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Fourth Generation

64. Jacob FRY77 was born on 10 October 1810 in Kentucky.6,7 He died on 28 February 1889 at the age of 78.7

Gave age as 36 in 1850.
Pike Co, MO, Buffalo Twp, Hh 641
Jacob Fry, age 36, farmer, b. KY. Emily, 30, b. KY
children born in MO: Amanda 11, Elizabeth 9, Mary 5, and William 3.

Emily was likely a cousin as she is believe to have been a Fry as well.

Also in Pike Co, Buffalo Twp, just a few households away was another his brother-in-law Jacob Young Fry. He was enumerated as:
Jacob Y. Fry, age 29, farmer, b. MO; Elizabeth 22, b. KY
Sons Robert 4, and Carter age 1.
This Jacob was still in Pike Co in 1860, with wife Elizabeth, the two sons and three more children.

Emily died the next year after the 1850 census and Jacob married again, to Mary Ann Kelso.
1860 Census, Buffalo Twp, Pike Co, MO, Hh 627
Jacob Fry, 40, Farmer, b. KY
Mary A., 43, b, KY
These children were all children of Emily - all the children born in Missouri
Amanda M., 21
Sarah E., 20
Mary C. 15
Wm. H., 13
The accurary of Emily's age, or a marriage date to Mary Ann would make clearer who was this child's mother:
Emily J. 8
Jacob W. 5

A marriage date for Jacob Fry to Mary Ann is seen as 22 Dec 1853 Pike Co. - Emily seems to have been born the year before, but a year after the first wife's death. It is most likely Mary Ann is Emily's mother.

1870 Census. Buffalo Twp, Pike Co, MO, Hh 364
Jacob Fry, 59, Farmer, b KY
Mary A., 53, b. KY
William, 23, b. MO as were his siblings
Emma, 18
Jacob W., 15
George L., 12 (George seems to have been omitted in 1860 - his brother Jacob was the end of a page, perhaps the enumerator simply forgot to add the youngest child)

Mary Ann Kelso Fry died in 1874, buried Buffalo Cemetery, Pike Co MO

1880 Census. Buffalo Twp, Pike Co, MO, Hh 75
Jacob Fray, 69, b. KY
William, son, age 33
Lewis Caneda, 21, Black
Mary Grady, 18
George, 22, Son hart (sic) disease (Strange that Goerge was listed after the laborers, but he was with his father in 1870. George seemed to be omitted in 1860 - but his older brother Jacob was the last on a page, perhaps the enumerator just left him of when recopying his notes.)

Jacob is buried Buffalo Cemetery, Pike Co, MO

Jacob FRY and Emily FRY were married on 28 November 1837 in Pike County, Missouri.78 Emily FRY, daughter of James FRYE and Elizabeth BAXTER, was born on 29 May 1816 in Kentucky.77 She died on 31 October 1851 at the age of 35 in Pike County, Missouri.

Emily may have been the daughter of James Fry Jr. & Elizabeth Baxter.

Jacob FRY and Emily FRY had the following children:



Amanda Melinda FRY20 was born in 1838 in Pike County, Missouri.20,77



Elizabeth FRY was born in 1841 in Missouri.77



Mary FRY was born in 1845 in Missouri.77



William H. FRY was born in December 1846 in Missouri.77 He died on 29 July 1920 at the age of 73 in Proffitt, Young County, Texas.

In 1900-1920, William H. Fry made his home with his half-brother, Jacob Warren Fry. Never married. They were in Pike Co, MO, then Grant, OK, and then in Young Co, TX in 1920. He may have been somewhat disabled as he never has an occupation listed after leaving his father's home.

There is an unfortunate memorial page on FindAGrave - badly misinterpreted.
Memorial# 141715992. Proffitt Cemetery, Young Co, TX (no marker)
Listed as H. P. Fry but stated to be a brother to J. W. Fry - it can only be this man. I have checked the Young Co census and the brothers certainly were not there until 1920
Birth: 1846
Virginia, USA [he was born in Missouri - his parents born Kentucky]
Death: Jul. 29, 1920
Young County
Texas, USA
son of Jacob Fry - Mary Ann Kelso
H.P. Fry, a pioneer citizen of Young County, died at the home of his brother, J.W. Fry, near Proffitt and was buried the next day in the Proffitt Cemetery. [not a "pioneer" citizen]
H.P. Fry was a valiant Confederate soldier, a life long member of the Presbyterian church. He was never married and has lived continuously with his brother's family since coming to Young County.
He was a typical Southern gentleman of the old school and maintained his ideals and traditions throughout his life. He lived quietly, died peacefully - at peace with God and man.

Jacob FRY and Mary Ann KELSO were married on 22 December 1853 in Pike County, Missouri. Mary Ann KELSO was born in 1817 in Kentucky. She died in 1874 at the age of 57 in Pike County, Missouri.

Jacob FRY and Mary Ann KELSO had the following children:



Emily J. FRY was born in 1852 in Pike County, Missouri.



Jacob Warren FRY was born in 1855 in Pike County, Missouri. He died on 9 March 1927 at the age of 72 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

1880 Census. South Buffalo, Pike Co, MO. Hh 77 (next door to his father)
Warren Fry, 26, Farmer, b. MO
Margaret, 21, wife, b. MO
James, age 1, son
Henry Goodwin 45, works on farm

1900 Census. Buffalo Twp, Pike Co, MO. 148
Jacob W. Fry, Head, b. Oct 1854, age 45, married 23 years, Farmer
Margaret, wife, b. Feb 1857, 43, 4 children
Eugene W. son, b. May 1879 (must have changed James' name), 21, Teacher
Claud K., son, b. Sep 1881, age 18
Vesta H., dau, b. Jun 1885, age 14
Lesley P., son, b. Dec 1892, age 7
William H., brother, b. 1845, age 54 (lists no employment)

1910 Census. Rock Island, Grant Co, OK, Hh 95 (multiple families)
Jacob W. Fry, 54, wd, b. MO, parents b. KY
William H. Fry, 62, single, b. MO, parents b. KY
There doesn't seem to be any question this is Jacob - but I don't believe Margaret his wife was yet dead.
also in the 1910 Census. Pond Creek City, Grant, OK, Hh 234
Jake Frye, 54, married 32 years, b. MO, Farmer
Margeret D., wife, 51, 4 children, b. MO
Claude K., son, 27, single, b. MO, Laborer, Mill

Texas Death Certificate 21005. Young County
Margaret C. Fry, died 14 Sep 1915, of consumption (tuberculosis) - she was born Feb 18, 1850 in Missouri. She was married. Her father was Thomas Linsey, mother's surname Booth. She was buried in Proffitt, Young Co TX. The informant was J. W. Fry.
Margaret is said to be buried Proffitt Cemetery, grave unmarked.

1920 Census. Young Co TX, Prec 6
Jake W. Fry, 65, b. MO, Parents b. KY, Farmer
Vesta Carter, 34, dau, b. MO
Frank, 16, g-son, b. MO
Mary M, 11, gdau, b. OK
William H. Fry, 72, Brother, b. MO

His FindAGrave page links to the following:
An Ephraim Fry - buried Proffitt Cemetery, no dates of birth or death. Likely he is not a child.
Eugene William Fry: b. 4 May 1879, Missouri, died 2 June 1962, Imperial Co, CA. His wife's name was Mary Gertrude (17 Feb 1882, Colorado - 18 Dec 1964, Imperial Co, CA). Eugene is buried Evergreen cemetery, El Centro, Imperial Co.
Lessley Phoan "Pete" Fry, b. 31 Dec 1892 (says Texas, but it was not - he was born in Missouri), died 28 Feb 1919, Proffitt, Young Co TX. He was single. Buried Proffitt Cemetery, no marker. He died of tuberculosis. J. W. Fry was the informant. Texas Death Certificate#8759.



George L. FRY was born in 1858 in Pike County, Missouri.