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Third Generation

37. Elizabeth "Betsey" KELLAR was born on 21 November 1791 in Tennessee.3 She died on 11 September 1834 at the age of 42.3

Betsey Kellar, daughter of Wm Kellar married Abraham Kellar. William Kellar gave his consent. Certificate issued Aug 1808, returned 13 Aug 1808 by Rev. William Kellar who performed the ceremony. The only Abraham Kellar available would seem to be Isaac's son Abraham. He married Leah Abraham Spears but he certainly could have had an earlier marriage to this Betsey.
Joseph also had a son Abraham and I've not found a marriage for him, but he would have been barely marriageable age.

Elizabeth "Betsey" KELLAR and Abraham KELLAR were married on 13 August 1808 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Abraham KELLAR, son of Isaac KELLAR and Elizabeth KUYKENDALL, was born on 24 January 1782 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.3 He died on 11 November 1849 at the age of 67 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

7 Dec 1807. Elizabeth Kuykendall, widow of Moses, renounces right of administration and requests that Abraham Keller, nephew of decedent, be permitted to administer. Sureties: William Agun, William Merriweather.

1796. Moses Kuykendall had paid tax for 200 acres on Fern Creek, Jefferson Co, for the heirs of Isaac Keller.

There is an 1808 deed from Abraham & Moses Keller to Daniel Sparks, filed Bullitt Co KY. Mentions the land was part of a 1500 acre survey to Isaac Keller.

Abraham married in 1808 to his first cousin, Elizabeth "Betsey" Kellar. She died in September of 1834. He is also said to have married widowed Leah Kellar Spears who died in 1842 and was also a first cousin. Leah must have been the 2nd marriage. I believe all the children were Betsey's.

3 Sept 1835. Abraham Keller attempted to receive bounty land from the state of Virginia on the service record of Isaac Kellar. It was necessary to serve three years continuously in the State or Continental Line. Milita service did not count. The Claim was Rejected. William Tyler made an affidavit on 15 Dec 1834 - he was then age 80 - and stated that he had served at the Falls of the Ohio in the Spring of 1778 and fall of 1779 with Isaac Kellar, who was then serving as a Sergeant in Clarks Illinois Regiment. Tyler understood that Isaac Kellar had never received lands due him. The document is very difficult to read.

Testimony by this Abraham on behalf of heirs of his uncle Abraham Kellar. Half pay awarded to Wm. H. Todd of Arkansas.
Keller, Abraham: Pension File R15580
M805, Roll 488
The affidavit of Abraham Keller taken in Jefferson County KY on the 12 day of May 1846. Deponent states that he is now in the 65th year of his age and is now living in vicinity of his birth and states that he is one of the sons of Isaac Keller who was killed by Indians on 8th of April 1786 in company with Col Christian - that Captain Abraham Keller of the Illinois Regt was this Deponent's uncle, the brother of Depts father. That deponents mother long survived her husband and deponent states that he was not old enough to know anything of his uncle Abraham but was in the 5th year of age & recollects the morning his father left home to go against the Indians when he fell. Captain Abraham Keller as this deponent has always understood - was wounded by the Inaians and so soon after his partial recovery as he could ride he came to the house of Deponents father or was at the present residence of Deponent where he remained. And in the winter & spring of 1784 deponents father collected a lot of furs & peltries & furnished a horse and loaded him with beaver & other skins & Capt Keller set out to Richmond VA with the furs & was killed by the Indians at the Cumberland Cap in the Spring [the exact ttime no recollected] of 1784 as Deponent is informed about two years before the fall of deponents father. Captain Abraham Keller left a widow he thinks, Mary - that she Mrs. Keller had a daughter that was born after the death of Capt Keller that the child of Capt Keller & Mary died soon after its birth, that Mary Keller the widow intermarried with Wm Lynn who lived many years at Shippingport and then removed to Missouri as Deponent is informed where said Lynn & his wife had a large family of children. That Capt A. Keller left Jacob Keller his eldest brother whose son Abraham died in Bourbon Co KY a few years ago. Deponent states that he is uncertain from information whether Jacob Keller the elder brother of Capt Abraham Keller died before Capt Keller or not but Certain it is that Jacob Keller left an only son Abraham who died leaving a family in Bourbon County KY a few years since. Deponent states that he has got the information as to the time of Captain Abraham Kellers death by conversations that he has had with his mother and other persons who knew the fact and he has never had a different impression touching the fact, and he is now of opeion that Capt Keller fell as before stated in the Spring of 1784 at the Cumberland Cap. further Deponent saith not.
Sworn to and subscribed: Abraham Kellar

Although some of the above pension file appears to be missing, a letter from the Commissioner to John W. Keller of New York, 6 Feb 1909, states that the application for half pay was made by the soldier's nephew Abraham Keller, in Jefferson Co, KY on 12 May 1846 when he was 64 years old. Perhaps Todd was his attorney. A letter from Wm. H. Todd to the Commissioner of Pensions, 5 Nov 1845, states he has discovered that Capt Abraham Keller was killed by the Indians prior to the time the evidence showed and the claim was for more money than was actually due his representatives. He will refund the money overpaid when the precise time of his death can be established.

Abraham is said to be buried in the Abraham Kellar Cemetery along with several of his children.

Elizabeth "Betsey" KELLAR and Abraham KELLAR had the following children:



Eliza Ann KELLAR.



William Harrison KELLAR.



Nancy A. KELLAR.



Augustus Moses KELLAR.



George Walker KELLAR.



Pauline S. KELLAR.