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Fourth Generation

123. Mary "Polly" HARDIN died on 17 September 1839 at the age of 69 in Kentucky. She was adopted. She was born by 1770.

Polly Hardin was recognized in her grandfather's will as the daughter of Margaret ____?? John Hardin left her a tract of land and his household goods. She was supposed to have been raised by William & Winifred Hardin. It has been suggested she was the daughter of Jesse Hardin, a brother of William's. [There is scant proof there ever was a brother Jesse] She's also been suggested to have been a sister to Daniel but there's no proof of that either. Based on their marriage dates, both Polly and Daniel seem a bit older than the children of William & Winifred. She married Benjamin Huff, 28 Apr 1789, in Breckinridge Co. William Hardin signed permission for her to marry. I have not found her connected with any of the lawsuits that developed after the death of William Hardin among his heirs.

Polly married Benjamin Huff and William Hardin signed the marriage bond as her father. The Will of John Hardin refers to Polly's mother as Margaret but the surname is unreadable. B. C. Holtzclaw believed that John Hardin had another son [perhaps Jesse?], deceased and unnamed in the will of John Hardin and that Mary "Polly" and Daniel were his children; their mother Margaret had remarried and her name may have been Margaret Huston. [The mother of Polly Harden has long been debated. Her given name was certainly Margaret in the will, but the surname has a strike-over on the first initial - I read it as Kirby tho most everyone else has thought the first letter was an "H". Another researcher came up with Keely. I believe this suggests further research. He says "Margaret K____ that was" indicating a surname that could have been Margaret's maiden name.

The following refers to a deed from Ben Huff to a Margaret Huston. His wife Mary "Polly" had already been deceased for more than 20 years and there is no mention here of any Huff grandchildren. I believe it is just a coincidence that Ben Huff sold to Margaret Huston and that this Margaret was not Mary "Polly" Hardin's mother. This Margaret was in fact, Margaret Allen Huston, widow of Joseph Huston who had died in 1813 in Breckinridge Co.
Breckenridge Co WB 1, p. 283
p.283 Margret Huston. To Mary E. Huston of Natches, MS, widow of Felix Huston decd in trust for his children my Lot #6 on Town of Hardinsburg & appertances being house which my residence now stand. Also part of lot conveyed to my deceased husband by Trustees of Hardinsburg which was conveyed to me by my children by deed. Also so much of Lot #2 as was conveyed to me by my said Children. Also tract conveyed to me by Ben Huff lying on Hambletons run a branch of Hardins creek containing 85 acres.
Also a large looking glass now hanging in my dwelling.
To Eli Felix Huston living son of Felix Huston my secretary [desk]. To Margret Scott, Jane Fairleigh, and Mary Johnson, daughters of my dau Eliza Murry deceased a tract conveyed to me by John M. Bibbs lying on Sinking Cree, 530 acres.
To Eliza Pendleton dau of son Eli Huston dec'd a tract conveyed to me by Wm Davison 200acres.
To Mary Cunningham granddaughter of Eli Huston decd, a tract lying on Dorsets creek, 305a. If she dies without issue, hers shall pass to Eliza Pendleton.
My subscription of stock to Hardinsburg & Cloverport ?? to be pd out of my personal prop & become the prop of Mary Cunningham .
Executors to dispose of personal property to best advantage. Debts to be paid & balance equially divided between granddaughters Margret Scott, Jane Fairleigh, Mary Johnson & Eliza Pendleton. David R. Murry appt executor. 4 Dec 1860
Signed: Margret Huston
Witness: Alf. Allen, Will Singleton
Codicil. Eliza Pendleton has died. To John M. Pendleton in trust for the benefit of two children left all the property devised to Eliza Pendleton.. 4 Mar 1861 Margret Huston
Witness: Alf. Allen, Geo. E. Chick
Proved 20 May 1861.

Mary "Polly" HARDIN and Benjamin HUFF were married on 28 April 1789. Benjamin HUFF died in 1833 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

Benjamin Huff said to be the son of John Huff, born circa 1743 in Kent Co, MD and died about 1783 in Ohio. His wife was Sarah Elizabeth Doddridge, born in PA and died 1796 in Hardinsburg. Another version of parents for Benjamin is a Thomas Huff who married Elizabeth Ison and had their children in Botetourt Co, VA. The first set seems more plausible.

Children found in databases online. I have no idea if they are at all accurate. Certainly they did have a number of children.

1810 Census. Breckinridge Co KY
Benjamin Huff: 4m -10, 1m over 45; 3f -10, 2f 10-16, 2f 16-26, f 26-45

1820 Census. Breckinridge Co KY
Stephens Port
Benjamin Huff: 2m -10, 2m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m over 45; 1f -10, 2f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f 26-45, 1f over 45

1830 Census. Breckinridge Co KY
Benjamin Huff: 2m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 60-70; 1f 10-15, 3f 20-30, 1f 50-60

Mary "Polly" HARDIN and Benjamin HUFF had the following children:



Mary E. "Polly" HUFF was born on 9 April 1790 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. She died on 12 May 1883 at the age of 93.

Polly said to have married William Macy.



Sydney "Sadie" HUFF was born on 4 May 1791 in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. She died on 11 October 1858 at the age of 67.

Married Dade Connor, 23 Feb 1808, Knox Co IN [Seems strange she would have married in Indiana... she lived in Kentucky at that time.]

1850 Census. Crawford Co IN, Ohio Twp
Dade Coner, age 68, b. VA. Sydney, age 59, b. KY
Children born in Perry Co IN: Lydia 23, Franklin 21, Jane 19.
Charles Coner lived next door, age 25, Mary 20, and James L. 9 months [he was born in Crawford Co.



William HUFF was born in 1794 in Kentucky. He died before 1860 at the age of 66 in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

This might be William in 1840 in Breckinridge Co KY. If indeed both parents were dead, he may be the head of a household of a brother and several sisters.
William Huff: 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 2f 20-30, 2f 30-40



Elizabeth HUFF was born on 21 March 1799. She died on 20 May 1883 at the age of 84 in Monroe County, Indiana.

Elizabeth married Joseph Polley, 10 Sep 1820, Breckinridge Co KY.

1850 Census. Monroe Co IN, Benton Twp, Hh 790
Joseph Polley, age 52, b. KY. Elizabeth, age 52, b. KY
John, 27, b. KY. Rest of the children born in Indiana: Asenath 23, Jesse 20, Joseph 17, Lafayette 15, Mary 13, Lorenzo 11, Daniel 7.

1860 Census. Monroe Co IN, Benton Twp, Hh 113
Joseph Polly, age 62. Elizabeth, age 62. Mary Ann age 24, Daniel 16.

1870 Census. Monroe Co IN, Benton Twp, P.O. Bloominton Hh 9
Joseph Polley, age 72. Elizabeth, age 72. Mary age 32.

1880 Census. Monroe Co IN, Benton Twp. Hh 18
Elizabeth Polly, age 81. Mary, 43.



Benjamin HUFF Jr. was born (date unknown).



John HUFF was born in 1810 in Kentucky.

In 1830, a John Huff was living in StephensPort, Breckinridge Co. and may have had a brother living with him.
John Huff: 2m age 20-30, 1f age age 20-30

1840 Census. Breckinridge Co
John Huff: 3m under 5, 1m 20-30; 1f 20-30

1850 Census. Breckinridge Co Hh 65
John Huff, age 40 [born 1810]. Polly age 35. 8 children.



Lewis HUFF was born (date unknown).

This might be Lewis Huff in 1840 in Breckinridge Co KY
Lewis Huff: 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40; 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30



Acenith HUFF was born (date unknown).

In 1850 in Breckinridge Co KY, I found a "Seemy Huff", age 50, living with Abner Adkinson and his wife Nancy.



Lydia HUFF was born (date unknown).



Cynthia HUFF was born (date unknown).



Daniel HUFF was born (date unknown).