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Second Generation

4. Isaac KELLAR3,10,11,12 served in the military in 1778–1779 at NW Territories with George Rogers Clark in Revolutionary War. He died on 8 April 1786 in Indiana.3

24 Jan 1778. Probably a list of the payroll of Capt [later Major] Joseph Bowman's company found in his papers includes:
2nd Lt. Abraham Kellar. Enlisted 24 Jan 1778. Discharged 8 Aug. 1100 miles to go home.
Isaac Kellar, sergt. Enlisted 25 Jan 1778. Discharged Aug. 1100 miles to go home.
and their brother-in-law
Jacob Speers, sergt. Enlisted 5 Jul 1778. Discharged Aug. 1150 miles to go home

Other payroll records:
Enlisted 8 Aug 1778 - discharged 14 Dec 1788. 128 days. Capt Joseph Bowman's Company of foot at the Illenoise under command of Col. George Rogers Clark.
Enlisted 14 Dec 1778 - discharged 8 May 1779. Served 145 days. Payroll of Capt Abm Kellars Company, at the Illinois under Col. George Rogers Clark.

Another record states that Isaac Keller appears on a roll of men "draughted" for Continental Service in Yohogani County 17 Apr 1788. His brother Jacob was in Yohogenia Co at that time - perhaps they did not know he was already serving with Joseph Bowman.

18 Nov 1779 Isaac Kellar claimed a preemption of 1000 acres about 12 miles up Elkhorn above the mouth of the south side thereof by improving the same & building a cabbin in the year 1776. Satisfactory proof being made to the court they are of opinion that the said Keller has a right to a preemption of 1000 acres including the said improvement & that a Certificate issue accordingly.

Pre-emption Treasury Warrant, #48, in Kentucky for 1000 acres, dated 23 Feb 1780. Certificate of his above visit to the land, dated 18 Nov 1779. In 1781, he assigned 500 acres to his brother Jacob Kellar and 500 acres to Isaac Hite in 1784. Survey of 500 acres for heirs of Jacob Kellar was not done until 26 July 1784. John Kellar testified on 11 Nov 1787 that Abraham Kellar, son of Jacob Kellar, dec'd was about the age of nine or ten years and was heir at law to Jacob & Abraham Kellar, dec'd. Grant was dated 20 Jul 1788. Isaac Hite's 500 acres was surveyed 27 Feb 1784 and he received his grant, which noted it adjoined Jacob Kellar's on Elkhorn, in 1785.

26 Apr 1780 Kentucky. Jefferson Entries. Isaac Keller, 500 acres on Elkhorn Crk. Book A, p.27 [His brothers Jacob and John made entries on the same day.]

3 Apr 1781 Minute Book A, Jefferson Co KY. Poll taken for delegates for Jefferson County. For Willis Green and Isaac Cox: Isaac Kellar

5 Mar 1782 Jefferson Co KY Minute Book A, p.23. Administration of Abraham Keller's estate granted to Isaac Keller. Bond 600 #'s. Securities, James Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan. Granted April Court 1782

2 Apr 1782 Inventory and appraisal of estate of Abraham Keller, dec'd.
1 Sword, 1 Rifle gun & bullet mould, 1 Regimental coat & waistcoat [additional men's clothing], man's hatt, blanket, 22 coat buttons, 1 silver knee buckle, lead, old trunk, brass kettle, iron pot & hooks, 3 pewter basons, plate & 3 spoons, etc.
Signed by Moses Kuykendall, Joseph Archer.
Wit: Aquilla Whitaker, Abaham [X] Whitaker,
7 May 1782. Admitted to Record

29 Jun 1782. Jefferson Co militia often served duty at Ft. Nelson and were garrisoned there. Isac Keller. Entered 29, discharged 6, no. days 8. Col Coxes Regiment of Milita.

21 Oct 1782 Payroll of Capt James Asturgus Co of Jefferson Co Militia, light horse in service on an Expedition against the Shisana [Shoshone?] Indians under command of Brig Genl. George R. Clark. Commencing 21 oct 1782 and ending 25 Nov 1782. Moses Cuckendall, 36 days. Isaac Kellor, 36 days.

8 Jan 1783 Jefferson Entries. Isaac Keller, 1500 acres on Floyds Fork. Surveyed. Book A, p.248 [See Virginia land grant at 11 May 1786.]

26 Apr 1783 Letter from Isaac Hite in KY to his father Abraham Hite in Hampshire Co VA. He stated that part of one tract on BearGrass he had sold and part exchanged with Isaac Kellar [son of Abraham] and Moses Kuykendall [son of Benjamin]. He let them have 365 acres, 137 of which is exchanged and the remainder Kellar is to pay for. Kellar as yet had no place to settle.

7 Dec 1784. Isaac Kellar filed with Jefferson Co Court his commission as Lt. in the Milita and took the oath of Allegiance and the oath of office.
Minute Book 1, Jefferson Co KY, p.77

30 Sep 1785. Isaac Kellar, administrator of Abraham Kellar brought suit against John Chappel for debt to the estate of Abraham. He also filed suit again Peter Bofrare, also for a debt to the estate of Abraham Kellar.

4 Oct 1785. Administration of estate of Abr. Miller granted Isaac Kellar. Bond 200#'s.
Abram Hite, Security.
Minute Book 1, Jefferson Co KY, p.129

The Minute Book also shows Isaac Kellar as a member of the jury on several occasions between Oct 4th & 7th, 1785.

11 May 1786 Virginia grant in Jefferson Co KY to Isaac Kellar for 1500 acres both sides of a run emptying into Floyds Fork about two & a half miles above where the Buffalo Road strikes the said Fork and on the East side thereof. Grant Book 4, p.620
[Isaac was already deceased by the time this grant was recorded.]

8 Apr 1786 On 12 May 1846, Abraham Kellar, son of Isaac, stated in a deposition for heirs of his uncle Abraham, that his father Isaac Keller was killed by Indians on the 8th of April 1786 in company with Col. William Christian. Abraham had been killed about two years before. [Actually Abraham, son of Isaac, was not old enough to know first hand about his uncle - he was about age five when his father was killed in 1786. There is ample evidence his uncle Abraham was killed in late 1781 or early in the year of 1782.]

2 May 1786. Administration of estate of Isaac Kellar granted Isaac Hite & Moses Kuykendall. Bond posted with James Sullivan and John and Joseph Kellar.

ca 1786 William Meriwether & Joseph Keller were appointed guardians to Sarah and Moses Keller, infant orphans of Isaac Keller, dec'd.

27 Sep 1788 Apparently Elizabeth married William Agun after the death of Isaac. Certificate issued 27 Sep 1788 and returned on the 28th by John Whitaker.

1783-1792 Court Order Books for KY [Supreme Court of Dist of KY while still part of VA]:
p.421, Office Judgment Book B , Mar Court 1790, p.193
Isaac Hite & Moses Kuykendall, administrators of Isaac Keller, dec'd v. Robert Daniel & Joseph Brooks on debt. The defendants failed to appear & plaintiff recovered debt and interest from 10 Dec 1786, and costs.

The following deeds may be related to the land Isaac Hite had sold to Isaac Keller:
26 Dec 1791 Isaac Hite & Harriet his wife, Abraham Hite, Joseph Hite & Sarah his wife, Rebecca Hite to Joseph Kellar. For 5 #'s, land on Harrods Creek. Jefferson Co KY DB 3, p.36-38
16 Jul 1792 Isaac Hite et al to Abraham, Sarah & Moses Kellar, heirs of Isaac Kellar, deceased, of Jefferson Co. On waters of Fern Creek, part of preemption of 1000 acres patented to Abraham Hite, dec'd. Ky DB 3, p.27-28

1796. Moses Kuykendall paid tax for 200 acres on Fern Creek, Jefferson Co, for the heirs of Isaac Keller. An Isaac Keller also listed, Jefferson Co - 1 white male over 21. I can't identify this Isaac - unless it is reference to one of the heirs of Isaac.

24 Aug 1799 Aquilla Whitaker vs. Isaac Kellar's heirs: Abraham Kellar, Peter Jones & wife Sarah Jones, late Sarah Kellar, Moses Kellar, Joseph Kellar, Guardian. Your orator rec'd from Isaac Keller a land warrant for 1500 acres to locate for one half of the land. Being intimate friends they did not enter into any writing relative thereto. Your orator made the following entry. The survey was made during the life of Keller but the patent did not arrive until after his decease. Keller sold his part of 750 acres to James Sparks and other and would have made a conveyance of the other half (750 acres) to your orator but he died.
The defendants were willing to relinquish any claim provided the entry be secure from adverse claims and they shall not be liable to pay any costs.

3 Sept 1835. Abraham Keller attempted to receive bounty land from the state of Virginia on the service record of Isaac Kellar. It was necessary to serve three years continuously in the State or Continental Line. Milita service did not count. The Claim was Rejected. William Tyler made an affidavit on 15 Dec 1834 - he was then age 80 - and stated that he had served at the Falls of the Ohio in the Spring of 1778 and fall of 1779 with Isaac Kellar, who was then serving as a Sergeant in Clarks Illinois Regiment. Tyler understood that Isaac Kellar had never received lands due him. The document is very difficult to read.

Isaac KELLAR and Elizabeth KUYKENDALL were married about 1781 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.3 Elizabeth KUYKENDALL was born about 1762.3

Isaac KELLAR and Elizabeth KUYKENDALL had the following children:



Abraham KELLAR.