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Fifth Generation

215. Nelson HIGGINBOTHAM Jr54 was born on 16 August 1799. He died in April 1872 at the age of 72 in Cleburne County, Alabama.

If Nelson was born on the date seen, his parents were quite young.

Georgia Tax Digests,
Nelson's father is believed to have left Madison Co before 1820 - the following appear to be Nelson Jr's records:
Madison Co GA
1822, Capt Strickland's District: Nelson Higginbotham; several Sticklands on the same page. Nelson's land granted to Gimdrel, adjoins J. Bird
1824, Capt Christian's District: Nelson Higginbotham, 165 acres, granted Taylor & others, Adj Beard
1832, Capt Smith's District: Nelson Higginbotham, 500 acres, granted Johnston, adjoining Tailor
1833 Capt Vandeford's District: Nelson Higginbotham, 500 acres, land granted Johnston, adjoing Tailor

From Folder 1 - Higginbotham, Vertical File, Georgia State Archives:

Young Nelson married Lucretia Beard, Madison Co GA, 5 Oct 1820. Marriage Book ABC, p. 30. He apparently did not go to Mississippi with his father.

He was a Lt. in the Madison Co GA militia, 1821-1824. A Capt in 1825 and again listed as a Capt in 1832. He was a Major 1833-1837, but didn't complete his term.

The 1822 Tax Digest for Madison Co shows 50 acres on South River, granted by Kendall, adjacen to J. Beard. The 1824 Digest shows 165 acres on South River, adj J. Beard.

1830 Census. Madison Co AL.
Nelson Higginbotham. 1m under 5, 2m 5-10, 1m 20-30. 1f under 5, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30.

About 1835, Nelson moved to Randolph Co, later Cleburne, Alabama.

Alabama land patent issued to Nelson Higginbotham of Randolph Co, 5 Aug 1837, for 79.94 acres. The east half of the NE quarter, Section 14, Township 17, Range 9.

1840 Census. Randolph Co, AL
Nelson Higginbotham: 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 2m 15-20, 1m 30-40
2f -5, 3f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40

1850 Census. Beat 14, Randolph Co AL, Hh 256
Nelson Higginbotham, age 50, born Georgia
Lucretia, age 47, born GA
Talbot age 21, b. GA. Walker, age 18, b. GA Amantha, 12, b. AL. Rachael, 10, b. AL. Hamilton, age 8, b. AL

1860 Census. Northern Division, Randolph Co AL, Hh 1553
Nelson Higginbotham, age 60, b. SC. Lucretia, age 56, b. SC
Rhod, female age 20, b. AL. H., male age 18, b. AL. Taylor, age 16, b. AL
Julia Kenedy, age 1, b. AL.

1870 Census. Cleburne Co, Hh 12
N. Higginbotham, age 68, b. GA
Wheat, Roda A., age 26, b. AL
the remainder of the family appears to have the same surname as Rhoda:
Octava, age 4. Augustus, age 2. Lafayette, age 16. Clay, age 14. July A. age 12 [male].

T. Higginbotham lives next door - Taylor? Age 25, b. AL
Martha age 22, b. GA.
Henry M. age 3, b. AL. Margarit, age 1, b. AL
Amanda, age 12, Black, b. VA

From LaBiche, Higginbotham; Descendants of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Graves)
Nelson is buried at Chulafinnee Methodist Church Cemetery, Chulafinnee, Cleburne Co AL. Wife Lucretia "Cresie" was born Jun 1800 and died Nov 1868 - she is buried with her husband.

Nelson married (2) on 9 Oct 1870 to Sarah Ann Striplin, a widow whose maiden name was Kennedy. There were no children from this marriage.

Cleburne County, Alabama Probate and Will Records 1867 - 1884 Vol. 1
Will probated on February 26th 1872.
State of Alabama, Cleburne County
In the name of God, Amen, I, Nelson Higginbotham of the county and state above written being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament; that is to say, first after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged the reside of my estate both real and perishable I dispose of as follows:
To my beloved wife $125., one hundred and twenty five dollars, together with all the property she brought with her at our marriage as is now in my possession to be her own rite and property; To my son Perry Higginbotham's heirs, I will and bequeath one hundred dollars;
To my son Talbert Higginbotham's heirs I will and bequeath one hundred dollars;
To my daughter Hulda Kennedy's heirs I will and bequeath one hundred dollars;
To my son Hamilton C. Higginbotham I give and bequeath my single case gold watch.
The remainder of my estate real and perishable, household and kitchen furniture, farming tools and each and everything belonging to me not otherwise disposed of in this Will, be sold at public outcry and all the proceeds thereof be equally divided between my son Burrel Higginbotham, my daughter Harriet Kennedy, my son Walker Higginbotham, my daughter Avaan Evans, my daughter Rodaan Wheat and my son Taylor Higginbotham, to be divided equally between them share and share alike.
Likewise I make, constitute and appoint my said son Burrel Higginbotham to be my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this the sixth day of January in the year of our lord 1872. Nelson Higginbotham
The above writtten instrument was subscribed by the said Nelson Higginbotham in our presence and acknowledged by him to each of us and at the same time published and declared the above instrument so subscribed to be his last Will and Testament and at the Testator's request and in his presence have signed our names as witnesses hereto and opposite our names our respective places of residence.
Jesse T. Smith, Chulafinnee
James T. Rusk, Chulafinnee
C.T. Williamson, Chulafinnee

State of Alabama, Cleburne County February 26th, 1872
Personally appeared before W.R. Hunnicutt, Judge of Probate, Jesse T. Smith, James T. Rusk and C.T. Williamson, subscribing witnesses to the last Will and Testament of Nelson Higginbotham, deceased, who being duly sworn each say that they were present when the Will of Nelson Higginbothm was executed, each of us saw the testator sign his name to said Will and published the same as his Last Will and Testament, each of us signed said Will in decedents presence as witnesses and at his request and in the presence of each other and we believe said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory at the time he executed said Will. Jesse T. Smith, R.T. Rusk, C.T. Willamson. Wm. R. Hunnicutt, Judge of Probate

APPRAISEL BILL of the Property of the estate of NELSON HIGGINBOTHAM, deceased State of Alabama, Cleburne County Probate Court February 28th 1872
.... more or less $3000.00 ____ We certify that the above appraisement is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. J.T. Rusk, Jesse T. Smith, C.T. Williamson, Appraisers; Burrell Higginbotham, executor. Subscribed by each of us this February 28th 1872. State of Alabama, Cleburne County This day came before me, Burrel Higginbotham, Executor of the Will of Nelson Higginbotham, deceased, who after being duly sworn deposeth and says that the above articles of appraisal is all the articles that has come to the possession or knowledge of the executor. Burrel Higginbotham, Executor. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of March 1872. W.R. Hunnicutt, Judge of Probate

SALE BILL of the estate of NELSON HIGGINBOTHAM March 22nd, 1872 Account of sale of the estate of Nelson Higginbotham, deceased
Personally appeared, Burrell Higginbotham, executor of the estate of Nelson Higginbotham, deceased, who being sworn says that the foregoing pages from one to ten includes a correct report of the sales of the personal property of said estate, sold on the 22nd day of March 1872. Burrell Higginbotham, Executor of Will. Sworn to and subscribed this 29th day of March 1872. W.R. Hunnicutt, Judge of Probate

Nelson HIGGINBOTHAM Jr and Lucretia BEARD were married on 5 October 1820 in Madison County, Georgia. Lucretia BEARD was born circa 1803 in Georgia. She died in November 1868 at the age of 65 in Cleburne County, Alabama.

Nelson HIGGINBOTHAM Jr and Lucretia BEARD had the following children:



Burrell HIGGINBOTHAM was born circa 1824. He died on 19 August 1910 at the age of 86 in Cleburne County, Alabama.

Burrell married Araminta Kennedy, 21 Aug 1843.

1850 Census. Randolph Co, AL, Hh 258
Burrell Higginbotham, age 26, b. GA
Armend, age 22, b. GA
William 6, Budd 4, Rosena 3, Tabot [Talbot] 2, and Taylor age 1/2 year.



Perry HIGGINBOTHAM108 was born in 1826 in Georgia. He died before January 1872 at the age of 46.

Perry married Martha Elizabeth Humphries

On the same page with his brother Burrell:
1850 Census. Randolph Co, AL Hh 249 [indexed as "Ray" Higginbotham]
Perry Higginbotham, age 24, b. GA
Martha, age 26, b. GA
William age 2. John age 6 months - both born in Alabama.



Harriet HIGGINBOTHAM was born circa 1828 in Georgia.

Harriet married Hezekiah Kennedy, 5 Feb 1846.

1850 Census. Randolph Co AL, Hh 308
Hezekiah Kennedy, age 26, b. GA
Harriet, age 22, b. GA
Maranda 4, James age 1. - both born in Alabama



Tolbert HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1829 in Georgia. He died before January 1872 at the age of 43.

Tolbert married Mariane Kennedy, 11 Dec 1851.

She was probably the 17 year old Mary, in the home of Josiah M. and Nancy Kennedy in Randolph Co, 1850.



Walker HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1832 in Georgia.

Walker married Eleanore Strickland.



Hulda HIGGINBOTHAM died before January 1872.

Married name was Kennedy. She was already deceased, leaving heirs, when her father made out his will.



Amantha? HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1838 in Alabama.

Maried to an Evans - her name seems to be AviAnn in her father's will - but that's a transcript, I have not seen the original.



Rhoda HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1840 in Alabama.

In 1870, Roda A. Wheat and five children lived with "N" Higginbotham in Cleburne Co. She gave her age as 26. Some list this daughter as Rachel, bu there is no Rachel named in the will of their father.



Hamilton C. HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1842 in Alabama.



Taylor HIGGINBOTHAM was born in 1844 in Alabama.

Taylor was not listed in the 1850 census. But in 1860, he was already 16 years old - I believed they just forgot him.

He married Martha Thedford, probably about 1866 in Alabama

1870. Cleburne Co, AL, next door to his father. Hh 13
T. Higginbotham, age 25, b. GA [more likely Alabama]
Martha, age 22, b. GA
Henry M. age 3, Margaret, age 1, both born in AL
Amanda Higginbotham, age 12, black, b. VA.

Taylor moved to Smith Co, TX, about 1865, where he is found in 1880.
Taylor Higginbotham, age 35, b. AL, parents born GA
Martha, age 31, wife,, b. AL, parents born GA
Marcus, age 13, son., b. AL
Margaret, age 11, dau, b. AL
Owen, age 9, son, b. AL
Walter, age 6, b. AL
Mattie, age 3, son, b. TX
Infant, 2 weeks old, male, b. TX

Owen, in the above census, was actually Robert Owen. He died in Tyler, Smith Co, 20 May 1965. He was age 93, born 1 Sep 1871. He was married to Mrs. Dovia Higginbotham. His father's name was Taylor Higginbotham; his mother a Thedford. He fell, walking across his bedroom on 24 Apr, and fractured his right hip; however he also had intestinal obstruction probably due to malignancy. He was buried Tyler Memorial Park, Smith Co.

I found an online database that claimed Taylor died in Smith Co TX in 1906 but neither he nor Martha seem to be in the 1900 census there.

The 1900 Smith Co census does have an Annie Higginbotham, niece, b. Dec 1885, age 14, living with a James Thedford, b. 1871, age 29 and his wife Julia, b. Dec 1874. Since Taylor was married to a Thedford, perhaps this a daughter born ca 1886.