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Second Generation

9. Jacob HOLZKLAU8,30,31 was born on 17 February 1738 in Prince William County, Virginia.12,25 He died on 21 October 1812 at the age of 74 in Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.12

Jacob & Susannah moved to the Robinson River Valley with the Second Colonists. Jacob appears only once in the Hebron church records, as they moved on to KY at an early date, probably about 1777..
Both Susanna and Mary Thomas and the Holtclaw husbands received land from the ladies' father, John Thomas. John Thomas gave them land 20 Nov 1760 in Culpeper Co; Jacob Holtzclaw's father left him land when he died in 1760. Part of this Jacob sold to his brother-in-law Jeremiah Darnell soon after; the remainder was sold in 1772. The land given to him by John Thomas was sold in 1775.

The children of Jacob & Susannah are listed in a Bible still possessed by descendants. There was another child listed apart from the children - a James, born 25 Mar 1797 when Susannah would have been 51 years old. He is probably a grandson.

BACK OF THE CANE, Early VA Surveys in Today's Garrard Co KY, Fred. L. Simpson
Court at Harrodsburg 28 Jan 1780:
Jacob Holtclaw by Peter Watts claimed preemption to a tract of land on account of raising a crop of corn in the year 1776 lying on the N side Dick's River adjoining the land of James & Edmund Archer on the west side to include Holtsclaw's improvement.
Land Entry 8 Feb 1780 Jacob Holtclaw enters 400 acres.
Survey 27 July 1781.
Granted 1 Dec 1782 to Jacob Holsclaw by Benjamin Harrison, Gov of VA.
100 acres of this land was sold to Jacob Holeslaw, Jr. on 22 Apr 1794.

Jacob Holtzclaw served in the Revolution in 1782.

Jacob Holsclaw & Elijah Holsclaw appear on the Mercer County Tax List in 1789, when Mercer Co was still part of Virginia.

Jacob HOLZKLAU and Susannah THOMAS were married in 1758 in Culpeper County, Virginia.12 Susannah THOMAS31, daughter of John THOMAS and Mary [THOMAS], was born on 10 October 1745.31 She died on 10 October 1821 at the age of 76.31

Susannah seems to have married at a very young age. I would suspect duaghter Leeanah may have been born a few years later.

Jacob HOLZKLAU and Susannah THOMAS had the following children:



Leeanah HOLTZCLAW was born on 12 September 1759.32

I suspect Leeannah was born a few years later - slightly closer to subsequent siblings. This date suggests her mother was only fourteen when she was born.



Elijah HOLTZCLAW32 was born on 24 August 1764 in Culpeper County, Virginia.32 He died on 12 October 1853 at the age of 89 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Elijah married on 15 Sep 1801 in Garrard Co KY, Sarah Collier, born 12 Jul 1776 in Ireland, died 28 Oct 1854. They are said to be in the Census in Trimble in 1850 along with two sons, Thomas & Enoch. Other children were Dorinda, Alexander, Martha "Patsy", Rebecca, Robert "Robin", Susannah.



Jacob HOLTZCLAW Jr30,33 was born on 19 April 1767.32 Quarter Sessions Court for Mercer Co. DB 4, p.40
22 Apr 1794 Indenture from Jacob Holesclaw Sr and Jacob Holesclaw Jr, land in Mercer Co on waters of Dicks River, part of settlement of Jacob Sr and 100 acres more or less.

Jacob married Mary Kemper, daughter of John Kemper, on 30 Dec 1796 in Mercer Co KY.



Elizabeth HOLTZCLAW was born on 28 December 1769.32



Nellie HOLTZCLAW was born on 31 August 1772.32



Susannah HOLTZCLAW was born on 30 March 1775.32



Benjamin HOLTZCLAW34 was born on 21 June 1777.32
Benjamin married Sarah Kemper, daughter of John Kemper, on 26 Nov 1799, in Garrard Co KY.



Ruth HOLZKLAU34 was born on 30 October 1779 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.16,32 She died on 8 October 1869 at the age of 89 in Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky.16
Ruth married William O. Swope in 1802. He was a son of George Swope and wife Margaret Huffheim Swope.



Jesse HOLTZCLAW35 was born on 21 June 1782.32
Jesse married 7 Jun 1811, Garrard Co KY, to Susannah Kemper, daughter of John Kemper. She was born 14 Sep 1787.



Mary Ann HOLTZCLAW was born on 13 November 1785.32



Sarah HOLZKLAU was born on 25 June 1791 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.16,32