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Second Generation

3. McKinnie HOLDERNESS7,18,19,20 was born before 1769. He died in 1803 at the age of 34 in Wilkes County, Georgia.5,18,20,21

Deed of Gift of slaves from his father in Aug of 1769. Probably closer in age to his sister than shown here.

McKinnie was already in Wilkes Co GA to appear in Anthony's District on a 1792 Tax List.

Administrator of father's estate from 1796 until his own death in 1803.
SURETY: LEWIS IRONS - $5,000.00 <No Inventory, Sales, Receipts, Expenses

On 8 Jan 1803, McKinnie signed a contract with John Harris & Dudley Sales for a new house. He died before 22 Feb.

Sinthy Holderness made accounting as temporary Administratrix of the estate of McKinney Holderness 22 Feb 1803. Appraisers named on that date. Administration granted 1 Aug 1803. $10,000 bond guaranteed by herself and Francis Powell, John Dyson, Archibald Riddle, Charley Stovall, Jacob Lindsey, Stephen Mallory and John Heard.
Inventory dated 26 Feb 1803 for a total of $5112.00. Appraisers were Drury Williams, William Bostick, & Joseph Heard. 24 Slaves were listed in estate - some of these from the estate of McKinnie's father James.

Minutes of Inferior Ct 1801-1812, p.34 22 Feb 1803. Sinthy Holderness appt Administrix.

Wilkes Co Deed Book PP, p.59 23 Apr 1796 William & Mary Mitchem to McKinie Holderness. 125 acres on Morris Creek ...up the Augusta Road to Holdernes, part of a grant to James McCammon on 14 Jan 1796. Witness: Drury Williams, David Own. Proved by Drury Williams 12 Apr 1797.

Inventory of his estate 23 Jul 1804. Synthea Holderness, Admx.

Fred R. & Emilie K. Hartz
Vidalia GA 1990
Milledgeville, Baldwin Co was the capital of GA 1807-1868.
Vol 1, p.288 29 Jun 1814 Administrator's sale. Will be sold, on 1st Tues in Sept next at the court-house in Washington Co pursuant to an order from the Inferior Court of Wilkes Co, 400 A of land the county of Washington, on the waters of the Oconee ...whereon Abner Dennard now lives, for the benefit of the heirs of M'Kinnie Holderness, deceased. Signed: L. M'Lendon, Acting Adm.

The above notice was repeated in the Georgia Journal on 6 Jul 1814, p.4. Only a few phrases were omitted in the abstract:
....400 Acres of Land, (more or less) in the county of Washington, on the waters of the Oconee, adjoining Tucker and others, whereon Abner Dennard now lives, for the benefit of the heirs of M'Kinnie Holderness, dec'd. Twelve months credit will be given, bond and security required.
L. M'Lendon, acting Adm'r.
June 29

McKinnie HOLDERNESS and Cynthia POWELL were married in Rockingham County, North Carolina.18 Cynthia POWELL18,22 died about 1835 in Wilkes County, Georgia.22

Sinthy Holderness made an accounting as temporary Administratrix of the estate of McKinney Holderness on 22 Feb 1803. Appraisers were named. Administration granted her of 1 Aug 1803. $10,000 bond guarnteed by herself and the following: Franis Powell, John Dyson, Archibald Riddle, Charley Stovall, Jacob Lindsey, Stephen Mallory & John Heard.

The inventory dated 26 Feb 1803 was for a total of $5,112.00. 24 slaves were included, some from the estate of McKinnie's father James.

Appointed guardian of her minor child, James McKinney Holdiness, orphan of McKinney Holdiness, dec'd, 15 Mar 1804. Isaac McClendon and Francis Powell, Security.

Lewis McLendon became guardian of James after their marriage. On 3 Mar 1806, Lewis McLendon was appointed Administrator of estate of McKinnie Holderness in right of his wife.

In 1805 the GA Land Lottery, Syntha (sic) Holderness was allowed two draws, but she did not draw land either time. "1805 Georgia Land Lottery" Transcribed by Virginia S. & Ralph V. Wood, Greenewood Press, Cambridge, 1964.

In 1804, Cynthia paid taxes on her land as a widow; in 1805 Lewis McClendon paid tax on the land on Fishing Creek - so they were likely married by then.

Who was her family? There were Powells back in Rockingham Co VA and they may have married there. In Wilkes Co GA on 23 Jul 1789 Moses Powell Sr gave land, slaves, goods, etc to be delivered at his death to his sons Moses Powell Jr & Benjamin Powell. (DB DD, p.170) On 6 Feb 1793, Ruth Powell Widow sold land to Jesse Mathews of Columbia Co GA - tract on Little Briere Creek, part of 200 acres granted to Ruth in 1787 [DB LL, p.11] Francis Powell was a neighbor. Nelson Powell bought McKinnie's Washington Co land and served as Administrator of the estate of Lewis McClendon and guardian to James M. Holderness after Lewis died. Nelson married Nancy M. (Williams) Anderson on 19 Dec 1816. She was the daughter of Drury Williams, widow of John Anderson. Nelson Powell was definitely a brother of Cynthia: As early as 1817, Nancy Powell was being paid for making articles of clothing for James M. Holderness. In 1821, Receipt #38 of Nelson Powell's report as guardian to James M. Holderness, referred to clothes made by "your aunt".

From Grace Gillam's Early Records of George, Vol. I, Wilkes County:Returns 1821-22 Lewis McLendon, dec'd. Nelson Powell, Admr. Paid Benjamin, Nelson & Mary Powell certain sums.
Returns 1823. Nelson Powell as Admr. paid Wm Gilbert $321, Simpson McLendon $228. William, Simpson and Cynthia McLendon hired out slaves and rented the home farm.
[Simpson McLendon was probably Lewis' brother - Lewis & Cynthia also named a son Simpson but he wasn't old enough to be hiring out slaves, etc.]
Nelson Powell was appointed guardian of Cynthia's son James on 3 Sep 1821. James could only need a guardian if he was less than 21 on that date.

In February of 1828, Cynthia married for the third time to Henry H. Hyde.

From "The McLendons of Carroll County, Georgia and Related Families" by Lois Clouse McLendon. Published for the author by: Gateway Press, Inc, 1001 N. Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202 - 1989. The conclusions was reached that Nelson & Benjamin Powell, brothers, as indicated by the will of Nelson Powell, were sons of Cader Powell, in turn the eldest son of Moses Powell who had come to Wilkes Co from North Carolina. Moses did have sons Cader, Lewis, Moses Jr & a Benjamin. His grandchildren, children of these sons are not all identified. Nelson & Benjamin were more or less "assigned" to Cader without proof. The book also concluded correctly that Cynthia Powell was their sister. It was not noted that this family of Moses did not live on Fishing & Morris Creeks as did the Holderness, McClendon & families of Francis, Benjamin & Nelson Powell.

Lawrence Maynard's email of 23 May 2001 included the following dates but no source unless they came from the McLendon book. Henry Hyde died 15 Mar 1831 - this doesn't agree with later documents that show Henry may have still been living in 1838/39. Cynthia said to have died ca 1835 - but the same documents indicate that probably Cynthia, too, was still living in 1838/39. It is likely that Cynthia & Henry may have moved to Meriwether County sometime after the 1830 census along with some of her married sisters.

Francis Powel was in Capt McLenden's Tax "Company" in 1795 - 200 acres on Morriss Crk, adj Bailey & Heard. An application by a descendant for the Revolutionary Pension of Francis Powell states that he was raised in Amherst Co VA and served in the War from Amherst. After his discharge in returned to Amherst but later removed to Wilkes Co GA where he lived until his death.
There was a Francis Powell in McClendon's Tax District in 1801. 200 acres on Fishing Creek adj Jno Bailey & William Right. [James Holderness had land on Fishing Creek as well; Morris Creek was a branch of Fishing Creek.]
Nelson doesn't appear in tax records until about 1808. And didn't marry until 1816. He was deceased by 1825, naming three children in his will - Sarah Ann, Willis & Tabitha. He also had two stepsons - children of his wife Nancy Williams Anderson. He named his brother Benjamin in the will.

In 1820 Wilkes Co GA
p. 173
Francis Powel 1m 16-26, 1m 45+; 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45, 1f 45+ 12 slaves counted
Nelson Powel 2m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45; 1f -10, 1f 26-45 7 slaves counted
Luis McLendon 3m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45 [Lewis] 3f under 10, 2 10-16 and 1 26-45 [Cynthia] 10 slaves listed in the household

Then in 1830. All on p.299
Henry H. Hyde. Himself, age 30-40, one female [Cynthia] age 40/50 5 slaves
[I find it strange that no children are living with Cynthia - some of her McLendon children would not be old enough to be on their own. I looked at Lewis McLendon's brothers in this census but none of them seemed to have "extras".]Benjamin Powell with 2m -5; himself as age 30-40; 1f -5, 1f 20-30 1 slave
and next door
Francis Powell, age 80-90 with 1f 20-30 and 1f 30-40 [These ladies match up nicely with the ones from 1820 and have aged appropriately; mama likely deceased between 1820 and 1830. The youngest would be Elizabeth who didn't marry until 1834, the older would be the spinster Mary] 14 slaves
p.311 is Nancy Powell, widow of Nelson. 1m 5-10, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, and 1f 30-40 [Nancy] 13 slaves

In email correspondence with Keith Giddeon <> who descends from a Joseph Powell of the approximate age of the above Nelson & Benjamin is the following.
An indenture (Wilkes Co. GA Superior Court, Deed Book "NNN", page 507),
January 8, 1839, between "The Heirs of Francis Powell" and "Mark Anthony of Lincoln County".
The heirs of Francis Powell are listed in this document as follows. Italics are mine.
-Henry Hyde (husband of Cynthia Powell Holderness McClendon)
-Sachoriah (sic -Zachariah) Wortham (husband to Sarah Powell, m. 9/2/1813, Wilkes Co.
Named a son Thomas Nelson Wortham.)
-Samuel Wortham (husband to Jane Powell, m. 11/12/1812, Wilkes Co.)
-William Wells (husband to Caroline Powell, m. 9/26/1816, Wilkes Co.)(the above all of the County of Meriwether)
-Thomas Powell (Nelson Powell had lottery land in this Talbot Co area)
(... of the county of Talbot)
-John Kendrick (husband of Sarah Ann Cornelia Powell, a daughter of Nelson
Powell, dec'd.)
-William Simpson (husband of Tabitha Jane Powell, daughter of Nelson Powell, dec'd.)
-Joseph Burdett (husband of Elizabeth Powell, m. 9/18/1834)
-Benjamin Powell [brother of Nelson Powell, named in Nelson's will)
-Mary Powell (believed to be a spinster daughter of Francis]
(...of Wilkes County)
-Edmond Jackson (husband of Nancy Powell)
(... of the county of Chambers state of Alabama)
-John H. Dyson, agent and attorney for Joseph Powell "of the County of Winchester and the state of Newyork" [probably Westchester Co NY - Keith has a family tradition that Joseph had once worked on a ship that ran between NY City and New Orleans. This is his ggg grandfather.)
(Dyson was also adm. of Nelson Powell's estate)
The sum of $900 was paid by Mark Anthony for the property. The tract described as a part of the Powell tract, 200 acres adj Jesse Williams, Benjamin Powell, and others. The same being part of the Real Estate of Francis Powell, Dec'd, sold by the heirs of said Francis.
Signatures were: Thos. Powell, Wm. Wells, H. Hyde, E. Jackson, S. Wortham, J. B. Kendrick, W. Simpson, B. Powell, J. Burdett, M. Powell, Zack T. Wortham, John H. Dyson, atty for J. Powell.
Wit: Zadock Smith, W. B. Jones, J.P.
Deed recorded 17 May 1839.

I count 11 children for Francis Powell: Cynthia Powell Hyde, Sarah Powell Wortham, Jane Powell Wortham, Caroline Powell Wells, Thomas Powell, Elizabeth Powell Burdett, Benjamin Powell, Mary Powell, Nancy Powell Jackson & Joseph Powell. Nelson Powell was dec'd, so his children inherited his share - only the daughters, Sarah & Tabitha are named so apparently his son Willis has also died.

Then on 28 Mar 1854, Joseph T. Burdett appeared in the Inferior Court of Wilkes Co, GA to make declaration to obtain a pension for the living children of Francis Powell, dec'd. Joseph declared his age to be 43.
He stated the following were the living children: Mary Powell, Joseph Powell, & Elizabeth Burdett, all of Wilkes Co GA; Nancy Jackson of Chambers Co, AL; Jane Wortham of Coweta Co GA; Sarah Wortham, Caroline Wells, & Benjamin Powell of Meriwether Co GA; and Thomas Powell of Talbot Co GA. [The only children not named from the earlier Indenture are Nelson who was already deceased then and Cynthia who also must have died.]
Joseph Burdett had been acquainted with Francis Powell for 30 years - he married the daughter of Francis Powell over twenty years ago and resided in the house of Francis Powell from the time of his marriage until the death of Powell, which was about 16 years ago. [1838]
Burdett had heard Powell say he was born & raised in Amherst Co VA and volunteered for service in the Revolution against Great Britain from Amherst Co at the commencement of the war and served in the Virginia Line during the war, under the command of Gen. George Washington. Powell said he was in service frequently with Gen. Lafayette and was at the Battle at Bunker Hill, Battle at Brandywine, Battle at Guilford, Battle at the Cowpens, Battle at Camden & the Siege at Yorktown & saw Lord Cornwallis surrender. Afterward Powell was honourably discharged & returned to Amherst Co and resided there until he removed to Wilkes Co GA where he resided until he died, over sixteen years since. The wife of said Francis Powell died previous to his death.
J. M. Dyson, Justice of the Inferior Court, certified that Joseph T. Burdett was a respectable citizen of Wilkes Co.
Samuel Flournoy certified he was acquainted with Francis Powell in his lifetime & heard him say he was in the above battles and he believes the children named to be the children of said Powell and that he has know Jos. T. Burdett since he was born.
The undersigned citizens of Wilkes Co GA, certified that they knew Francis Powell and he was generally reputed to have been a Revolutionary Soldier and the persons named to be his lawful children and they are entitled to the benefit of the Penion Laws now in force.
Signed: Thomas Anderson, William Pool, Joseph T. Burdett

Some conclusions. Cynthia was born between 1780-1790, likely in Amherst Co VA. It's probable that McKinnie Holderness and Cynthia Powell married in Wilkes Co GA. Evidence indicates that both families were in Wilkes Co by 1795. The guardianship records of their son James M. Holderness indicate he was born in the early 1800's, perhaps 1802/1803. I believe that McKinney Holderness, often cited as a brother to James M. was more likely a half-brother. There is no evidence that Cynthia Powell ever had any responsibility for McKinney. Census records of 1850 indicate that McKinney was at least eight years older than James M. The 1850 mortality census records indicate that McKinney was born about 1792. Cynthia may not have been in Wilkes Co by 1792 since her father's first record is 1795. There is never any indication of a relationship between McKinney & James M. in later years. In fact, records in Alabama show that brother McKinney was a land holder as early as 1818 - of more than one tract - so was definitely a man of means by that year and gone from Georgia. Given the fact that Cynthia had eight/nine children by Lewis McClendon between the years of 1805 and 1822 would also indicate a young strong woman, not a woman old enough to have given birth to McKinney as early as 1792.

McKinnie HOLDERNESS and Cynthia POWELL had the following children: