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Second Generation

3. CLAYBORN JONES10,11,12,13,14,15 was born about 1775 in Virginia.2 He died before 19 February 1845 at the age of 70 in Linn County, Missouri.1

Listed on the 1799 Tax List in Madison Co KY so likely at least 21 by then. In 1810 he was 26-45 but by 1820 listed as over 45; therefore he would have had to be at least 35 in 1810, or born by 1775.

Clayburn Jones on 1799 & 1800 Madison Co Ky Tax List

1810 - Cumberland Co KY Census p.737: Claybourn Jones 3 m under 10, 3 f under 10, 1f 16-26, 1 m and 1 f 26-45 (Claybourn & Elizabeth) Children born by then were Richard, Nancy, Polly & Sally - appears another woman lives with them and has two small sons.

KY Land Warrant #2006
Claibourne Jones 50 acres 1 Dec 1817
On back: Application March 10, 1818
Survey for Clabourn Jones. 50 acres on waters of Kettle Creek begin ...corner to said Jones Survey. Signed: J. McMillin, D.S. for Isaac Taylor S.C.C 5 Jun 1819..
William Flin & John Coe Chain Carriers & house Keepers
Wm. Jones has paid me $1.75 for making the Survey.
[sketch shows tract to be a rectangle]
On back: Rec. Dec 7 1819. Name of County wanting.
Gabriel Slaughter Esq. Lt. Governor and acting Governor. KY Land Warrant #2006 is granted unto Claibourn Jones ...50 acres by Suvey 5 Jun 1809 lying and being in the County of Cumberland on the waters of Kettle Creek. [same description as survey] 7 Jun 1820.
[NOTE: The Jones family had other land before this survey was done. William Flin lived near James Poindexter in 1820 and is the correct age to be the William Flin found in Morgan Co IL in 1830 near Richard Jones and his sisters and an Arche Poindexter who may be William Archibald Poindexter. Rebecca Flynn Poindexter's brothers known to me were Laughlin, James, Zadock Wright, Josiah, and George. Perhaps William is a Flynn cousin.]

Another KY Land Grant, copies sent to me by Marlene Jones:
Joshua Davis received warrant #1146 for 200 acres of land [Green River Grant]. On South side Cumberland River and Kettle Creek, waters of the Cumberland River, on 30 Aug 1798. Part of the Survey dated 2 Apr 1799 is missing but it matches the above description and also states that the property is adjacent to that of Absalom Scott. Samuel Eldridge and Morris Davis were chain carriers; Joshua himself was Marker. Joshua assigned this patent to Claborn Jones on 8 Mar 1814. The patent was issued in the name of Claiborne Jones on 9 Dec 1817.

Cumberland Co KY Deed Book
DB C, p.433 William Davis & wife Mary "Polly" to Rice Haggard on left hand fork of Kettle Creek, 18 Sep 1818. For $425. Where Davis lives, near William Anderson's fence, crossing the creek to corner of sd Davis' field, West side of dry fork of Kettle, lower line of Michael Foster's patent.
DB C, p.434 18 Sep 1818 William & Polly Davis to William Anderson. Tract on Kettle Creek, 18 acres, part of Joshua Davis' headright of 200 acres.
DB C, p.440 17 Sep 1818 [This deed indexed wrong - grantor and grantee reversed.] This deed is from Clabourn Jones & Elizabeth of Overton Co TN to William Davis of Cumberland. 100 acres on Kettle Creek, upper part of a survey made by Joshua Davis. On the 19th of Sept, Elizabeth relinquished her right to dower and the deed was acknowledged to Milton King, Assistant Court Clerk.
DB D, p.254 12 Aug 1820 William Smith & wife to Nancy to Claybourn Jones of Overton Co TN, land on Kettle Creek, begin on East side of survey by "said" Davis Certificate #1144, dated 1798. SW corn of Davis cornfield; John Coe line; bank of the creek. 101 acres for $750. Signed: William Smith, Nancy (X) Smith Wit: Amstead F. Lovill, Gideon (X) Flin Ack & dower relinq on 9 Sep 1820. Rec. 20 Sep 1820. Deed delivered to Clayborun Jone 30 Sep 1820.
DB D; p.258 17 Sep 1818 Joshua Davis of Cumberland to Claiborne Jones of Overton Co TN. $200. 20 acres by survey dated 20 Jun 1805 on Kettle Creek. Begin corner Eldrigese, with his line. Signed: Joshua Davis. Wit: Timothy Coe, John Coe, John Martin. Proved by John Coe & John Martin on 30 Sep 1820. Rec. 4 Oct 1820. Deed delivered to Nancy Haggard, wife of Rice Haggard dec'd on 10 Aug 1825.
DB D; p.259 10 Sep 1820 John Coe sold to Claiborne Jones of Cumberland for $25, 3 and 1/2 acres on Kettle Creek. Begin at stake in Coes line, bank of Kettle Creek, meanders of the creek, corner in Haggards field. Signed: John Coe, Nancy (X) Coe. Ack & relinq 30 Sep 1820. Rec. 4 Oct 1820. Delivered to Nancy Haggard, wife & widow of Rice Haggard dec'd 10 Aug 1825.
DB D, p.260 11 Sep 1820. Claiborne Jones of Cumberland to the heirs of Rice Hagged deceased: Nancy Haggard, James O-Kelly Haggard, Betsey Haggard and David Rice Haggard, children and heirs of decedant. $750 paid by the decedant in his lfetime. Tract on waters of Kettle Creek, waters of Cumberland R, 123 and 1/2 acres [This agrees with the total of land purchased from William Smith, Joshua Davis & John Coe above - part of description is compatible] Bank of Kettle Creek, conditional line between Jones & John Coe, intersects line of a 20-acre tract taken up by Joshua Davis in addition to his head right; line of Joshua Davis' 200 acres survy; conditional line bet Joshua Davis & William Davis. Ack & relinq on 20 Sep 1820. Rec. 5 Oct 1820. Delivered to Nancy Haggard on 10 Aug 1825.

1820 Monroe Co KY Tax List:
Clabourn Jones, 100 acres & 50 acres, C. (?Kettle) Creek, 1 white poll over 21, 3 horses.

1820 - Monroe Co KY Census, p.213: 2m -10 [John & Clayborn]; 1m 16-18; 1m 16-26 [Richard] 1m +45 [Clayborn]; 2f -10 [Pheba & Alla]; 2f 10-16 [Sally & Polly]; 1f 16-26 [Nancy]; 1f 16-45 [Elizabeth].

15 Apr 1824. Land Patent to Claborn Jones application made 10 Nov 1823 and signed 15 Apr 1824 for the NE 1/4 of Section 3, T16, R7 in Sangamon Co IL. 151.64 acres @ 1.25 per acres. Total $189.55 - paid in full.

Records from Sangamon Co IL sent by Marlene Jones:
County Commissioners Proceedings, Vol 1:
p.136 Sep 1825. Clayborn Jones appt guardian for infant heirs of Benjamin Farmer, dec'd. Lewis W, Nancy, Charles C., Joseph, and Sally
p.120 6 Mar 1826 John Taylor, security for Clayborn Jones as guardian for heirs of Benjamin Farmer, dec'd
Vol 2:
p.76 2 Jul 1827 Clayborn Jones Appt judge of Richland district
p.110 4 Dec 1827 Clayborn Jones summoned for grand jury service
p.171 2 Jun 1828 Clayborn Jones appt to view road running through David Smith's land
p.183 4 Jun 1828 Clayborn Jones appt judge of Election, Richland Dist
Legislative Papers, Illinois: Clayborn Jones was a signer of a petition of the Richland Baptist Church requesting to lease part of the Seminary lands in Sec 25, Twp 17, R7. 1826.

HISTORY OF SANGAMON COUNTY, ILLINOIS; Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co, 1881. p.815 "Cartwright Township"
"Roland Shepherd settled on Section three, township sixteen, range seven, in 1819. He sold his claim to Clayborn Jones in 1821, and moved to Adams county, Illinois, where he died.
Clayborn Jones came in 1821, and remained until 1833, when he sold his farm and removed to Henry county, Iowa; from thence to Lynn county, Missouri, where he died about 1845.

Clayborn Jones should have been on the Sangamon Co IL census in 1830 - he isn't there. Perhaps he was away because I found the following on p.152, Line 15:
Elisabeth Jones with 1m 5-10 [John L. was about 10], 1m age 15-20 [Clayborn was 16]; 1f 5-10 [Thurza was 7] and 1f 10-15 [Pheba was age 13]. There was also a female age 30-40, presumably the Elisabeth, head of household, and Elizabeth Giles Jones was probably nearer age 50. But enumerated on Line 16:
Usel Meeker, age 20-30, with a female age 15-20. Alla Jones was age 19 and had married Usel Meeker in 1827.

Wrong age for either Clayborn or his son of the same name. Is this a nephew? A cousin? Or just a coincidence? Another Clayborn Jones was in Fork Prairie Twp of Madison Co IL in 1820 and he was age 26-45. What should be an unusual name, appears to be not so unusual.
Found in 1830 - Floyd Co KY
A Clayborn Jones, age 20-30. 1 female child under age 5, 1f age 20-30.
Also in Floyd Co was a Charles Jones, age 30-40, with spouse & 5 children; a Nathaniel Jones, age 50-60 with spouse 60-70 and one child still at home; a young John Jones, age 15-20, with young son and spouse; Lindsay Jones, age 20-30 with one child and spouse.

12 Oct 1833 Clayborn Jones is named in the probate record of William Ashlock who had died on that date, Sangamon Co IL

1835 Sangamon Co IL Tax List shows Joseph Kile as present owner of 151.64 acres patented to Clabourn Jones on 16 Nov 1823.

Iowa Territorial Census - 1836: Claiborne Jones in Demoine Co, p.75. 1m over 21, 1m under 21; 2 females over 21, 1 female under 21.

1840 Census - Linn Co MO, p.246. Claborn & Elizabeth, age 40-50. 1m 15-20 [John] but the only female child is under 5 and there are 3 boys under 10. Are they raising grandchildren? They were also older than this by at least ten years.
Ancestry has this page listed under Lincoln Co and shows no Linn Co which was formed in 1837 - there's obviously an error in their transcription.

Linn Co, MO. 27 Apr 1840. James and Polly Phillips to Claiborn Jones for $200. SW 1/4 of S22 T59 R20; 160 acres.
Same date: William P. & Jane Southerland to Claiborn Jones. SW corner of S10 T50 R20; 160 acres.
15 Oct 1841. Claiborn Jones & Elizabeth his wife of Linn Co to Thomas Brown for $100. E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of S22 T59 R22; 80 acres

1 Apr 1843. Clayborn received patents for six land patents on this date totalling 360 acres.
Land Patent Issued to Claiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The East half of the SE 1/4 of Section 9, Township 59, Range 20. 80 acres.
Land Patent Issued to Claiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4, Section 9, Township 59, Range 20. 40 acres. (The HistoryGeo map shows this to be the SE 1/4 of the SW 1/4 which is surely correct - otherwise it's part of the same as the East half of the SE 1/4 just above)
Land Patent Issued to Claiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 10, Township 59, Range 20. 40 acres.
Land Patent Issued to Claiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4, Section 15, Township 59, Range 20. 40 acres.
Land Patent issued to CLaiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The West half of the SW 1/4, Section 15, Township 59, Range 20. 80 acres.
Land Patent issued to Claiborne Jones of Linn Co MO. The East half of the SW 1/4, Section 15, Township 59, Range 20. 80 acres.

Another note from Mr. Barker states that Clayborn's children inherited land in Section 9 & 19, T59, R20. All of the children except Nancy LeMasters who died in 1833 in Morgan Co are named and her children inherited a lot. Administration was handled by Elizabeth and son-in-law Thomas Brown.

The Probate file from Linn Co, includes the inventory of Clayborn's estate as appraised by David Prewitt, N. J. Drydon, and John L. Pennington on 19 Feb 1845. Elizabeth Jones, administratrix and Thomas Brown, administrator, reported the sale on 1 Mar 1845. Proceeds from the sale totalled. $196.18. Included in the inventory were a plow, a wagon, 8 head of cattle, 4 horses, 13 head of sheep, hogs, geese, household furnishings of various kinds. He had a looking glass, but no books or Bible was listed. Purchasers at the sale included John Jones who bought saddle bags, a bridle, and a hammer, Claborn Jones (jr) who bought a sorrel mare for $40, the hogs, and an iron wedge, and several members of the Brown family to include Thomas's father and brothers. Thomas Brown Jr. bought the wagon and gear for $42.25 - the most expensive item. Elizabeth herself bought her choice of three sheep for $3. An additional inventory was filed on 3 Mar 1846, by Thomas Brown - there was one lot of wild hogs running at large.

The file also included the list of bills paid and amounts received. It is noted that I. Bennett (a son-in-law) owed a noted given in 1827 - debt & interest now total $210 and Bennett protest that he does not own said note and it cannot be collected. This report was signed by Thos. Brown for himself and for Elizabeth Jones on 2 Mar 1846.

The Final settlement of the estate was received and filed 9 Feb 1848. The balance that remained for distribution in equal shares was $65.81. A document signed by M. Halliburton, attorney for Thomas Brown & Elizabeth Jones on 3 Dec 1850 notes disbursements to I. R. Bennett (husband of Mary Jones), Uriah Meeks (sic, Meeker - husband of Alla Jones), Irvin Lemasters (husband of Nancy Jones), W. B. Lusk (husband of Sarah Jones) and Richard Jones who each received $7.31. The following heirs were not named in this document - Clayborn Jones, Joshua Arnold (husband of Phebe Jones), John L. Jones, and Thomas Brown (husband of Thurza and the Administrator of Clayborn's estate). However there was $65.81 available to distribute - if that sum is divided by nine heirs, the amount is approximately $7.31 each - these four all lived locally and perhaps had received their distribution at a different time.

No mention of real property was found in the probate file.

CLAYBORN JONES and ELIZABETH GILES were married on 27 March 1800 in Madison County, Kentucky.1,10,16 ELIZABETH GILES2,10, daughter of RICHARD GILES, was born about 1780 in North Carolina.2 She died after 1860 at the age of 80.

1850. Elizabeth lived with son Clayborn and his wife. Linn Co MO. Census.
Linn Co MO 1850 Census. Household 243.
Claburn Jones, 36, b. KY. Lucy 23, b. VA
Elizabeth, 8, William, 6. Jane, 4. Allen, 1 - all born in MO
Elizabeth Jones, age 70, b. NC
Amanda Elmore, 15, b. Illinois

In 1860, she was living in Iowa with daughter Sarah.
1860 Census. Henry Co IA, Hh 43
W. B. Lusk, 58, b. TN
Sarah, 48, b. KY
Elizabeth Jones, 87, b. NC
Jack Mason, 22, laborer, b. TN

There is a Richard Giles found in Monroe Co KY in 1820 - Elizabeth's father? Just he and a female both over 45 - they are on the same page as the Joneses.

Richard Giles signed marriage bond as father of the bride:
John Snoddy, Bondsman. Richard Giles, Father of bride. Bond dated 25 Mar 1880; returned on 27 Mar 1800.

It is possible that Richard was the son of an earlier Richard Giles who lived in Rowan Co, NC. There seems to have been a court case in Johnson Co, North Carolina in 1821 when a Phebe Goss, wife of Jacob Goss stated her parents as Richard Giles and Elizabeth Stillwell, both deceased. Thomas Stillwell, an uncle, had died leaving a very large estate - he had a widow, Ellender [Eleanor], but they had no children. A brother of Thomas Stillwell - David Stillwell; and the husband of Jemima Jackson who had been Jemima Stillwell, sister of David & Thomas, as well as Phebe Goss who stated she was the only heir of Elizabeth Stilwell Giles a sister to Thomas, David & Jemima, were all attempting to claim part of the estate. The problem was that Richard Giles & Elizabeth Stilwell may very well have had other children who were not living in North Carolina. There were several things about this court case that seem questionable. The mother of the Stilwell siblings was said to have been a Margaret Brown whose brother James was still living and was also part of the attempt to get an inheritance [the father & husband of Margaret Brown said to have been also named Thomas Stilwell. Eleanor Stilwell, the widow, stated that she doubted any of these people were kin to Thomas Stilwell, as she claimed him to be illegitimate and that the Brown family were colored persons. Then the David Stilwell of this suit, sold his interest in the estate of Thomas Stilwell to a man named Seth Wade of Randolph Co in 1823, apparently without telling Wade of the problems involved, or that their were other heirs. Wade died before anything was done.

A will of William Brown, 19 Feb 1772, Rowan Co NC is said to the at the North Carolina Archives. It was probated 5 Aug 1772. It states his wife was Margaret - he did have nine children and among them was a James Brown, and a daughter Margaret, believed to have married Thomas Stilwell, the elder.

Now other information as found in databases online is that Richard Giles & Elizabeth Stilwell had several children to include daughters Phebe who married Jacob Goss and Elizabeth who married Allen Parks. Sons thought to be Absalom, Richard and John. The sons and daughter Elizabeth, all thought to have gone to Madison Co KY, possibly around 1805 or so. Some state that the elder Richard went to Kentucky with them, but I doubt that he did. If the son Richard is the same as the father of Elizabeth Giles who married Clayborn Jones, then he was in Madison Co before 1800 when he signed permission for that marriage. There is no doubt the Parks family and Absalom Giles were in Madison Co for a number of years. Researchers believe that John is the same as the John Giles who applied for and received a Revolutionary War pension from Monroe Co KY.

1840 Monroe Co KY, p.259 - John Giles. 1m 10-15; 1m 80-90; 2f 15-20; 1f 70-80. Age 84, Revolutionary War Veteran.

John Giles application file, including his wife's applications following his death, includes a number of facts which seem not possible. However, I believe he did serve in the Revolution from North Carolina. A Richard Giles made testimony - there is some question about his age and whether or not there were actually two Richard Gileses that testified. There is no question that the age of Richard Giles has been altered on one page - perhaps to make him older so he would have been present and known first hand about the service of John Giles. Fleming Jones, brother of Clayborn Jones, testified that John Giles was reputed to have been a Revolutionary soldier. When John Giles' widow testified, she suddenly became quite a few years older than the censuses indicated - her stated age made too old to have been the mother of her child was then living with. There are other inconsistencies - it would seem she was attempting to prove she was married to John as his only wife but I suspect she was not. Perhaps she thought she had to have been to receive his pension which was true under some of the other acts of Congress concerning pensions, but not at this time. There is a copy of family records presented to the court - and it was stated it was a copy of a record John Giles had made concerning a few of his children - however, it was apparent that John Giles himself did not read or write [his own testimony was signed with his mark] and had likely not made such a record. These children were quite old if their birth records were to be believed and the widow Giles seemed to know very little about them, not even if they were living. Her report of their residences during their marriage also did not agree with what John Giles had originally stated.

CLAYBORN JONES and ELIZABETH GILES had the following children:






Nancy Jane JONES.



Mary "Polly" JONES.



Sarah "Sally" JONES.






Clayborn JONES.



Pheba JONES.



John Longden JONES.



Thurza JONES.