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Second Generation

5. William JONES2,8,17 was born in 1784. William was between 40-49 in 1830 Monroe Co KY Census. He was 26-45 in 1810 so born after 1784 but could not have been born before 1781 if the age is correct in both these censuses.
1850 Dade Co gives age as 65. He died in 1868 at the age of 84 in Dade County, Missouri.

The family of William Jones as given here is based on the assumption the William Jones, son of Charles Jones, is the same William Jones found later in Dade Co MO. Given the close association with the Poindexter family both in Kentucky and Missouri it seems he could not be anyone else.

1820 Monroe Co KY Tax List
Wiiliam Jones, 50 acres on the Cumberland, 1 white male over 21, 3 horsues

p.213 1820 Monroe Co KY Census with William, Claybourn, Richard Giles, Arche Poindexter, & Loflin Flin.
1830 Monroe Co, p.400 - same page as Arche Poindexter - age 40-50 with spouse, 7 children.
Went to Dade Co MO?? Wife was Sarah.

1830 Tithables as published in TRACES, published by the SoCentral KY Hist & Gen Society:
Jones, William 100

KY Land Warrant #7797
Radford Maxey 100 acres 22 Jan 1822
Executed 50 acres on this warrant for William Jones Feb 6 1822. S. Wilson SMC
Surveyed 50 acres on this Warrant for John Oldham Feb 18 1822. S. Wilson SMC
On back: Application Feb 4 1822
Assign 50 acres to William Jones Feb. 4, 1822. Signed: Saml. Wilson
Assign 50 acres to John Oldham Feb. 18, 1822. Signed: Saml. Wilson
Surveyed for William Jones. 50 acres in Monroe County on Kittle Creek part of KY Land Warrant #7797. Granted to Radford Maxey & assigned by said Maxey to Samuel Wilson and assigned by said Wilson to said William Jones. Begin at line of John Coe Corner to William Jones thence with Jones line ...John Coe with his line. Surveyed Feb 5, 1822. Saml. Wilson SMC
William Berry & Arche Poindexter C.C. & H.K. Flemmon Jones M.
John Adair Esq. Governor KY Land Warrant #7797 granted unto William Jones assee of Samuel Wilson who was assee of Radford Maxey. 50 acres surveyed 5 Feb 1822 being in County of Monroe on Kittle Creek. [same description] 20 Jun 1823.
[NOTES: William Jones already had land next to John Coe.]

KY Land Warrant #8450
James Armstrong 100 acres 14 May 1822
On back: [50 acres assigned to William Jones 16 Jun 1822; 50 acres to Archey Poindexter 17 Jun 1822]
Surveyed for William Jones assignee of James Armstrong. 50 acres in Monroe on south side of Cumberland River and on a branch of Kettle Creek. Begin corner to said Jones 100 acres tract and a 50 acres survey from thence with line of his 50 acres survey. 19 Jun 1822. Saml Wilson SMC
Arche Poindexter & Anthony Henderson C.C. & H.K. John Coe M.
[sketch shows this tract to have one short leg and be almost a triangle]
On back: Rec. 1 Mar 1826
Joseph Desha, Esq. Governor. KY land Warrant #8450 granted unto William Jones asnee of James Armstrong. 50 acres surveyed 19 Jun 1822. Monroe County on South side of the Cumberland River and a branch of Kittle Creek. Begin ...corner to Jones 100 acre tract, etc. 20 Sep 1826.
[NOTES: This tract adjoined other property of William Jones. Mentions a 100 acres tract and a 50 acre tract, the last likely the Maxey warrant next to John Coe which had been surveyed only a few months previously.]

A booklet "A History of Antioch Church" written by Erma R. Bishop and found in the Dade Co Library states the following: The history of Dade County could not well be written without placing the Antioch Church well in the front. Events will show that in 1844 five families had settled in this part of Dade County, coming mostly from Kentucky and Tennessee. And among those who were most prominent in the first organization are the following names: Willis, Mallory, Farris, SCOTT, Cox, JONES, COBLE, POINDEXTER, Gambill, LOLLAR, Hudspeth and Merrick.

The suggestion that this William Jones may have moved to Dade Co MO is supported by the censuses of 1850 and 1860:
1850 Dade Co MO, p.294, household 454:
William Jones, age 65, born VA
Sarah, age 63, born VA
In household 456 is Rebecca Scott, believed to be a daughter. She has children Henry age 3 and Sarah age 2, both born in MO.

1860 Dade Co MO, Polk Twp, p.44, household #296
William Jones, age 76, b. VA
Rebecca Scott, age 37, b. KY
Henry P., age 13, b. MO
Sarah M., age 10, b. MO

Dade Co Probate Court
June Term 1869
June 9, p.418 Now at this day comes Joseph G. Payne, administrator of the estate of William Jones, deceased, and makes his first annual settlement. Said administration appears to owe estate $109.31.
[So looks like William Jones died in the early summer of 1868 or so.]

June Term 1870
June 14, p.506 Now at this day comes Joseph G. Payne, administrator of the Estate of William Jones, deceased, and makes his annual settlement, and after all debts and expenses have been paid there appears to be the sum of $99.45 on hand. It is ordered by the sum of $92.00 to be distributed as follows: $9.20 to each of the following 10 heirs.
To George Jones
To Charles R. Jones
To Nancy Lollar
To Fleming Jones
To William J. Jones
To Elizabeth Schrum
To Rebecca Scott
To the heirs of Sarah Poindexter, deceased
To the heirs of Richard Jones, deceased
To the heirs of Thomas Jones, deceased

December Term 1870. Dec 10th, p.549 For good cause appearing it is ordered by the Court that the Final settlement on the Estate of William Jones deceased be continued until the next term of this Court.
March Term 1871. p.585. Estate of Wm Jones, Decd. Final Set. Now at this day comes Joseph G. Payne, Administrator herein & shows to the Court that he has given notice, as the law directs, of his intention to make final settlement of his atministration herein, and his accounts being ssen and examined by the Court,it is ..... [page stained and the remainer is unreadable]

This deed would also seem to be part of the settlement of William Jones' estate:
Know all men by these presents, that we, George Jones, William J. Jones, Flem Jones, Charles R. Jones, Nancy Loller, Rebecca Scott, Elizabeth Shram [Shrum], Leean [Luann] Jones, Polly M. Jones [wife of Wm J.], and Mary Jones [wife of Fleming] of the county of Dade and the state of Missouri, parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, received to our full satisfaction of Abner Hall, party of the second part, of the county of Dade and state of Missouri, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do give, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Abner Hall, relinquish our rights of dower in and to the above described premises for the consideration aforesaid.
In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our names and seals this the 26th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight.
Attest: J. G. Payne and Amose Hall
Signed: [all by their "mark"]
George Jones
William J. Jones
Flem Jones
Charles R. Jones
Nancy Lollar
Rebecca Scott
Elizabeth Scham
Polly M. Jones
Mary Jones
James [Jane, see next] Jones

Be it remembered that Leean [Luann] Jones, Polly M. Jones and Jane Jones, wives of George, Flem and C. R. Jones, who are personally known to the undersigned Justice of the Peace within and for the county of Dade and state of Missouri to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing deed as parties thereto, this day appeared before me and acknowledge that they executed and delivered the same as their voluntary act and deed, for the use and purposes therein contained. And the same Leean Jones, Polly M. Jones and Jane Jones, being by me made acquainted with the contents of said deed acknowledged on an examination apart from their husbands that they executed the same and relinquished their dowers in the real estate therein mentioned freely and without compulsion or undue influence from the said husbands. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the 26th day of Sep 1868.
Joseph G. Payne, J.P.

I believe Charles' wife was Jane in this deed, is his 2nd wife. She was "Jennie" in the 1870 census; Virginia in 1880.

William JONES and Sarah [JONES] were married about 1808. Sarah [JONES] was born in 1790 in Virginia. She died before 1860 at the age of 70 in Dade County, Missouri.

Sarah wasn't in the 1860 census; presumably she had died.

William JONES and Sarah [JONES] had the following children:



Mary Sallie JONES.



George JONES.



William J. JONES.



Fleming JONES.



Richard JONES.



Nancy JONES.



Rebecca JONES.



Elizabeth JONES.



Charles Robert JONES.



Thomas JONES18 died before 1868.

Died before settlement of father's estate in 1868. I have not found anything else about Thomas except the following - and he could be a son of Thomas.

1860 Dade Co MO, Polk Twp, Hh 293
William T. Jones, age 29 living in the midst of these Jones families; he was also born in KY and his wife is Mary age 26 b. TN with 3 small children - is this a son of the brother Thomas that I can find no trace of, or is he from another Jones family? He would have been born 1831 and could be the youngest child in the family of William & Sarah, except that they already had a son named William - however the following probate record suggests he may have been called Thomas.
William T. Jones, age 29, b. KY. Mary, age 26, b. TN
John H. 4, b. Mo. Mary F., age 2, b. MO. Amanda E., age 11 months, b. MO.

This is the same family.
Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.540
5 Dec 1870 Now comes John H. Jones, b. 1 Oct 1855 & makes choice of his mother Elizabeth M. [Mary ?] J. Jones to be the guardian of his person & curator of his estate. She is appointed guardian of the persons of Mary F. Jones, b. 27 Dec 1856, Amanda E. Jones, b. 25 Jul 1859, and William J. Jones, b. 14 Feb 1861. All children of Thomas Jones, dec'd late of Dade Co MO.