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Third Generation

15. Wade Simeon"Toney" Pippin8,39 was born in May 1858 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 8 December 1935 at the age of 77 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Although, the Pippin book gives his birth as May 1853, the earlier censuses, 1860 and 1870, indicate that Wade Simeon was born in 1858.

In 1900 Census, Sarah was stil living. She had 9 children, 8 of whom are living: Alonzo, Vinnie, Vadie, Luizie, Virgie, Willie, Jessie B. & Fred G. are all there with their parents.
Wade found in Jackson Co TN 1920 Census with Oma and son Fred.

Wade Simeon"Toney" Pippin and Sarah Elizabeth Garrison were married on 15 December 1880 in Putnam County, Tennessee. Sarah Elizabeth Garrison was born in March 1854 in Tennessee. She died on 29 March 1901 at the age of 47 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Wade Simeon"Toney" Pippin and Sarah Elizabeth Garrison had the following children:



Alonzo Pippin40,41,42,43 was born on 3 October 1880 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 7 March 1944 at the age of 63 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Alonzo's death certificate information was given by Mrs. Alonzo Pippin. He was buried Byars Cemetery on the 8th of March 1944. He died of Tuberculosis.

The death certificate of a son, John Oliver Pippin, gives his mother as Sarah Chaffin - so that must have been the informant above. John Oliver was born 2 Mar 1920 and died 14 Nov 1944 in an automobile accident. He was unmarried.

Sarah Chaffin Pippin's death certificate showed that her father was J. C. Chaffin, her mother Parilee Haney. She was born 15 Jun 1883 and died 7 Jul 1948 of heart failure. She is also buried Byers Cemetery.

An unmarried daughter, Rhoda Pippin, born 20 Feb 1917, died 23 Dec 1953 after being struck by an auto. Injuries were listed as transection of spinal cord, fracture of cervical spine, compound fractures left arm, right & left leg. She buried Byers Cemetery.



Bill Lewis Pippin44,45,46 was born in 1895 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 2 February 1940 at the age of 45 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Bill Lewis was married to Manerva Rawley at the time of his death. Parents are given as Toney Pippin and Bettie Garrison. He was buried on Feb 4, 1940 at Byers Cemetery. The cause of death was listed:
Decision of Coroners Jury. Lick on head with blunt instrument by unknown hands and passed to death.

One son, Joe Welnir Pippin, died at age 10, 9 Jan 1929. He was operated on for appendicitis but died. Occupation given as "school boy". Parents listed as Bill Ouis Pippin and Manerva Rolley. He was buried Byers Cemetery.

Another son of Bill Lewis & Manerva was Jessie Fowler Pippin, born 12 Sep 1914 and died 15 Feb 1952 of tuberculosis from which he had suffered for 10 years; he was also listed as chronic alcoholic for the past 5 years. He was buried Byers Cemetery. Mrs. Fowler Pippin was the informant for the death certificate.



Fred Pippin was born in 1898 in Tennessee.39

Wade Simeon"Toney" Pippin and Ounice "Oma" Clinton were married on 10 January 1903 in Jackson County, Tennessee. Ounice "Oma" Clinton was born on 7 February 1875 in Tennessee. She died on 26 March 1962 at the age of 87 in Jackson County, Tennessee.