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Third Generation

23. Charles Robert JONES17,18,55,56 was born in 1829 in Kentucky.

Some of the online information about this family indicated that a son Charles was one of the older children, perhaps born as early as 1808, and lists his wife as Virginia. The Dade Co Census has a Charles Jones, age 21 in 1850; he was still there in 1860, but his 1st wife was named Elizabeth. In 1880 there is a Charles Jones with wife Virginia 20 years older than he is, but two of the sons from 1860 are still living with him. I would believe this is the same man. A birth year of 1829 would make him one of the youngest of the children but his mother would have been about 41/42 when he was born so it's credible that he is the Charles, son of William & Sarah. He is given a middle initial of E. in 1860, but other records show him as Charles Robert Jones Senr.

A record for Virginia Jones states that she is buried Antioch Cemetery - b. 25 Jan 1809 & d. 26 Oct 1893. This may explain the 1808 birth year for Charles - someone guesstimated to match Virginia. She is said to be on the same stone with C. R. Jones but no information given on him. On another page in the Antioch Cemetery book is Charles R. Jones, b. 1838 - d. Dec 1892.

1850 Dade Co MO Census. Page 295, dwelling 464. Charles Jones, age 21 b. KY with Elizabeth age 22 b. TN. They live only a short distance from his father William and sisters Elizabeth Sims and Rebecca Scott. Probate Records in Dade Co in 1860 reveal that she was the daughter of Christopher Coble - Charles & Elizabeth lived next door to him in 1850. Christopher Coble's father Henry was two houses down the road.

1860 Dade Co MO Census; Polk Twp, page 43, Dwelling 290. Charles E. Jones age 30, Elizabeth M. age 31. Children Mary J. age 11 [she must be only 10 since whe wasn't counted in 1850]; William T. age 9, George W. age 7, Charles R. age 5, Sarah T. age 3, and Andrew J. age 5/12. All children likely born in Dade Co.
Elizabeth must have died soon after this census, as a court appointed guardian was necessary for her children in the settlement of Christopher Coble's estate and no other children were named. In 1850, Christopher Coble had no one in the home as a spouse, only the children as listed later. However there was a young child of his, Tabitha, that required a guardian and she was not listed in 1850 so obviouly born after that census. In 1860, there appears to be a widow Virginia Coble, age 48, who has 3 teenage children with the surname Mills and a 4 year old daughter named Tabitha. Tabitha's surname is dittoed for Mills but I believe she must surely be Tabitha Coble, a child of Christopher and his 2nd wife Mrs. Virginia Mills. I also believe the twice widowed Virginia, then married Charles R. Jones, although there was a 20-year difference in their ages.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.108
7 Jun 1867 Guardianship for the heirs of Elizabeth Jones, dec'd. William T. & George W. Jones are over the age of 14 and choose Charles R. Jones, Sr. as their Curator. He is appointed guardian of others.
William T. born 1 Dec 1851
George W. b. 6 Dec 1852
Charles R. b. 10 May 1855
Sarah T. b. 25 Apr 1857
Andrew Jackson b. 2 Dec 1859
and Tabitha J. Coble minor child of Christopher Coble dec'd, b. 28 Jan 1856.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.170
7 Oct 1867 Charles R. Jones Senr has failed to give bond; hereby rescinded. George B. Coble is chosen by William & George and appointed for others. Children named as above except another child is added: Tabitha E. Jones. She must be the only child and heir of Nancy Coble Jones, a sister of Elizabeth who was also listed as deceased when Christopher Coble died. [In 1870, Tabitha E. Jones was living with her aunt Mary J. Coble Smith & her husband Benjamin Smith. She was age 9, so born 1861.]

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.285
4 Jun 1868 Christopher Coble was Curator of estate of T. J. Mills and at his death sd Coble had in his hands the sum of $34.31. John F. Milles, Virginia Jones, & Andrew J. Mills are the legal heirs of the said T. J. Mills.
In 1860, Virginia Coble, widow of Christopher, had in her household the following boys: John F. Mills, age 18, Thomas J. Mills age 16, and Andrew J. Mills age 14. She was obviously a widow of Mr. Mills when she married Christopher Coble. Thomas apparently had died by June of 1868.

29 Nov 1869: George W. Jones married Nancy W. Scott - but he is still listed with his family in 1870.... Is this a different George W. Jones?

1870 Dade Co MO Census; South Twp, p.114b & 115a, Dwelling 135. Charles R. Jones age 39, Farmer, b. KY. Jennie age 58, Keepinghouse, b. KY. Wm T. age 18, Geo W. 16, Charles R. 15, Sarah T. 13, Andrew J. 11. Sarah T. Coble age 17 lives with the family.
[Is Sarah Coble a stepdaughter and child of Jennie/Virginia? I believe this child's name to actually be Tabitha Coble and she is the late-in-life child of Christopher Coble.]

William T. Jones married Isabel J. French on 21 Mar 1872.

1880 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.162c. Charles R. Jones age 50, b. KY; Virginia Jones, wife, age 70, b.KY and her parents b.VA; Andrew J. Jones, son, age 20 [he was 5/12 in 1860] and Robert age 25 [Charles R. age 5 in 1860] and Sarilda Jones, daughter-in-law age 22 and born in Indiana, who must be the wife of Robert.

Charles R. Jones married Dicey Vandergriff on 19 Jun 1879. Charles R. Jones married Sarilda Wallis 6 Apr 1880. Both in Dade Co. One of these is likely the son of Richard who was also named Charles R.

Charles R. Jones, the son age 5 in 1860. 13 Apr 1854 - 1 May 1921 Liberty Cemetery
a wife: Arminda E. Jones 20 May 1868 - ??? [prob 2nd wife]
and another wife: Winnie Jones 6 May 1859 - 26 Jan 1885

Notes on Coble family.
1850 Census, Dade Co MO, p.295: Henry Coble, age 86, b. North Carolina and Keziah age 56, b. TN. [Online databases say Henry Coble married Keziah Mitchell in Dade Co 13 Aug 1844] His will is recorded in Dade Co WB 1, p.163 and dated 24 Dec 1854. Other than wife Keziah, he named sons John, Henry, Eli, William and Christopher, and a daughter-in-law Peggy Lakey, widow of his son Peter. The will was proved 19 Apr 1860. Keziah is found in 1860 as a widow.
Two households from Henry in 1850 is Christopher Coble, age 49, b. NC. Mary 20, George 18, David 16, William 15, Martha 13, Eli 11, and Nancy 10. The oldest daughter was Elizabeth already married to Charles Jones and living next door. By 1860, Christopher had also died and his widow Virginia [2nd wife] was living next door to Keziah Coble and had a 4-year-old daughter Tabitha J.
Final settlement of the estate of Christopher Coble took place on 10 Mar 1870 with distributions to the following: Mary J. Smith, George B. Coble, David J. Coble, William R. Coble, Tabitha J. Coble, Eli D. Coble, Martha Cox, and the children of Elizabeth Jones, dec'd and Nancy Jones, dec'd.
David J. Coble was married to Sarah Jones, daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Jones. Nancy Coble was married to their son William T. Jones. Nancy must have died soon after having only one daughter, Tabitha E. Jones who was born about 1861.
The Coble family came from Orange Co NC via Lincoln Co TN before arriving in Dade Co in the 1840's.

Charles Robert JONES and Elizabeth COBLE were married. Elizabeth COBLE, daughter of Christopher COBLE and Mary COLLINS, was born in 1828 in Tennessee.

Charles Robert JONES and Elizabeth COBLE had the following children:



Mary J. JONES was born in 1850 in Dade County, Missouri.



William T. JONES was born on 1 December 1851 in Dade County, Missouri.

Married Isabel J. French, 21 Mar 1872



George W. JONES was born on 6 December 1852 in Dade County, Missouri.



Charles Robert JONES52 was born on 10 May 1855 in Dade County, Missouri. She died in 1929 at the age of 74.

Charles married Serilda Wallace, daughter of John F. Wallace & Elizabeth Price.



Sarah Tabitha JONES was born on 25 April 1857 in Dade County, Missouri. She died in 1935 at the age of 78.

Sarah married William R. Steeley, son of Basil Steely & Mary Bishop. Basil was the brother of John Steely who married Rebecca Poindexter.



Andrew Jackson JONES was born on 2 December 1859.

Charles Robert JONES and Virginia EDWARDS were married. Virginia EDWARDS was born (date unknown).