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Second Generation

10. Joseph HOLZKLAU8,36,37 was born about 1740 in Germantown, Fauquier County, Virginia.12,25 He died on 24 January 1835 at the age of 95 in Madison County, Virginia.38

There is believed to have been no children from Joseph's marriage to Mary Thomas.

Both Joseph and his brother Jacob moved to the Robinson River Valley with the Second Colony. They were married to Thomas sisters.

John Thomas made a deed of gift of land to Joseph Holtzclaw, 15 Apr 1762 (Culpeper DB D, p.5). Joseph and his second wife, Elizabeth, deeded away that land on 12 Nov 1770.

16 Sep 1776, John Zimmermann and Ursula his wife, gave 200 acres of land to their daughter Elizabeth Holtzclaw and her husband Joseph (also called Jacob in the deed), Cupeper DB H. p. 246.

Joseph was in the militia of Culpeper Co VA in 1781 during the Revolution.

Daughters of Jacob appear in the list of communicants of the Hebron Church, German Lutheran, which is now in Madison Co, Virginia, though at the time it was still part of Culpeper Co. Names found in an article in BEYOND GERMANNA on the Rookstool family list Magdalena [wife of a son?], Jemima, Susanna, Elizabeth [could be wife of Jacob or his daughter or both], and Eva between the years of 1788 and 1808. These records would be important for further research on this family.

Joseph HOLZKLAU and Mary THOMAS were married about 1762.38 Mary THOMAS, daughter of John THOMAS and Mary [THOMAS], was born (date unknown).

Joseph HOLZKLAU and Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN were married before November 1767.36 Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, daughter of John ZIMMERMAN and Ursula BLANKENBAKER, was born about 1747.36,39 She died on 11 February 1839 at the age of 92 in Madison County, Virginia.36

John Blankenbaker estimates the birth of Elizabeth as about 1742.

Joseph HOLZKLAU and Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN had the following children:



Susannah HOLZKLAU8 was born about 1766.8,40 She died after 1855 at the age of 89 in Madison County, Virginia.16

Although the Nassau-Siegen book gives a tentative birth about 1769, the Hebron church records show that Susannah was confirmed in 1785 at the age of 19, making her birth year 1766. She could possibly have been a child of Joseph's first wife or her parents were born sooner than indicated.

Apparently never married. She was confirmed in 1785 at the age of 19 and thereafter appears for 38 Communions at the Hebron Church.



John HOLZKLAU was born about 1767.36



Jemima HOLZKLAU8,16 was born about 1771.41

Jemima took communion at the Lutheran church in 1787, so she was confirmed before this date. She was perhaps a year of two younger than her brother John. Holtzclaw had given her a birth year of 1780, but that would be inconsistent with the communion records.

Jemima married Reuben Tanner in 1799; they continued to be list as cummunicants of the church up to 1809. They deeded land to her brother Joseph in 1810 [Madison DB 5, p.41] and nothing further is known.



Jacob HOLZKLAU8 was born in 1772.16

Jacob was confirmed in 1789. As the usual age is 17, he was likely born 1772.

Married Salome House in 1796.

Jacob & Salome deeded away their land in 1817 and moved to Boone Co KY.



Henry HOLZKLAU8 was born on 10 May 1775 in Culpeper County, Virginia.16 He died in 1857 at the age of 82 in Barren County, Kentucky.16

Henry was confirmed in 1794. He married Sarah Huffman in 1801. He attended communion alone in 1803, his last appearance in the church records. Sarah never appeared, probably because she was Reformed rather than German Lutheran. The family moved to KY.
He is said buried Union Cemetery #2, Nobob, Barren Co, KY

Sarah was the daughter of Margaret Harnsberger and Henry Huffman. She married Henry Holtzclaw on April 11, 1801 in Madison Co., VA. Union Cemetery was first known as the Holtzclaw Burying Ground and all early Holsclaw/Holtzclaws are buried here. The first to be buried here was Sarah Huffman Holsclaw in 1843. The story that has been passed down through the family was that "snow was on the ground and they hitched a grey horse to a sled and took her to the back of the garden and buried her".



Elizabeth HOLZKLAU8 was born on 27 May 1778.36 Probably never married. Elizabeth died prior to 1855.



Joseph HOLZKLAU8 was born on 29 November 1782 in Germantown, Fauquier County, Virginia.36 He died on 23 December 1818 at the age of 36 in Boone County, Kentucky.41

Possibly never married. Joseph was confirmed in 1800 in the Hebron Church. He appears in three of the communion lists. His father, of the same name, was of the Reformed faith, and probably was not permitted to take communion in this Luthern Church. Joseph married Susannah Huffman in 1818 and moved to Boone Co KY.



Eva HOLZKLAU8 was born about 1788.8 She died in Madison County, Virginia.16

Probably never married. Eve was confirmed in 1805, so probably was born about 1788. She died sometime after 1855 in Madison Co VA.



Towles HOLZKLAU8,16 was born about 1789.41 John Blankenbaker does not recognize Towles as a child of Joseph & Elizabeth. He gives them a total of 8 children.