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Second Generation

3. Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM9 was born about 1717.5 He died in 1805 at the age of 88 in Amherst County, Virginia.9

5 Sept 1749 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 150 acres, both sides of Buffalo River. PB 38, p.699

20 Apr 1751 Moses Higginbotham to Joseph Higginbotham for 5 shillings. Land now in possession of Joseph on Buffalo River. 204 acres part of tract of 1430 acres late in Goochland granted to Moses Higginbotham by George Braxton Jr of King & Queen Co on 23 & 24 Apr 1745. Adj James Higginbotham, South side Mill Crk. Signed: Moses Higginbotham. Wit: John Higginbotham, Benj. Higginbotham, James Higginbotham. Rec. 14 May 1751; Frances, wife of Moses relinquished. Albemarle Co DB 1, p.285

30 Apr 1751. At St Ann's Parish, Albemarle Co. Moses Higginbotham to Joseph Higginbotham for 5 shillings. Parcel now in possession of Joseph on branches of Buffalo River. 200 acres, part of 1000 acres late in Goochland granted Moses by George Braxton the Younger of King & Queen Co on 23 & 24 of April, 1745. Adj James Higginbotham. Signed: Moses Higginbotham. Wit: James Higginbotham, Thomas Jefferson, John Higginbotham. Frances, wife of Moses relinquished. Ack 14 May 1751.

3 Mar 1760 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 300 acres both sides Buffalo River. PB 33, p.706.

25 Sep 1762 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Amherst Co. 190 acres on Spring Hill Mountain. PB 35, p.24

30 Aug 1763 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Amherst Co. 385 acres both sides North Fork of Buffalo River, PB 35, p.335

27 Jun 1764 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Albemarle Co. 248 acres on Porridge Crk. PB 35, p.501

10 Jul 1766 VA Land Patent to Joseph Higginbotham. Amherst Co. 96 acres both sides of Pedlar River. PB 36, p.975

3 Oct 1768 Joseph Higginbotham to Cornelius Camapbell. 96 acres, south side Pedlar Rive, Amherst, conveyed to Higginbotham by patent 10 Jul 1766. Signed: Joseph Higginbotham. Hannah Higginbotham. Release of dower right by Hannah, wife of Joseph.
Amherst Co DB B, p.384

Joseph Higginbotham is an approved Patriot by NSDAR. He served as Sgt in Capt. William Tucker's company of Amherst County Militia. Source is given as Amherst County Virginia in the Revolution, including extracts from the Lost Order Book, 1773-1782, by Lenora Higginbotham Sweeney, Southern Historical Press, 1998, p. 55

Will dated 23 Oct 1802; probated in Amherst Co VA 17 Jun 1805.
To son Joseph, woman Hannah & her son William and her increase. Son Benjamin, negroes, Jinney, Jack, Thomas, & Dolly and the 150 acres Joseph lived on, and another 570 acres. To dau Susanna, 200 acres adjacent Peter Cashwell & Henry Brown, and boys, Sam, Charles, & George. To dau Rachel, 390 acres of land on Buffalo River, joining James Higginbotham. Daughters Frances Morrison & Hannah Ballow had received previous bequests. Remaining land to be sold & divided equally among children: Joseph, William, Jacob, Benjamin, Rachel & Susannah Higginbotham and Frances Morrison and Hannah Ballow. All working tools, household furniture, livestock & crops to divided equally between children Joseph, Benjamin & Susannah. Exectr: Sons Joseph & Benjamin. Wit: Henry (X) Ballinger, Benjamin (X) Sandidge, Jacob (X) Phillips. WB 4, p.178

Joseph and Hannah could have been buried here - however, the only grave marked was a Thomas Higginbotham and Joseph's brother John did have a son named Thomas. This isn't the property that Joseph received.
Higginbotham Family Cemetery
Amherst County, Virginia
Located on property originally divided among the siblings of Moses Higginbotham (ca1713-1791) in 1751, the Higginbotham Family Cemetery may be the oldest cemetery bearing this surname in the United States. The cemetery is located on that portion allotted to John Higginbotham (1726-1814), which is adjacent to the allotment of his brother Moses, who being the eldest son, presumably kept the land owned by his parents, thought by many to be John (ca1695-ca1741) and Frances Riley Higginbotham. [No proof of the parents.] Located on the parcel allotted to Moses was, until a few years ago, an old house foundation that may have been dated to the early to mid 1700's, according to Beverly Morris Higginbotham (1886-1968). The foundation stones have since been removed by person (s) unknown according to Eric Smith of Westvaco, who saw the stones when his company was harvesting the trees located thereon.
The property passed through several hands down through the years, among which have been a family by the name of Whitten. It is currently owned by Westvaco and is used as a tree farm. The cemetery was not disturbed during the original harvesting and is currently untended and overgrown.
This cemetery is listed in the "Gravestone Inscriptions in Amherst County Virginia", Revised Edition 1999, published by the Amherst County Museum and Historical Society, as the Whitten Place Cemetery on page 292. The entry reads:
"Thomas Higginbotham large stone only marked grave, surrounded by graves marked with field stones said to be the graves of his slaves who were freed long before the "War Between the States".

Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM and Hannah SMITH were married about 1745.9 Hannah SMITH10 was born (date unknown).

Hannah is probably the Hannah Higginbotham mentioned in her brother William Smith's will in Lancaster Co PA in 1748. William left land in Virginia to his brothers James, Jacob, and Phillip, and money to his sister, Hannah Higginbotham also of Virginia.

Hannah has been given a birth of 1720 and death date of 1800 on a FindAGrave memorial page. Said to be buried "Higginbotham Cemetery" in Amherst County, as is Joseph. I suspect the dates are guesstimates and the burial location doubtful.

Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM and Hannah SMITH had the following children:



Joseph HIGGINBOTHAM9 was born about 1749 in Amherst County, Virginia.9 He died in 1823 at the age of 74 in Amherst County, Virginia.9

Will dated 27 Feb 1818; probated 19 May 1823. Left estate to his brother Benjamin and at Ben's death to his nephew James S. Higginbotham, son of his sister Rachel and cousin Joseph, son of Moses. James is to support his sister Susanna Smith, wife of James Smith during her natural life. If James should died without issue, my executors are to sell the whole, the money arising to be equally divided among the children of my brother Jacob Higginbotham and my sister Frances Morrison, on condition they will support my sister Susanna Smith genteelly, the remainder of her life. Wit: Philip Smith, Dudley Sandidge, John W. Young. Amherst WB 6, p.354.









Benjamin HIGGINBOTHAM11,12 was born about 1757 in Amherst County, Virginia.11 He served in the military in 1779 at Capt Richard Ballinger, Albemarle VA in Revolutionary War. He died about 1833 at the age of 76 in Amherst County, Virginia.11

Revolutionary Soldier attaining the rank of Captain. Never married. 17 Sep 1832 he applied for his pension which was allowed, File S5542.

Amherst County, Virginia Court for March, 1786, Benjamin Higginbotham was recommended as a Lieutenant of a Company of Militia, Order Book, page 421.)

Amherst County Virginia In the Revolution, Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny, J. P. Bell Co., Lynchburg, VA, 1951
p.136 Benjamin Higginbotham, born Amherst Co 1757, applied for pension, Sept 17, 1832, Amherst. Called out 1779 as a private under Capt Richard Ballinger, guarding British prisoners at the Barracks in Albemarle Co. In 1781 on the Guilford Expedition under Capt. James Dillar; discharge at the end of three months & returned home to Amherst. Same year on tour under Capt. Samuel Higginbotham, driving cattle from Amherst to Williamsburg for the Army. James Smith Sr. testified that in 1781, Benjamin Higginbotham & Philip Smith were on a tour of duty for four months in the VA militia driving beeves for the main army. Henry & William Cashwell & Philip Smith all testified they were with him in 1781 and all marched from Amherst to join Gen. Greene in 1781.

On 6 Dec 1832, Benjamin also gave testimony for the pension application of his uncle, Col. James Higginbotham, when the four children of James [his cousins] applied for his pension. That James served is not disputed but the pension was rejected because at that time no provision was made for children of a Revolutionary soldier. Benjamin testified he was age 75, was born and raised in Amherst Co and had never resided elsewhere. He was the nephew of the late Col. James who had died in 1831, between 80 and 90 years of age. From his birth to the death of said James, he resided in the same County of Amherst with James. He knew James entered military service as a Major of militia in 1776 and was stationed part of the time at Williamsburg. About 1778, he was promoted and bore the title of Colonel in one of the regular Regiments of the State line and continued to act in that capacity until the end of the War. James was at Williamsburg and Yorktown in 1781; he the said Benjamin being in the service himself. He had known him to be gone from home in the service more than eighteen months at a time, because in the absence of James, he the said Benjamin superintended his plantation affairs. James was chiefly engaged in the Recruiting service. The wife of James departed this life before him. Benjamin states he continued attached to the 90th Regt of the Virginia Militia, Amherst Co, as a Captain, for many years. He did not believe James served any military duty after the War because he was by then nearly sixty years of age.






Frances HIGGINBOTHAM11 was born in Amherst County, Virginia.11

Married name was Morrison, in the will of both her father and her brother Joseph.



Hannah HIGGINBOTHAM11 was born in Amherst County, Virginia.11

Married name was Ballow.