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First Generation

1. CHARLES JONES1,2,3,4 was born (date unknown).

The family of Charles Jones is incomplete at this point - four sons are identified by a Cumberland deed in 1826 naming the heirs at law of Charles Jones as Robert, Clayborn, Fleming, and William. Census records and proximity reinforce this relationship. There is high probability that Charles Jones came to Madison Co KY from Virginia, as so many of the early families had done so. He may have been a Revolutionary soldier as many were. His common name has been of no help in identifying his earlier residence or wife or parents.

Researchers have tried to name several daughters. One said to be Elizabeth who married Benjamin Farmer. Given the above deed, it would seem there were no daughters, or at least none living who had any issue by 1826, since there were no others heirs. Benjamin Farmer was a neighbor in Cumberland Co KY - the area which became Monroe Co - and then he also moved to Illinois when Clayborn Jones did. There is no indication there was any kinship between the families although they surely knew each other.

Madison Co Court record from 1789 names Charles Jones as delivering up Bartholomew Dawson into the custody of the Sheriff. This is his earliest record.

A 1792 Madison Co KY tax list has the following Jones: William, Ames, Cad., Charles Jr., Charles, Sr., Ellot, Frances, George, Georgewall, James, John, Joseph, Mosias, and two Thomases. Clayborn Jones & Robert Jones are also in the 1800 Madison Co Tax List, but the Robert could also be a son of Foster Jones, known to be living in the area and of an age to be on this tax list.
The presence of a Charles Jones Jr. in 1792 cannot be reconciled at this time. No son named Charles was an heir by 1826. Were they father and son? Or just simply an older and a younger Charles Jones living in the same area.

7 May 1793 Madison Co KY Court Orders: Charles Jones appointed Constable and took oath of office.

Warrant #856 - South of Green River
Cumberland County Court - Jan Term 1806.
Charles Jones is entitled to 150 acres of land on Hendrick's creek waters of Obey's River.
Surveyed for Charles Jones 103 acres of land by virture of Certificate #856 granted by Cumberland County Court at there [sic] Jan term 1806 and entered 1 Jul 1806. Lying on Hendrick's Creek waters of Obey's River. ...begin at State Line. 6 Jul 1806. James M. ?Colean, Ast. Surveyor.
[sketch shows rectangle tract]
On back: Rec. 8 Feb 1819.
Gabriel Slaughter Esq Lt. Govr Certificate #856 granted by County Court of Cumberland in 1806 unto Charles Jones. 103 acres by survey dated 6 Jul 1806. ..Hendricks Creek waters of Obeys River. 8 Feb 1819.
[NOTES: The Obey River lies in Tennessee; it now lies primarily under Dale Hollow Lake; Hendricks Creek does flow into the Obey and it does cross the KY/TN line; it is still in Cumberland Co. Although this is the first recorded grant I found for Charles Jones, he was living in Cumberland as early as 1801 - see Fleming Jones' grant for 55 acres.]

1810 Cumberland Co KY Census, p.738: Charles Jones: 1 m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1f under 10; 1m 45+ [Charles] and 1f 26-45. Charles Jones appears to be the patriarch of these Joneses. Certainly he is the only Jones over 45 years of age.
p.734 is Lemuel - he would seem to be of a different family, though he may very well be related, perhaps a cousin.
p.737 - Fleming and Claybourn and William. The younger Joneses are all four between 25 and 45 years of age as expected.

Cumberland DB B, Jul 1810 Charles Jones to Keenon McMulton. Charles had bought from George W. Sanders [Index posted on]
Copy of deed from Marlene Jones: believed to be Cumberland DB B, p.106. Keanon McMullin bought land from Charles Jones but any problems with title will be directed to George W. Sanders from whom Jones bought the tract. Dated 2 Jul 1810. Wit: Charles David, Jno W. McMullin. Clerk's note stated that the Bond was from James McMullen to Clayborn Jones which matches neither name in the deed. Proved on 13 May 1811 by Charles Davis.

Another KY Land Grant copied to me from Marlene Jones, is likely a different Charles Jones altogether:
Baker King was entitled to 200 acres [I believe this is a Green River grant for the relief of the settlers]. It was located on the South side of the Cumberland River about two miles above the mouth of McFarlings Creek that was on the North side. Warrant was #495, issued 22 Aug 1798. The tract was surveyed for Baker King. On 3 Sep 1813 Baker King assigned this patent to Charles Jones. The recording of this patent did not take place until 28 Oct 1822. A note in the margin states that the 200 acres was in Green Co and the deed states also this is Green Co.

In 1820 in Monroe Co KY, the Jones heads of household are William & Lemuel & Fleming between 26-45. Claybourn is there as 45+. William, Fleming, & Claybourn lived in close proximity - they were listed together in 1810 as well.

Cumberland DB F, p.114 10/9/1826. Milton King, appointed commissioner by interlocutors decree of the Cumberland Circuit Ct at their Apr Term, 1826 in a suit in Chancery. Peter Hoots, complainant. Robert Jones, Clayborn Jones, Flemming Jones & William Jones, heirs at law of Charles Jones deceased were defendants of the one part and the sd Peter Hoots of the other part. Witnesseth: That the said King by virture of power vested in him by said decree and for the further consideration of said Hoots having paid said deceased in his life time have this day grated and conveyed to the said Peter Hoots his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying & being in Cumberland Co on Hendrick's Creek, water of Obey River [there was a KY land grant to Charles Jones at this location - see below] Begin....on the state line ...containing by survey 103 acres. Signed: Milton King. Rec. 23 Oct 1826.

In 1830, Lemuel & Fleming are still in Monroe Co. Lemuel is betwen 40-50. Descendants of Lemuel say that he married Sarah Kirkpatrick, daughter of a neighbor and they moved to Schuyler Co Illinois. There was a Sarah Kirkpatrick, as head of household in 1820 in Monroe, Cumberland in 1810.
Fleming between 50-60 and living with him is an older couple - he is 90+, she is 80-90. Richard Jones is in Morgan Co, IL where Claybourn should be according to other records but he was apparently missed in this Census.

Lemuel is probably NOT a son of Charles Jones as I at first suspected. He did live near several of the sons in Madison Co and possibly was a nephew or some sort of cousin of Charles Jones. He could have been of no relation. Stephen Jones would appear to be his kin. The Kirkpatricks, the family Lemuel married into, are also mentioned in these warrants. Here are KY land warrants issued to Lemuel Jones.:

Warrant #2866 - South of Green River
Surveyed for Benjamin Ellis assee of John Reaves who was assee of James Wilson. 200 acres of Second rate land in Cumberland County ..relief of settlers on the So Side of Green River bearing date 8 Oct 1798 Signed: John E. King Asst. A. M. Wakefield, S.C.C.
Chester Ellis John Vandiver C.C.
10 Jul 1799
[sketch is a square]
On back: Rec. 10 Nov 1800
Assigned to Joseph Gimbling [date unreadable] Signed: Benjamin Ellis
Test: Joseph Hadrick
I hereby Certify that Benjamin Ellis made satisfactory proof to me that he had lost the former Plat & Certificate granted to him by Allen M. Wakefield of the within mentioned survey given under my hand this 14th day of October, 1800. Teste: John Montfort C.C.
I Joseph Gimblin of County of Cumberland ...assign Certificate #2866 ..200 acres on Mashes? Creek in Cumberland County by John Revis surveyed by Benjamin Ellis also the plan and Cirtificate of Survey to Lemuel Jones and Stephen Jones of Cumberland County a state aforesd to them their heirs assigns ...request the Register of the land office issue the grant or patent unto the sd Lemuel Jones or Stephen Jones... 14 Sep 1811 Signed: Joseph Gimblin Isham F. G???? William Kirkpatrick
Gabriel Slaughter Esq Lt. Gov. Certificate #2860 granted by the commissioners in 1798 ...granting relief to settlers there ...unto Lemuel and Stephen Jones assee of Joseph Gimblin assee of Benjamin Ellis assee John Reaves who was assee of James Wilson ..tract containing 200 acres by survey dated 20 Jul 1799 in Cumberland Co on the South side of Green River. 12 Dec 1817.
[NOTE: In the 1810 Cumberland Co Census, Lemuel & Stephen were enumerated next to each other; both age 26-45. Stephen doesn't appear after this 1817 grant. There is a Stephen Jones in Monroe Co IL in 1830 near Richard Jones. I was unable to find a creek of that name or anything similar on a present day map.]

Warrant #826 - South of Green River
Cumberland County Court - December Term 1805
Moses Kirkpatrick and Elihu Kirkpatrick in company are entitled to 100 acres in Cumberland County on the north side of Cumberland River. Begin on John S. Gee's eastward line and with it to Jesse Gee's line and with said line to the widow Black's corner thence with her line so far as will include their Improvement.
Two assignments on the back have been crossed out. One assigning all right and title to Moses Kirkpatrick on3 Jan 1812. Signed: Elihu Kirkpatrick. The other very hard to read ___Jany 1815 L. Jones but doesn't seem to be have a signature.
Surveyed for Moses Kirkpatrick and Elihu Kirkpatrick in Company. 50 acres in counties of Monroe and Cumberland by County Court Certificate #826 granted by Court of Cumberland Co at Dec Term 1805. ...line of John S. Gee and with the same the line of the heirs of Jesse Gee Decd ...with the line of the heirs ...Corner to William Taylor thence with Taylor line ..another of Taylors lines. 5 Jul 1820. Saml. Wilson, Surveyor of Monroe County.
[sketch shows irregular shape]
On back of survey: I assign all my Right and Title of my part of the within Platt & Certificate of Survey unto Lemuel Jones given under my hand this 22 day of Oct 1821. Moses Kirkpatrick Rec. 27 May 1822
Joseph Desha Esq Governor. Certificate #826 granted by County Court of Cumberland in 1805 unto Elihu Kirkpatrick and Lemuel Jones asee to a certain tract containing 50 acres by survey dated 5 Jul 1820 lying in the County of Monroe & Cumberland. [description as in survey] 14 Dec 1827.
[NOTES: List of Original Landowners in the Meshack Creek Area of present day Monroe Co includes: Moses & Elihu Kirkpatrick; John S. & Jesse Gee (years 1796-1804). The Monroe Co 1820 Census shows both Moses & Elihu Kirkpatrick as neighbors of Lemuel Jones. Back in the 1810 Cumberland Census, William Taylor was on the next page after Moses Kirkpatrick.]

KY Land Warrant #22683
The County Court of Monroe 1000 acres
Act of Assembly 28 Jan 1830 14 Jan 1833
Satisfied in full June 4, 1833. Wm. H. Wilson, SMC
On back: Numerous assignees for parts of the 1000 acres
W. H. Wilson - 50; E. Harland - 90; J. Gee - 100; G. Holloway - 90; Jno Harland - 100 J. K. Harland - 50; A. S. Harland - 50; J. Harvy - 100; M. Gibson - 50; F. Clemons - 50
M. Am?? - 100; F. Mercer - 120; Jones & McWhorter - 50
Application made Feb 8 1833.
Surveyed for Lemuel Jones and G. W. McWhorter assignee of Wm. H. Wilson assignee of Wm. Butler agent for the Monroe Co Court. 50 acres in Monroe County on Cumberland River. Begin ...corner to A. J. Jackson at the mouth of Glascock's branch, the corner of Cumberland and Monroe Counties ...26 Apr 1833. Wm. H. Wilson SMC
Henry Venters & Saml. Hunter CC & HK Lemuel Jones MK
[sketch shows irregular shaped tract]
On back: Rec. 12 Jun 1833
John Breathitt Esq, Governor. Part of KY Land Warrant #22683 unto Lemuel Jones & G. W. McWhorter assees of William H. Wilson assee of William Butler agent for Monroe County Court. 50 acres surveyed 26 Apr 1833 [description same as survey] 12 Dec 1833.
[NOTE: Could not find Glasscock's Branch on a present day map - no doubt name has changed]

1830 Tithables in Monroe Co, as published in TRACES, published by the SoCentral KY Hist & Gen Society:
Jones, Lemuel 124

CHARLES JONES had the following children:



Robert JONES5,6,7 was born (date unknown).

Records for a Robert Jones, likely son of Charles, have not been located. Possibly he was not even in Kentucky with the others. Here were two Robert Joneses located living nearby but it's apparent they belonged to other families.

A Robert Jones is found on the 1800 Madison Co KY tax list.
In 1810, Madison Co KY, there is a Robert Jones:
1m age 26-45, female of same sage. They have 1m age 10-16, 1m age 16-27, 1f age 10-16

There is a marriage in Madison Co for a Robert Jones to Margaret Black. Bond date is 24 Jan 1797; bondsman John Harris. Margaret Black, mother of bride, gave consent. No return has been found.

Madison Co Court Order Book B:
p.130; 3 Nov 1795
A deed from John Burnham to Foster Jones was proved by Higgason Grubbs, Tyree and Robert Jones and was ordered recorded. [Foster Jones had sons named Tyree and Robert that would have been old enough to witness deeds; this Jones family has been researched and there is no evident tie to this Robert.]
p.162; 4 Oct 1796
Power of attorney from Mosias Jones to Thomas Jones was proved by Foster and Robert Jones and ordered recorded.
[Foster Jones also had brothers named Mosias & Thomas]
p.172 6 Dec 1796
Deed from Foster Jones & Mourning his wife to Margaret Black was acknowledged and Mourning relinquished dower. [Sometime after this Mourning died because by 1805 Foster Jones was married to Margaret Black - see possible marriage record for Robert's brother William. This Robert Jones in the Madison Co records may very well be the son of Foster instead. Mourning Jones was nee Harris, daughter of Christopher Harris.]

I thought the following might prove to be this Robert, but it is not as research proved him to be heir, and likely son, of Gabriel Jones:
Filson's KENTUCKY LAND GRANTS indicates that a Robert Jones had a Military grant of 1300 acres on Marrowbone Creek. Further research indicates Robert Jones, heir of Gabriel Jones dec'd had a warrant for 4000 acres which was surveyed & granted in six separate tracts including the 1300 acre tract on Marrowbone. Robert b. 1767 in Culpepper Co VA, son of Gabriel who died in 1777 and Martha Slaughter, married Dorothy Ashby in 1772 in Fauquier Co VA; he died in Illinois 1837.

The following land transactions are pertinent to the Marrowbone tract, though confusing.
[These deeds are found in Cumberland DB B]
21 Aug 1810. Robert Jones of Roan Co TN appointed John E. King of Cumberland Co his attorney for division of a tract of land at the mouth of Marrowbone Creek, containing by patent issued to sd Jones of 1300 acres, pursuant to a Decree of the Court. William Roberts, complainant, Robert Jones Defendant. Robert appeared before John E. King, Court Clerk, on that day. Rec. 21 Aug 1810

4 Mar 1811 Robert Jones and wife Dorothy of Adair Co KY sold to James Gholson for $8000, a tract on Marrowbone Creek; acreage never stated. Bordered William Thompson's 1000 acres Survey. A note states that Dolly, wife, underlined in several places before she signed. Signed: Robt Jones. Wit: John Emerson, Michael ?Paul/Trul. Robert Jones appeared before the Court Clerk on 15 Jun 1811 and acknowledged this deed; it was recorded on 20 Jun 1811.

1 Oct 1811 Robert Jones of Adair Co to William Roberts of Shelby Co for $1. Parcel in Cumberland on waters of Marrowbone Crk; runs to the clift [sic] of Cumberland River. Containing 911 acres of land. Signed: Robert Jones. Wit: Francis Emerson, Jno H. Alexander Jr. Robert Jones acknowledged the deed the same day. Rec. 28 Oct 1811.

[Additional information in Deed Book B, reveals that taxes were not paid on the Marrowbone tract resulting in a Sheriff's sale of the property, although Robert Jones had already sold the property to others. I'm sure this resulted in a lawsuit and mountains of red tape. Since this was obviously all the same Robert, son of Gabriel Jones, I didn't continue sorting out the difficulties.]






Fleming JONES2 was born about 1778. He died in 1843 at the age of 65.8,9

p.737 of 1810 Cumberland Co KY Census - Fleming Jones: 3m under 10; 1f under 10; Fleming & spouse both 26-45

Fleming Jones served in the War of 1812. Information from the National Archives reveals that he was a corporal in Boswell's 10th Regiment of the Kentucky Militia, Capt John Phillips' Company. The earliest Pay Roll card is dated from March 29, 1813 - April 28, 1813. The final Muster Roll states that he enlisted 29 Mar 1813 and was to serve until 28 Sep 1813. He was discharged at Bass Island, 22 Sep 1813. The distance from Bass Island [on Lake Erie] to the place of rendezvous was stated as 340 miles.

Warrant #24 - South of Green River
Cumberland Co Court. March Term 1801
Flemons Jones entitled to 100 acres of land lying on the South side of Cumberland river on the trace branch adjoining Charles Jones's lower line.
Surveyed for Flemens Jones 55 acres certified by Cumberland County Court at March term 1801 and entered 12 Nov 1805 lying in county afsd on south side of Cumberland River. the line of Charles Jones & corner to Astin's Survey and with Astin's line . 27 Nov 1805
[sketch shows rectangular tract]
On back: Rec. 16 Nov 1807
Isaac Shelby Esq. Governor. Certificate #24 granted by Co Court of Cumberland March 1801 to Fleming Jones. 55 acres by survey 27 Nov 1805. [Description same as survey] 15 Mar 1813.

1820 Monroe Co KY Tax List
Fleming Jones - 100 acres on the Cumberland, 56 acres on St. Branch, 1 white poll over 21, 4 horses.

p.213 Monroe Co KY 1820 Census.

KY Land Warrant #15232
Saml. Wilson 50 acres 30 Aug 1825.
On back: Application 17 Oct 1825 Assigned to Fleming Jones Feb 18 1826. Signed: Saml. Wilson
Surveyed to Fleming Jones assignee of Samuel Wilson 50 acres in Monroe Co on the waters of Kings Branch waters of Cumberland River. Being ...Jones corner thence with his line ..line of John Roper thence with his line ...Ropers corner thence with Ropers line. 18 Feb 1826. Wil. H. Wilson, D.S. for Waml. Wilson S.M.C.
Francis Hill & David Jones C.C. Fleming Jones M.
On back: Rec. 14 Dec 1826
Joseph Desha Esq. Governor KY Land Warrant #15232 granted unto Fleming Jones asnee of Samuel Wilson. 50 acres surveyed 18 Feb 1826 [description same as survey] 21 Jun 1827.
[NOTES: In the 1830 Monroe Co Census, J. C. Roper was counted next to Fleming Jones and two households from Thomas Jones. Lemuel Jones on same page. This is the only time David Jones appears in these land records. A David Jones is on a Cumberland Co KY tax list as early as 1799 along with an Elliott, 2 James, 2 Johns, Jonathan Sr & Jr, Joshua, Martha, and 4 William Joneses. David Jones appears on an 1810 Cumberland Co Census as age 26-45 & he's in the 1820 [45+] & 1830 Census [50-60] still in Cumberland; never appears on the Monroe Co Census. There could of course still be a younger David Jones. The 1850 Monroe Co had a David Jones, age 63, or born 1787, in KY and family. Also Fleming is said to have had a son David b. 1807 who could have been the Chain Carrier above. That would indicate the possibility of at least three David Joneses in the area.]

Fleming was 50-59 in 1830, but was younger than 45 in 1820.

p.398 1830 - Still in Monroe Co. Listed prob as 50-60; there is an older couple in the household - a male 90-100 and a female 80-90. Also perhaps as many as 13 children, some of them adults.
Lemuel Jones is found on the same page as Fleming. He and spouse are 40-50. There is a 70-80 year-old female living with them as well as 7 children. Lemuel not believed to be a brother, but may be a cousin.

1830 Tithables, Monroe Co KY, as published in TRACES, published by the SoCentral KY Hist & Gen Society:
Jones, David 100 [could be Fleming's son David born 1807 but likely older David]
Jones, Flemon 100
Jones, James 100
Jones, Lemuel 124
Jones, Malin 100
Jones, Samuel 100
Jones, William 100

Records from Marlene Jones:
Monroe Co KY Vital Statistics:
9/24/1854 - Mary Jones, 70, b. Madison Co KY, widowed, fever
10/12/1854 - Elizabeth Hall, 50, widow, daughter of Flemming & Mary Jones, fever.

I also found a Kentucky marriage:
Fleming Jones married a Polly Parks, 2 Oct 1801, Garrad County. This would be early enough for Elizabeth, born about 1804 to be their daughter.
Two other marriages of men named Fleming Jones confuse the issue. Fleming Jones of Bourbon Co KY married Polly Marshall, 29 Dec 1807. Fleming Jones m. Nancy Starky, 19 Dec 1816, Fleming Co.

I may have found these ladies in the 1850 Monroe Co Census:
p.393b; Dwelling 341: William Kerr, age 25, Farmer, b. TN, ?Surety age 25 b. KY, Thomas age 5, Zerena age 2, and Elizabeth Hall age 48, b. KY.
p.394; Dwelling 349: John Jones, age 29, b. KY, Eliza age 23 b. VA, Seilda age 3, Ann age 1, and Mary Jones age 66, born North Carolina.

Although a death of 1843 is given for Fleming, he doesn't seem to appear in the 1840 census, but his widow Mary may be there.
I believe Fleming may have died between 1830 and 1840. There is a widow Mary Jones in the 1840 Monroe Co Census. She appeared to be the head of a multi-family household. 1m 10-15; 2m 15-20, 2m 20-30 and 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40 and Mary age 50-60.

Information from Marlene Jones correspondence also names a son David Jones, born about 1807 and married 1827 to Nancy Williams, daughter of Thomas Williams. There may have been as many as 13 children.



William JONES.