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Third Generation

44. John Hiram Morgan Pippin8,58,59 was born on 27 June 1863 in Tennessee.25,26,32 He died on 14 April 1954 at the age of 90 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32
In 1900, Morgan & Harriet and three children all lived with his father & mother. Harriett stated that she'd had 3 children. This page of the census is very dark and difficult to read in the area where the family is located Birth for Morgan given as Jun 1864, TN. Harriett, b. Mar 1869. Cora age 12, b. Sept 1887, Hyram age 10, b. Oct 1889, and another daughter Zora whose age cannot be read. Cora & Zora listed as granddaughters, Hyram as a grandson; their relationship to the head of household

In 1910, Morgan & Harriet still made their home with Sim and Nancy. Sim gave his age as 77, "Jane" as 67; they had two children. They had been married 58 years [hard to read and should have been about 48 years]. Morgan was age 45, Hariet 40; married 13 years [should have been 23 years]. Three children, two living. "Zory" was age 16, but strangely her relationship is given as "niece".

1920 Census. Civil District 10, Jackson Co., Hh 20
Morgan Pippin, age 56, b. TN, parents b. TN, farming
Harriet, wife, 51, b. TN
Jane, mother, age 75, widow, b. TN
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin, mother-in-law, age 74, widow, b. TN

Name on his death certificate is "General" John H. Morgan Pippin. Mrs. Gilmer Montgomery, daughter Cora, gave the information. His parents listed as Simon Pippin and Jane Meadows. He died of renal insufficiency; also suffered from arterioschlerosis.

Lived on the property that became the Morgan Pippin Cemetery.

John Hiram Morgan Pippin and Leitha Harriet Matheny were married on 12 November 1886 in Jackson County, Tennessee.50 Leitha Harriet Matheny was born on 3 March 1869 in Tennessee.26,32 Tombstone is supposed to have 1860 for the year of Harriett's birth, but this doesn't agree with the census records. 9's and 0's can be very hard to distinquish on a weathered tombstone. I think 1869 is most likely. She died on 23 June 1959 at the age of 90.32

John Hiram Morgan Pippin and Leitha Harriet Matheny had the following children:



Cora Ann Pippin.



Hyram Pippin was born in 1889.8 He died before 1910 at the age of 21.58 Hiram seems to have died before the 1910 Census. In 1900 his mother stated 3 children, 3 living. In 1910, she said 3 children, 2 living. Cora, married, was a few houses away, and Zora still at home.



Zora Pippin8 was born in 1894 in Tennessee.58