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Third Generation

11. James M. HOLDERNESS5,22,48,49,50,51,52 was born about 1803.5,53

[Age based on guardianship records. Lewis McClendon paid Henry Anthony for boarding James M. in 1817 and bought clothes for him in 1818. However, there was also a note that Nelson Powell was appointed guardian 3 Sep 1821 - some of his accounts are still being paid in 1824..]

Minutes of Inferior Court 1801-1812 p.81 15 Mar 1804. Cinthy appointed guardian of James McKinney Holderness, orphan of McKinney Holderness, dec'd. (he was less than 14 in 1804 so born between 1791-1804]. this is very curious because no guardian was appointed for McKinney. I would like to see the original - perhaps it should read James and McKinney Holderness.

"The 3rd or 1820 Land Lottery of George" by Lucas, 1986, revealed that James M. Holdnes (sic), orphan, from Wilkes Co, drew Lot #2, District 12 in Early County.

Nelson Powell, no doubt a kinsman of Cynthia, became Guardian of James 3 Sep 1821.
In 1821, James M. was accused of murdering a Negro, Aaron, property of Isaac McClendon. Does not state outcome. He did spend some time in jail because there are accounts in March and April of 1822 "Cash furnished in prison". There are various legal bills including those for the appeal. His itemized expenses for the guardianship include numerous purchases of liquor both for himself and others.

In the accounts presented by Nelson Powell, guardian for James there is one to William Dearing for miscellaneous store items. This bill dated 15 Jan 1823 includes Ladies shoes, ribbons, a hair trunk, etc. - items that could very well be for a wife. There is also in Dec of 1822 a bill for corn and pork "for the family of James M. Holderness".

Robert Scott Davis, Jr. 1979, Reprinted 1983 Southern Historical Press
John Clark PLF Vs. Stephen Mallory, def 1822
Bond for Wm Mallory to appear in case involving James Holderness having murdered a Negro man named Aaron, property of Isaac McLendon, [s] Wm Mallary & Stephen Mallory before [s] Bolling Anthony JP; Thomas Anderson JP & R. W. Collier JP, 31 May 1821
Warrant for arrest of Stephen Mallory for failure of Wm Mallory to appear in court as a witness. [s] John M. Dooly, Judge 30 May 1822. Papers were served 6 Jun 1822 [s] William Smith, DS

From the McLendon book: James M. Holderness was banned from Wilkes County as his punishment for killing the slave Aaron. The author wrote that it was brought out at the trial how much liquor he consumed and then she made the comment "So he must have been a problem long before the murder." James made have imbibed a great deal as a youth but it appears he was not officially banned from Georgia, and was indeed acquitted.

From: "Keith Giddeon" <>
To: <>
Subject: James Holderness' trial
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002
Hi Kay,
I recently took a trip to Wilkes Co and viewed many of the documents related
to the trial of James Holderness.
In the various books, I was able to find that he was acquitted of the murder
charge. But, the McClendon who owned the murdered slave sued and won a
judgement of $750.
I was interested in this case because one of my ancestors, Joseph Powell,
was a witness at the murder trial.
These records are in the basement of the courthouse, in the Superior Court's
storage room. A GRAND OLD ROOM indeed! I'll be going back to Washington in
the coming months, and I'll be sure to record the book and page information
for source citations if you wish. I just didn't have time to do it on this
trip since I was looking for a family connection.

It isn't known for sure where James Holderness went after his trial but it is known his brother McKinney bought land in Cahawba, Dallas Co, AL soon after the area was opened up. Found the following posts in the newspapers of that area. From the CAHAWBA PRESS & ALABAMA STATE INTELLIGENCER- list of letters unclsimed at the P.O. in Cahawba on 31 Mar 1823: Jas. Holderness From the SELMA COURIER - list of leters unclaimed at the P.O. at Selma on 1 Jan 1828: James M. Holiness.

He was living in Henry Co Georgia in 1830 [1830 Census he is in Henry Co] but they were in Marshall Co AL in 1840 when their daughter Mary Ann married Richard F. Fields. Moved to Noxubee Co MS by 1850 After the move to Mississippi, the family name became "Holdiness". James was living with his daughter, Margaret Jones, in Morehouse Parish, LA, in 1860.

1825. James Holderness bought 133 acres on Towaliga Crk in Henry Co. GA. It was Lot 207, Dist 3. He bought from Jesse Johnson.
14 Feb 1832 James sold the property less 2/3 acres where Pace's Mill stood which James had previously sold to Brazil Pace to his mother-in-law, Margaret Welborn. Margaret sold the property to Zadock Sawyer on 15 Nov 1832 but the deed wasn't recorded until 9 May 1833, after Margaret's death.

1830 Census; Henry Co GA
James M. Holderness: 1m -5 [McKinney]; 1m 15-20 [???]; 1m 30-40 [James]; 2f -5 [Martha and ???]; 1f 5-10 [Mary Ann and ???]; 1f 10-24 [Clarissa]. [There appear to be some extra people in the household or perhaps the ages have been judged wrong - it's not likely there could be a child born before 1822 or so]. Slaves: 2m -10; 2f -10; 1f 10-24 [Would seem to be a female with four children] Total of 13 in the household.

James was a Justice of the Peace in Henry Co, GA in 1833. His in-laws also lived in Henry Co.

1850 Census: Noxubee Co MS. p.235b; Dwelling 660. J. M. Holdness, age 58, Planter [he was more likely 48] bron in GA; Clarissa age 50 b. GA.; Samuel 21, James 19, Ezekiel 18, Thomas 14 and Margaret 12 - Margaret the only child not born in GA. Margaret's birthplace listed as Alabama.
Next on the Census at Dwelling 661 was Martha and her husband Joseph Pucket. Joseph was a Miller, age 30, born in TN. Martha age 10, Elizabeth 7, Adaline 5, and William 7/12. The children all born in Mississippi.
The next household was that of Mary Harbor. Her daughter Martha, age 19, born in AL married McKinney Holderness.

1860 Census, Morehouse Parish, LA, 8th Ward, written p.84, Household 613
Thos. Jones, age 30, Farmer, $12,400 real estate, $4370 Personal estate, born NC, Margaret age 20, b. MS. Wm L. age 8, M. A. age 6 [male], and Thos. B. age 4, all born in Louisiana. Martha Warren age 16, born in GA lived with them. Jas. Holdness, age 60, b. NC is listed [Clarissa is not listed even thought she was said to be alive and living in Oachita Parish in 1862.] Also P. S. Cunningham, age 24, a school teacher born in Illinois.

This is the ancestor of Lawrence Maynard.

James M. HOLDERNESS and Clarissa WILBOURN were married about 1822.5,53 Clarissa WILBOURN53, daughter of Ezekiel "Zeke" WILBOURN and Margaret "Peggy" STRIBLING, was born about 1800 in Georgia.53

Note by a granddaughter raises possibility her maiden name was Wilburn. In the estate settlement of McKinnie Holderness James M. gave cash to guardian Nelson Powell to pay "Welbourn".

The parents of Clarissa were sent to me from Lawrence Maynard - the source is the Wilbourn database and newsletter maintained by Carolyn Haskins: <w4wxa!>.

In August of 1862, son McKinney was asking to be named administrator of his brother James' estate, stating that his Mother was living in Ouachita Parish, LA. She was apparently not listed in the 1860 Census.

James M. HOLDERNESS and Clarissa WILBOURN had the following children:



Mary Ann HOLDINESS54,55 was born about 1824 in Georgia.54 Married Richard F. Fields 10 Mar 1840 in Marshall County AL.
In the 1850 census, Richard Fields is age 35, planter, born in AL. Mary is 26. Children Elizabeth 7, Clarah 7, Dempsey 4, and Annisilla age 2.



McKinney HOLDINESS56,57 was born about 1826 in Georgia.56 He died between 1900 and 1910 at the age of 74 in Richland Parish, Louisiana.56 1850 Census, he was living in the household of Nancy Caloway in Noxubee Co MS, listed as a Laborer. Married Martha L. Harbor 25 Feb 1851 in Noxubee Co MS. Administrator of his brother James' estate in Ouachita Parish LA in 1862. Noxubee Co in 1870, 1880. In 1900 McKinney was living with sister Margaret Jones in Richland Parish LA.

This is probably the M. Holdiness buried beneath a Confederate monument in New Salem Cemetery between Girard and Lake LaFourche LA. No dates but the monument states that he served in Co A, 4th LA cavalry. A book of LA Confederate Soldiers states that his name appears on the Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Monroe LA on 13 Jun 1865 with residence listed as Morehouse Parish LA. Sister Margaret Jones was living in Morehouse Parish at that time.



Martha HOLDINESS58 was born about 1828 in Georgia.58 Married Joseph Puckett c 1842 in Alabama. In Noxubee Co MS in 1850, next door to her parents. Lived next door to brother Samuel and sister Mary Fields in 1860.






James M. HOLDINESS59 was born about 1831 in Georgia.59 He died on 6 March 1862 at the age of 31 in Pea Ridge, Benton County, Arkansas.59 Living with parents in Noxubee Co MS in 1850. Lived in Ouachita Parish LA in 1860. Served in the CSA in Company E, 3rd LA Infantry. Killed at the Bittle of Pea Ridge in NW Arkansas 6 Mar 1862.



Ezekial HOLDINESS59 was born about 1832 in Georgia.59 Living with parents in Noxubee Co MS in 1850. Sister, Margaret Jones received some animals from his estate in the 1860's.



Thomas HOLDINESS60 was born on 3 August 1838 in Georgia.60 He died on 30 June 1905 at the age of 66 in Richland Parish, Louisiana.60 Married (1st) Martha Osteen 8 Jan 1867 and (2nd) Sallie Mulhern 5 Jul 1871 in Richland Parish LA and (3rd) Mrs. Nancy Thompson Wilkerson 23 Sep 1888 in Richland Parish LA.
Lived with parents in Noxubee Co MS in 1850; possibly went to LA at age 18. Not found in either LA or MS in 1860. A Thomas Holdiness did serve in the CSA from Macon MS as a Private, Company D, 41st Regt., MS Infantry.
He was in Richland Parish LA in 1870-1900.



Margaret HOLDINESS61 was born on 1 January 1843 in Alabama.61 She died on 8 February 1919 at the age of 76 in Richland Parish, Louisiana.61 Married Thomas Jones, a widower with 3 children in 1858. Lived at Jones Ferry, Morehouse Parish LA in 1860; Richland Parish LA in 1870; Monroe, Ouachita Parish LA in 1880. Had moved back to Richland Parish LA by 1900. Margaret inherited $200 from her brother James who was killed in the War in 1862 and farm animals from her brothers James and Ezekiel.