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Second Generation

2. Daniel JOHNSON1,4 was christened on 16 May 1699 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. He died before May 1754 in Goochland County, Virginia.

Daniel married Agnes, surname unknown.

1733 June 20: Daniel Johnson, Joseph Johnson and John NICKS, 300 acres on the North side of James River adjoing land of Michael Johnson and on the North Side of Mill Creek: Land Office Patents # 15, 1732-1735 vol 1 & 2 pg 37 on reel 13: Library of Viriginia Archives Section;
Have also seen this as John Hicks.

Goochland DB 6, p.268
27 Dec 1752 Daniel Johnson to William Swanson. 800 acres on Lickinghole Crk. Signed: Daniel (D) Johnson. Wit: James George, John Mims, William Webb. Agness, wife, relinquished dower. Ack. 20 Mar 1753.

He died before 21 May 1754 leaving a will that named wife Agnes, sons William & John, and a daughter Ulsy Wood. Son William got 100 acres on South side of Mill Creek. Son John, 100 acres on North side Mill Creek. His brother James, and sons William & John were Executors. Will recorded Goochland, 21 May 1754, Book 6, p.369. Witnesses included James Johnson, Moses Brumfield, Joseph Johnson. Signed: Daniel (D) Johnson.

Goochland DB 6, p.417
30 Jul 1754 Arthur Hopkins to John Smith. 95 acres for 20£. Bowlings Crk at Rockcastle. Part of land recovered by Hopkins of Phillip Webber by a petition in General Court. DANIEL JOHNSON's line, Henry Webb's line. Signed: Arthur Hopkins. Wit: John Hopkins, Elizabeth Smith, Jane Hopkins. Ack. 19 Nov 1754.

Goochland DB 6, p.434
15 Dec 1754. Inventory of Estate of Daniel Johnson, dec'd. William Miller and John Johnson, Executors.

Goochland DB 7, p.217
20 Dec 1757 William Swanson of Halifax to William McGuire. Tract on branches of Lickinghole Creek. Henry Webbs line, Dean's line, David Mims' line. 300 acres, part of larger tract granted to Daniel Johnson by patent dated 15 Aug 1737.
Wit: Wm Pledge, John Moseley, John Smith Jr. Proved by witnesses 20 Dec 1757.

Daniel JOHNSON and Agnes [JOHNSON] were married. Agnes [JOHNSON] was born (date unknown).

Daniel JOHNSON and Agnes [JOHNSON] had the following children:



William JOHNSON (private).



John JOHNSON (private).



Usly JOHNSON (private).