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Fourth Generation

131. Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM47,54,55,102,103 died on 29 June 1829 in Danielsville, Madison County, Georgia.55

MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS OF MADISON CO GEORGIA [Looseleaf binder at Thomasville, GA Library]
Samuel Higginbotham married Ann Ware on 11 Mar 1818, Allen Daniel, JIC

This may be the same man:
Militia Roll cardfile in the Georgia Archives:
Samuel Higginbotham, Capt. Madison Co GA
15 Nov 1816 - 28 Aug 1818.

Madison Co GA DB BDE, p.338
19 Oct 1816 James Ramsey sold to Gabriel Bond, Lot #27 in Danielsville. Wit: William Harris, Samuel Higginbotham, Burrell Orr, Thomas Graham, Jesse Clements. Proved by Clements, 19 Nov 1823. Rec. 25 Nov 1823.

Madison Co GA DB BDE, p.71
11 Apr 1818 Samuel Higginbotham to Daniel Meigs & Augustus F. Harris for $600, slave named Jack about 45 years of age. To pay with interest before 1st Mar next. Signed: Samuel Higginbotham, Daniel Meigs by A. F. Harris, attor., Augustus F. Harris. Wit: William Harris. Rec. 19 Jan 1819
On this same day, Samuel's brother Nelson also bought a slave.
I believe this is about the time the family decided to leave for Mississippi.

Madison Co GA DB BDE, p.162
8 Jan 1820 Burrell Orr, Sheriff executed in favor of Washington Allen against the property of Nelson Higginbotham, Samuel Higginbotham, Thompson C. Strickland and William Hitching Calhoun, selling Lot #19 in Danielsville [which had belonged to Nelson]. The sale took place 1st Tues, April 1819. Rec. 29 Jan 1820.

There is a Samuel Higginbotham in the 1820 Census Index of Pike Co MS along with Nelson and Robert. He may have moved back to Madison Co GA. In the household is one male age 16-26 and one female the same age. There is also a male over age 45. Could this be Caleb living with his youngest son?

History of Pike County, Mississippi, by Luke W. Conerly
Samuel was listed as a Ranger in Pike Co, MS in 1821.

From Abstradex of Annual Returns; Mississippi Free and Accepted Masons by Jeanne Hand Henry, 1969, p.42
Rising Virtue Lodge, No. 7
Nelson Higginbottom, 1823, 1824
Samuel Higginbottom, 1823, 1824

Samuel apparently did not stay in Mississippi, but moved back to Georgia.

Found in an Index of Minutes of the Inferior Court, Madison Co GA: Book B, 1824-1845, Samuel Higginbotham.
[No records of other members of Samuel's family found in Madison Co in this Index.]

By 1824, he was again noted witnessing deeds in Madison Co GA
Madison Co DB BDE,
p.388 1 Aug 1824 George Jarrell to Willis T. Jarrell, 100 acres where George now lives on waters of Fork Creek. Wit: Samuel Higginbotham, Benjamin Borum JP Rec. 7 Oct 1824
p.403 17 Dec 1824 James Walker of Shelby Co AL to Josiah Hopkins, 100 acres, one fourth of a tract granted to John Cargill dated 12 Apr 1787 and surveyed 14 Apr 1787, on waters of the South River. Wit: Samuel Higginbotham, James Eberhart, JIC. Rec. 17 Dec 1824.

Samuel, bought and sold a town lot, making a profit of $100:
p.505 2 Apr 1824 James Long to Samuel Higginbotham, both of Madison Co for $400, in Danielsville, 1/4 acre fronting on the publick square and on one side of the street, Lot #16. Signed: James Long. Wit: Edward Ware [Samuel's father-in-law], Benj. Borum JP. Rec. 3 Oct 1826
p.506 14 Sep 1826 Samuel Higginbotham to William L. Conley for $500, 1/4 acre in the village of Danielsville, known as Lot #16. Rec. 3 Oct 1826

Samuel had his money problems:
p. 551 8 Jul 1826 Mortgage deed from Samuel Higginbotham to James Long whereby Higginbotham is indebted on three promissory notes in the amount of $277.72 1/4 besides interest. Security was a Negro woman, Peg, about 50 years of age and her child Jack; two cows & calves, a yearling, bedsteads & furniture and housing utensils of all kinds including a looking glass. Rec. 19 Jan 1828.

p.579 3 Jan 1827 Allen Daniel to James Daniel, 200 acres on Schull Shoal Creek, commonly called Johnson & Ware's corner, mouth of Allen Daniel's spring branch, on Ephraim Stickland's line, part of a 545 acre tract conveyed from Elisha Johnson to Allen Daniel. Signed: Allen Daniel. Wit: Samuel Higginbotham, Benj Borum JP. Rec. 24 May 1828
p.580 14 Apr 1828 Henry Mannon to James Long, on waters of Broad River, 50 acres adj James Towns & others. Wit: Samuel Higginbotham, Richardson Handcock. Proved by Handcock 24 May 1828. Rec. 3 Jun 1828.

Sheriffs of Madison Co: Samuel Higginbotham 1827-1828

Samuel is said to have died in the summer of 1829 in Madison Co.
Madison Co GA Inventory & Appraisements, Book B 1829-1834, p.16-18 Estate of Samuel Higginbotham 19 Sep 1829
James Griffith, John Montgomery, Kinchen Strickland. Rec. 8 Feb 1830

The Athenian, printed in Athens, 7 Jul 1829, p.3 stated that Capt. Samuel Higginbotham died in Danielsville, Georgia, on 29 Jun 1829.
27 Oct 1829. Notice. All persons indebted to the late Samuel Higginbotham, deceased, will please make immediate payment, and all those to whom the estate is indebted, will present their demands according to law, for payment. Ann Higginbotham, Adm'rx.

The 1830 Madison Co GA census has a widow Ann Higginbotham as head of household. Samuel & Ann are believed to have had no children and this lady has a house full of other people. However she is approximately the right age; perhaps another family was living with her.
Ann Higginbotham. 1m 20-30, 2m 30-40. 1f 5-10, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40
Ware databases online suggest that Ann, too, died, 9 Oct 1836. Place not given.

The Athenian, 12 Oct 1830
Georgia, Madison County
Superior Court, Sept Term, 1830
Ann Higginbotham, Adm'x of Samuel Higginbotham, dec'd vs. James Long, Et. Al.
Bill for Marshalling Assets, &c.
It have been stated to the Court, that the following defendants to this Bill, to wit: Francis Hobson, James M. Cunningham, John Jordine, William Williamson, Daniel McGahee, Milton H. Gathright, Willis Towns, Oliver P. Shaw, William Montgomery, John Talmage, Philip Ware, and Hiram Atkinson, reside out of the county of Madison, it is ordered, that they appear and file their answers, on or before the first day of the next term, and a Copy of the rule be puclished in the Athenian once a month until the next Term.
The above order is truly copied from the minutes of said Court, this 17th day of Sept. 1830
Isaac N. Culbertson, Clk.

Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM and Anne "Nancy" WARE were married on 3 November 1818 in Madison County, Georgia. Anne "Nancy" WARE, daughter of Edward WARE and Sarah "Sally" THURMOND, was born on 2 January 1795 in Georgia. She died on 9 October 1836 at the age of 41 in Madison County, Georgia.

Her death is recorded as Nancey Higginbotham in the Ware family Bible.