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Third Generation

12. James Henry Pippin32,33 was born in 1850 in Jackson County, Tennessee.7 He died on 22 May 1933 at the age of 83 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

In the book "Pippin Pathways" there is a James Pippin born 1850 and a Henry Andy born 1851 - these are now believed to be that same person. His name was James Henry; he was listed as James as an infant in 1850 and listed as Henry in his grandfather's estate settlement.

Age 4/12 in the Census. Enumerated Oct 1850.

His death certificate gives a date of birth as 14 Feb 1847 which is obviously an error. His death certificate also gives his name as "Joe Henry". He is listed as a Widower, the husband of Kitty Petty. Father's name Andrew Pippin; mother's name, Polly Goolsby. The informant was Sallie Pippin of Bloomington Springs, and he was buried Pippin Cemetery on May 23rd, 1933. No physician was in charge at the time of death - died of infirmities of old age - he was 83. He was a farmer but had last worked at this occupation in 1924. W. B. [Willis Bryan] Pippin, his half-brother, signed the death certificate.

James Henry and Kitty Petty Pippin, along with the families of their sons Granville, Russell and Norman, moved by wagon from Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tn to Anna, Warren County, Ky. Russell settled in or near Hopkinsville, Ky and Norman in or near Owensboro, Ky.
James Henry was the father of Granville Lee Pippin (my grandfather) and the grand-father of my father, Paul Pippin. James Henry is one of my mysteries to be solved.
After the death of his wife Kitty, he lived with the family of Granville. He lived with
them for a few years and disappeared at the age of 80 and was never heard from again. The family always suspected his son, Russell, had something to do with his disappearance.
Years later, Granville went to town and met a man he knew that told him his father was dead and buried in Gainesboro. Granville and his eldest son, James "Henry", made the trip to investigate this matter. They were told that someone had paid for his burial and to have his body shipped back to Gainesboro. They would not, however, tell them who this person was. For whatever reason, Granville did not pursue the issue and returned home. He learned that James Henry had lived 11 years after he disappeared. He never made contact with the family which they did not understand. He was loved by them and well-taken care of. I suppose we will never know why he left. It is said that Russell was his favorite son so maybe that had some bearing. He is buried in the Gainesboro City Cemetery.

James Henry Pippin and Kittie Petty were married.32 Kittie Petty was born on 7 October 1846 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32 She died on 18 February 1923 at the age of 76 in Anna, Warren County, Kentucky.32 Kittie died of influenza and is buried at the Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery in Richardsville, Warren Co KY.

James Henry Pippin and Kittie Petty had the following children:



Granville Lee Pippin.



Russell Lee Pippin.



Norman Pippin was born in December 1882 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32 I know very little about Norman. I know he and his family moved by wagon in 1913
to Anna, Warren Co, Ky from Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tn. Others who made the
trip were his parents, James Henry and Kitty Pippin, his brothers, Granville and Rus-
sell and their families.

I know that he did not remain in the area but moved on to settle in or near Owens-
boro, Daviess Co, Ky. I do not know what year he made the move.

I do know that he had a son, Hersel L Pippin, who died December 24, 1942 in
Owensboro while an employee helping to build the dam at Owensboro. This info
comes from my father, Paul Pippin, who was a first cousin to Hershel



John A. Pippin was born in May 1888 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32



[Daughter] Pippin was born in Jackson County, Tennessee.32