8
Mary Luman, Mother, age 70, b. MO, father b. TN, Mother b. VA

1930 Census. Gap Twp, Montgomery Co, AR, Hh 32
Charles H. Luman, age 52, married first time at age 23, b. AR, medical doctor, general practice
Susie, wife, 40, married at 28
Oma, dau, age 25
Gladys D., dau, 19.

1940 Census. Caddo Gap, Gap Twp, Montgomery, AR, Hh 78
Lived in same house in 1935
Dr. C. H. Luman, 62, physician, private practice
Susie E., wife, 51
Oma O., dau, 37

27 Apr 1942 World War II Draft Registration
Charles Henry Luman was age 63, born 11 Mar 1879, Paris AR. He lived at Caddo Gap, Montgomery Co, AR, and was a physician. Susan Ellen Luman of Caddo Gap would always know his address.
Charles was 5'8 1/2" and 200 pounds. Blue eyes, gray hair, light complexion.

Son, Charles Thurman Luman, appears in the 1910 census as an infant. His Social Security record, tombstone, etc. reflect a birth of 7 Jan 1912. His death certificate states his mother as Leo Lee. Did the first child die and a second child was given the same name? Would seem not, since Charles was listed as a ten-year-old in 1920.
Charles Thurman Luman is buried Memphis National Cemetery, Memphis, TN, with a military marker. He was a Corporal in the US Army in World War II. He enlisted 3 Jul 1943; was discharged 14 Nov 1945. He was interred 13 Sep 1949.

Mary Jane MAYBERRY and N. M. RANKIN were married on 10 May 1883 in Logan County, Arkansas. N. M. RANKIN was born in 1840.

Mary Jane MAYBERRY and N. M. RANKIN had the following children:



Voisin RANKIN was born in February 1884 in Logan County, Arkansas.