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Third Generation

9. Sarah "Sally" JONES was born in 1810 in Kentucky.1,31 She died on 16 July 1887 at the age of 77 in Henry County, Iowa.1,31

I believe Sally never had any children of her own, but she appears to have raised the two children of William Lusk's first marriage.

Died aged 77 years.

"Mt. Pleasant Journal" of Thus. July 21st 1887, carried her obituary.
Saturday, July 16th,
Mrs. Wm. Lusk died at her home town and a half miles west of this city, aged 76 years. In her death another of the early pioneers of Iowa is gone. In 1834 Mrs. Lusk was married to the aged husband who survives her, the marriage being the first Christian marriage in Iowa. The year following, Mr. Lusk settled on the claim which has ever since been his home, and for fifty-two years they have watched the development of this grand commonwealth and enjoyed the fruits of their own toil. Since three years ago Mrs. Lusk became an invalid, and has since known the care and attention of her daughter, Mrs. Matthew Caulk [sic - Madison Caulk was her husband]. The funeral services were held Monday at the home of the deceased by Rev. De Garmo. The interment took place at Richwoods.

Buried at Richwood Cemetery, Trenton Twp, Henry Co IA.

FindAGrave has the cemetery as New Richwoods, Memorial# 66725898

Sarah "Sally" JONES and John READ were married on 28 July 1826 in Sangamon County, Illinois.1,29 John READ was born (date unknown). of Bardstown KY

Sarah "Sally" JONES and John READ had the following children:



Nancy READ was born on 10 September 1831 in Illinois. She died on 10 February 1902 at the age of 70 in Henry County, Iowa.
Nancy was raised by Sally's second husband William Lusk.

1850 Census. Henry, Iowa, Hh 398
Madison Caulk, age 27, b. NC
Nancy, 18, b. IL

1860 Census. Henry, Iowa, Hh 189
Mat Caulk, 37, b. NC
Nancy 27, b. IL
William age 2, b. IL
Kate Ann, 14, b. Iowa

Marion Twp, P.O. Mt Pleasant, Hh 188
Madison Caulk, 47, b. NC
Nancy, 32, b. IL
William E., 11. Sarah E. 9. Robert, age 3.

1880 Census. Marion Twp, Henry, Iowa, Hh 77
Madison Caulk, age 58, b. NC
Nancy, 46, wife, b. IL
Fannie, 18, dau
Robert, 13, son

Madison Caulk is buried Forest Home Cemetery, Mt Pleasant, Henry, Iowa. He was born 19 Feb 1824, died, 12 Jun 1903. Nancy Caulk was born 10 Sep 1831, died 10 Feb 1902. Their daughter Fannie is also in this cemetery - born 5 Aug 1861, died 10 Feb 1932. She married Iliff E. Upton. Son Robert is also buried here - born 28 Feb 1867, died 11 Dec 1902.

Sarah "Sally" JONES and William Boyd LUSK were married on 11 September 1835 in Henry County, Iowa.1 William Boyd LUSK was born in 1804.31 He died on 31 March 1890 at the age of 86 in Henry County, Iowa.31

1836 Census. Demoine Co, Iowa. Listed next to father-in-law Claiborne Jones:
William Lusk: 1m over 21. 1f under 21, 1f over 21.

1840 Census. Henry Co IA
Wm B. Lusk: 1m age 30-40. 1f age 5-10, 1f age 20-30.
Since William & Sarah had married in 1835 - it seems questionable they could have had a child over 5 - the possibility exists that William Lusk had been married before.

1 Dec 1841.
Land Patent issued to William Lusk of Henry Co, Iowa Territory, for the East half of the SW 1/4 of Section 24, Township 22 North, Range 7 West, in the district of lands for sale at Burlington, Iowa Territory. 80 acres.
Other Land Patents were in the name of William B. Lusk of Henry Co, Iowa Territory. The SE quarter of Section 1, Township 71 North, Range 7 West. 160 acres.
The NW fraction of Section 3, Twp 71 North, Range 7 West. 15.10 acres
This patent was for multiple tracts: Lots numbered 1, 2, and 3 - the NW fractional 1/4 of the NE quarter, and the NE fractional 1/4 of the NW 1/4, Section 4, Township 71 North, Range 7 West, containing 241.11 acres
And this patent was granted to William Boyd Lusk of Henry Co, Iowa Territory, on the same date as the others. The NE 1/4 of Section 1, Township 71 North, Range 7 West. 159.20 acres.

1850 Census. Henry Co IA, Hh 395
William B. Lusk, 48, b. TN
Sarah, 40, b. KY
Jasper, 16, b. IL
Henry Caulk lived next door - Sarah's obit states that their daughter Mrs. Matthew Caulk had carried for her in her last illness. I suspect his name was Madison, instead.
Hh 398
Madison Caulk, age 27, b. NC
Nancy, 18, b. IL

1860 Census. Henry Co IA, Hh 43
W. B. Lusk, 58, b. TN
Sarah, 48, b. KY
Elizabeth Jones, 87, b. NC
Jack Mason, 22, laborer, b. TN
Hh 44
Jasper Lusk, 28, b. IL
Ann, 25,
James, age 10 months, b. Iowa
also in 1860, Hh 189
Mat Caulk, 37, b. NC
Nancy 27, b. IL
William age 2, b. IL
Kate Ann, 14, b. Iowa

1870 Census. Tippecanoe Twp, P.O. Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co, Iowa, Hh 254
W. B. Lusk, 68, farmer, $15,000 worth of real estate, b. TN
Sarah, 58, b. KY
Trenton Twp, Hh 13
Jasper Lusk, 38, b. IL
Anna, 32, b. Ohio
James W. 10. Florence, 8.
Marion Twp, P.O. Mt Pleasant, Hh 188
Madison Caulk, 47, b. NC
Nancy, 32, b. IL
William E., 11. Sarah E. 9. Robert, age 3.

1880 Census. Henry Co Iowa, Hh 152
Wm Lusk, 76, Farmer, b. TN
Sarah, 69, wife, b. KY, father b. VA, mother b. NJ
George Rice, 23, b. Iowa, parents b.PA
Louisa Rice, 18, wife, b. MO, father b. VA mother b. MO
William Cork, 22, Servant, b. Iowa, father b. NC, mother b. IL

Died aged 86 years.

Obituary of William B. Lusk. Microfilm of newspaper located at the Public Library, Mt. Pleasant, Henry, Iowa. Mt. Pleasant "Free Press" Thursday, April 3, 1890.
"William B. Lusk was born in Carter county, Tennessee, April 4, 1804. Consequently had he lived until tomorrow he would have been 86 years of age. In his father's family he was the second in the order of birth, of fourteen children, all of whom lived to adult age. And he, William survived all his brothers and sisters but one, supposed now living. He remained at home on his father's farm until seventeen years of age, when he engaged as a drover, buying stock, principally horses, and driving them to Georgia and other states in the south, where he disposed of them. In this business he continued about ten years and was very successful, accumulating in that time about $15,000. He then started a packing-house in Augusta, Georgia and during one season was engaged in pork packing. Here he lost heavily. Not discouraged, he emigrated to Greene Co., Illinois, squatted on a piece of land and engaged in farming. In the Spring of 1834 he left Illinois and moved to Missouri, and in the fall of 1834 he first came here, and then returned to Missouri, and in the Spring of 1835 he moved here and settled on what is now known as the Joseph Hail farm. He shortly afterwards sold that claim, then settled on the farm where he has since lived, and where he died. The rude cabin of the early settlers soon gave way to the large, commodious dwelling. His original 160 acres increased to near 2,000 acres. His early experience in buying and shipping stock proved most valuable to him in his new home, and buying, feeding and shipping stock bvecame largely his business.
Mr. Lusk first married Miss Nancy Dixon, a native of Tennessee, in 1832. She died in 1834, leaving him one son, Jasper, who now lives in Trenton township in this county. In 1835 he married Mrs. Sarah Jones, a native of Kentucky. With her he lived happily for fifty-two years, Mrs. Lusk dying in July 1887. He leaves his son Jasper, his daughter, Mrs. Caulk, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He disposed of his property, as he disired among his heirs one year ago.
Mr. Lusk has led an active, industrious, adventurous life. He commenced with nothing, a poor boy, has twice accumulated a fortune and at the same time been liberal with relatives and friends. in 1849 he first crossed the plains to California and engaged one year in mining with reasonable success Returning home he remained until 1852 when he again made the overland trip where he engaged in the stock business for four years and made money. Four times he has crossed the plains and made the trip once by water. Six years older than Mr. Presley Sanders, he came here about the same time in the Spring of 1853. They were both among the first pioneers of this country. Both industrious, economical and of excellent business ability. Both acquired a large property and died widely known and universally respected."