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Sixth Generation

119. CHARLES MAYBERRY49,77,108,109,110,111,112 was born on 3 August 1820 in Carroll County, Virginia.49,98,113 He died on 11 June 1883 at the age of 62 in Logan County, Arkansas.114

Ms. McColman made several wrong assumptions about Charles' family given that he was the first of the family to leave Virginia and she didn't find out much about him for sometime. She first discovered Charles living in Franklin Co AR in 1870 and 1880. She never knew he had been in Crawford Co AR in 1860. She never knew about the daughter Letitia who did not move on to Franklin Co with the rest of the family. She added some sons, families she found in Missouri - that were not part of Charles family - an E. C. Mabrey, and an Andrew J. Mayberry. She misread the married name of Mary J. Maberry, b. 1850 - Mary married William Luman, not Loman. There was no son named Edward - this was an error by the census enumerator - the child born about 1857 in MO was actually "Ade" or Ada, and a female; the enumerator must have heard "Ed". The next to the youngest daughter was Vianna "Annie" and the youngest was Lamina Virginia, called "Minnie" or "Minna".

The Goodspeed article about Mathew Maberry, states that the Mayberrys were natives of Virginia, born in Floyd Co. In 1848 they moved to Schuyler Co MO and then to Arkansas in 1858. This agrees very well with most of what I have discovered about the family.

Ms. McColman stated that Charles and family had lived in Floyd Co before going West. I have checked the personal property tax rolls for Floyd Co from 1831-1850. Absolutely the only Mayberry is Absalom found only 1847-1849. Charles did have two of his father's sisters that married into the Montgomery family and lived in Floyd County throughout the period noted above - Elizabeth who married Hiatt Montgomery, and Susannah who married Jesse Montgomery.

Charles Mayberry is not found in the 1850 Schuyler Co MO census, nor have I found him anywhere. All of his siblings were still living in Carroll or Floyd Counties in Virginia.

Federal Land Patents in Schuyler Co MO:
Issued 10 Oct 1854. Milan Land Office. 80 acres.
NW qtr of the NE qtr & the SE qtr of the NE qtr of Twp 36, Sec 66N, Range 14W
Issued 10 Oct 1854. Milan Land Office. 80 acres
SW qtr of the NE qtr & the NE qtr of the SE qtr of Twp 36, Sec 66N, Range 14W
Issued 1 Aug 1857. Milan Land Office. 40 acres.
NE qtr of the NE qtr of Twp 36, Sec 66N, Range 14W
Total of 200 acres. This land is located near the present town of Downing MO and near the line between Schuyler Co and Scotland Co to the East.

1860 Crawford Co AR, Census, Jasper Twp. Only a few households from that of William M. Wood.
Charles Maybery age 39, Farmer, b. VA; Ellen age 37, b. VA [Can't read & write], Mathew age 17, v. VA, "Lucretia" 15, b. VA. Joshua age 12, Mary J. age 11, Isabella 9, AmElina 7, Augustus O. 5, Ada M. 3 and Vena V. age 2 months. All from Joshua b. MO, placing the family there in 1850. Research of census indices online does not find this family in MO.

In 1870, Franklin Co, Short Mountain Township, p.76b, Dwelling 37
Mayberry, Chas. age 49, Farmer, $500, 350, b. VA
Ellen, age 46,Keeping House, b. VA, can't read/write
Joshua age 22, b. MO, can't write
Isabell, age 19, b. MO, can't read or write
Emeline, age 17, b. MO, can't write
Augustus, age 15, b. MO, can't write
Edward, age 13, male, b. MO can't write [This is where Ada should be????]
Annie, age 10, b. AR, attended school
Virginia, age 6, b. AR [This child will turn into Lemma????]

On the previous page, 76a, Dwelling 32 is:
Luman, William, age 21, Farmer, b. TN can't read/write
Mary age 21, Keeping House, b. MO can't read/write [I believe this is M. J. Mayberry]
Alexander age 2, b. AR
Floria, age 1, b. AR
and Dwelling 33 is:
Mayberry, Mathew, age 27, Farmer, b. MO
Annie, age 24, Keeping House b. AR

Land Patent in Logan Co AR
Issued 1 Mar 1877. Dardanelle Land Office. 136.92 acres.
SW qtr of SE qtr, the W1/2 of the SW qtr, and the SE qtr of the SW qtr of Twp 18, Sec 7N, Range 25W.
[This must be the 137 acres Mathew was living on when the Goodspeed article was written.]

In 1880 I find on p.253A, continuing on 253B, Dwelling 372:
Maberry, Chas, age 59, Farmer, b. VA as were his parents
Ellen, wife, age 57, Keeping House, b. VA as were her parents
Isabell, dau, age 26, b. MO [she was more like age 29]
Vianna, dau, age 20, b. MO [it's a toss-up; she was born in either MO or AR
Lemma, dau, age 16, b. AR [she was Virginia in 1870.....]
Luman, M. J., dau, age 30, b. MO, widowed
Alexander, gson, age 12, b. AR as were all of Mary J's children
Flora, gdau, 10
Mary, gdau, 6
??Laba/Laln J., gdau, 4
Chas. gson, age 1

Also in 1880 on p.243B, Dwelling 213
Matt Maberry, age 36, b. VA as were his parents
L. A., wife, keeping House, age 34, b. AR
W. Williams, age 17,b. AR, works on farm
and p.244C, Dwelling 218
J. G. Maberry, age 31, Farmer, b. MO, both parents b. VA [sure looks like Joshua]
S. A., wife, age 29, b. MS, her father b. AL, mother b. MS
M. L. Maberry, dau, age 2, b. AR
Porter Corley, age 25, Boarder, b. AR, Farmer

I found online where Charles and Ellen B. Maberry were buried in Paint Rock Cemetery between Paris & Magazine, Logan Co. His dates 1820-1883. Her dates 11 Nov 1822 - 9 Jun 1890.

Also found the following marriages in Logan Co:
A. O. Maberry to Belle Beam, 11 Oct 1894 [This would seem to be Augustus - I never found him in 1880]
Jack Redden to Lamina Maberry, 16 Dec 1886
Johnson, W. D. to Annie Maberry on 27 Mar 1884
J. T. Bell to Bell Mayberry on 6 Aug 1891 [Censuses indicated this is Isabella]

1900 Census: Letetia A. stated she and her parents all born in "West" Virginia.
The 1920 Census gives the birthplace of Letitia's parents & Letitia as Virginia. Letitia's death certificate states that her father Charles was born in Tennessee, but the 1860 Census gives Virginia as the place of birth for Charles, wife Ellen, Mathew & Lucretia. Subsequent children born in Missouri. Vianna was born either just before leaving Missouri or just after arriving in Crawford Co, AR. Lamina was born in Arkansas.

Charles is said to be buried Paint Rock Cemetery, about five miles south of Paris, Logan Co, AR. Name is said to be spelled as "Mabrey" on his marker. FindAGrave has the cemetery but not a record for any of the Mayberrys except the family of daughter Emmeline Lee and daughter Ada Biggs.

CHARLES MAYBERRY and ELLEN THOMPSON were married about 1841.49 ELLEN THOMPSON115 was born on 11 November 1822 in Virginia.49,113 She died on 9 June 1890 at the age of 67 in Logan County, Arkansas.

Ellen wrote a letter back home to Itura and Matthew Weeks - Itura was a sister to Ellen's husband Charles.
On the Envelope:
Miss Iturea Weeks [Mrs. Matthew Weeks], Birch fork [Burks Fork], Floid [Floyd] Co, Virg. Postage was 2ยข
Paris, Logan Co, Ark.
February 6th, 1887 [Charles had been dead about 4 years]
Dear Brother and sister
I imbrace the Presant oppertunity of Penning you a few lines to inform you I have not forgoten you all though I have Know ____ neglect in answering your letter. I will ask you to excuse me for Puting it off so long. We are all well at Presant and hopeing when This comes in hand will find you all inJoying the Same Blessing. I do not know if I have anything to write will interest you or not. Crops was very good last year. Pork was scarse, the hogs - quite ____ People lost all of thire hogs. I will give you the Prices of Produc and stock corn is .50 cts per Bushel Wheat .75 to $1 per Bushel oats .50 cts per Bushel good horses and mules 100.00 to 125.00 dollars Cattle is low. I was very Sorrow to hear of Mothers death [this would be Charles' mother, Mary Huff Mabry] and her suffering before her She died. I believe that she had a hope Beyound this vaile and had no fears of Death and I Simpathise with you in the Berivement of your Mother She She lived to and good old age they is not many in this world lives to see thire fourth generation. She out-lived the most of her children.
I do not know that we should greive know more than we could help for I know she has gone to rest you wanted me to write to you how many grandchildren I have I will try and give you a statement of them I have 29 grand children liveing and 6 dead and one grate grand child dead I think I am correct in my statement if you get all of them together and have them Publish I would like to you to send me a coppy or a list of them a few words about Alford Weeks [Matthew was Matthew A., was he also called Alford? Itura and Matthew had no child Alford, or Alfred] I would like to know how he is geting along and I was very Sorrow to heare of getting criple up so. Give him my respects and that would to see him Betty Weeks Tell her that I would like to hear how She is getting along. Iture, I would like if it was so as I could to Pay my old native country a visit and See all my relation and friends once more thats I serpose I never will as it is so far away and cost so much I will never be able and do my self justice and I have not Ben in good health since last July I have a kind of skin desease or Brakeing out that Bothers me and some times makes me sick. Minna [youngest daughter Lamina Virgina] has left me. She maried a man By the name of D. J. Redden She got man is doing very well he had every thing arange to go to hous keeping before they maried he Builed good frame house Be. they was maried I am still on the old Place. Matthew and his wife and Bell are all the is left on the old home except a man Matthew has got hired. Well I will close all of my children is well so far as I know I will say something Else as it come to my mind They has Been considerable of sickness in our country the Past year and a grate deal fatell Sickness tyford and Malaria grate many People died my favrite Preacher Died Last fall of Tyford fever he was a young like man 30 or 35 years old in the Bloom of lief and about the ablist preacher I ever heard he was and old Babtice I hardly ever hear any Preaching any more I will close hopeing to heare from soon give all the news of your county and give all my relation and friends my Bes. Regards write soon as I want to hear from you I remain as ever your sister untill Death. Mrs. E. T. Maberry.
[added note]
To Aunt Iture I will say a few words to you times is hard here that is in regard to money most every thing is tolerable plenty we have had a miled winter perticluar Janary it was allmost like Spring the wheat crop is looking favorable I have not been at home much of my time this winter I at the last Election was elected Constable of Paris I will close Please write to me Matthew Maberry

CHARLES MAYBERRY and ELLEN THOMPSON had the following children:









Joshua MAYBERRY was born in 1848 in Missouri.49

Logan Co AR 1880; p.244C, Dwelling 218
J. G. Maberry, age 31, Farmer, b. MO, both parents b. VA [sure looks like Joshua]
S. A., wife, age 29, b. MS, her father b. AL, mother b. MS
M. L. Maberry, dau, age 2, b. AR
Porter Corley, age 25, Boarder, b. AR, Farmer

Logan Co AR marriages on Family Search webpage:
Josh Maberry to Mrs. S. A. Sewell. He was age 52; she was 30. W. T. Cochran was Maberry's security for the license, 22 Nov 1900. They were both of Paris, Arkansas. Recorded by the clerk, 24 Nov 1900.

I don't find Joshua in Logan Co in 1900, nor a good candidate for the wife. Online databases give a death date of 29 Mar 1910.






Isabella MAYBERRY.



Emeline Frances MAYBERRY.



Augustus O. MAYBERRY.






Vianna Virginia "Annie" MAYBERRY.



Lamina Bridget "Minnie" MAYBERRY.