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Third Generation

10. Abraham KELLAR4 was born in 1777.9 He died in 1826 at the age of 49.9

Birth and Death Dates of Abraham given in the Vol. 1, Issue 11 of the Frey Journal (Index Edition) are (1777-1826).
Vol 1, Issue 9: Brought to Kentucky by his step-father Henry Ewalt. John Kellar, brother to Abraham's father Jacob Kellar, stated in a depostion in 1806 that he came in the year 1776.

Liahona reference has bride as Margaret Henderson.

Abraham, as son of the oldest brother [who was also deceased] became the heir to the land grants of his uncles Abraham and Issac [who died without heirs] under the law of primogeniture, still in effect in Virginia until 1783.
1 Apr 1782 Jefferson Co KY. Isaac Kellar was granted administration of Abraham Kellar's estate. James & Daniel Sullivan Sureties. Appraised 7 May 1782.
Clark Grant #156 was granted Capt. Abr. Kellar, dec'd, and issued to A. C. Kellar, heir of Abraham.
29 Sep 1798 Abraham & Peggy [Margaret Anderson] Kellar of Bourbon Co KY sold this grant to Nathan Robertson.

Isaac Kellar himself was deceased by 1786. He had a pre-emption Warrant, #48, in Kentucky for 1000 acres, dated 23 Feb 1780. He had visited the lands on the Elkhorn, about 12 miles above the mouth, in 1776 and built a cabin. Certificate dated 18 Nov 1779. In 1781, he assigned 500 acres to his brother Jacob Kellar and 500 acres to Isaac Hite in 1784. Survey of 500 acres for heirs of Jacob Kellar was not done until 26 July 1784. John Kellar testified on 11 Nov 1787 that Abraham Kellar, son of Jacob Kellar, dec'd was about the age of nine or ten years and was heir at law to Jacob & Abraham Kellar, dec'd. Grant was dated 20 Jul 1788. Isaac Hite's 500 acres was surveyed 27 Feb 1784 and he received his grant, which noted it adjoined Jacob Kellar's on Elkhorn, in 1785.

It must have taken a very long time to settle all the land Capt. Abraham Kellar had been entitled to.

6 Sep 1798 Abraham Kellar, heir at law of Abraham Kellar, dec'd, to William Croghan. The Commissioners of the Illinois Grants deeded to the heir at law of Abraham Kellar, dec'd on 9 Mar 1797, six tracts of 500 acres each known as Surveys #71, 120, 173, 203, 238, and 156 and one other tract of 235 acres, part of the 500 acres survey #148. The said grantor for $200, sells and conveys to Croghan, 734 acres, being Survey #71 and the part of survey #148. Wit: John Smith. Jefferson Co Records, Michael L. Cook, C. G.
This would seem to be additional land granted to Abraham Kellar. His widow received a Virginia Military Warrant for 4000 acres, for his service in Virginia Line during the Revolution - he had served as a Captain for three years.

6 Mar 1799 Patrick Simpson of Knox Co, NW Territory, assigns all his right to two tracts of land in Kentucky to representative of Abraham Keller, dec'd and assigned by Mary Keller who is now Mary Linn. 730 acres on Marrowbone Creek and 400 acres on Cumberland R. Jefferson Co Records, Michael L. Cook, C. G.

4 May 1812 William Croghan to Abraham Keller of Bourbon Co. Wm Croghan has patents & deeds for 3,030 acres of military lands surveyed for Mary Keller on a military land warrant of 4000 acres. Croghan sells to Abraham Keller a tract in the district set apart for officer & soldiers of the Virginia State Line on Marrowbone Crk....730 acres.
DB O, p.370.
This particular tract was part of the original Warrant for 4000 acres - Mary Kellar Linn had it surveyed and assigned to Patrict Simpson, but before Simpson received the grant, he assigned it back to the representatives of Abraham Kellar, dec'd [Mary & William Linn]. Mary had assigned 1900 acres directly to William Croghan for which he had grants, she assigned another 1130 to Simpson - this would account for the 3,030 acres after Simpson assigned his acres back to Mary.

4 May 1812 Abraham Keller of Bourbon Co KY to William Croghan. A military warrant of 4000 acres issued by Virginia to Mary Keller, representative of Capt Abraham Keller on which sundry surveys have been made in the name of Mary Keller..... [remainder not abstracted but apparently 1900 acres on the Little Barren River, as below] DB O, p.372

A list of Kentucky deeds involve an Abraham Kellar, presumbably this one since he apparently lived in Bourbon Co.
4 May 1812. Bourbon Co. 730 acres on a a branch of Crocus Creek [tributary of the Marrowbone] [This would be the deed from William Croghan above & may be the same as the 730 acres mentioned in the Patrick Simpson document.]
4 May 1812 Bourbon Co. 1900 acres on the Little Barren River DB O, p.372

Abraham KELLAR and Margaret ANDERSON were married on 24 March 1799 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.21,22 Margaret ANDERSON was born in 1784.21 She died in 1866 at the age of 82.21

Abraham KELLAR and Margaret ANDERSON had the following children:



Solomon KELLAR.



Abraham KELLAR.



Elizabeth KELLAR.



Jacob KELLAR1 was born (date unknown).



John KELLAR1 was born (date unknown).



Joseph KELLAR1 was born (date unknown).



Isaac KELLAR1 was born (date unknown).



Margaret KELLAR.



Minerva KELLAR.



Rebecca KELLAR.



William KELLAR1 was born (date unknown).






Noah Spears KELLAR.