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Third Generation

25. James JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

There are numerous James Johnsons in Goochland Co. James Johnson who married Rachel Haden is usually placed as the James, son of John Johnson & Mary Pledge but I have found no direct proof that this James is the same as James the son of John Johnson & Mary Pledge who received 200 acres in John Johnson's will of 1750. And, in fact, that James who received 200 acres seems to be James Johnson who married Mildred Mims.

Goochland DB 6, p.307.
20 Sep 1752 LW&T of Benjamin Watkins. James Johnson was to be one of the Executors. Wit: James Johnson, Isham Johnson & James Johnson Junior. Proved 18 Sep 1753.

The marriage record of James & Rachel in 1755 states that he is of "St. Paul" which is the Parish of Hanover County and later when Anthony Haden gives two slaves to Rachel Johnson, wife of James, the couple is in Albemarle County.

The following transactions seem to be the 400 acre patent taken out by James Johnson the Elder in 1739. I believe this to be the land of James & Rachel which descended to son David, called David Johnson Jr in many of the records.12 Nov 1766 Albemarle DB 4, p.329 James Johnson the Elder ot Goochland to Thomas Pleasants. 300 acres in Albemarle on branches of Byrd Creek, 1/2 of 400 acres granted to James Johnson by patent, adj James Johnson Junr, Christopher Shepherd, Stephen Thomas Banks & the line dividing Albemarle & Louisa. Wit: John (x) Shepherd, Alexander Toney, Boshop (x) Toney, James Johnson. Proved by oaths of John Shepherd, Bishop Toney, & James Johnson Junr. 12 Mar 1767.
and then....Oct 20 1777 Fluvanna Co Thomas Pleasant of Goochland sold to Jacob Johnson [Son of Drury Johnson, dec'd. Drury was a another son of James the Elder.] 200 acres in Fluvanna on branches of the Bryd, 1/2 of 400 acres patented to James Johnson the Elder of Goochland and by him conveyed to said Thomas Pleasants by deed, adj the lands of David Johnson Jr who is in possession of the other 200 acres, Christopher Shepherd, Thomas Banks, and the Louisa-Fluvanna Co line. Signed: Tho. Pleasants. Wit: Isham Johnson [Jacob's brother or uncle], Thomas Oliver, Edward McBride, Abram Parrish, David Nowlen, Turner Clarke, Clab (x) Johnson [Jacob's brother Clayborn]. Rec. 4 Nov 1779.
1 Jun 1784 Fluvanna DB 2, p.44 Jacob Johnson & Sarah his wife of Goochland and Claiborne Johnson of Chesterfield sell to Thomas Pleasants. 200 acres in Fluvanna on Byrd Crk, 1/2 of 400 acres granted to James Johnson the elder of Goochland.
Apparently David Johnson the younger also sold his 1/2 to Thomas Pleasants in 1789 & 1797. [This must be David, son of James Jr since his father had possession in 1766..]

Goochland Order Book 12, p.336
August Court 1773 Isham Johnson comes into court and undertakes the guardianship to the orphan children of James Johnson Jr, dec'd. Benjamin Johnson entered security for same.
[The Chancery Court case in 1779 identifies the wards of Isham as David, Nancy & Molly Johnson.]
The chancery Court suit involving the family of James Johnson the Elder seems to also include the children of James & Rachel Haden Johnson, as the ages are much more suitable than the children of the same names [David, Ann, Mary] who were children of James & Mildred Mims Johnson.

Also when Mary Johnson married John Price, her guardian was still Isham Johnson. David Johnson "Junr" was security.

James JOHNSON and Rachel HADEN were married on 15 December 1755 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.15,17 Rachel HADEN18, daughter of ANTHONY HADEN and MARGARET DOUGLAS, was born about 1735.17

James Johnson, in St. Pauls & Rach: Haddon, in this parish, were married St. James Northam, 15 Dec 1755. [This would seem to indicate that James was from Hanover County, but the couple lived in Albemarle at the time of the gift of slaves.]

Deed, Goochland Co VA 1760: Anthony Haden of Hanover Co to well beloved daughter Rachel Johnson, wife of James Johnson of Albemarle County. Two Negro girls Sarah and Isabel and their future increase. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Philip Webber, Jr. Rec. 17 Jun 1760. Deed Book 8, p.94.

Some Haden researchers to include Irene Cook & Jack Thacker, have attributed several children to James and Rachel. Only two births were recorded by the Rev. Douglas at St. James Northam in Goochland. These were daughters:
James Johnson & Rachel Haddin, a Daughter named Ann born Nov: 29 1760. Baptized 1761 Mar: 22.
James Johnson & Rachel Haden a daughter named Mary born Ap: 19, 1763. Baptized 1763 May 25.
Certainly James & Rachel, married in 1755, could have had other children both before and after these two girls. They seem not to have lived in Goochland Co so perhaps other children were baptized elsewehere.
Other children offered, without any proof that I can find, are a John and William, possibly older than these girls and a younger son named David. Ann, Mary & David have been assumed to have moved to Logan Co KY in the early 1800's along with other cousins of Haden descent which is probably correct. I believe that the Ann, Mary & David who are later found in Logan Co were orphaned about 1772 and were placed under the guardianship of Isham Johnson - they may well have been the only surviving children of James & Rachel Haden Johnson. This David Johnson, ward of Isham, is usually referred to as David JR since he had an uncle, Isham's brother, of the same name. He appeared to be older than Ann & Mary which could be likely since James & Rachel had married in 1755 yet the first child recorded was Ann in 1760.
Chancery Court records from Goochland County reinforce this premise.
I have found no deed records in Goochland, Albemarle or Fluvanna Counties that appear to be those of James and this Rachel. There was also a James Johnson who married Rachel Street and did leave records in Goochland but he was a son of Charles Johnson. This tends to reinforce the idea that they may have died at a fairly young age.

James JOHNSON and Rachel HADEN had the following children: