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Second Generation

6. JOHN KNOPP1,2,4 was christened on 20 January 1622/3 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. He died before April 1696 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Watertown Records
1st & 2nd Books of Town Proceedings
Lands Grants & Possessions
The Proprietors' Book
The 1st Book & Supplement of Births, Deaths, & Marriages
Watertown, MA 1894

p.34 13:10:1653 Meeting of the Select Men payment to John Knap - 1st occurrence of his name in the book

p.37 8:4:16:1654 Robert Geneson and John Knap complaining that Robert Daniell that hee did not fence his portion within their field.

p.97 Nov 1 1669
to Ensign Sherman for 400 cords and quarter
mor the Ensign paid John Knop for work at the schoolhouse 10sh

p.132 2nd of 9th 1677
paid for work dun at the mill bridg:
Elnathan bears 5sh
Henary Spring 2sh
John Knop 4sh

Births, deaths, marriages
John Knape & Sary Younge maryd the 21 3rd 1660
Sary Knop of John & Sary Borne 5 (7) 1662

Genealogies of the Families & Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Henry Bond MC. 2nd Edition, Two Volumes in One. NEHGS, Boston, 1860
p.3 7 Jun 1665, Walter Allen bought of John Knapp, 60 acres in Watertown Farms, lying towards Concord bounds.

JOHN KNOPP and SARAH YOUNG were married on 25 May 1660. SARAH YOUNG was born (date unknown).

JOHN KNOPP and SARAH YOUNG had the following children:






Sarah KNAPP was born on 5 September 1662 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Sarah was called Sarah Park in her father's will.



Henry KNAPP was born (date unknown).

Henry was the executor of his father's will.



Isaac KNAPP was born about 1672. He died on 8 December 1744 at the age of 72 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Isaac was a shipwright. He lived in Charlestown, Cambridge, Marblehead, Salem. He was buried in the Granary Burying Ground, Boston. Isaac married Anna, daughter of Benoni Eaton of Cambridge. He served in the Quebec expedition of 1690 with his brother James and in 1735 received a grant of land. The deed of its sale, recorded in East Cambridge, shows that he and his wife were both living 9 Nov 1735.



Mary KNAPP was born (date unknown).

Mary married Simon Tozer of Weston, MA



Joshua KNAPP was born (date unknown).

Joshua married Sarah Beal. She married Jacob Busher after Joshua's death. He owned land in Maine, on the south side of York River, as early as 16 Apr 1711. Sarah Knapp, was a widow in Dorchester in 1725, where he son Ebenezer was baptized, his mother belonging to church in York, Maine.



Abigail KNAPP was born (date unknown).

Abigail married Benjamin Newton of Marlboro, MA, 3 Oct 1712.



James KNAPP died in 1690.

James was apparently lost in the expedition against Quebec in 1690. From the Registry of Deeds, East Cambridge, 9 Nov 1736: Isaac Knapp of Salem & wife Anna grant land in Maine, west of Sowhegan, granted to them in right of his brother James, who was in the Canada expedition, now deceased.