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Second Generation

5. John KELLAR1,5,9 was born about 1755. He served in the military in 1779–1780 at NW Territories with George Rogers Clark in Revolutionary War. He died before November 1820 at the age of 65 in Jessamine County, Kentucky.3

606-1-616-March 7, 1779: . James Buchanan paid 40 pounds to William Pointer for pack horse service provided Jan. 24, 1779. Names: John Kellar.
April 28, 1779: "General Provisions Return for three days commencing April the 26 & ending the 28 April 1779." Listing of number of rations by flour, pork, given to men and prisoners in the companies of Captains George, McCarty, and John Kellar.
4032-3-611-612-December 8, 1779: James Trabue in Kentucky County certified Joseph Procter, Nicolas Procter, John Keller and John Finely served in Capt. Gass company and had supplied their rations for 20 days from September 14, 1779 to December 8, 1779
6166-4-374-375-July 12, 1780: Capt. Robert George by order of George Rogers Clark instructed Capt. John Dodge at Fort Jefferson to issue full clothing allowance to 23 soldiers of Capt. Abraham Kellar's co.
Soldiers names are listed p.55 of CALENDAR & QUARTERMASTER BOOKS
The first six listed had enlisted, others had over 1 year to serve. Names: John Chappel, George Hoit, Baptist Raper, Francis Laycore, Anthony Montroy, James Thompson, James Pritchet, Harmon Eagle, Thomas Hays, George Smith, John Crawley, Joseph Cooper, Benjamin Cooper, John Kellar, David Russell, David Humble, James Davis, John Kearns, Philip Duly, Haymore duly, John Shank, Joseph Panther, Jacob Decker
6170-4-376- 377-July 14, 1780: Fourth document. George Rogers Clark order to Capt. William Shannon at the Falls of Ohio to issue powder and lead for use of Capt. Benjamin Harrison, Capt. John Winston of John Keller's volunteers for an expedition against the [Shawnee Indians].

22 May 1780 Kentucky. Jefferson Entries. John Keller entered 400 acres on Elkhorn. Book A, p.82 [His brothers Jacob & Isaac entered land the same day. This is apparently the grant he received in 1785.]

John was a witness to the will of his brother Jacob in Yohogania Co, 1781.

John had a pre-emption certificate for 1000 acres in Kentucky, as did his brothers Abraham and Isaac. Their certificates indicate they visited there in 1776 and all made improvements to their desired land. However he assigned his over to John May before the Warrant was issued. May received Warrant #1133 on 21 Aug 1780, but assigned it to John Craig and Robert Johnson on 10 Oct 1782. The tract was on the waters of Coopers Run, a branch of the Licking River and included an improvement made by John Kellar in 1776. Craig & Johnson received their grant on 4 Jul 1785.

10 Nov 1785 Virginia Land Grant. Warrant #1363, issued 18 Oct 1779 granted to John Kellar, assignee of Abraham Keller. 400 acres surveyed 28 Feb 1784 in Fayette Co [KY] on the South side of Elkhorn Creek about two & a half miles from the mouth. Grants U, p.425.

25 Agu 1799 Jessamine Co Tax Rolls:
John Kellar, 234 acres 1st rate land, S Elkhorn, surveyed by Adam Stephens
1 wm over 21, 2 wm 16-20, 2 blacks over 16, 6 horses
200 acres 2nd rate land in Franklin Co
[Two white males between 16-20 are two of the sons, possibly Isaac & Joseph.].

7 Mar 1806 John Keller of Jessamine Co bought 7 acres for 7£ from Philemon Thomas of Mason Co. It was on the South Fork of Elkhorn Creek. In John Millar's line, corner to survey where Keller now lives, corner to John Washington. Part of Gen. Adam Stephens military survery & conveyed by Stephens to Joel Yearley & by Yearley to Philemon Thomas.
Wit: Jacob Kellar, Leah Kellar by her attorney in fact, Joseph Kellar, Lewis Craig
[Jacob, Leah & Joseph no doubt his children.]

1810 Census, Jessamine Co KY
Jacob Kellar. 2m under 10, 1m 26-45 [Jacob], 3f under 10 1f 26-45 [Mary]. 5 slaves.
John Kellar. 1m 10-16 [John Jr], 1m 45+ [John]; 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 45+ [Elizabeth] 8 slaves

1819 Tax Rolls, Jessamin Co KY
John Kellar Sr. 161 acres 1st rate land, Elkhorn, surveyed by Stephens
1 wm 21+, 4 blacks 16+, 11 total slaves, 10 horses
John Kellar Jr. 1 wm 21+, 1 horse
Jacob Kellar 204 acres 1st rate land, Elkhorn, suveyd by Stephens [obviously part of John Kellar Sr's tract of 1799]
1 wm 21+, 3 blacks 16+, 8 total slaves, 12 horses

The tax rolls of 1820 were basically unchanged except that John Jr. had 2 horses but still owned no land.

1820 Census, Jessamine Co.
Elizabeth Kellar. 2f 45+ [Where was John Jr?] 18 slaves
Jacob Kellar. 2m under 10, 2m 10-16, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45 7 slaves

Will in 1820, Jessamine Co KY, Book C, p.104-106
Dated 8 Sep 1820. Wife Elizabeth Kellar to have farm, 161 acres with all stock, tools, household furnitre, 11 slaves during her natural life or widowhood. Children to have all that have been given them heretofore:
Son Jacob has received $1060; son Isaac has received $1152; daughter Polly Haydon has received $952; daughter Rachel Trotter $1003; son Joseph $1011, daughter Leah Spears $904; daughter Rebeckah Fry $923; daughter Sally Suter $967; son John $1415. My ten children. My wife is auathorised to give to those of my children that has had the least to make them up to one thousand dollars including what they have already had. If there is more property sold than that it is to be equally divided among the ten children. After my death, the Executors to make title to ten acres of land I got from my son Jacob to my son John. After my wife's death, the property to be sold to the highest bidder and 9/10 divided among my children except Rebeckah Fry and the other 10th to be divided equally among her children that she has or may have.
Executors: wife Elizabeth, Jacob Kellar, Sam'l Craig.
Signed: John Kellar
Son Jacob is to tend to the management of my farm and servants during my wife's lifetime for which he is to be reasonly rewarded from the proceeds.
Signed: John Kellar
Wit: Elijah Cartmell, Sam'l Craig, James Carson, Rich'd Gatewood, John Barr.
Nov 1820. Jessamine County Cout. The will of John Kellar, dec'd was proved by oaths of Elijah Cartmell & James Carson. Ordered to be recorded.

16 Nov 1824 Jessamine Co WB C, p.472 (img 243 - FamilySearch org, Kentucky Probates)
Property sold on 16 Nov 1824, given up by Mrs. Elizabeth Keller, Executrix of John Keller, Deceased.
Purchasers include: Mrs. Keller, Joseph Keller, John Keller, William Haydon, Joseph Haydon
Return to February Court, 1826.

21 Jan 1826 Jessamine Co WB C, p 473 (img 244)
Commissioners met, agreeable to order of the January Court, 1826 to Settle with Elizabeth Keller, Executrix of John Keller, dec'd.
Peter Higbee, William T. Bryan, James Marrs. Returned to Court February Term, 1826

30 Sep 1826 For $250 we have sold William Lafon all our interest in 161 acres of land where Elizabeth Kellar now lives, also interest in 4 Negroes & stock & household furniture. The whole of our interest in the estate of John Kellar, dec'd. We authorize Elizabeth Kellar to pay the said Wm Lafon where they may be any division of said Estate. Signed: Thos. Haydon, Mary (X) Haydon
Wit: E. Haydon, Wm Sallee
13 Oct 1826. Proven in part by E. Haydon. 13 Feb 1827 Fully proved by oath of William Sallee and truly recorded.

John KELLAR and Elizabeth FRYE were married.9 Elizabeth FRYE9, daughter of Jacob FRYE and Mary [FRYE], died in 1833.13

Elizabeth was listed as a widow in the 1820 Census. John Kellar's will was dated 8 Sep 1820 so the census must have been taken later than that date. Documents of her daughter Mary Haydon show Elizabeth to still be living in September of 1826. I did not find her in 1830.

John KELLAR and Elizabeth FRYE had the following children:



Jacob KELLAR3 was born about 1775 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.3 He died in 1826 at the age of 51 in Jessamine County, Kentucky.3

Although Jacob is listed in many databases as being born ca 1770, I believe it is more likely 1775. He had still not reached age 45 by the 1820 census.

Jacob married 20 Mar 1801 in Jessamine Co KY to Mary Magdalene Rice.

1810 Census, Jessamine Co
Jacob Kellar. 2m under 10, 1m 26-45 [Jacob], 3f under 10 1f 26-45 [Mary]. 5 slaves.
John Kellar. 1m 10-16 [John Jr], 1m 45+ [John]; 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 45+ [Elizabeth] 8 slaves

1820 Census, Jessamine Co.
Elizabeth Kellar. 2f 45+ [Where was John Jr?] 18 slaves
Jacob Kellar. 2m under 10, 2m 10-16, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45 7 slaves

Database online suggests Jacob died 21 Feb 1824. He obviously left several children. One of his sons said to be George W. Rice Keller, b. about 1804, Kentucky; married 28 Aug 1839 at Woodford Co, KY to Mary F. Hampton.

Jessamine Co Will Book C., p. 435 (img 225 -; Kentucky Probates)
Property of the estate of Jacob Keller, dec'd sold at acution on 1 April 1825. M. Keller bought several objects - mostly farm tools and livestock, and household objects to include a bed and bedstead. The inventory and appraisement was done by Elijah Cartmell, Nathaniel Dunn, and William Pollard. 31 Mar 1825. Ordered recorded 20 Jun 1825.

Jessamine Co KY Will Book C, p. 506 (img 260)
Mrs. Magdalene Kellar, Admrx of Jacob Keller dec'd. Property rec'd per sale Bill.
Submitted by commissioners, 25 Aug 1826. Jeremiah Frazer, John Perry, and Presley Tolbutt. Returned to court, September 1826.

I found the following:
1840 in Clay Co, MO, I found a George W. R. Keller - his household made up of two males age 20-30 [maybe a brother with him] and a female age 15-20.

In 1850, GWR's family did not seem to be in Clay Co, but there was a John R. [Rice?] Keller who was born in Kentucky and some of his children have names very similar to those of GWR's family - they were Elizabeth H, Sarah A., George M., Martha J., James P. & Thomas J.

I believe I was able to locate George and Mary Keller in the 1860 census in Green Township, Platte Co, MO, household 581:
GWR Keller, age 46, b. KY
Mary F., age 37, b. KY
children all born in MO: Sarah F. age 20, Martha A. age 17, Eliza J. age 15, John age 12, Ella Gray age 9, Geo. R. age 4, and Mary age 2.
Also living with them was Asa Smith, age 23, b. KY
and P. A. Hampton, age 44 [maybe Mary's brother?] and a female Hampton, age 21, whose given name looks like Taneri [her name likely misunderstood by the enumerator]

Before 1870, it seems likely that both George W. R. & Mary F. Keller had died. There could be estate records in Platte Co to look for between 1860 and 1870. I found in Weston Township, Platte Co, these two families:
Asa S. Smith, age 34. Sarah F. age 30, MO [would appear to be the eldest dau of G.W.R. & Mary], Geo. K. age 11, and Gustavus W. age 9. And living with them were Mary Keller age 12, and Jefferson Keller age 9. [would certainly seem to be your gg grandfather]
Fielding J. Kirtly, age 29. Eliza, age 24, b. MO [Eliza J. age 15 with GWR & Mary in 1860], Raymond age 2. And living with them were John Keller, age 22, and George Keller age 14.

An online database lists these children for George W. R. & Mary F. Hampton Keller - a list that agrees with the censuses:
1. Sarah F., b. 27 Aug 1840, MO, married Asa L. Smith, 3 Nov 1859, Platte Co, MO Found in Platte Co in 1870, above - Sarah's sister Mary and youngest brother Jefferson were living with them.]
2. Martha A. "Mattie", b. 1843, MO, married 19 Apr 1866, Platte Co, MO, to Thomas R. Smith. Found in Weston Twp, Platte Co in 1870. Thomas Smith, age 23, b. KY, Martha A., age 26. Asa A., age, b. TX and William M., age 1 month.
3. Eliza P. Keller, b. 1845; married 1 Oct 1867, Platte Co MO to Fielding Jeptha Kirtley. Found in 1870 as above with her brothers John and George living with them.
4. John D. Keller, b. 1846; married 27 Mar 1878, Platte Co MO to Ann Mary Boydston. He died 10 Sep 1922. In the 1880 Census in Green Twp, Platte Co.
5. Ella Gray Keller, b. 1851; married 26 Jun 1866, Platte Co MO, to Robert W. Hughes
6. George R. Keller, b. 1856. Died 23 Mar 1889, Platte Co. Living with sister Eliza in 1870.
7. Mary L. "Mollie", b. 1858; married Philip Kirtley on 2 May 1877, Platte Co MO. Living with sister Sarah in 1870.
8. Jefferson Davis Keller, b. 1861; married 4 Sep 1880, Platte Co MO to Mary Frances Deets. Living with his sister Sarah in 1870.









Elizabeth "Betsy" KELLAR3 was born (date unknown).

Betsy married Robert Cary, Dec 1806, Jessamine Co KY. She had had died bef 1828



Joseph KELLAR3 was born on 21 April 1784.3 He died on 9 September 1840 at the age of 56 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.3

Joseph married Jane "Jenny" Chrisman on 19 Jan 1807, Jessamine Co KY.

1830 Census, Jessamine Co KY
Joseph Kellar. 1m age 15-20, 1m 40-50 [Joseph born bet 1770-1780]. 1f under 5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f age 30-40.



Rachel KELLAR.



Mary "Polly" KELLAR.



Rebecca KELLAR.



Sally KELLAR3 was born (date unknown).

Sally married John Suter on 16 Jul 1814, Jessamine Co KY.