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Second Generation

7. Capt. John HIGGINBOTHAM26 was born in 1726.5 He served in the military in 1776 at Amherst Co VA Militia in Revolutionary War. He died on 14 July 1814 at the age of 88 in Amherst County, Virginia.26

11 May 1751 Moses Higginbotham to John Higginbotham for 5 sh. Land in possession of said John. 200 acres on Buffalo part of 1000 acres [as above]. Adj William Morrison. Wit: Joseph, Benj, and James Higginbotham. Frances, relinquished. Rec. 14 May 1751 Albemarle DB, p.288
11 May 1751 Moses again to John. 204 acres part of 1430 as above. Adj James Higginbotham. Wit: Joseph, Benj, James Higginbotham. Frances relinquished. Rec. 14 May 1751 Albemarle DB 1, p.280

10 Mar 1756 VA Land Patent to John Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 172 acres on south branches of the north fork of Huffs Creek of Buffalo River on the north side of Fluvanna River. PB 34, p.6

3 Mar 1760 VA Land Patent to John Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 200 acres on the east side of Tobacco Row Mountain. PB 33, p.709

Served in the Amherst Co Militia, attaining the rank of Captain during the Revolution.

Will dated 22 Jun 1813, entered for probate 19 Sep 1814 in Amherst Co VA. (Will Book 5, p.451)
To wife Rachel the whole of his estate and after her death to son John. Also to John, $1000, being an extra sum for services rendered by him, provided so much remains after comfortable support to wife Rachel and daughter Frances R. Higginbotham as long as she remains single or continues with her mother. Also to Frances, the girls Minerva and Charlotte. Confirms gift of slave Betty to daughter Nancy Higginbotham. Confirms gifts to son James, his full proportion. Confirms gifts to daughter Tirzah London. After death of his wife, estate to be sold and divided into eight parts: son Thomas, son David, son John, son Jesse, son Daniel, son Reuben, dau Frances. Remaining 1/8 to John & Thomas to be held in trust for son Eugene.
Exctr: sons John and Thomas. Wit: Wm. S. Crawford, James Higginbotham, James H. Dillard, Young Hawkins.

Capt. John HIGGINBOTHAM and Rachel BANKS were married on 9 July 1767 in Amherst County, Virginia.7,26 Rachel BANKS was born (date unknown).

Rachel was the daughter of Gerrard and Anne (Staunton) Banks of Amherst.

Capt. John HIGGINBOTHAM and Rachel BANKS had the following children:



Thomas HIGGINBOTHAM was born on 10 June 1769 in Amherst County, Virginia.23,26 He died on 4 February 1835 at the age of 65 in Amherst County, Virginia.26

Thomas's Will dated 12 Feb 1834
To sister Tirza London, the tract of 200 acres where I now live and 40 acres adjoining, bought of George McDaniel, with all household and kitchen furiture and at her death to go to her younger children, Mary Banks, and William Augustus. To John J. London, tract I bought of William Rourne. To Daniel H. London, the tract I bought of Charles B. Taliaferro. To France Woodroof and her children, the tract called Camdens D. & B. Higginbotham & Co. To sister Ann Staunton Higginbotham, late of George, her children 20 shares of Farmer's Bank Stock. To children of brother James Higginbotham, late of Georgia, his children 20 shares of Farmer's Bank Stock. To brother Daniel Higginbotham, 50 shares Virginia Bank Stock. To sister Frances R. Coleman, whatever debt she owes me at the time of my death. To Wesley Jones son wife Archey Carey, $1,000. To brother Daniel in trust for the following persons: 15 shares in Bank of U.S. for Jessee Higginbotham; 15 sh...for Eugene Higginbotham, my brother; 20 sh of Farmer's Bank stock for benefit of Meeka Higginbotham, wife of James S.; 10 sh Virginia Bank stock for Nancy, my cook woman; 10 sh of Farmer's Bank stock for Maria, my house woman; 5 sh Farmer's bank stock for Tom Casey, Maria's son; 5 sh ...for John Waller, Maria's son. I give to Nancy & Maria a bed & furniture and cow & calf each.
All my negroes are to be set free, viz: Nancy, my cook woman. Maria and her sons, Tom Casey & John Wallen. Caleb and their increase. Washington, Charles, Dandridge, William, Daniel, Spencer, Polly, Isaac, Carter, Ann & her children & their increase, Charlotte and her children & increase, Jean and her children & increase; China & her children & increase, provided they are willing to leave the State. If not, they may choose any of my brothers and sisters they are willing to serve. It is my wish that my brother Daniel, in case Nancy & Maria should not be willing to leave the State, he will become Guardian for them and the bank stock will be sufficient to maintain them.
The balance of my estate to be divided. 1/8 to the children of my late brother James. 1/8 to the children of my sister, Anne Higginbotham. 1/8 to David Higginbotham. 1/8 to Daniel Higginbotham. 1/16 to William S. Higginbotham. 1/16 in trust for my brother Reuben Higginbotham's two son. 1/16 to Daniel in trust for Jesse. 1/16 to Daniel Higginbotham in trust for Eugene. 1/8 to my sister Frances R. Coleman. 1/8 to my sister Tirzah London.
Executor: brother Daniel Higginbotham. He is expected to sell whenever he think best any property not mentioned above. No witnesses. Amherst WB 9, p.47.



James HIGGINBOTHAM26 was born on 22 September 1770 in Amherst County, Virginia.23,26 He died before February 1834 at the age of 63.23

This family moved to ?Jessamine Co KY.















Jessie HIGGINBOTHAM was born on 23 December 1779 in Amherst County, Virginia.23,26 He died on 8 June 1836 at the age of 56 in Nelson County, Virginia.26



Daniel HIGGINBOTHAM was born on 27 March 1781 in Amherst County, Virginia.23,26 He died on 10 August 1845 at the age of 64 in Nelson County, Virginia.26






Mary Frances Riley HIGGINBOTHAM.



Eugene HIGGINBOTHAM was born on 10 March 1787 in Amherst County, Virginia.23,26 He died in 1856 at the age of 69 in Amherst County, Virginia.26

Eugene may have been impaired in some way. Both his father's will and the will of his brother Thomas, leave bequests to Eugene in trust for one of his other brothers, although he was certainly of majority age.