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Third Generation

16. George JONES17,50 was born in 1812 in Kentucky.

1840 Census. Monroe Co KY.
George Jones: 2m under 10 [James & Wm T.], 1m 20-30 [George]. 1f under 10 [Sarah], 1f 20-30 [Louann]
He was living next to Archibald Poindexter, probably his brother-in-law.

George Jones' wife was Louana as given in the 1850, 1860, and 1880 Censuses of Dade Co. Their sons James, William & Elisha as shown in 1850, have households of their own in Dade Co in 1860. There was also a daughter Sarah.

1850 Census, Dade Co MO, p.294, Dwelling 451. George Jones, age 38, b. KY, Louana, age 37 also b. KY. James age 17 KY, William age 15 MO, Sarah age 12 KY, Elisha age 9 KY. [From the births of the children it would appear they had left Kentucky for Missouri about 1836, stayed a couple of years or so, then went back to Kenrucky until after the birth of Elisha, and returned to Missouri with some of the other Jones families..

1860 Dade Co MO, Polk Twp
p.43, Dwelling 188; Elisha M. Jones age 19 b. KY with Sarah E. age 15. Married within the year. This would be the youngest son of George & Luana.
p.44, Dwelling 295; William T. Jones, age 26, Arminda E 24, Sarah A. 2 and Martha 1. Son of George. There is another William T. Jones, age 29 living in the midst of these Jones families; he was also born in KY and his wife is Mary age 26 b. TN with 3 small children - is this a son of the brother Thomas that I can find no trace of, or is he from another Jones family?
p.45, Dwelling 298; James Jones age 25 b. KY, Artemisa age 22 and Kisya [Kisiah?] A. age 1/12.
p.45, Dwelling 299; George Jones age 48 and Luana age 46. This would account for all the children accept Sarah who was 12 in 1850 and is likely married.

1870 Dade Co MO, South Twp, p.112b, Dwelling 107 Jones, Wm T. age 35. Minta E age 34, Sarah A. 14, Martha J. 12, Palestine 10, Lucy 8, Mary E 6, Josie 4, James 2, and Edwin 1.
South Twp, p.113b, Dwelling 117 James F. Jones age 37, b. KY & Artimesey A. age 34. Kissia A 10, Nancy A 8, William T. 7, Louana 5, John A. 3, Arminta J. 1 and Isham Bailey age 2 months, born in May.
Polk Twp, p.81a, Dwelling 33. George Jones age 58, b. KY; Louana age 58, b. KY and Geo. W., age 9 b. MO. Elisha K. Jones, age 6 was living in South Twp with Andrew & Sarah Gilmore, both age 60, near many other members of the Jones families. George & Elisha are grandsons as shown by the 1880 census. The son Elisha doesn't appear again - are these his orphaned sons?

1880 Dade Co MO
South Twp, p.161b James F. Jones, age 48; Artimesa A., 42 b. KY as were both her parents. Kizzey A. 20, William T. 17, Luana 15, John A. 13, Josie 11, James M. 8, and George Lee 5. [Baby Isham in 1870 seems to have not survived.]
South Twp, p.156d William T. Jones, age 45 [says born AR but that's an error], Araminta E. age 44, Palestine age19, Lucy T. 17, Mary E. 15, Josie N. 13, James N. 12, Eddy 10, George 7, and Vida D. age 2. Likely Sarah & Martha from 1860 census have married and left home.
Center Twp, p.193b George Jones, age 68; Luanna 68. George 19, Elisha 16, and John 12, all listed as grandsons are living with them.

Buried at Antioch Cemetery is the above son William T. Jones 25 Sep 1835 - 6 Jun 1918 and "Mintie" Jones 27 Mar 1836 - 16 Dec 1904

George JONES and Louann COBLE were married. Louann COBLE was born about 1813 in Kentucky.

According a Dade County researcher, the death certificate of James F. Jones, son of George & Louann, has that his mother's maiden name was Coble. She could not have been a daughter of Chritopher Coble whose family was in Dade Co; her age would place her as a sister or cousin. However, she doesn't appear in any Coble database online. This rather unusal given name is not found in any of the the Coble families. None of Christopher Coble's siblings came to Dade Co, although his father Henry died in Dade Co circa 1860. Henry's will named only sons and a daughter-in-law, no daughters, and Louann was still living as late as the 1880 census.

George JONES and Louann COBLE had the following children:



James F. JONES.



William Thomas JONES.



Sarah JONES was born in 1838 in Kentucky.



Elisha M. JONES.