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Fourth Generation

70. Archibald HOLTZCLAW84 was born on 11 November 1764 in Fauquier County, Virginia.43 He died in 1828 at the age of 64 in Clay County, Missouri.

Archibald and Miram were 2nd cousins, once removed, both descended from Hermann Otterbach, if the correct wife has been found for the immigrant Peter Hitt.

A Chancery Court Case found at Library of Virginia
Archibald Holtzclaw v. Heirs of Peter Hitt, #1822-109
Peter Hitt had died possessed of land and slaves that were subsequently divided between the widow and the other distributees. Sarah Hitt, widow has also died and the dower land and slaves which she held are incapable of division and should be sold. The share of each distributee in the dower land is probably worth less than $300 and there are only eight slaves. Sons Joel Hitt and Peter Hitt Jr had also died leaving heirs, some of Peter Jr's who were minor children. Archibald sued to bring about a sale of the land and slaves.
The sale was held 4 Mar 1822. After the sale, and accounting for expenses, there remained $452.44 for each of the nine devisees or children of Peter and Sarah. That was of course, divided further among the children of Joel and Peter Jr.
The list of heirs is as follows:
Archibald Holtzclaw & Mariam his wife
Tilman Kemper & Dinah his wife
Elizabeth Arnold
Joseph Barnett & Mary his wife
Reuben Hitt
Nimrod Hitt
Jno Miller & Nancy his wife
Children of Joel Hitt: Joel, James W., William Y. Jno Button & Nancy his wife, and Fanny and James W. Keller [The husbands of the ladies appear to be wrong. Online databases have these two married girls reversed - this family had left the area and show Nancy married James W. Keller and Fanny married John Button. There is a marriage record Nancy Hitt to an Abraham Kellar, 18 Mar 1811, Henry Co KY & they are in the 1850 census in Moultrie Co IL, and there is a marriage record for Fanny to John Button, 9 Mar 1808, Henry Co KY. There is also an earlier court case in 1832 which names Jack Button & wife Fanny, as well as Abraham G. Kellar, and wife Nancy.]
Children of Peter Hitt Jr: Peter Pierce and Lucinda his wife, Polly Hitt; and Aldridge, Nimrod Jr and Elizabeth who were minors, their guardian ad litum was Asa Hume.

Archibald HOLTZCLAW and Miriam HITT were married on 3 January 1786 in Fauquier County, Virginia.71 Miriam HITT83, daughter of Peter HITT and Sarah JAMES, was born on 14 January 1766 in Fauquier County, Virginia. She died before June 1841 at the age of 75 in Clay County, Missouri.

Her father was Peter Hitt, Jr., son of the the immigrant, according to "Nassau-Seigen Immigrants"

Archibald HOLTZCLAW and Miriam HITT had the following children:



Elizabeth HOLTZCLAW.



Sarah HOLTZCLAW83 was born on 7 February 1795 in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Sarah married John Adams.






Cathy HOLTZCLAW83 was born on 30 December 1798 in Fayette County, Kentucky.



Peter Lycurgus HOLTZCLAW83 was born on 1 January 1802 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Peter married Elizabeth Duncan



Nancy HOLTZCLAW83 was born on 22 January 1804 in Fayette County, Kentucky.



James HOLTZCLAW83 was born on 4 July 1806 in Fayette County, Kentucky. He died in 1854 at the age of 48 in Clay County, Missouri.