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Fourth Generation

45. Ann JOHNSON40,72,73 was born on 29 November 1760 in Goochland County, Virginia.73 She was baptized on 22 March 1761 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.73

Goochland Order Book 12, p.336
August Court 1773 Isham Johnson comes into court and undertakes the guardianship to the orphan children of James Johnson Jr, dec'd. Benjamin Johnson entered security for same.
[The Chancery Court case in 1779 identifies the wards of Isham as David, Nancy & Molly Johnson.]
This Ann has been placed by Haden researchers Irene Cook and Jack Thacker as the same as the Ann, daughter of James Johnson & Rachel Haden who was baptized in Goochland Co VA. IIt does seem that she could be the sister of Mary Johnson Price who is found in Logan Co KY. I have tentatively accepted this connection.

Ann was married second to James Slaughter, 8 Apr 1812, Logan Co.

Logan Co DB M, p.351
"Know all men by these presents that whereas William Johnson deceased formerly of the County of Logan and State of Kentucky before his death made executed Signed and Sealed his last will and Testament which will bears date on the 15th day of September 1811 and on the 25th day of September 1811 he made and executed a codicil to Said last Will and Testament was _____ produced in open court Towit the County Court of Logan on the 18th day of November 1811 by Thomas Johnson one of the Executors therein named and proved by the oaths of Richard Bibb Jr and William Duncan two of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded the Said Codicil was also duly proven in open Court and ordered to be recorded both of which stand duly recorded in the Clerks Office of the Logan County Court By which Said last will and Testament the Said William Johnson devised to his wife Ann Johnson among other preperty one negro Girl named Sarah and her future increase and Since the death of the said William Johnson his widow the Said Ann Johnson has intermarried with one James Slaughter in whom the legal title to said Slaves and other property has vested now be it known that the Said James Slaughter and Ann his wife both of the State of Kentucky and County of Logan do by these presents for and in consideration of the Sum of eight hundred dollars to them in hand paid by William S. Sands of the State of Kentucky and County of Logan bargain Sell convey and deliver to the Said William S. Sands the before named negro Girl or woman named Sarah aged about twenty years and her children Dicy aged about two years and Letty aged about Six months To Have and to Hold the Said negro Slaves and their future increase to the Said William S. Sands his heirs and assigns forever And the Said James Slaughter and Ann Slaughter his wife covenant to and with the said William S. Sands that the Said negros are sound and healthy and Slaves for life and that they have a lawful right to Sell convey and deliver Said negros and furthermore that they will warrant and forever defend the title of the Said negros and each and every one of them to the Said William S. Sands his heirs and assigns forever and free from the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatever In testimony of the foregoing the Said James Slaughter and Ann his wife hereunto Set their names and Seals this 13th day of Jul 1824.
Signed: James Slaughter, Ann Slaughter
Witness: M. B. Morton
Logan County Ct: I Spencer Curd, Clerk of Said County Court do hereby Certify the foregoing Bill of Sale from James Slaughter and Ann Slaughter his wife to William S. Sands was this day acknowledge before me in my office by Said Slaughter and wife to the their Act and Deed which Said Bill of Sale together with this Certificate Stands truly recorded in my office In testimony of which I hereunto Set my hand this 13th day of July 1824. Spencer Curd"

Ann JOHNSON and William JOHNSON were married on 15 October 1781 in Goochland County, Virginia.60,69 William JOHNSON74,75, son of James JOHNSON and Sarah TENHAM, was born about 1754. He died before 18 November 1811 at the age of 57 in Logan County, Kentucky.76

Goochland marriage record. Nancy Johnson married William Johnson in Goochland with Benjamin Johnson as Surety. 15 Oct 1781 MARRIAGES OF GOOCHLAND CO VA: 1733-1815 by Kathleen Booth Williams

Possibly this couple:
Louisa Co DB K, p.49
15 Aug 1804 William Johnson & Nancy his wife to James Poindexter. For $100. Tract on waters of Fork Creek adj John Hughson now William Hunter, John Johnson, James Poindexter and Jonathan Stanley. 70 acres. Signed: William Johnson
Wit: John Poindexter, Nicholas J. Poindexter, William G. Poindexter [Wm G. scratched and James substituted before signed]
Louisa Co DB L, p.114
10 Oct 1807 William Johnson & Nancy his wife of Louisa to James Poindexter. 2 tracts on Fork Creek. 148 acres adj Haileys Creek Jennings & Clark. The 2nd of 100 acres adj William Clark, Jonathan Stanley now Andrew Trice, Job, Wingley now Poindexter, and Charles Johnson. Signed: William Johnson, Nancy Johnson
Wit: John Jennings, John Johnson, Anderson Trice, Henry Garrett, Wilson Price, Richd Groom

Logan Co Tax Rolls
1809 William Johnson, Thomas Johnson, and John Price all apparently arrived in Logan Co this year. None paid tax on land, though all had numerous slaves and horses to declare. William Johnson had a total of 19 slaves - that's the number named in his will two years later.
1810 David Johnson joined the above on the tax list this year. He is probably brother-in-law to William Johnson & John Price. All had bought land on the Gasper River. David had 300 acres entered & patented by G. Dickey. Thomas had 100 acres patented by J. Dickey [possibly same man] and 127 acres patented by S. Orr. William Johnson had 350 acres entered by R. Long and patented by Philip Slaughter. John Price had 250 acres which might have been part of the same tract - also entered by Long and patented by Slaughter. John Price also had land in Warren Co.
1811 Basically the same as 1810. William Johnson died in the Fall of 1811 and his widow Ann married James Slaughter. Ann was left 200 acres of his tract in the will. His brothers Thomas and Richard to to have the remainder.
1812 William Johnson not listed since he had died. However, James Slaughter paid tax on 200 acres, entered by R. Long & patented by P. Slaughter. Apparently living on his wife's inheritance. Thomas Johnson's land holdings did not seem to increase - perhaps he sold his share.

Logan County KY Will Book A: pp.199-201. 15 Sep 1811. William Johnson. Names wife, Ann - 200 acres of the tract on which he lives laid off the Southern part and slaves (Sawny, Will, Isham, Rachel, Nan Jane, Jackson, Sarah, Sam, Jesse son of Rachel, and Kitty), livestock, furniture, plantation & farming tools, carriage; brother Thomas - slaves and balance of tract of land not willed to Ann, preserving 50 acres to laid off for brother Richard should he desire to live thereon. Negro man Isaac to be hired out for support of brother Richard Johnson but at his death to go to brother Thomas Johnson. Sale of slaves to be sold and the money for nephew William Johnson, son of brother John Johnson except 50 £ for benefit of my sister Rebecka Jones. Also to nephew William Johnson a horse and good saddle. Exec: wife Ann Johnson, and brother Thomas Johnson. Signed: Wm Johnson. Wit: Richard Bibb Jr, William Duncan, Gab. Lewis.
Codicil: My wife Ann's 200 acres to be laid off with line across the tract, parallell with the line which Jemison binds on Morton's military land so as to include the house. Also the crop that is now crowing. 25 Sep 1811. Wm Johnson by Rich. Bibb Jr. Wit: Gabl. Lewis, Rich.Bibb Jr, John McCarly
18 Nov 1811 Will produced in court by Thomas Johnson and proved by Richard Bibb Jr & William Duncan, the codicil proved by Richard Bibb Jr & John McCarly. Ordered to be recorded. Teste: Armd. Morehead, CLCC

WB 1
p.209 We John Wigginton, William Bell & Isaac O. Perkins being appointed by the County Court of Logan to appraise the Estate of William Johnston Deceased being first Sworn have appraised the same as follows:
Nineteen Negroes $4,455.00
Household Kitchen Furniture, Stock of Horses, cattle, sheep, Hogs, farming utensils, corn Wheat & oats $1359.58
Signed: John Wigginton, Wm Bell, Isaac O. Perkins
Logan Co Sct Dec Term 1811 The within apraisement of the estate of Wm Johnston Decd was this day returned into Court and ordered to be recorded. In testimony that I have recorded the same together with this Certificate I hereunto fit my hande
Teste: Armistead Morehead

WB 1, p.282 -283
15 Mar 1813. Report of sale of estate of William Johnson deceased by Thomas Johnson. Buyers at the sale included the following: William Duncan, Richard Bibb, William Hayden, John McCarly, Wm C. Porter, James & Hugh Stephenson, Charles & Armistead Morehead, Wm Curd. Only totals were given, sales were not itemized.

Ann JOHNSON and James SLAUGHTER were married on 8 April 1812 in Logan County, Kentucky.60,69,72,76 James SLAUGHTER40,53,57, son of Robert SLAUGHTER and Susannah HARRISON, died before July 1832 in Logan County, Kentucky.

Logan Co Court Orders
Book 3, p.164
17 Dec 1804 Entry #1341 James Slaughter 400 acres.

Logan Co Tax Rolls:
James Slaughter appeared for the first time in 1812 even though he had an entry much earlier. 200 acres on the Gasper River, entd/survd by Long/P.Slaughter. He had 13 slaves, 4 horses. He reports similar information through 1815. Wigginton's Co - 1814. Whitsitt's Co - 1815. This area was the same as where Mary Johnson/John Price lived.

1820 Census. James Slaughter. 1m age 26-45, 1m +45, 1f under 10, 1f +45. 24 slaves.

LOGAN COUNTY, KY WILL BK. C, p. 147-148: To John, Sally, and Mary Peak, uncle and aunts, 1/4 interest in land in Ohio or money, 1/5 land in Bullitt Co. and land on which uncle lives to be equally divided, also the stock and household furniture, house and orchard to the aunts, 1 slave to serve uncle and aunts but to go free at their deaths; to Anne B. Slaughter, cousin, her part in 1/4 of land in Ohio or money, 1/5 of land in Bullitt Co., land bought of Arthur Slaughter, to Sally Slaughter, cousin, slave and 2 children; to William Fooks, relationship not given, estate in Washington County, KY, 1/5 of land in Bullitt Co., to Thomas Peak, uncle, 1/4 of land in Ohio or money, 1/5 of land in Bullitt Co.; to Henry Ellen Short, relationship not given, 1/5 of land in Bullitt Co.; to unnamed daughters of William Fooks, 1/4 of land in Ohio or money; to William Slaughter, his part of 1/4 interest in land in Ohio or money, to James Slaughter, his part of 1/4 interest in land in Ohio or money. Henry Ellen Short is the daughter of William Short. Anne B., William and James Slaughter children of Arthur Slaughter. Written 15 Sept. 1824. Exec. John Peak, William Fooks. Witnesses: Archibald Felts, William Sublett. Probated 7 Feb. 1825.
[I believe some incorrect assumptions may have been made regarding the relationships and in reading this Will. I would like to see the original. Heirs listed in a deed from a lawsuit re Arthur Slughter in Logan Co in 1831 were John Peak, Sally Peak, Mary Peak, Thomas Peak, Anna B. Slaughter, Henry Elliot, Ellen Elliot, William Slaughter, James Slaughter, & Wm. L. Foulk.]
Logan Co DB M, p.351
James & Ann Slaughter sell slave Sarah and her children to William L. Land. William Johnson will dated 15 Sep 1811 with codicil on 25 Sep 1811 was proved by witnesses and produced in court on 18 Nov 1811 by Thomas Johnson, one of the executors. William Johnson devised to his wife Ann Johnson the Negro girl Sarah. Ann Johnson has since intermarried with James Slaughter.
Logan Co DB M, p.417
10 Sep 1824 Arthur Slaughter to James Slaughter [his father]. Mortgage for slave, household furniture, crops, livestock, rifle gun. He was indebted for $400 and $300 notes at the Bank of Kentucky.

Logan Co DB N, p.158
10 Apr 1825 For love and affection to my son Arthur Salughter and for $24 per annum for hire of Negro boy Henry. Also loan horses, cattle, furniture, all to remain in my control. Signed: Jas. Slaughter. Ack 11 Jun 1825
Logan Co DB N, p.188
1 Jun 1825 Another mortgage from Arthur Slaughter to James Slaughter. Crops of corn, oats, cotton & tobacco now growing, 25-30 acres. Signed: Arthur Slaughter.

Logan Co DB O, p.374
19 Apr 1826 Thomas H. Piper and Polly his wife sell to James Slaughter for $1. 200 acres on the waters of Gasper being tract conveyed by James Slaughter & Ann his wife, late Ann Johnson, by deed dated 17 Apr 1826. Signed by Piper and acknowledged by him on the same day, 19 Apr 1826.
[This would seem to be a "straw sale" for legal purposes to perhaps clear title to the land.]
Logan Co DB Q, p.336 13 Aug 1830 Joseph Fowler by Spencer Curd to James Slaughter by decree of Logan Circuit Court in case of Slaughter vs. Fowler. Convey to sd Slaughter deed for 150 acres on waters of the Gasper, part of a miliatry Survey made in the name of Harvey. Rec. 22 Sep 1830.

Logan Co DB Q, p.448 25 Mar 1831 James Slaughter of 1st part, Richard H. Cook of 2nd part, Sally D. H. Slaughter of 3rd part and Arthur Slaughter, her husband of the 4th part. All of Logan Co. Deed of trust by James Slaughter for love and affection to Sally and her children. Places in hands of R. H. Cook, his trustee, slaves, livestock, furniture, rifle gun, etc. To be held for benefit of Sally & her children and not subject to debts of Arthur Slaughter. If Arthur died, the trust will cease and Sally will have use of the property to go to her children after her death. If Sally dies, title will pass to the children. Said James Slaughter retains a lien upon the property for debts of Arthur Slaughter to Thomas S. Slaughter, James C. Slaughter and the Bank of Kentucky. Signed: James Slaughter, Richard H. Cook, Sally D. H. Slaughter, Arthur Slaughter. Wit: Wm. L. F. Slaughter, N. E. Christian. Proven by witnesses 4 Apr 1831.

Logan DB Q, p.508 24 Mar 1831 James Slaughter appointed his son Arthur Slaughter his true and lawful attorney to collect a decree against the Heirs of Anna B. West, dec'd and to apply the proceeds to his own use and benefit. Signed: James Slaughter. Wit: Wm. L. F. Slaughter who proved on 21 May 1831.

WB E, p.369-71 is the inventory and appraisal of James Slaughter dated 21 July 1832: Gabriel Lewis, Major J. Price, John J. Marshall. Mildred Slaughter, Executrix. WB F, p.55-7 has James Slaughter’s will written 27 Aug 1831, probate 2 Dec 1833. Gabriel Lewis was one of the witnesses. Slaughter’s estate left to wife for lifetime then to be divided among seven children or their heirs as four of his children had predeceased him.
[If this is the same James Slaughter, he has remarried and would also likely be quite old. Major J. Price was a son of John Price & Mary Johson; Gabriel Lewis was married to a Nancy Price who was likely the widow of William Price, another son of John Price & Mary Johnson.]

It took nearly 20 years before settlement of this estate. Probably not settled until the death of 3rd wife Mildred Slaughter.
WB H, p.136-138
21 May 1851 Settlement of Estate of James Slaughter Commissioners: Richard H. Courts, J. J. Mackall. Adm: Richard H. Cook.
Heirs are listed:
Heirs of W. H. Slaughter: James Slaughter, Louis G. Slaughter, Eliza H. Dickins
Heirs of Martha [probably should have been Mathew since the children have the surname Slaughter. Martha married Allensworth and was left only $50 and no other legacy by James' Will.] Slaughter: Manerva A. Slaughter, Stephen H. Slaughter, Eliza Spears, James H. Slaughter, Jane H. Slaughter, Tabitha Coffee & Jesse her husband
Heirs of Elizabeth Gatewood: I.H.D. Moore & wife, E. G. Gatewood, George S. Gatewood
Heirs of Robert F. Slaughter: George Long & wife, William S. Slaughter
Heirs of Arthur Slaughter: James Slaughter, Ann Christian
No designation for the rest but probably are all the heirs of Tabitha Slaughter Cook:
William M. Girven for Mary his wife, John Cook, Harriet Long, William Pinkard, Francis A. Cook, William M. Cook, V. S. Cook, Gabriel S. Cook and Thomas F. Cook
2 heirs jointly [maybe children of Mary Cook Girven] William Beaumont & wife and Nancy Givens
Signed: R. H. Cook.

There is a James Slaughter born in Virginia about 1750 or so, and found in online databases. He did have a son named Arthur. One of his children appears to have married in Louisa Co VA which is where John Price & Mary Johnson [possibly Ann's sister?] were living at the time. Seems to be listed with seven or eight children. He is listed with three marriages - (1) to his cousin Elizabeth Slaughter who was the mother of all the children (2) a Nancy Hampton and (3) Mildred Bocock. No dates or places for these marriages. He is given a death date of 17 Nov 1833 in KY [Shelby Co in some files]. This appears to be the same James Slaughter with several errors.

I believe most online databases have erred re the surnames of the wives of James Slaughter. I found the following marriage. James Slaughter married Elizabeth HAMPTON on 22 Jul 1772 in Fairfax Co. VA. This would be the first marriage and she would have been the mother of his children. He married 8 Apr 1812 in Logan Co KY to the Ann "Nancy" JOHNSON, widow of William Johnson - her maiden name was also likely Johnson. His will does show that he married a Mildred but I have not yet located that marriage.

The children and their marriages as listed here are from a webpage, source given as THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY & BIOGRAPHY, Vol.XXII, p.208 f. and p.309f, as complied by John S. Carpenter.