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Third Generation

55. James HIGGINBOTHAM was born on 22 November 1789 in Amherst County, Virginia.27 He died on 15 August 1852 at the age of 62 in Warren County, Kentucky.27

James served in the War of 1812:
Amherst County Virginia In the Revolution, Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny, J. P. Bell Co., Lynchburg, VA, 1951
p.137 James enlisted 27 Jul 1814 and marched under Capt. Hudson M. Garland to Norfolk, VA. He was b. Nov 22, 1789, d. Warren Co KY, 15 Aug 1852.

Sarah Shields, his second wife, and James were cousins.

US Census Warren Co KY 1850; p.30, Household 401 and 402: James Higginbotham, age 60, farmer, born VA. Egbert, age 21; Nancy, age 23; Eliza, age 19; Robert, age 17; Sarah, age 15; Cabill, age 11; Augustus, age 6. Only Cabil and Augustus born in Kentucky. Next door is William D., age 31, born VA and Virginia T., age 26, born in KY and James A. age 1/12. On p.77b is Aaron Higginbotham, age 23, working as a farm laborer, born in VA and living in Household 168 of Frederick Potter, age 64, a farmer born in VA and Elizabeth, age 60, born in SC. Stephen Potter, age 16, born in KY also a laborer, lives there, too.
[I wonder if one of James' daughters married a Potter?]

James HIGGINBOTHAM and Eliza A. THOMPSON were married on 30 January 1812 in Amherst County, Virginia.27 Eliza A. THOMPSON died before 1823.

Eliza said to be the daughter of Anderson Thomson, of Bedford Co. VA.

James HIGGINBOTHAM and Sarah SHIELDS were married on 27 October 1823.27 Sarah SHIELDS died before 1850.