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Second Generation

8. Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM27 was born on 25 December 1729 in Goochland County, Virginia.27 He died on 14 March 1813 at the age of 83 in Amherst County, Virginia.27

19 Apr 1751 Moses Higginbotham to James Higginbotham. Tract now in possession of James on Buffalo. 200 acres part of 1000 acres. Adj. Booker. Wit: Thos. Jefferson, John & Joseph Higginbotham. Frances relinquished. Rec. 14 May 1751. Albemarle Co DB 1, p.293
6 May 1751 Moses Higginbotham to James Higginbotham for 5 sh. Land now in possession of James. 204 acres part of 1430. Begin at Mill Creek. Wit: Aaron Higginbotham, William Morrison, John Higginbotham. Frances relinquished dower right. Rec. 14 May 1751. Albemarle Co DB 1, p.298

10 Mar 1756 VA Land Patent to James Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 270 acres both sides of Huffs Creek of the Buffalo River, north side of the Fluvanna River. PB 34, p.4

3 Mar 1760 VA Land Patent to James Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 200 acres on the north branches of the South Fork of Buffalo River. PB 33, p.705

12 Mar 1761, James Higginbotham was named as an executor to the will of William Morrison, who had married James's sister Rachel, Albemarle DB 2, p.98

Extract from Col. William Cabell's Diary:
15 Jan 1770 Sale of a sword ...swapped sorrel mare for a roan horse. In the presence of Maj. Higginbotham. On Jan 16 delivered Maj. Higginbotham. Rachel Morrison's receipt from the Secretary's office. Jan 17. Sent by Jam. Higginbotham one of the late editions of the Laws to Capt. Meriwether and one to Alexander Reid, Jr., Magistrates. [Higginbotham was Cabell's assistant surveyor]

4 Jul 1774 Benjamin Higginbotham to James Higginbotham, both of Amherst. 75 acres on the north branches of the South Fork of the Buffalo River, granted by a patent to Benjamin at Williamsburg on 14 Jul 1769. Bounded lands of Benjamin Higginbotham, Aaron Higginbotham, Pounding Mill Creek, and James Higginbotham. 20£. Amherst DB D, p.168

James was Surveyor for Amherst County for many years. He attained the rank of Colonel in the Amherst militia during the Revolution.

Extracts from Col. William Cabell's Diary:
2 Dec 1776. Col. Cabell signed a bond to the masters of the College for and in behalf of James Higginbotham for his appointment as surveyor of the County of Amherst and paid 26 shillings for him for his commission.
6 Jan 1777 Delived Maj. James Higginbotham a Surveyor's Commission which I procured for him in consideration of which he is to resign at any time I require it, either to myself or to one of my sons.

On 6 Oct 1783, William Cabell Jr. was appointed Surveyor of Amherst by William & Mary College, which office he filled until 1 Dec 1788, when he resigned and procured the appointment of Col. James Higginbotham.

Application for his pension - R15097 [Rejected]
Monday, 17 Dec 1832, Amherst Co VA. James Higginbotham was commissioned Major of Amherst Co Militia on 1 Nov 1775. He was promoted to Col. and served to the end of the war, engaged chiefly as a recruiting officer. He died Mar 1813, aged 80 to 90; his wife already deceased. Four children were living when the application was made: Joseph C. Higginbotham of Bedford Co., George Washington Higginbotham, James Higginbotham, and Judith Higginbotham Dillard, wife of Joseph, all of Amherst Co. Their claim was denied because there was no provision for children under the law.
James' nephew Benjamin [son of Joseph] testified that he was aged 75 and had always lived in Amherst Co. His uncle James had lived in Amherst Co from his birth until his death. Benjamin had served with James in the War. Benjamin was commissioned a Captain following the war and served for many years.
Frederick Padget, Bedford Co, in his 80th year was unable to travel to Court but said he knew the late Col. James Higginbotham. He had a receipt signed by James Higginbotham when he was recruited and enlisted.
Capt. Anderson Thompson of Bedford, 78 years, also unable to travel, sated that in 1776 he had seen James Higginbotham in actual service as a Major at Williamsburg.
The certificate when James was appointed Major, 1 Nov 1775, was also presented as evidence.

Amherst County Virginia In the Revolution, Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny, J. P. Bell Co., Lynchburg, VA, 1951
p.137 There is a record for pay to Capt James Higginbotham found in the VA State Library. 27 Sep 1777 - Capt James Higginbotham for pay of his Complement of Amherst Militia, per Accot. 189£, 7s 4 1/2d
Family tradition holds that his sword, carried through the War of the Revolution was carried by his son Lt. George W. Higginbotham in the War of 1812 and by his grandson Capt. William A. Higginbotham in the Civil War.
His three sons served in the War of 1812.

Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM and Rachel CAMPBELL were married on 30 March 1779 in Amherst County, Virginia.7,26 Rachel CAMPBELL24 died on 28 March 1809 in Amherst County, Virginia.26

Rachel was the daughter of Henry & Charity Campbell. His will was entered for probate, Amherst Co, 7 Dec 1772.

Col. James HIGGINBOTHAM and Rachel CAMPBELL had the following children:









George Washington HIGGINBOTHAM.