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Third Generation

10. Harrison IRWIN4 was born in August 1835 in Clermont County, Ohio.1,4,18 He died before June 1904 at the age of 68 in Lincoln County, Missouri.1

In the 1860 Census Harrison, Mariah and the two older boys live with his parents.

Harrison Irwin is on the 1861 Militia Roll for Woodstock Township as an able bodied male citizen between the age of 18-45 subject to military duty. His brother Harvey and half-brother Eleazer did serve in the Union Army.

I checked the Bureau of Land Management and the Irwins had no patents direct from the government. I'm sure a search of the Grantee index prior to the dates of the deeds listed here would reveal when these tracts were purchased. None of the sales seemed to be for the 40 acres he would have inherited from his grandfather Richard Hill in Section 33, but perhaps that land was not be to distributed until after his mother's death.

22 Mar 1865. Schuyler Co DB 30, p.531 Harrison Irwin and Mariah R. his wife sold to Samuel Decourter for $300, 40 acres, the SW qtr of the NE qtr of Section 6, T1 N, R2 W. Harrison made his mark, Mariah R. Irwin signed. The deed was acknowledged on the same day.

1870 Census. Rushville P.O., Woodstock Twp, Schuyler Co IL
Harrison Irvin, age 28, cooper, b. Ohio. Mariah, age 34, b. PA
John R. 13, Levi 10, Francis M. [male] 9. Freeman 7. Ottus 5. Laura A. 2. Lotta age 2 months, b. April.

16 Dec 1874. Schuyler DB 41, p.579 Harrison Irwin and Mariah R. his wife sold to Abner M. Yates for $200, the SW qtr of the NW qtr of Section 31, T2 N, R2 W. [a quarter of a quarter section was 40 acres] Harrison Irwin made his mark, Mariah signed. Acknowledged on the same day.

5 Nov 1879 Schuyler DB 51, p.438 Harrison Irwin and Maria R. his wife sold to Amanda Gilham for $250 the SE qtr of the SW qtr of Section 31, T2 N, R2 W. The wheat then growing on the place was reserved for the Grantor until the 10th of Mar 1880. Acknowledged on the same day.

By the summer of 1880, the family was in Missouri:
1880 Census. South Buffalo, Pike Co MO, Hh 253
Harrison "Nrwin", age 46, tymaker ???, b. KY as were his parents
Marier, wife, age 42, b. Penn as were her parents
John, son, age 23. Frances, dau, age 20. Freeman, son, age 18. Otis, son, age 14. Laura, dau, age 10. Mary, dau, age 8. George, son, age 7. Ida, dau, age 4. Harmon, son, age 2.

1900 Census. Bedford Twp, Lincoln Co MO. Hh 67
Harrison Erwin, b. Aug. 1835, age 64, married 47 years [more like 43]. Born KY, father b. Ohio, mother b. KY.
Mariah R., wife, b. Nov 1836, age 63. Had 11 children, 10 are living. She and her parents b. PA.

Harrison IRWIN and Mariah R. PHILLIPS were married on 25 June 1856 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4,19 Mariah R. PHILLIPS20 was born in November 1836 in Pennsylvania.4 She died on 21 January 1915 at the age of 78 in Illinois.21

After Harrison Irwin died, the children deeded the land to Mariah. This likely indicates he died intestate and under Missouri law, the children were entitled to a portion of his real estate and personal property. The deed is dated 4 Jun 1904. F. Irwin, Mary Irwin [this is Freeman and his wife Mary] John R. Irwin, Mary J. Irwin [John's wife], George W. Irwin, F. M. Irwin [Francis] , Herman E. Irwin, William Norfolk, Mary Norfolk [dau Mary and her husband], Levi L. Irwin, Sarah F. Irwin [Levi's wife], Otis Irwin, Daisy Irwin [wife of Otis] sell to Mariah Irwin of Lincoln Co, MO, in consideration of the sum of one dollar the West half of the SW quarter of section 22, T49, R2 W, subject to a deed of trust [mortgage] owned by Ira L. Russell of Troy, Missouri, which Mariah Irwin will satisfy.
The deed was acknowledged at different times and places.
25 Jun 1904, George W., F. [Freeman] Irwin and Mary J. his wife, appeared before Joseph B. Allen, Notary Public, Lincoln Co.
25 Jun 1904, Harrison E. [this was actually Herman E.] declared himself to be single and unmarried and acknowledged the deed in Lincoln Co.
8 Nov 1904 John R. and Mary J. Irwin acknowledged the deed, probably in Schuyler Co IL
21 Nov 1904 Levi L. and Sarah L. Irwin acknowledged the deed in Pike Co.
29 Mar 1905 William and Mary Norfolk acknowledged before G. N. Elliott, in Warren Co MO.
24 Apr 1905 Otis and Daisy Irwin acknowledged the deed probably in Pike Co, MO
20 Sep 1905 F. M. [Francis] Irwin declared himself a single man, unmarried and acknowledged the deed in Louisiana, Pike Co MO.
The deed was recorded 12 Dec 1906.
I did notice that two of the married daughters and their husbands, Laura and Ida, were not part of this transaction.

A deed of trust, or mortgage deed, perhaps referenced in the above was made 20 Aug 1894 between Harrison Irwin and Maria Irwin and C. H. Avery of Lincoln Co and Dale Russell & Son. The property was the West 1/2 of the SW qtr of Section 22, T50, R2, and was for 80 acres. The township does not agree in the two deeds. The promissory note was for $35, due in one year, interest at 8%. Harrison made his mark, Mariah Irwin signed. Wm. R. Young was a witness. The deed was filed for record on 19 Sep 1894. Obviously the debt was extended far past the one year specified.
The debt mentioned in the within Deed of Trust having been fully paid and discharged, I hereby acknowledge satisfaction in full and release the property herein conveyed from the lien and encumbrance thereon, this 23rd day of July 1906. Signed Jas. H. Cunningham Recorder of Deeds. Ira L. Russell, Beneficiary.

Mariah returned to Illinois.
On the 18 of Sept 1908, Mrs. Mariah R. Irwin, a single woman of Schuyler Co, IL, sold property in Missouri to James R. Gibson. I don't have enough information about this deed, but it was likely the land in Lincoln Co.

In 1910, Maria Irwin, Sister, lived with the family of Stephen Philips in Schuyler Co, IL. She was 74 years old, widowed. She had 11 children, 9 still living. [Otis died in 1909, Lotta had died as an infant.] Born Pennsylvania as were her parents. Her brother Stephen was much younger - age 50 - and was born in Illinois.
Stephen Philips, age 50, married 26 yr, b. IL. Adelia, wife, age 44. Had 8 children, 7 are living. Four of the children were still living at home.

Since her brother's name was Stephen, this could be Mariah's father and siblings in Schuyler Co in 1870.
Living in Rushville, Hh 79
Robert Philips, age 54, b. Pennsylvania. Sharlott, age 48, b. IL
Born in PA: Henry H. age 21. Edward F., age 20. Abraham R., age 18.
Steaven, age 7, b. Illinois

In 1850, the family was still in Pennsylvania. Hanover Twp, Northampton Co, PA, Hh 35
Rob. Philips, age 32. b. PA Ch. Philips, female, age 27, b. IL
M. R., female, age 11, b. PA [Mariah]
Henry, age 1, b. PA

Mariah apparently went back to Missouri as she has a Missouri Death Certificate #2057
She died in Salt River Township, Pike County, Missouri. Mirah Irwin, Date of death Jan 21, 1915 Cause of Death: Old Age and Senility. Date of birth 1828. Place of birth Not known. 87 years old. She was a widow. Father: Robert Philipps - his place of birth not known. Mother unknown. Informant: F. Irwin (son) [Son Freeman is on the census for 1920, Salt River Twp] Buried Taylor Cemetery on the 22nd.

Harrison IRWIN and Mariah R. PHILLIPS had the following children:



John R. IRWIN22 was born on 3 April 1857 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4

Married Mary. J. Knowles.

1900 Census. Buena Vista Twp, Schuyler Co IL, Hh 361
John R. Irwin, b. Apr 1859, age 41, married 23 years, b. IL, father b. Ohio, mother b. PA, Farmer
Mary J., wife, b. Jul 1861, age 38, 11 children - 9 are living, b. IL, father b. NC, mother b. IL
Druzilla, dau, b. Feb. 1884, age 16, b. MO. Lucy, dau, b. Mar 1885, age 15, b. MO.
Laura, dau, b. Mar. 1886, age 14, b. MO. Sarah, dau, b. Sep 1888, age 11, b. IL.
Harry, son, b. Mar 1890, age 10, b. IL. Henry, son, b. Jun 1892, age 7, b. IL. George, son, b. Jul 1894, age 5, b. IL.

Prairie Farmer's Directory of Brown and Schuyler Counties Illinois 1918
Irwin, John R. (Mary Jane Knowles) Ch Melvina, Mary, *Laura, *Sarah, *Harry, *George, *Hulda , *Cora, *Druzilla, *Lucy; Rushville R7 Woodstock Farm Hand Calvin Clayton (1856)
The year in parenthesis is the year he became a resident of the county.



Levi IRWIN was born in December 1859 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4 He died on 8 December 1914 at the age of 55 in Lincoln County, Missouri.21

Levi's wife's name was Sarah F.



Francis M. IRWIN was born in 1861 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4,22

Married Katie B. Smother, 5 Nov 1881, Lincoln Co, MO. However he stated he was a single man and unmarried in September of 1905 when he deeded land to his mother.



Freeman IRWIN was born on 2 October 1862 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4,22 He died on 20 August 1929 at the age of 66 in Clark, Lincoln County, Missouri.21

1900 Census. Clark Twp, Lincoln Co, MO, Hh 377
Freeman Irwin, b. Nov 1862, age 37, married 14 years.
Mary M., wife, b. May 1865, age 34, has had 3 children. She was born in Germany, came in 1867, has been here for 33 years.
Addie, dau, b. Nov 1886, age 13. Henry, son, b. Feb 1889, age 11. Willie, son, b. Dec 1890, age 9



Otis IRWIN was born in April 1864 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4,22 He died in 1909 at the age of 45 in Missouri.22

Otis's wife was named Daisy.

1900 Census. Calumet Twp, Pike Co, MO Hh 317
Otis Irwin, b. Apr 1866, age 34, married 7 yr.
Daisy, wife, b. May 1875, age 25, has had 5 children, only one is living
Annie, dau, b. Mar 1900, age 2 months



Laura A. IRWIN was born in April 1868 in Schuyler County, Illinois.4,22

Married Casper Meyers, 7 Jan 1886, Lincoln Co, MO.



Lotta IRWIN was born in April 1870.4,22 She died in 1870 at the age of 0 in Illinois.21

Died as an infant. Age was 2/12 at time of 1870 Census, b. February.



Mary "Molly" IRWIN was born on 7 December 1871 in Schuyler County, Illinois.22 She died on 12 September 1922 at the age of 50 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.21

Mary married William Norfolk.



George Washington IRWIN was born on 2 February 1873 in Schuyler County, Illinois.22 He died in March 1949 at the age of 76 in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri.21



Ida IRWIN was born on 7 February 1875 in Schuyler County, Illinois.22 She died on 2 November 1951 at the age of 76 in Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma.21

Ida married James Randall Gibson, 26 Feb 1896, Lincoln Co, MO.



Herman E. IRWIN was born on 12 May 1878 in Schuyler County, Illinois.23

#194. Born Buenavista Twp to Maria (Phillips) Ervin and Harrison Ervin.

He declared himself a single man, unmarried when he acknowledged the deed to his mother in June of 1904.