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Third Generation

8. Mary "Polly" JONES was born about 1807 in Kentucky.1 She died on 4 April 1864 at the age of 57.1,24 She was buried in Flinn Cemetery, Morgan County, Illinois.

Gave age as 44 in 1860 Census.

Said to be age 55 years at death but that would make her only 13 when married.

FindAGrave has both Isaac and Mary as buried Flinn Cemetery, Morgan Co, IL. There's some discrepany in dates and there are no photos.
Mary Bennett
Birth: 1809
Death: 4 Apr 1864

Isaac R. Bennett
Birth: 2 Feb 1799
Death: 24 Jun 1881

Mary "Polly" JONES and Isaac Richardson BENNETT were married on 10 April 1823 in Sangamon County, Illinois.1,29 Isaac Richardson BENNETT24 was born on 25 February 1800 in Barren County, Kentucky.2,24 He died on 23 June 1880 at the age of 80.24 He was buried in Flinn Cemetery, Morgan County, Illinois.

Age noted as 39 in 1850 Census; he was 54 in 1860. Settlers records say born in 1802 - but there are several discrepancies in these records - see next. Age said to be 80 years, 3 months & 26 days at death.

1824 Voters List, Morgan Co IL included Isaac R. Bennett, Indian Creek Precinct (Richard Jones was in the same precinct)

Old Settlers Records of the Jacksonville IL Area Genealogical Society say that Isaac R. Bennett came to Morgan Co from KY (possibly Barren Co) in Sept of 1829. Their records show he made his first land purchase 15 Sep 1826 and resided in Massachusetts (?) at that time. The Land Patent as issued had the signature date of 5 Dec 1826, note 15 Sep 1826, and plainly stated he was "of Morgan Co IL". He had patents for the following tracts: SW 1/2 of S12 T16 R9 160 acres signed 5 Dec 1826; E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of S12 T16 R9 for 80 acres signed 4 Sep 1834; SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 S7 T16 R9 signed 1 Nov 1839.

Bureau of Land Management records are a bit different.
5 Dec 1826 to Isaac R. Bennet of Morgan Co IL, The SW Quarter, Section 12, Township 16 North, Range 9 West - lands subject to sale at Springfield, IL. 160 acres.
4 Sep 1834 to Isaac Richardson Bennett of Morgan Co IL. The East half of the SE 1/4, Section 12, Township 16 North, Range 9 West - lands subject to sale at Springfield, IL. 80 acres
1 Nov 1839 to Isaac R. Bennett of Morgan Co IL. The SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4, section 7, Township 16 North, Range 9 West. 38.76 acres.
The lands of Zadock W. Flinn were in Section 7, 8, 17, & 18.

1830 Morgan Co IL Census, p. 67. Isaac R. Bennett, age 20-30, 2m -5; 1f 20-30. Next to Arche Poindexter and near Wm. I. Masters.

Isaac R. Bennett fought in the Black Hawk War; Zadock W., William & Royal Flynn are all shown as members of the Company of Allen F. Lindsey, most from Morgan Co, the Spy Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers, called into service 16 May 1832. Royal was a Corporal, the other Flynns were Privates. Isaac R. Bennet was 2nd Lt of the unit; he lost 1 Sorrel mare by forced marching.
His brother-in-law Usel Meeker, married to Isaac's wife's sister, Alla Jones, was another private in this unit, as was Micajah Poindexter.
Note signed Alen F. Lindsey: This company organized 4th day of Jun 1832. Took up line of march for head Quarters 9th day June 1832 mustered into service 19th day of June 1832. Eight days Rations for Seventeen men have Been drawn for traveling purposes 16th Aug 1832.
The Black Hawk War 1831-1832, Vol I, Illinois Volunteers; compiled and edited by Ellen M. Whitney, Illinois State Historical Library, Vol. XXXV, Springfield, 1970.

Land Patents in Morgan Co show that Isaac R. Bennett had 40 acres in the same section where Zadock W. Flynn lived.

1850 Morgan County IL Census. Family 781. Son John lived next door.
I. R. Bennett, age 51. Mary age 40. William age 22, Claiborne 21, Elizabeth 18, Jane 16, Mary & Sarah both age 14, Isaac 12, Robert 9, Richard 7, and James 2.
Hh 782
John, 25. Sasanne 20, Julius & Issac, age 1.

1860 Morgan Co IL Census, Mauvaisterre Twp, P.O. Orleans p.800; Family 858. Isaac R. age 54, b. KY, Mary age 44, b. KY.
Most of the children listed as Family 859 on p.801. - Clayborn age 27, Jane 23, Sarah 22, Isaac 21, Robert 18, Richard 16, and James R. age 12. Also in the household in a male age 18 - his surname is Brown; his given name unreadable. And Andy Flinn, age 26, b. Ireland. Clayborn listed as a farmer, all the other males as farm laborers.
There is another Isaac Bennet age 25, born c 1835 in IL living in Indian Creek Precinct - wife is Nancy age 25.

1870 Morgan Co IL Census; Yatesville Precinct; p.686, Family 121. Isaac, age 65; Polly absent, deceased. Daughters Jane and Sarah still living at home, as is James. Also a John Bennett, probably the older son already married by the 1850 Census with Charlie age 17, Amanda age 15, and Peter age 10, who might be John's children. Also Isacc Bennett, age 31 with wife Nancy age 26 and children Mary & Jonathan found in this Precinct.

1880 - Isaac R. Bennett, age 80 lives with his son-in-law Sylvanus McDaniel. Morgan Co IL. He was born in KY, parents born in TN
1880 Morgan Co IL Census. P.11, ED 160, Family 95.
Sylvanus McDaniel, 52, Farmer, b. PA, parents b. PA
Elizabeth, age 49, wife, b. IL, father b. KY, mother b. TN
Isaac, 21, son, b. IL
Frances, 11, dau, b. IL
Isaac R. Bennett, age 80, Father-in-law, b. KY - parents b. TN
in Hh 96
John McDaniel, 26, b. IL, father b. PA, mother b. IL
Nancy, 20, b. Kansas
Oliver, age 1, b. IL. Sylvanus, age 3 months, b. IL

History of Morgan County, Illinois
p.261-2 Indian Creek precinct ..Isaac R. Bennett ...appointed judge of election
p.265 Isaac R. Bennett elected County Justice, 25 Nov 1853
p.283 Thomas Beard married Miss Sarah Bell, I. R. Bennett, Esq. of Emeral Point Precinct, performed the ceremony
p.284 1821 ...same year Judge I. R. Bennett located at Emeral Point. He was one of the early justices and afterward served in the legislature, and as associate county judge.

A letter from a researcher of the Sylvanus McDaniel family stated that his Bible gave Isaac Russell Bennett as the full name - one of his land patents had Isaac Richardson Bennett.
In 1880 lived in the home of Sylvanus McDaniel. Date of death from Sylvanus McDaniel family Bible.

FindAGrave contributor has placed him in the Flinn Cemetery, Morgan Co IL - no picture. Says b. 2 Feb 1799, died 24 Jun 1881. The dates seem a little off. Family records of descendant have the date of death as 23 Jun 1880, age 80y 3m 26d - which places his birth in February of 1800.

Mary "Polly" JONES and Isaac Richardson BENNETT had the following children:






William BENNETT was born in 1828 in Illinois.2



Claiborne Jones BENNETT was born in 1829 in Illinois.2 He died on 29 December 1884 at the age of 55.24

Listed in Bible as "C. J." died 29 Dec 1884, aged 56 years. Probably Claiborne.

1880 Census. Morgan Co IL, Hh 105
Jones Bennett, age 52, boarder, b. IL



Elizabeth BENNETT.



Jane BENNETT24 was born in 1834 in Illinois.2 She died in August 1914 at the age of 80.24

Married William J. Lathom and had one son, Robert F.



Mary BENNETT24 was born on 23 July 1835 in Illinois.2 She died on 18 February 1917 at the age of 81 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

I believe the following to be errors:
An 1878 History of Morgan Co says that Lewis Massey married Miss Mary Bennett in 1863. She died in 1871. [This marriage cannot be found in the Illinois Marriage database online]
However, the records of Sandy Hayes state this Mary Bennett married John Watson 30 Sep 1861. [This marriage is in the Illinois Marriage database but has John Watson married to a Mary M. Bennett, in Cass Co, Illinois - a place where this Mary did not live]

Apparently both of the above are wrong. There is a marriage in Morgan Co, IL for Henry Stapleton to Mary Ann "Benni" on 10 Oct 1857. In 1850, Mary was age 14 and living with her family. In 1860, in Morgan Co, just before the census listing for Isaac R. Bennent in household 857 is:
Henry Stapleton, age 23, brick maker, b. IL
Mary, age 23, b. IL
Wm. H., age 2, b. IL
It is pertinent that in 1860 Mary was NOT still living at home and is not present in her father's household. The above two marriages in error show her as still unmarried in 1860.

1870 Census. Mound Valley Township, LaBette County, Kansas. Hh 14
Henry Stapleton, age 37, farmer, b. IL
Mary A., 39, b. IL
William 12, b. IL
Douglas 10 b, IL
Eliza J. age 7, b. Iowa
Isaiah L. age 2, b. Missouri
?Marion Moses, age 22, farm laborer, b. Iowa
George Lonnie, age 25, farmer, b. Iowa
[these last two could very will have been listed with their given names first, although others on this page have the surname first]

Also living in Oswego Twp, LaBette Co, Kansas was a James Bennett, age 61, born in Kentucky, and some of his children born in Illinois One wonders if he was of some kin to Mary's father, Isaac R. Bennett who was about age 65 in 1870.

1880 Census. Franklin Precinct, Richardson Co, Nebraska, Hh 12
Mary A. Stapleton, age 46, listed as married but perhaps she was already a widow. She could not read or write. Born IL, parents born in KY
Son William H., age 21, is listed but then marked out - perhaps he was not living at home.
Oliva J. age 15, daughter, b. IL - this would seem to be the daughter who was counted as Eliza J. in 1870.
Isaac L. was age 11. Son, and herding cattle, b. Missouri - the enumerator got his name wrong in 1870 as well.
Mary A. age 9, daughter, b. Kansas
Robert L. Hayes, age 22, servant and farmer, b. IL

1900 Census. Precinct 1, Johnson Co, Texas, Cleburne City
Living at 305 Mansfield St, Hh 45
Jno. W. Luther, b. Apr 1851, age 49, married 3 years, b. Indiana. Brakeman [probably on the railroad]
Ollie, wife, b. Jan 1864, age 36, married 3 years, no children, b. Iowa, parents b. Illinois
Mary Stapleton, mother-in-law, b. Jul 1835, age 64, widow, married for 30 years. She had 5 children, 4 are now living. Born Illinois, parents b. Kentucky

1910 Census. Justice Precinct 1, Johnson Co, Texas, Cleburne City
Ollie L. [for Luther?] Hunter, was listed as a servant in the household of Alvin & Belle Wilson, age 46, married twice, the last time for 3 years. She has had no children. Born in Iowa, parents born Illinois.
I have not found Mary Stapleton in 1910.

There is a Texas Death Certificate for Mary, #5892
Mrs. Mary Stapleton, died at 1265 Richmond St, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
She was widowed. Born July 23, 1835, died Feb 18, 1917 of senile arteriosclerosis. Her birthplace given as Jacksonville, ILL - parents as Richard and Mary Bennett. Mrs. Ollie Hunter of Ft. Worth, was the informant. she was taken to Cleburne, TX for burial on Feb 19, 1917.
I found her listed in Cleburne Memorial Cemetery as
Mary Ann Stapelton, born July 23, 1835, died Feb 18, 1917, buried Block 25, Lot 6
Oliva Hunter is also listed, same block and lot, but without a marker.

I have never found Olivia in 1920 or 1930.
Texas Death Certificate, #3597 for Mrs. Olivia Jane Hunter
Olivia was living at 884 Sabine St in Cleburne when she died, but is listed as living there for only three months.
She was a widow. Born Jan 9, 1864, died Jan 1, 1946, almost 82 years old, of apoplexy (stroke)
She was listed as born in Missouri; her parents Richard Henry Stapleton and Mary Bennett also said born in Missouri - I believe all the birthplaces to be errors.
The informant was Osa Stapleton, 3507 E. 35th St., Tulsa OK - no doubt some kin to Olivia; perhaps a cousin.
She was buried on Jan 2nd 1946, in Cleburne, Dillon & Sons, undertakers.



Sarah BENNETT was born in 1836 in Illinois.2






Robert E. BENNETT was born on 2 June 1841 in Illinois.2,24 He died on 1 November 1922 at the age of 81.24

Said to have died at 81 years, 5 months, 29 days. This would place his birthday as 3 May 1841.
He was never married.



Richard K. BENNETT was born on 13 March 1845 in Illinois.2,24 He died on 8 March 1875 at the age of 29.24

From the family Bible. Died at Age 29 yrs, 11 mos, 26 days at 4 o'clock.



James R. BENNETT was born on 31 May 1848 in Illinois.2,24 He died on 6 May 1875 at the age of 26 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado.24

Family Bible said he died 6 May 1875 in Denver, CO at 7 o'clock aged 26 years, 11 months, 6 days.