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Second Generation

4. Aaron HIGGINBOTHAM3,11,13 was born about 1720.5 He died in 1784 at the age of 64 in Amherst County, Virginia.14

15 Dec 1749 VA Land patent to Aaron Higginbotham, Albemarle Co. 300 acres, both sides of Buffalo River. PB 29, p.12

6 May 1751 Moses Higginbotham to Aaron Higginbotham for 5 sh. Land in possession of Aaron on Buffalo. 204 acres part of 1430 as earlier. Begin Joseph & James Higginbotham's corner, South side Mill Creek. Wit: James Higginbotham, William Morrison, John Higginbotham. Frances relinquished. Rec. 14 May 1751

Henrico Co Deeds 1750-1774
p.60-83 5 Aug 1751 Purcharsers of 1/2 lots in town called Westham laid off in Henrico Co. Deeds executed by Peter Randolph Esq. Aaron Higginbotham of Albemarle Co, Lot 72.

8 Feb 1759. James Smith to Aaron Higginbotham, both of Albemarle. 200 acres where said Aaron lives both sides of Buffalo River, near the Blue Mountains. Albemarle DB 2, p.91

3 Mar 1760 VA Land patent to Aaron Higginbotham, Albemarle Co. 262 acres, south side Buffalo River. PB 33, p.705
and another the same date and location for 200 acres, south fork of Buffalo River. PB 33, p.708

6 Sep 1762 Aaron Higginbotham and wife Clary to William Cabell & Cornelius Thomas, Churchwarders. 204 acres on Higginbotham's old Mill Creek part of a tract granted Col. George Braxton, late of King & Queen Co and conveyed to Moses Higginbotham and by him conveyed to sd Aaron. Amherst DB A, p.57

13 May 1765 VA Land patent to Aaron Higginbotham. Now Amherst Co. 400 acres both sides and joining to the North side of Buffalo River and the north of the Fluvanna River. PB 36, p.716

26 Jul 1765 VA land patent to Aaron Higginbotham. Amherst Co. 99 acres both sides the South Fork of Buffalo River. PB 36, p.827

3 Oct 1768 Neill Campbell of Albemarle to Aaron Higginbotham of Amherst. 390 acres on Thresher's Creek in Amherst Co. Amherst DB B, p.378

3 Oct 1768 Aaron Higginbotham & Clara his wife of Amherst to Neill Campbell of Albemarle. Three parcels totalling 489 acres on the Buffalo River, Amherst Co. 1. the upper tract of 109 acres, was a Patent in Higginbotham's name, 30 Aug 1763. 2. middle tract of 200 acres, conveyed by patent to Higginbotham, 3 Mar 1760. 3. the lower tract of 99 acres conveyed by patent to Higginbotham, 26 Jul 1765. Amherst DB B, p.378

3 Oct 1774. Aaron Higginbotham to Jacob Tyree. 400 acres both sides and joining the North side of the Buffalo River and the North side of the Fluvanna River. Amherst DB D, p.186

1 May 1777 Aaron Higginbotham Sr to Samuel Higginbotham. 300 acres both sides Buffalo River for good will and affection to his son Samuel. Amherst DB D, p.514

1 May 1777. Aaron Higginbotham Sr. to Aaron Higginbotham, Jr. 390 acres on Threshers' Creek, Amherst, land the he bought of Neill Campbell. For good will and affection to his son Aaron, Jr. Amherst DB D, p.515

5 Dec 1778 Thomas Gilbert and James Cottrell to Aaron Higginbotham Sr. 300 acres on Stone House Creek. Amherst, DB E, p.145

Some of Aaron's descendants are still in Amherst County today. His Will probated in Amherst Co 3 Oct 1785.

Amherst WB 2, p.254
Will of Aaron Higginbotham 19 Sep 1778; proved 3 Oct 1785
To son Samuel, 262 acres adj the land where I live and one other tract adj Philip Walker's line, negroes, woman Judith, girl Kate, boy George, and one half my carpenter and coopers's tools. To daughter Frances, Milley with he increase. To dau Mary Ann, Malinda and her increase. To son Aaron, after my wife's deceased, the tract of land where I now and the tract where my daughter Mary Ann now lives named "Cove". Mary Ann to not be disturbed in the peaceable possession as long as she thinks fit to live there but shall not have liberty to rent out any parcel. If she shall remove to another plantation, then Aaron to take immediate possession. One other tract between Cove and Gile's. Man Tom, boy David, girl Jane. All my smiths and joiners tools and half my carpenters and coopers tools. To dau Margaret, girl Hannah and a mare. To wife Clara, the reaminder and her death to be equally divided among his four daughters and their children, viz: Frances, Mary Ann, Tamasin, & Margaret. Except the wagon and harness to sons Samuel and Aaron. And 2 cows & calves, 2 ewes & lambs, 2 sows & pigs to my dau Margaret.
Exec: brother James and sons Samuel and Aaron.
Wit: Carles Burres, Richard Oglesby, Richard Whitehall
Security: Samuel Meredith, Joseph Penn.
Appraisement returned 6 Feb 1786.

Division of slaves made in 1798
To Joseph H. Morrison who married Frances Higginbotham: Cupit, Sena, Matilda & Pleasant, Joshua
To Henry Franklin's legatees who are children of MaryAnn, dau of Aaron: Amey & children David & George, Adam
To William Sandidge who married Tamsin: Eve, Rachel, Joice.
To Thomas Morrison who married Peggy: Jinkins, Winney, Fanney.
Returned 19 Jun 1798 and ordered recorded.

Aaron HIGGINBOTHAM and Clara GRAVES were married about 1744 in Albemarle County, Virginia.11 Clara GRAVES, daughter of Francis GRAVES and Ann REYNOLDS, was born (date unknown).

Aaron HIGGINBOTHAM and Clara GRAVES had the following children:






Frances Graves HIGGINBOTHAM.