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Fourth Generation

59. ABRAHAM KELLAR FRY25,31,32,33,34,35 was born on 10 December 1797 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.1,36,37 He died on 3 December 1860 at the age of 62 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.32,38,39

Born Kentucky. 1920 Census - son Fitz gives place of Father's birth as Kentucky.

USGenWeb page for Marion County
Campbell's Gazetteer of Missouri
Marion County
....These were followed in 1819 by Arrnstrong, Wa1ker, Rice, Lake, (the wife of Burgess Lake is now living in her eighty fifth year,) McFall, Frye and Taylor. In 820 Came McFarland, Dunn, Lear, Gupton, Fort and Glasscock, who are still living, and vividly recount the story of their early dangers and hardships.
....Marion was taken from Ralls, and its boundaries defined December 14th, 1822; organized December 23rd, 1826, and the first court was held March 26th, 1827, at the house of Richard Brewer; Elijah Stapp, James J. Mahan, Wm. J. McElroy and John Longmire, justices; Joshua Gentry, sheriff, and Theodore Jones, clerk. The court adjourned for dinner, and re-assembled in the house of Abraham K. Frye, when Daniel Hendricks presented his commission from the Governor, and took his seat as one of the justices.
Note: Ralls County was formed, 1821 from Pike County and was named after Daniel Ralls, Missouri legislator.

Possible early marriage for Abraham to Betsey Lear. No sign of this marriage in family records, but it is listed in Frey Family database and recorded 10 Jan 1822 in Ralls Co MO.

10 May 1824 Patent issued to Abraham K. Frye from the land office in St. Louis, MO. Cash Sale. 160 acres in Marion Co. The SE 1/4 of Section 13, Twp 58N, Range 6W. [Same Township as patent issued to his father Benjamin.]

1 May 1826 Patent issued to Abraham K. Frye from the land office, now at Palmyra. Cash Sale. 80 Acres. The West 1/2 of the NW 1/4, Section 11, Twp 58N, Range 6W. Marion Co.

An 1827 Marion Co tax list includes Abraham K. Frye and Benjamin Frye.

In 1827, not yet having a courthouse, the court met at the house of Abraham K. Fry, in Palmyra. This was a tavern/hotel he acquired from a cousin Dr. Jacob Frye. Abraham Fry also paid a liquor license in Marion County. He is listed in "Ten Thousand Missouri Taxpayers" by Sherida Eddleman as paying taxes in Marion County in 1827.

In 1828, Abraham Kellar Fry was one of four licensed to sell spirits in Marion County. History of Marion County, p.171
During the cholera epidemic in 1833, three negroes died at Frye's Hotel [Tavern] within ten minutes. p.195

1 July 1829 Patent issued to Abraham K. Frye at Palmyra. Cash Sale. 80 acres, the East 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 31, Twp 58N, Range 5W. Marion Co.

1830 Marion Co MO Census. Abram K. Frye is on the same page as John McFall.
2m under 5 [John & William] 1m age 30-40 [Abraham]
1f under 5 [Arminta] and 1f age 20-30 [Sally]
John McFall is age 50-60 and his spouse is listed as age 40-50. There are seven children still at home. There were 2m age 10-15, 2m 20-30, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20.

10 Nov 1830 Patent issued to Kellar Fry at the Palmyra Office. Cash Sale. 80 acres. West 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 31, Twp 58N, Range 5W. Marion Co.

10 Nov 1830. Patent issued to Abraham K. Fray at Palmyra. 80 acres. The E 1/2 of the SE 1/4, Section 29, Twp 58N, Range 5W. Marion Co.

14 Nov 1833 Patent issued to Abraham K. Fry at the Palmyra office. Cash Sale. 80 acres, the East 1/2 of the SW Quarter of Section 29, Twp 58N, Range 5W. Marion County

1840 Marion Co MO Census, Liberty Twp
A. K. Fry 1m under 5 [George], 3m 5-10 [Benjamin, Robert, William], 1m 10-15 [John], 1m 40-50 [Abraham]
1f under 5 [Ann], 1f 10-15 [Arminta] 1f 30-40 [Sally]

First visited Texas and made arrangements to buy land in 1844. The patent was signed by Anson B. Jones, President of the Republic of Texas. He went back to Missouri and it was 1853 before the family was actually settled in Fannin County. Ladonia was still McCowanville at this time. The first grist mill - a tread wheel with 1 horse was owned by Fry & Bradley.

1850 Census, Marion Co MO, Liberty Twp, Household 447: Abraham & Sarah with all of the children except Amanda who died young.
Abraham K., age 412, farmer, property worth $1600, b. KY. Sarah 46, b. KY
All born in Missouri: John M. 23, Araminta 22, Wm. W. 20, farmer; Robert B. 18, Cooper; Benjamin O. 16, farmer; George W. 15; Ann E. 10; Henry H; 7, and FitzEdward age 2

First found A. K. Fry on the Fannin Co tax rolls in 1854. Four tracts on the Sulphur River were listed. Original Grantee, A. C. Maxwell, 320 acres, #441; N. P. Lawson, 320 acres, #396; Francis Myers, 99 acres, #469; and Jackson McFarland, 35 acres, #428. In following years the amount of land received from Maxwell was 200 acres - this may have been an error in 1854- the number did appear to be marked over. The tax rolls remained the same through 1858. At that time, George Fry was listed but he had no land - he had come of age. Beginning in 1859, George Fry had 100 acres that had been N. P. Lawson's and his father's holdings were reduced to 120 acres from Lawson and 100 acres from Maxwell. 200 acres seem to be missing. In 1860, William W. Fry appeared with 200 acres, formerly granted to N. P. Lawson - the grantee number was the same. And this year George reports that his 100 acres came from A. C. Maxwell - he continues to record this land as Maxwell's hereafter.
It is apparent that Abraham Fry gave George 100 acres from the Maxwell tract and gave William 200 acres from the Lawson tract. In 1861, Sarah Fry, now widowed reports holdings of 120 acres from Lawson, 100 from Maxwell, and 35 from McFarland - she continues to report these three tracts until she disappears from the rolls in 1867. In 1865, Henry appeared for the first time with no land - he was 18 that year. In 1867, Henry reported the Lawson tract of his mother's of 120 acres, but the 100 acres from Maxwell & the 35 acres from McFarland were not recorded. In 1870, the youngest brother, Fitz Edward, turned 21 and reported 100 acres from Maxwell & 35 acres from J. McFarland. So in 1870, Fitz had his mother's property, part of Maxwell's & the tract from McFarland. Henry had the last 120 acres from the Lawson tract - his brother William had long claimed title to the other 200 acres. George had half of the 200 acre tract that had come from Maxwell; the other half was in Fitz's hands. In 1871, there was a slight change in ownership - Henry paid taxes on only 100 acres from Lawson but Fitz seems to have picked up the difference.

1860 US Census, Fannin Co TX; Beat #4, p.103, household 676. A. K. Fry, age 60, farmer, b. KY. Sarah age 45, b. KY. Edward age 12 and Henry 18, both born in MO. Son George W. lives next door; son William about 20 households away next to his inlaws.

Buried Bourland Cemetery.

ABRAHAM KELLAR FRY and Elizabeth "Betsy" LEAR were married on 10 January 1822 in Ralls County, Missouri.40 This marriage found in Ralls County marriages. Not seen in any family
records. Elizabeth "Betsy" LEAR, daughter of Thomas More LEAR and Mary FAGAN, was born on 3 October 1797 in Kentucky. She died circa 1825 at the age of 28.

I have never really tried to discover more about Betsey.

She probably belongs in this family:

1 May 1826 James Lear issued a land patent from the land office in Palmyra for 18.12 acres in the SW 1/4 of Section 30, Twp 57N, Range 5W
and a second patent to John Lear on the same date for 80 acres, the W 1/2 of the SW 1/4, Section 14, T58N, R5W.
Land patent was issued to William B. Lear, in Marion Co. on 1 Mar 1832. 80 acres. The E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 28, Twp 57N, Range 6W.

The 1827 tax list for Marion County includes a John Lear.

A John Lear married Nancy Beckett, 24 Apr 1834, Marion Co MO. She is said to have been the daughter of John Beckett and Nancy Frye and she died ca 1840.
A John Lear, died 23 May 1847 and was buried Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Marion Co.

ABRAHAM KELLAR FRY and SARAH A. B. "SALLY" MCFALL were married on 26 November 1826 in Ralls County, Missouri.40 SARAH A. B. "SALLY" MCFALL41,42,43, daughter of JOHN MCFALL and JANE/JEAN FURNISH, was born on 18 February 1804 in Logan County, Kentucky.14,36,44 She died on 18 October 1901 at the age of 97 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.38,39

Sally was one of the charter members and pioneer of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Ladonia.
Middle initials A. B. are from the Frye Family Journal Jul 1992
Found in the 1870 Census living with Fitz, her youngest son. Precinct #3, Ladonia P. O., p.18, Household 122. Henry's family is next door.
1880 - still with Fitz. They have a lady, India Fry, age 60, b. TN, that is living with them. She is listed as a Domestic.
In the 1900 Census living with son Fitz Edward. Age 96, b. Feb 1804, KY. She stated she had 10 children, only 3 children living but this is an error - I believe there were 3 deceased and 7 still living.
Buried in Bourland Cemetery

Sally was the daughter of John and Jane McFall.

McFall is no doubt a Scottish name. MacFall > MacPherson (son of the Parson) as found online. John's daughter named sons William Wallace and Robert Bruce!

These records of an early John McFall in KY may or may not be his, but since there are several other names of later Logan Co residents in these records, they could very well be his:
1783-1792 Court Order Books for KY [Supreme Court of Dist of KY while still part of VA]:
p.210; Order Book D, 19 Jun 1789, p.154
John McFall v. Robert Daniel with Joseph Barnett his appearance bail in case. Jury found the plaintiff had sustained damages of 87£ 15sh and costs.
p.327; Order Book F, 21 Oct 1791, p.119
John Martin, James Robinson & John McFall, summoned to attend as jurors & failing to appear are each fined 25sh for contempt.
p.327; Order Book F, 22 Oct 1791, p.122
Motion of John McFall and considering the original Bill of Injuctions filed by Robert Daniel against McFall, and the answers of the defendant, and inspecting the exhibits, it is decreed ...judgement obtained by defendant at common law be dissolved and McFall have the benefit of said judgment.
Office Judgments; Book A (1785-88) November Court 1788:
p.510 John McFall v. William Haydon, on debt. Defendant failing to appear, plaintiff to recover against the defendant and John Collier, his appearance bail, £12 with 5% interest from 7 Mar 1786 and costs. Defendant to have credet for 1£ 2sh 6p paid.

Certainly there was a John McFall in Fayette Co KY where many of the other Logan Co families lived.
Fayette Co Land Entries. Index
John McFall preemption 108a p.240, Book 2

Marion Co MO history states that the McFall family arrived in 1819.

An 1827 tax list in Marion Co does include John McFall

1830 Census, Marion Co MO.
On the same page as Abram K. Frye - he and Sally already had three children under age five.
John McFall. 2m age 10-15, 2m age 20-30, 1m age 50-60 [John]
1f age 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50 [Jane]

1840 Census, Marion Co MO, Liberty Twp
John McFall. 1m age 20-30, 2m age 30-40, 1m age 60-70 [John], 2f age 20-30, 1f age 30-40, 1f age 50-60.
This is consistent with the following found in Marion Co in 1850:

There was in Marion Co Ky in 1850, Liberty Twp, p.580, Hh 451, a Liston McFall age 43 and born in Kentucky. Barbara McFall, age 48 also b. KY. Nancy McFall, age 38, b. KY. Mary Bresler age 35 & born in KY also lived with them. She had apparent children Harriet age 7, Mary R. age 6 and George L. age 4, all born in Missouri. Robert B. Bartlett, age 70, a physician born in Scotland lived with them, too. With no relationships given, nothing can be inferred, but this could be a household of siblings.

I found this marriage: Bresler, John to Mcfall, Mary Dec 23 1841

I have found none of the McFalls in 1860 except for Mary Bresler & Barbara. Mary was listed in the following blended household in Kinderhook Twp, Pike Co Illinois, Household 174:
Solomon Karr, age 47, b. IL. Mary Bresler age 46, b. KY
Harriet Bresler, age 17, Mary Bresler, age 14, George Bresler age 12, all born in MO.
W. Karr, male, age 10 and Mary Karr age 9, also born in MO
Eliza Karr age 4 and Minnesota age one month, both born in Illinois.
Barbara "McPhall" age 60, b. KY, was living with Mark & Arminta Bird in Navarro Co TX.

Found in 1880 in Corsicana TX. Mark Bird and Arminta Fry had several boarders including who I believe is surely Arminta's uncle, brother of Sarah & a son of John: Alfred W. McFall, age 62, born in KY; he is running a Livery Stable. Two railroad conductors, John C. Crank & Jos. S. Telfair, and a railroad laborer, H. B. Waddill, are also in the household. Mark stated that both his parents were born in VA.
[In 1870, A. H. McFall, age 53, born in KY was also living with Mark & Arminta's family in Navarro Co, Texas.]

ABRAHAM KELLAR FRY and SARAH A. B. "SALLY" MCFALL had the following children:



John Marion FRY38,45,46 was born on 8 October 1827 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,36,38 He died on 7 April 1884 at the age of 56.14

Anna Bird Casey has name as John Marion; Hank Adams' material listed him as John Madison. I would think Anna more likely to be correct.
Moved to Navarro, TX in the fall of 1852.

1860 Census, Navarro Co, TX, p.225
J. M. Fry, age 35, b. Missouri; H. W. age 33, b. MO
J. M., male, age 7, b. TX as were all the children; M. E. , female, age 5; B. O., male, age 3; A. K., male, age 1.
Cate Rankin, male, age 74, b. PA, Rebecca Rankin, age 38, b. Indiana [Probably Harriet's father and sister]

For two decades the enumerator in Navarro Co TX favored initials.
1870 Census, Navarro Co, TX, p.8b
J. M. Fry, age 47, brickmason, b. MO, H. W. Fry, age 43, b. Indiana
M. L. Fry, female, age 75, b. TX [that's doubtful! and I can't image who this is]
B. Fry, male, age 13, A.K., male, age 11; S.K. female, age 9 - all born in Texas
N.J. Fry, female age 19, b. Texas; A. L. Fry, male, age 22, b. Texas

1880, Corsicano, Navarro Co TX, p.501
John M. Fry, age 52, b. Mo, parents b. KY, farmer
Harriet W., age 51, b. IN, parents b. PA
Abram K., age 21, b. TX, stock raiser
Sada R., age 18, b. TX, has rheumatism
next door is Benjamin O. Fry, age 23, b. TX, stock raiser and Mary E. age 18, b. TX, her parents b. in Alabama



Araminta FRY38 was born on 6 January 1829 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,36 She died on 20 April 1902 at the age of 73 in Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.45 She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.

Arminta and Mark Bird migrated to Corsicana, TX from Missouri. They urged Abraham & Sarah to join them in the "land of opportunity"

1900 Census is very difficult to read but I found Arminta still in Corsicana.
She listed her birth date as Jan 1828 and gave her age as 72. She was Widowed but had been married 32 years. She had 7 children, all still living. As usual there was a large household.

Sallie McCamman, daughter, born Jan 1857, age 43, Widowed. Had 2 children, both living
Pearl McCamman, granddaughter, b. Dec 1888, age 21. Her father b. AL, her mother b. TX

Robt. Lee Bird, son, born Jan 1870, age 30, Plummer by trade

Harris, Benjamin H., son-in-law, b. Jun 1851, age 48, married 14 years. Born England as were his parents. He had immigrated in 1866 and was an Engineer
Bettie, Daughter, b. Jun 1861, age 38, 8 children, 4 living [this is Mary E.]
Katie B., Granddaughter, b. Nov 1887, age 12, Benjamin E., grandson, b. Jun 1892, age 7; Wilbur M., grandson, b. Aug 1894, age 5; Ela B. granddaughter b. Apr 1898, age 2.

Abram Bird, nephew, b. Aug 1842, age 57, Married for 21 years, b. MO, brickmason [probably son of George W. Bird, Mark's brother]

Effie Bridges, grt Niece, b. Dec 1881, age 18, b. TX as were both parents.

There is a Corsicana City Directory for 1901 at This was a year before Araminta died. She was listed as
Bird, Araminta (wid. M. H.), boardinghouse, 214 E. 4th Ave.
Abraham Bird, bricklayer, boards at the same address
Robert L. Bird, gasfitter; his home at the same address
Miss Effie Bridges, boarder at same address
Benj. G. Harris, engr. boards at same address
Miss Pearl McCammon, saleslady, boards at same address - her mother not listed although there were several McCammons living in Corsicana at the time.



WILLIAM WALLACE FRY35,43,47 was born on 6 June 1830 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,48 He died on 17 December 1901 at the age of 71 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.48,49

According to an account by Anna B. Casey, in 1851 he went to California with his brother for the Gold Rush, never saw any "gold" so he came home...the brother stayed. "Will" had some trouble finding a way home from California. Finally applied for work on a ship to the Panama Canal [the Canal was not there yet but perhaps he did go across Panama] and worked his way back to New Orleans and up the Mississippi to Palmyra; took about six months.
In 1853, the families packed up and loaded several wagons and spent six months getting to Texas, driving a herd of cattle with them.

William did not appear on the tax rolls of Fannin Co until 1860. The previous year, 1859, 200 acres had vanished from his father's land bought from N. P. Lawson, Abstract #396, and this was the tract that William paid tax on in 1860. He continued to pay tax on this tract through 1872 [as far as I read the tax film]

1860 US Census; Fannin Co TX Beat #4, p.106, Household 695. Wm. Fry age 30, farmer b. in MO. "S." age 21 also born in MO and Emily C. age 1 born in Texas.

There are no family stories of his having served in the Confederacy although some of his brothers did. On the USGenWeb Fannin Co TX website is the following notation:
Wm. W. Fry - Merricks Militia
If he served with Merrick that would seem to be this unit.
22nd Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Indian-Texas Regiment] was formed by Colonel R. H. Taylor during the spring of 1862 with 873 men. The regiment was assigned to W.R. Bradfute's, Flournoy's, W.H. King's, and J.E. Harrison's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. In May, 1862, its force was down to 20 officers and 315 men, and it lost 1 killed, 9 wounded, and 1 missing at Newtonia. Later it was dismounted, saw action in Arkansas and Louisiana, and in March, 1865, contained 14 officers and 167 men. It was included in the surrender on June 2. The field officers were Colonels James G. Stevens and Robert H. Taylor; and Lieutenant Colonels John A. Buck, William H. Johnson, Thomas Lewelling, George W. Merrick, and Robert D. Stone.
Someone has placed on that he served in the 2nd Regt, Texas Cavalry. A William Fry is listed as a Private in the unit, but was it this man?

1870 US Census; Fannin Co TX. Precinct 3, Ladonia P. O. p.21, Household 140. William Fry, age 40, Saphronia age 39, Emley age 11, Bruce age 7, and Samuel age 4. Columbus McCowen age 21, farm laborer born in AR lives with them.

1880 Census. Precinct #4, Fannin Co TX, Hh 150
W. W. Fry, age 50, farmer, b. MO, parents b. KY
S. Fry [female] age 42, Wife, b. MO, father b. NC, mother b. TN
Bruce, 16, son, b. TX
Sam, 14 [daughter has been marked through]
Baby, [male] age 4 months, born May [probably the infant Lafayette, buried Ladonia cemetery]

1890 Texas Directory for Fannin Co lists W. W. Fry, 230 acres under cultivation, in the Planter & Farmer's Section.

1900 Census. William, Violetta & the 3 children are listed. When he gave the number of years he had been married he first said 44, but this had been crossed out and replaced by 11 years. Precinct 4, Fannin, TX, ED 71, Hh 139
William W., b. Jun 1830, age 69, married 11 years, b. MO, parents b. KY
Violetta, wife, b. Jul 1862, age 37, 3 children, b. TX, parents b. MS
Alfonzo, son, b. Oct 1891, age 8, b. TX
Violer, dau, b. Jul 1894, age 5.
Carry D., dau, b. Jul 1896, age 3.

William and Louisa Higginbotham were Married by W. C. Crawford, Minister of Gospel, M.E.C.S.

Buried with first wife in the Abernathy area of the Ladonia City Cemetery.
Pippin Records have death date as 6 Apr 1885 - this can't be right because Carrie was about 5-6 when her father died; she was born 1896 and William Wallace had married Louisa Higginbotham in 1888. In fact the date of 6 Apr 1885 was the death of Sophronia, not William Wallace. The date on the joint grave marker is 17 Dec 1901. Under the dates for William is "Farewell dear father, sweet thy rest." The same is under the dates for Sophronia, except is says "Farewell, dear mother, .....

Anna Bird Casey lists two additional children, Oscar, and Ophelia who married a Mr. Maloney, but had no other information. "Ophelia" would be Emily as she's the one who married Maloney. I doubt there was an "Oscar" - however, I did find an Oscar A. Fry, buried Ladonia Cemetery, born 1869, died 1904 - he would certainly fit in the family, except he never appears with them in a census. He possibly could have been too young to be counted in 1870, but should have been present as about age 11 in 1880 and he isn't there. William's brother Henry had a son named Oscar, listed as A. O. with Henry's family in 1880 - he was age 11. No doubt, Ms. Casey misplaced Oscar and he was Henry's son.



Robert Bruce FRY50,51,52,53 was born on 1 February 1832 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,36 He died on 11 December 1917 at the age of 85 in Oroville, Butte County, California.54

Went to California with brother William about 1851. He stayed, married and reared a family in Oresville, CA

Ms. Casey misunderstood the name of the home of Bruce Fry - he actually lived in Oroville, county seat of Butte County, CA. The marriage record of Robert and Kate spells the name as Orrville.

Butte Co Deeds, Book J, p.564. Joseph Flint of Oroville Twp sold property in Forbestown to Robert Bruce Fry, also of Oroville Twp. 2 Mar 1870.

In 1870 he was still single, age 39:: Oro Twp, Butte Co CA, p.138, household 31. He lived with Abbott Augustus age 55, who was born in Maine. By 1880, R. B. Fry had a family. He still lived in Oro Township, p.227b. He was listed as a Miner, age 48, born MO, with parents both born in KY. His wife was "C. M. Fry, age 31, born in Indiana; daughter Katie age 7 and son Brucie age 4.

Marriage license issued 13 Feb 1871. Minister's return states that he married R. B. Fry and Katie Robinson on the 22 of February, 1871. Signed, P. G. Buchanan, Pastor of Orrville Congregational Church.
Filed for record on 24 Feb 1871.

1880 Census. Oro Twp, Butte Co, CA, Hh 75
R. B. Fry, age 48, Miner, b. MO, parents b. KY
C. M., wife, age 31, b. IN
Katie, dau, age 7, b. CA
Brucie, son, age 4, b. CA

1884 Voters Registration.
Robert Bruce Fry, age 52, b. MO, Miner, living in Forbestown, 13 May 1884

1900 Census. Oro Twp, Butte Co CA; p.259A
Robert B. Fry b. Feb 1832, age 68, married 29 years. Carpenter. Kate M. Fry, wife, b. Jul 1848, age 51, 5 children born, 5 children living. B. Indiana, father b. Iowa, mother b. KY. Kate E. 28, Minta P. 26, Edwin B. 22, James O. 18 and Mark E, 15. Daughter Kate was teaching; the two older boys working as mill hands in the mine.

1910 Census. Oro Twp, ED #14, p.7A. Robert B. Fry was now 78 years old, married 39 years. No occupation listed. Katherine M., wife, was 61. This time her father is given as b. KY and her mother b. in Iowa. Their address was the Forbestown Road.
Daughter Minta was living. next door.

The earliest Voter Registration in Butte Co when Robert Bruce Fry was listed was 7 May 1867. He was 35, a miner, b. MO and living in Oroville Twp. He was also listed on 13 Jul 1880, age 48, a miner, now from Forbestown.

Online lookup:
Robert B. Fry age 52, in 1884 when he registered to vote. Born Missouri. A miner living in Forbestown.

Forbestown Cemetery:
Robert B. Fry 1832-1917
Kate M. 1848-1933
and Mark Elmer Fry b. 4 Jan 1885; d. 3 Jun 1941, gives Kate's name as Katherine Mallory Robinson.

Copy of the Death Certificate of Robert Bruce Fry gives his address as 205 4th Ave, Oroville. Wife, Mrs. Katherine Fry. He was b. 1 Feb 1832 in Missouri and died 11 Dec 1917 at age 85 years, 10 months, 10 days. Had been retired 8 years. Father, Abraham Fry, b. KY; mother Sarah McFall, b. KY. Robert Bruce had lived in California for 67 years. Informant was E. B. Fry.

A check of the California Death Records online which begin after 1940, revealed the son Brucie was likely Edwin Bruce Fry, born 15 Oct 1876. His mother's maiden name was Robinson and he died in Butte Co CA on 26 Sep 1947, age 70 years. This man is no doubt a brother: James Oscar Fry, born 5 Nov 1880, his mother also a Robinson, and he died in Butte Co on 12 Feb 1953 at age 72.



Benjamin Oscar FRY was born on 22 November 1833 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,36 He died on 9 March 1852 at the age of 18 in Missouri.45



George Washington FRY35,55,56,57,58 was born on 16 February 1836 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,38,59 He served in the military in 1862 at Company I; Alexander's Regiment; 34th Texas Cavalry Dismounted in Civil War.55 He died on 26 May 1915 at the age of 79 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.38,39

1860 US Census; Fannin Co TX, Beat #4, p.103, Household 675. G. W. Fry age 25, born MO and "M. E." age 21.

George Fry first appeared on the tax rolls of Fannin Co in 1858 - he listed no land. In 1859 he paid tax on 100 acres of land that has father had bought from A. C. Maxwell, original grantee, abstract #441. He continued to pay tax on this property until 1872 [as far as I went with the rolls].

US Census 1870
Farmer $2000 - 1000
George FRY 34 mw MO
Mary 32 fw MO
Sarah 10 fw TX
James 8 mw TX
Sidney 5 mw TX
Emley 3 fw TX
John 1 mw TX

Civil War Service: Company I; Alexander's Regiment; 34th Texas Cavalry Dismounted (George & his brother Henry served together)

34th Texas Cavalry
2nd Partisan Rangers
Organized at Ft. Washita, Indian Territory on 17 Apr 1862
April-May 1862 Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi District, Department #2
May-September 1862 Department of the Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department
September-December 1862 Cooper's Brigade, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department
December 1862-January 1863 Bradfute's Brigade, Roane's Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department
January-June 1863 Department of the Indian Territory, Trans-Mississippi Department
June-September 1863 Speight's Brigade, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department
November 1863 Polignac's Brigade, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department
November 1863-September 1864 Polignac's Brigade, Mouton's-Polignac's Division, District of Western Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department
September 1864-May 1865 4th Texas Brigade, Polignac's Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department
December 7, 1862 Prairie Grove, AR
September 30,1862 Newtonia, MO
September 29, 1863 Stirling's Plantation, Morganza, LA
March-May 1864 Red River Campaign, LA
September 17, 1864 Atchafalaya River, LA
September 20, 1864 Bayou Ala and Morgan's Ferry, LA
Surrendered on 26 May 1865

In 1880, Precinct 4 of Fannin County, Household 183,we find G. W. Fry, age 45, farmer, born Missouri, his parents born in Kentucky. M. E., age 42, wife, born Missouri, nothing listed for her parents. The children all born in Texas. J. O., age 18, son. S. B., age 14, son. E. J., age 12, daughter. J. K. age 10, son, W. H. age 8, son. R. E. age 6, son. Walter, age 3, son. M. E. Davidson, age 37, male, no relationship stated, born in Texas - his occupation reads "L on Farm" which likely meant laborer on the Fry farm.

1900 Census. George & Mary with son William and his wife and two sons living in their household. Son Robert living next door.
Justice Precinct 4, Fannin Co, Household 305. George W. Fry, b. Feb. 1836, age 64, married 40 years, farmer. Mary E., wife, b. Dec 1840, age 59, had 9 children and 7 are living. William, son, b. Jan 1872, age 28, married 5 years, farm labor. Alma, d. in law, b. May 1876, age 24, has had 2 children - she was born in Georgia as were her parents. Emmett, g-son, b. Jun 1896, age 3. George, g-son, b. Dec 1899, age 5 months.

1910 Census: George's age unreadable, but he was 74, widowed. Stated he had his own income. Daughter-in-law Irene was living with him along her children Mary & Walter.

Buried Bourland Cemetery

Post'em Notes:
George W. Fry found in:
Family Archive #398 Marriage Index: Texas, 1850-1900
Married: Sep 22, 1859 in: Fannin, TX
Gender: M
Source info: microfilm reference numbers File name: 1293827 items 3 through 4; and 1293828
Spouse's gender: F Spouse's name: Adams, Mary
Nicole Wiebe
George Washington Lafayette Fry b. 16 Feb 1836 in Palmyra, Marion Co., MO and married on 9-22-1859 in Ladonia, Fannin Co., TX, Mary Elizabeth Adams b. 25 Dec 1838 and died 19 October 1905. Mary Elizabeth Adams was the daughter of John A. Adams and Sidney Elizabeth McCrary of Howard Co., Missouri.
M Zabette Elam



Amanda FRY was born on 26 September 1837 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.38 She died on 2 August 1839 at the age of 1 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.38



Ann Elizabeth FRY38 was born on 9 February 1840 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,38 She died on 9 February 1914 at the age of 74 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.60

Ann and James Gore lived in Ladonia, TX

1860 Census, Beat 4, Fannin Co, TX, Hh 667
Jas.Gore, age 28, b. Illinois
Ann E., age 19, b. Missouri

1870 Census, Precinct 3, Fannin Co, TX, p.249, Hh 173
James Gore, 35, b. Georgia
Eliza, 25, b. TN [perhaps neither James nor Eliza gave this information]
Martha, 10, b. TX; Mary 10, b. TX; Anna, 8, b. TX, William 4, b. TX
They were only three houses from William F. & Mary Jane Haden.

1880 Census, Precinct 4, Fannin Co, TX, p.419, Hh 124
James Gore, age 49, b. Illinois, parents b. TN
A. E., age 40, wife, b. MO, parents b. KY
Martha age 20, Mary age 20, A. E. age 18, Willie age 12, E. R. ,son, age 8, S. R."son" age 6. Children all born in Texas.

1900 Census, Justice Precinct 4, Fannin Co, TX, p.255, Hh 313
James Gore, born Nov 1830, age 69, married 42 years, b. IL, parents b. IL
"Fanny", wife, b. Feb 1838, age 62, married 42 years, b. MO, parents b. KY
p.270, Hh 624
Stevens, Rebecca, Head of household, female, b. Aug 1837, age 62, Wd. b. IL, parents born IL.
Elizabeth Gore, mother, b. Oct 1814, age 85, b. IL, parents b. IL [is this James' mother?]
Elizabeth Gore, buried Bourland Cemetery
b. 9 Feb 1840
c. 9 Feb 1914



Henry Harrison FRY38,55 was born on 12 December 1846 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,43,61,62 He served in the military on 3 March 1862 at Company I; Alexander's Regiment; 34th Texas Cavalry Dismounted in Civil War.55 He died on 12 February 1902 at the age of 55 in Jones County, Texas.55

Moved with father from Missouri. to Texas in 1859.
Civil War Service: Company I; Alexander's Regiment; 34th Texas Cavalry Dismounted

Martha Ann Fry applied for a pension on the service of Henry. 1 Apr 1919 at Hemphill Co, Texas. [see her notes] It is interesting that another Henry H. Fry applied for pension from the state of Texas - he was born in North Carolina and had served in the CSA in Tennessee, but was applying in his state of residence. There are also applications for two of this Henry Fry's brothers.

Henry H. Fry first appeared on the Fannin Co tax rolls in 1865, following the War. He had no land. By 1867, Henry was paying the taxes on the 120 acres from N. P. Lawson that his mother had been paying for since his father's death in 1860. He may have sold 10 acres to his brother Fitz in 1870.

1870 U.S. Census; Fannin Co TX, Precinct #3, Ladonia P. O. p.18, Household 121. Henry, Martha, and Osker age 1 lived next door to his mother and Fitz.
1890 Texas Directory for Fannin Co lists H. H. Fry, 120 acres under cultivation, in the Planter & Farmer's Section.

1880 Census. Precinct #4, Fannin Co TX
H. H. Fry, age 38, Miller, b. MO, parents b. KY
M. A., age 35, wife, b. TN
A. O., son, age 11
J. M., son, age 10
J. A., son, age 9
E. A., son, age 6 [R. A.?]
Minta, daughter, age 5
C.L., son, age 3
Maggie, daughter, age 2
H. E. Fry, brother, age 32, miller, b. MO, parents b. KY
Sarah Fry, mother, age 73, b. KY
India, age 60, servant. [no surname given]

1900 Census, Jones Co TX, Precinct 1, p. 161A, Hh 257
Henry Fry, b. Jan 1848, age 52, married, yrs unknown, b. MO, parents b. MO
Martha, wife, b. Apr 1854, age 46, had 3 children, 3 are living, b. TN, father b. TN, mother b. MO [there were 3 children living at home, this must have been misunderstood]
Rasmus, son, b. May 1873, age 27
Maggie, daughter, b. Sep 1878, age 21
Don/Dan, son, b. Sep 1882, age 17



Fitz Edward FRY35,42,43,63,64,65 was born on 29 December 1847 in Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri.34,36 He died on 27 September 1921 at the age of 73 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.36

1870 Census
Farmer $1200 - 600
Fitz FRY 23 mw MO
Sarah 69 fw KY
This is Fitz living on the "home place" with his mother. He eventually inherited the Fry homeplace.

Another researcher has the marriage date as 16 Feb 1884, but I do not know the source.

1870 is in fact the first time that Fitz appears on the Fannin Co tax rolls. That year he paid tax on the 100 acres from A. C. Maxwell and 35 acres from McFarland that his mother and then his brother George had been paying taxes on. Probably sometime during 1870, he also bought some of the Lawson property that his brother Henry had. Fitz also paid taxes on this same property in 1871 and 1872.

1890 Texas Directory for Fannin Co lists F. E. Fry, 232 acres under cultivation, in the Planter & Farmer's Section.

1900 Census. Household included the three sons, his wife, and Sarah his mother, age 96.

1910 Census. All three sons still living at home.

1920 Census. Fitz and Minerva have Felix H., nephew, age 17 living with them. Born in Texas. [He's likely a great-nephew. Cannot find a Felix Fry in 1910 - perhaps he was Minerva's nephew.]

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