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Fourth Generation

60. John FRY35,68,69 was born in 1800 in Kentucky.15,68 He died on 4 December 1883 at the age of 83 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.70

John came to Missouri in the Spring of 1819, settling near Palmyra. Jon Frye believes he may have been the third child born. Later he seems to have moved closer to Hannibal near his cousin Aaron who arrived in 1827.

John had to travel back to Kentucky to marry Obedience Allen. He is thought to have returned to Bourbon Co early in 1832. When he brought Obedience to Missouri they settled near Aaron Fry and his family at Frytown.

A note in Aaron Fry's diary, 27 Mar 1836, states that John boarded the Warrior steamship to look into the possibility of purchasing land in the Flint Hill country not far from St. Louis. He apparently decided against it.

When the Seminole War broke out in Florida, a company was raised in Marion Co, Sept 1837. Capt Curd was the officer in charge and they were in Florida by Novemeber. William Oldham, who would become John's brother-in-law was also part of that company. One wonders if John volunteered because his wife Obedience had just died.

Land patent in Marion Co MO on 1 Apr 1839 for 40 acres to John Fry

1840 Census. Marion Co MO, Marion Twp
John Fry 1m under 5 [James], 1m 5-10 [John], 1m 30-40 [John] 1f under 5 [Amanda], 1f 20-30 [2nd wife-Mary Jane]

Found in the 1850 Marion Co Census in Mason Twp; occupation gardner. [I am not sure of the assignment of children to mothers, a guesstimate.]
Hh 645: John Fry, age 50, gardner, property worth $1000, b. KY
Mary Jane, 35, b. Ireland
All born in MO: John A. 17, farmer. John A. 15, Amanda W. 13, Lydia J. 10, Luther C. 8, Samuel M. 6, Sarah E. 4, Mary W. age 2.

1870 Census. Mason, Marion Co MO, Hannibal P.O., Hh 72
John Fry, age 70, horticulturist, b. KY
Mary J., age 55, b. Ireland
James, 33, horticulture, b. MO
Saml. 25, "do"
Mary 18
Adda, 16
Anna, 14
William, 12
Edward Lewis, Black, laborer, age 80, b. KY

1880 Census. Hannibal, Marion, MO, Hh 171
John Fry, 80, married, Cabinet Maker, b. KY, Hip dislocated
Mary Jane, 64, wife, b. Ireland
William L., 22, son, b. MO
James M., 44, son, b. MO

John Fry is buried Riverside Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion Co, MO. He died 4 Dec 1883 in that place.

John FRY and Obediance W. ALLEN were married on 17 October 1832 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.7,70 Obediance W. ALLEN, daughter of John Mountjoy ALLEN and Obedience COLLIER, was born (date unknown).

John FRY and Obediance W. ALLEN had the following children:



John Allen FRY69 was born on 26 July 1833 in Missouri.68 He died on 8 August 1913 at the age of 80 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

John and his brother James shared in the estate of their maternal grandfather in right of their deceased mother. The Settlement was dated 10 Mar 1855, Bourbon Co KY.

In 1862, John A. Fry, of Hannibal, who was coronoer of the county, became acting sheriff in place of Robert Shacklett who was a secessionist and had been imprisoned.

31 Dec 1862 - John Fry married Margaret Susan McKen in Marion Co MO.



James M. FRY was born in 1835 in Missouri.68 He died in February 1898 at the age of 63.69

James never married.

1880 Census. Mason Twp, Marion, MO, Hh 308
Washington, Byrd, age 49, Farmer
Amanda, 42, wife
Emma, 13, dau
James M. Fry, 45, boarder, Trader

John FRY and Mary Jane LEIGHTON were married about 1836–1838.70 Mary Jane LEIGHTON was born on 21 October 1815 in Belfast, Ireland.68,70 She died on 1 April 1908 at the age of 92 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

Buried Riverside Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion Co, MO.

John FRY and Mary Jane LEIGHTON had the following children:



Amanda Scott FRY69 was born in 1837 in Missouri.68 She died in 1901 at the age of 64.71

Amanda has been thought by some to be the daughter of the first wife Obedience Allen. However, she was not named in the estate settlement of Obedience's father, John M. Allen, in 1855 in Bourbon Co KY and the two older sons, John Allen & James M. were listed as being entitled to two-thirds of the portion of their deceased mother. No designation of the remaining one-third is suggested. The document does name John Fry as the attorney of the two sons. If John Fry's marriage record to Mary Leighton could be found this question would be settled.

Amanda and George Bird were third cousins.

In 1900 she was listed as a widow, aged 62, a resident of the State Hospital for the Insane in Buchanan Co MO. She was listed as having had 12 children but there were apparently only two. Daughter Emma born about 1866 and a son Charles born about 1869 who is not found after the 1870 census.



Lydia J. FRY69 was born in 1840 in Missouri.68 She died on 25 October 1930 at the age of 90 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

Lydia married 10 Apr 1866 to Thomas B. Loudon in Marion Co. By 1920 she was living in Hannibal, a widow age 78.



Luther C. FRY69 was born on 20 October 1843 in Missouri.68 He died on 30 April 1909 at the age of 65 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

The 1884 History of Marion County, p.926, has a biography of Luther, stating that he was the son of John and Mary (Leighton) Fry, born in Marion Co on Oct 20, 1842, where he has ever resided. His father was a native of Kentucky and one of the few early settlers of Marion County now living. His mother is a sister of the Rev. John Leighton of St. Louis.

Luther C. Fry served in the Civil War, Company D of the 53rd Missouri Militia. He enlisted 12 Aug 1862 in Hannibal, and was relieved on 12 Mar 1863. His brothers James, John & Samuel also served at times.

Luther married (1) Mary Alice Asay, 28 Nov 1866, Adams Co Illinois. He married (2) to Maggie Boyd, daughter of Rev. James & Lydia Boyd of Kirksville, Adair Co MO, on 30 Dec 1875.

Minnesota Death Records,
Luther C. Fry died 30 Apr 1909, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MI. His home was at 3510 Garfield Avenue, South. He was born 20 Oct 1843, married and a retired merchant. His father was John A. Fry, born Kentucky; his mother Mary Jane Leighton, born Ireland. He was buried Lakewood Cemetery, 1 May 1909.



Samuel M. FRY69,72,73 was born in January 1846 in Missouri.68 He died in February 1908 at the age of 62 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

In 1870, Samuel was still living at home with his parents.

1880 Census. Dist 88, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 32
S. M. Fry, age 35, boot & shoe mcht [merchant], b. MO, father b. KY, mother b. Ireland
Anna S., age 25, wife, b. Illinois as were her parents
Note: Anna appears to have been Anna or Annie Sarah or Sarah Annie, surname Brooks as per her death certificate and the death certificate of daughters. Father said to be Nathan Brooks - I have not found this Brooks family in earlier censuses.

1900 Census. Dist 108, Ft. Worth Ward 9, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 175
Sam M. Fry, b. Jan 1846, age 54, married 22 years [married circa 1878], b. MO, father b. KY, mother b. Ireland, real estate agent
Annie S., wife, b. Dec 1853, age 46, has had 4 children, 2 are living. Born IL, father & mother b. Delaware
LaBerta, dau, b. Sep 1885, age 14, b. TX, at school
Gertrude A., dau, b. Oct 1882, age 17, b. TX, at school

Dallas Morning News, 23 feb 1908
Funeral of Samuel M. Fry
Fort Worth, Tex. Feb 22 - The funeral of Samuel M. Fry was held at 3 o'clock this afternoon from the family residence at 1108 east Belknap street. Services were charge of the Masonic Lodge. Music was by mesdames Harry Clark, A. J. Lawrence and Charles Geta and Messrs W. J. estes, W. A. Jones and E. S. Dorty. The pallbearers were L. B. Comer, J. F. Dollard, William Tidball, Sydney Samuels, J. Cart and J. B. Mitchell. Interment was in the old portion of the new cemetery.

1910 Census. Dist 134, Ft Worth Ward 8, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 378
name can't be read for head of household... he was age 23, married 1 year, b. TN, salesman piano co.
[the next census will reveal that he was Lee H. White]
surname can't be read, LaBerta, wife, age 22, b. TX, father b. Delaware, mother b. IL
Fry, Annie, mother in law, 46 [she was 56], widowed, 2 children, 2 living, b. IL, parents b. Delaware

And here is daughter Gertrude:
1910 Census. Dist 131, Ft Worth Ward 8, Tarrant Co, TX Hh 101 [they were boarders]
William H. Hardy, age 34, married 1 time for 4 years, b. TX, father b. KY, mother's birth place unk, bookkeeper, factory
Gertrude, age 27, 1 child, b. TX, father b. MO, mother b. IL
May P., age 3, b. TX [apparently named for her father's sister - the sister's name is seen as both May and Mary P.]

Texas Death Certifcate #35265
Mrs. S. M. Fry, residence, 3025 S. Jennings Ave, Ft. Worth. Born 12 Dec 1853, died 21 Sep 1918, a widow. She had been ill for about a year before her death; she had organic heart disease - died of apoplexy. She was age 64y 9m 9d at death. Born in Illinois; her father was Nathan Brooks, mother unknown. L. White [presumably daughter LaBerta White] of the same address was the informant. Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, 22 Sept 1918.
Note: this is a huge cemetery, over 10,000 graves. No data available online.


1920 Census. Dist 93, Ft Worth Ward 1, Tarrant Co, TX. Hh 6 [living in a hotel]
White, Leberta, wife, age 29, b. TX, father b. MO, mother b. IL
Sam, son, age 4, b. TX
Lee H., head, age 32, b. AR, parents b. TN, automobile salesman

1920 Census. Dist 135, Ft. Worth Ward 8, Tarrant Co, TX. Hh 814
William H. Hardy, 43, b. TX, parents b. VA, Mgr, Tex. Mfg. Co.
Gertrude A., wife, 35, b. TX, father b. MO, mother b. IL
May Pearl, dau, 13
Gertrude, dau, 9
Laberta, dau, 8
Jefferson D. Trammell, head of household, age 60, b. AL, parents b. TX, engineer, civil [Hardy's brother-in-law]
May P., wife, age 49, b. TX, parents b. TX [Hardy's sister]
Lizzie Moore, servant, 60, mulatto, b. TX, parents b. TX

1930 Census. District 36, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 92
W. H. Hardy, age 51, married first time at age 21 [I believe Gertrude is his second wife, see below], b. TX, father b. VA, Salesman, Well machine
Gertrude, wife, age 45, married first time at age 22, b. TX, father b. MO, mother b. IL
Gertrude, dau, 19, b. TX
Laberta, dau, 18, b. TX

[couldn't find LaBerta or any of her family in the census in 1930]
Texas Death Certificate #46073.
LaBerta Fry White died at Methodist Hospital, Houston, Harris Co, TX. Her residence was 2016 Main, Houston. She was a widow. Died 15 Jun 1973, age 83. Born 27 Sep 1889 in Texas. Her father's name was Sam Fry; her mother Sarah Brooks. Informant was Sam H. White [possibly son Sam from the 1920 census?]. She died of coronary artery disease and pulmonary edema, which she had had for three years. She was buried Forest Park Westheimer, Houston, on 16 Jun 1973.
I could not find a death certificate for Lee White - too many of the same name]

Texas Death Certificate #51950
Gertrude Fry Hardy died at Cook Memorial Hospital, Ft. Worth. She had lived in the city for 54 years. Her residence was 1925 Hurley St., Ft. Worth, TX She was married at the time of death to W. H. Hardy. She died 28 Oct 1936, age 54 years and 1 day. The cause of death is difficult to read but appears to be related to the liver - the words acute and hepatic can be read. Born 27 Oct 1882. Her father listed as "F. M. Fry", birth place unknown; mother Anna Brooks, b. Missouri. The informant was H. H. Hardy of Ft. Worth. [Her brother-in-law, see later] Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth.

Gertrude's husband:
Texas Death Certificate #19966
William Hammett Hardy, died at the Medical & Surgical Clinic in Parker Co, TX. His residence was 1925 Hurley St in Ft. Worth. He was widowed. He died 22 April 1938, of an Accident on the 20th of April, followed by pneumonia and cardiac failure. He was age 62, his date of birth not available, but born in Texas. He was a salesman. His father was Hammett Hardy, born in Texas; his mother Melissa Fielder, b. Texas. The informant was H. H. Hardy of Ft. Worth [His brother]. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, 23 april 1938.

HARDY Family

Hammett H. Hardy, age 51, lived in Tarrant Co in 1930, b. TX, father b. VA, mother b. Alabama, general contractor. Wife was Grace, two daughters. Probably the informant for the above death certificates - I believe he was a brother to William H. Hardy. Grace was age 51, b. TX, her parents b. NY. Barbara R., daughter, was age 22, a substitute teacher in the public schools. Dale, daughter, was age 17. Two other families were listed at the same address which was 1504 College Ave. I believe they were unrelated.
Richard C. McCall, age 32, and his wife Maurine age 27 and Mary L. Jones, age 31, "Neg" listed as married but no husband is in the household. I checked back in 1920 - the only daughters for Hammett were Barbara and Dale and the same address was a multi-family house, the other residents had different surnames - again they seem to be unrelated to the Hardys.

1880 Census. Dist 22, Brazos Co, TX, Hh 543
Hammett Hardy, age 41, county clerk, b. VA as were his parents
Mary M., wife, age 29, b. TX, parents b. AL
Children b. in Texas: Mary P. 10. Dailey F., 8. Willie H. 4 [William H.]. Rufus L. 2. Toodles, male, 10 months [Hammett?]
Lucinda Lewis, Black, servant. age 40, b. VA
Lula Hardy, Black, servant, age 13, nurse job, b. TX, parents b. AL

I believe this the two Hardy brothers - William H. & Hammett H. in 1900. [I did not find their parents, although I believe at least the father was still living]
San Marcos, Hays Co, TX, Hh 138 [boarding house]
Will H. Hardy, b. Aug 1875, age 24, married 1 year. Born TX, father b. VA, mother b. AL, Merchant, groceries
Wills, female, b. Sep 1878, age 21, 1 child, b. TX, father b. VA, mother b. TX
Will H. Jr., b. Apr 1899, age 1, b. TX
Dist 104, Ft. Worth Ward 6, Tarrant Co, TX Roomer with the Robberts family, Hh 333
Harry H. Hardy, b. Sep 1878, age 21, b. VA, parents b. VA, trucker, grocery
Here is their sister Mary Pearl:
Palestine, Anderson Co, TX, Hh 127
Jeff Trammell, b. Dec 1858, age 41, married for 5 years, b. AL, parents b. GA, Engineer, civil
Pearl H., wife, b. Mar 1872, age 28, no children, b. TX, father b. VA, mother b. TX

1910 Census. Dist. 91, Justice Precinct 1, Tarrant Co, TX, Hh 627
J. D. Trammell [marked as female - and Mary P. was omitted - the information fits her, however - would seem the enumerator got off-track when recopying the data], age 39, married for 14 years, b. TX, father b. VA, mother b. TX, no occupation
H. Hardy, father, age 71, widowed, married for 41 years, b. VA as were his parents
W. Hardy, nephew, age 11, b. TX [Will Jr.? see above 1900 census... his father has remarried]
Moore, R., servant, male, Black, age 56, married 15 yr, b. TX
Moore, L., servant, female, Black, age 50, b. TX, cook [Lizzie who will still be with the family in 1920]

Note: Mary [or May] P. Hardy, age 10 in 1880, sister to William H. Hardy, married Jefferson D. Trammell and they were living with William & Gertrude in 1920.

I also found death certificates for the following:

Hammett Hardy, Texas Death Certificate #27548
Died at Fort Worth, 13 Dec 1911, age 73 . Married. Died of heart failure. No other information given.

Mrs. J. D. Trammell, Texas Death Certificate #57537. Died at home at 1504 College Ave, Ft. Worth, on 27 Oct 1957. She was widowed, born 15 Mar 1870, in Bryan, Texas. Her father was Hammett Hardy, b. "Lullingburg" [Lunenburg, Virginia, maybe?], mother was Melissa Fielder, b. TX. She died of senility and arteriosclerosis both which she'd had for several years; she had fractured her right forearm four weeks earlier. Death was attributed to an accident at home, a fall, on the 7th of October. Informant was H. H. Hardy [her brother]. She was buried San Marcos Cemetery, San Marcos, TX.

Jefferson Davis Trammell, Texas Death Certificate #25521. Died at Cook Memorial Hospital, Ft. Worth. His residence was 1504 College Ave, Ft. Worth, where he had lived for 37 years. He died 10 May 1940 of cancer of the tongue which he had had for 2 1/2 years. He was married, a consulting engineer. Jefferson was born 17 Dec 1861 in Alabama. Father was James Young Trammell, born Milltown AL; his mother was Mary Fielder, born in Alabama. H. H. Hardy of the same address was the informant [brother-in-law]. Body was removed to San Marcos for burial on May 12th.

Hammett H. Hardy, Texas Death Certificate #66653. Died at home, 1504 College Ave, Ft. Worth, where he had lived for 60 years.. Hammett died 13 Oct 1965, age 85. He was widowed, a retired cement contractor in construction. He was born 23 Aug 1879, Bryan, Texas. His father was Hammett Hardy; his mother Melissa Fielder. Harold H. Hargrove was the informant. He had a cerebrovascular accident complicated by chronic pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema. Burial was 16 October, Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth.
[I did not find a death certificate for his wife Grace.]



Sarah Elizabeth FRY69 was born in May 1847 in Missouri.68 She died on 21 February 1916 at the age of 68.

Sarah married Hervey/Harvey H. Asay, 13 Nov 1867, Marion Co MO. In 1870 and 1880, they were living across the rivier in Quincy, Illinois, but in 1900 they were back in Hannibal.

1870 Census. 1st Ward, Quincy, Adams Co, IL, Hh 605
Henry H. Asay, 28, Carpenter, b. Missouri
Sarah E., 23, b. MO

1880 Census. Quincy, Adams Co, IL, Hh 74
Hervey H. Asay, 38, Carpenter
Sarah E., 33, wife
Luther F., 10, son
Kate L., 7, dau, has measles
Lorenzo D. Newland, 27, boarder, Clerk in crockery Store
Adalade S., 26, his wife, 26, boarder

1900 Census. Mason Twp, Hannibal City, Marion Co, MO, Hh 162
H. H. Asay, b. May 1842, married 33 years, b. MO, father b. MA, mother b. PA, Carpenter
Sarah E., wife, b. May 1847, 53, 3 children -2 are living, b. MO
Catherine R., dau, b. Dec 1872, age 27, b. IL
Lizzie D., dau, b. Dec 1883, 16, b. MO



Mary W. FRY was born in 1848 in Missouri.68

No records have been identified after the 1870 census.



Adalaide S. FRY69 was born in October 1853 in Marion County, Missouri.

Ada married 24 Oct 1877 to Lorenzo D. Newland, in Marion Co MO. They are not found after the 1900 census.

1880 Census. Quincy, Adams Co, IL, Hh 74
Hervey H. Asay, 38, Carpenter
Sarah E., 33, wife
Luther F., 10, son
Kate L., 7, dau, has measles
Lorenzo D. Newland, 27, boarder, Clerk in crockery Store
Adalade S., 26, his wife, 26, boarder



Ann E. FRY69 was born about 1855 in Marion County, Missouri.

Ann is not found after the 1870 census.



William Leighton FRY69 was born in April 1858 in Marion County, Missouri. He died on 3 December 1937 at the age of 79.

William married Pearl Vale, 16 July 1885, Marion Co MO. She was 15 - he was 27. Her mother was from New York, her father may have been French and the 1920 census states that Pearl spoke French.

In 1900, William's mother was living with them - her name given as Mary J. Leighton and listed as "mother-in-law". Apparently Pearl gave the information.