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Fourth Generation

44. David JOHNSON53,57,69,70 was born about 1756 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He died before May 1818 at the age of 62 in Logan County, Kentucky.69

There is no absolute proof that this David, called David Johnson Jr in most of the Goochland records is the son of James & Rachel Johnson. I have placed him here for the following reasons:
1. Haden researchers have credited James & Rachel Haden Johnson with as many as three sons - a David, John & William - as well as the two daughter baptized at St. James Northam. James & Rachel had been married five years before the first daughter's baptism was recorded so it would seem they could have had at least one or two children older than Ann. As with so much early research, the proof for the inclusion of the sons has been lost. The tradition continues that David, Ann & her husband William Johnson, and Mary & her husband John Price all moved to Logan Co KY along with various Haden cousins. There are marriage records in Goochland for both Ann and Mary as cited.
2. When Isham Johnson received the guardianship of David, Nancy & Molly in 1773, the only other family known to have an Ann [Nancy] and Molly [Mary] and David was the family of James & Mildred Mims Johnson. However, James & Mildred also had several other minor children at that time who would have also required guardianship. It is a little odd that they were not included here and no other guardianships have been found for these other children. Also, it appears that James & Mildred sold land that James probably inherited from John & Mary Pledge on Tuckahoe Creek, indicating the James married to Mildred was more likely the James named in the will of that John.
3. David Johnson Jr. was in possession of land in 1777 which was once part of James the Elder's patent. The David Johnson baptized as a son of James & Mildred Johnson was not old enough to be in landholder in 1777. A child of James & Rachel Haden Johnson, born reasonably soon after their marriage in 1755, could by 1777 be old enough [21] to hold land, particularly land his deceased father had.
4. The designation David Johnson "Jr" is most likely because this David is the oldest David of his generation - next in line after his uncle David. James the Elder had a son David, often referred to as David Sr - he married Lucy Ellis and was administrator of his brother Isham Johnson's estate. Then the next generation had several Davids, but they all seem to be younger than this David. David, the son of James the Elder, had a son named David but he was born in 1777. James & Mildred Mims Johnson had a David baptized in 1762. Joseph, a son of Michael Johnson, also had a David but that family left for Lunenburg Co by 1750, so his David probably never created records in the Goochland area.
4. The chancery court case [1799-1800] in Goochland concerning the heirs of James the Elder and also the heirs of the apparently unmarried son Isham reveals other support for inclusion of David as a brother to Ann and Mary and all as children of James & Rachel Haden Johnson. David Johnson Jr in his testimony in this case mentioned contracts in 1779 and 1780 with his sister and another sister's husband - only Ann and Mary, daughters of James & Rachel were old enough at that time to have entered into contracts and Mary Johnson had married John Price in 1779. Isham Johnson was still Mary's guardian at the time of her marriage and David Johnson "Jr" was the security for the bond.
5. Records from Louisa Co VA support the fact that Mary Johnson married John Price and that they took care of Agnes Johnson, Isham's unmarried sister, in her old age - Agnes would have been an aunt to Mary, if her father was the James, son of James the Elder.
6. Records from Logan Co KY indicate that indeed residents of Logan Co beginning about 1808 included David Johnson, an Ann that had married William Johnson, and John & Mary Johnson Price. These persons lived in close proximity and interacted frequently with each other. In fact, John Price bought his first tract of land from William Haden on the Gasper River - William Haden also lived on the Gasper and would have been Mary Johnson Price's 2nd cousin.

Goochland Order Book 12, p.336
August Court 1773 Isham Johnson comes into court and undertakes the guardianship to the orphan children of James Johnson Jr, dec'd. Benjamin Johnson entered security for same.
[The Chancery Court case in 1779 identifies the wards of Isham as David, Nancy & Molly Johnson.]

Fluvanna DB 1, p.230 20 Oct 1777
Thomas Pleasants to Jacob Johnson [I presume the son of Drury, gson of James the elder] 200 acres on branches of Byrd Creek, being 1/2 of 400 a. patented to James Johnson the Elder and conveyed to sd Thomas Pleasants by deed and adj lands of DAVID JOHNSON JR who is in possession of the other 200 acres, Christopher Shepherd, Thomas Banks & the Louisa/Fluvanna line. Signed: Tho. Pleasants
Wit: Isham Johnson, Thomas Oliver, Edward McBride, Abram Parrish, David Nowlen, Turner Clarke, Clab. (X) Johnson. Rec. 4 Nov 1779.

The above appears to be this patent
VA PB 18, p.260
26 Mar 1739 James Johnson received a patent for 400 acres on branches of the Bird Creek next to Abraham Venable, Thomas Banks, and the Hanover Co line

Goochland DB 13
p.38-39 Inventory of the Estate of John Chrouch [Crouch]. Signed: T. Watkins, David Johnson, Joseph Woodson Junr.
17 apr 1780 Presented in Court

Then Fluvanna DB 2, p.44 1 Jun 1784
Jacob Johnson & Sarah his wife & Claiborne Johnson [Jacob & Claiborne, both sons of Drury Johnson] to Thomas Pleasants. 200 acres on branches of Byrd, 1/2 of 400 acres granted James Johnson the Elder, etc. [same as land above] Bounded by David Johnson Jr who is in possesion of the other half, etc.....

And Fluvanna DB 3, p.386 11 Nov 1797
Thomas Pleasants to David Johnson the Younger. 200 acres on Bryd being 1/2 of 400 acres granted James Johnson the Elder, etc..... adjacent lands of sd David Johnson who is in possession of the remainder, etc.

Obviously David Johnson Jr eventually becomes the owner of the entire original 400 acres which was patented to James Johnson, the Elder, son of Michael Johnson..

13 Apr 1789. Isham Johnson to David Johnson Jr. 66 acres for 40 pounds. Described as land whereon Isham "now lives". Goochland DB 15, p.222
Isham Johnson of Goochland & David Johnson Jr of the same. 50 £. 66 acres wheron I live ….by ?Joseph Watkins on the South, by David ___ Senr on woutheast, by John Guerant & Thomas Watkins on the ____, to be laid off to the south end of my land. [very dark at bottom of page]
Signed: Isham Johnson
Wit: James Turner, Wm Underwood, William Johnson
Wit proved 20 Apr 1789

Goochland DB 15
p.487 Marriage returns of Charles Hopkins, 12 Apr 1791
David Johnson to Nancy Bowles, Dec 16th

Also 20 Sep 1790, David Johnson Jr purchased 180 acres on Beaverdam Creek from Joseph and Anna Lewis. Goochland DB 15, p.459

Goochland DB 16
16 May 1792 William Gay of Powhatan Co to David Johnson of Goochland 40£. Parcel of 40 acres… Tract of land Wm Gay purchased of John Pooling [part not readable] mouth of a small Run on William Ronalls line, on David Johnsons line. Signed: William Gay
Wit: Joseph Watkins, Wm Holman, William Pope, Daniel Boyce, Walter Clopton, Goodrich Crump.
16 Jul 1792 Ack by Gay

Goochland DB 16
27 Aug 1792 David Johnson Junr of Goochland to William Johnson of same. 85£ 16sh. 66 acres on branches of Geneto whereon Isham Johnson now dwells conveyed to me from him 13 Apr 1789 [of which Isham is to hold peaceable possession of said land during his natural life]. Bounded by Jos. Watkins on the SW, David Johnson Senr on the SE, John Guerant & Thos Watkins, NE. Taken off the South End of a greater dividend of land of the said Ishams with all right and title. Signed: David Johnson Junr
Wit: Reubin Turner, Charles Turner [one name too dark to read]
11 Mar 1793 Proved by Reuben & Charles Turner. Further proof
Nancy Johnson, wife cannot travel. Thomas Hatcher, Thomas Royster & John Guerant to obtain her dower release. 18 Mar 1793
Thos Royster & John Guerrant Jr rec'd relinquishment 11 Apr 1793
15 Apr 1793… Ordered recorded.

I believe the reference to David Johnson Senr is to his uncle and brother of Isham Johnson. David Senr had a son William who would have been a first cousin of David Junr - this seems to be the only William Johnson of the family that would have been in right place and time to purchase this tract.

Goochland DB#19, pg. 1. Jan. 25, 1804. David Johnson & Nancy his wife of Fluvanna County sell to John Guerrant, jr. of Goochland for 250 pounds, land on waters of Beaverdam Creek. Bounded by John Markham, William Ronalds, ________ Road, Jno Guerrant, jr., formerly line of John Lewis, dec., Joseph Pollard, meadow Branch, John Markham’s corner, Meadow Creek, Beaverdam Creek, 2– acres (?torn page). Wit: Robert P. Guerrant, Charles Hopkins, John Guerrant Minor. Signed: David Johnson, Nancy Johnson. Rec: Jan. 25, 1804

Fluvanna Co VA, Deed Book #5 Page 45
28 Sept 1807
David Johnson and Nancy his wife to Reuben Cason of Louisa, for 2000 dollars 500 acres on Bird Creek on Mary Shepherd’s line, N 34 W 64 poles to bird creek, N 34 W 59 poles, N 63 W 141 poles on Hewletts line, S 87 E 338 poles to Three Chopt Road, Humphrey’s line S 66 E 48 poles, and Parrish’s line S 38 W 20 poles, down road 59 poles S 36 E 9 poles S 49 E 46 poles, S 72 E 27 poles to a path S 14 W 134 poles to Parrish’s corner in glade then on Hope’s line S 89 W 190 poles corner Shepherds line N 10 W 169 poles to beginning. No Witnesses

Believed to be a different David Johnson/Johnston in Logan Co KY - he was there 1800-1805.
Logan Co DB A [not dated but surrounding deeds are Nov & Dec 1800]
William Roberts of Shelby County KY to David Johnston of Logan County for sum of 8£ ... 145 a. part of 420 a. survey made in the name of George Rogers Clark and patented in the name of William Roberts patent dated 29 Nov 1794 on Red River below mouth of Whipporwill...lower corner of John Montgomerys 57 a. survey. Deed acknowledeged in Shelby County.
Logan Co Court Orders
Book 3; p.24
Oct Court 1803 David Johnston to view a road from Robert Paxley's to David Smith's Mill. [I don't know for sure if this is the same David Johnson]
Book 3, p.91
Apr Court 1804 Entry #959. David Johnston allowed 200 acres of land.
Book 3, p.194
15 Apr 1805 David Johnston entered 400 acres.
This David doesn't appear again after 1805

David JOHNSTON listed in the 1810 census in Logan Co KY. The eldest male in the household was over age 45. One male child age 10-16. One female child under 10; two females 10-16, one female 16-26, one female 26-45. Lists 20 slaves.

Logan Co Tax Rolls.
David Johnston/Johnson [spelling varies from year to year] appears in 1809 - that year with no land but 19 slaves, 9 horses. In 1810 he owned 300 acres on the Gasper River, entd/survd by Dickey. He was charged with an additional 400 acres on the Gasper, entd/surv by Morton beginning in 1813. He is present each year from 1809 through 1815. Slaves vary from 18-22, horses from 9 to 13. In 1814 he is in Capt Wigginton's Company; in 1815 in Capt Whitsitts Company.

From Warren Co KY DB H, p.79
30 Oct 1816 John C. May & Susannah his wife to David Johnson of Logan Co for $800. 100 acres on Gasper River where May lives.

Court Orders
Book 7, p.55
18 May 1818 Ordered that James Slaughter, Thomas Proctor, ____ Stanley and William Price, or any three of them, appraise the estate of David Johnson dec'd.

Logan Co WB B, p.152-157 lists an appraisal and sale for David Johnston on 19 Jun 1818. Appraisers: James Slaughter, Soloman Stanly, William Price.

Logan Co WB C, p. 9 2 Jun 1823. Inventory of David Johnson. Adm. Benjamin C. Johnson. Note: Is this the son of Benjamin Collins Johnson and Molly Bowles, named in the will of Knight Bowles, 1817?

I have found nothing in Logan Co KY which lists the name of the wife of David Johnson of the above records.

Possibly had at least one daughter, Sallie Johnson, who married Young B. Green, according to papers of Irene Cook which cite Jack Thacker as the source. These researchers have placed David as the son of James Johnson & Rachel Haden. In spite of the strong traditions, I have found no direct proof that the David Johnson found in Logan Co KY has any relationship to the Johnsons from Goochland VA.

David JOHNSON and Nancy BOWLES were married on 16 December 1790 in Goochland County, Virginia.71 Nancy BOWLES, daughter of John BOWLES and Elizabeth CURD, was born on 18 October 1771 in Goochland County, Virginia. She died before 1830 at the age of 59.

Nancy Bowles, daughter of Knight Bowles & Sarah Curd, had her birth recorded in The Douglas Register; as 16 Dec 1790; she was baptized 3 Jun 1770. There were two other Nancy Bowles born in Goochland at about the same time. Others have suggested Nancy, daughter of Knight Curd, married Daniel Curd, and their child was Knight B. Curd, named in Knight Bowles will of 1817.

Patrick Bowles and Nannie Owen had a daughter Nannie Jones Bowles born 22 Nov 1770 and baptized 17 Mar 1771.

John Bowles and Elizabeth Curd also had a daughter Nancy, born 18 Oct 1771 and baptized Nov 1771 at St. James Northam, recorded in The Douglas Register. John left a will, dated 26 Dec 1830, in Union Co, SC, mentioning heirs of his deceased daughter Nancy Johnson, but not listing any heirs by name. [This might be consistent with Nancy leaving Virginia and going to Kentucky with David Johnson and seems to be the most likely connection.]

It would seem that David Johnson was about 15 years older than any of the above Nancy's. Perhaps his wife was still a different lady.

Marriage for David Johnson to Nancey Bowles. (Deed Book 15, p.487; Goochland Co Marriage Register p.396) 16 Dec 1790.