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Fourth Generation

52. Russell Lee Pippin32 was born in November 1878 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32 Russell seems to have been quite a character. He was a gambler and a
cattle buyer that moved his family often. Children born from Tennessee to

His oldest son, Henry (we called him "Big Henry"), used to tell of a wild ride
they took when he was a boy. They were in a buggy with a black man at the
reins. All of a sudden, men on horseback began chasing them. Evidently,
Russell knew why. The black man whipped the horses furiously to make an
escape. When they reached the edge of town, the men stopped their pursuit
and turned back. Sometime during this ride, Big Henry became curious for
some reason and looked into a trunk that was on board. He said it was filled
with money. So it seems real possible the men were out to rob them.

Russell (like his father) disappeared and no one to this day knows why.
Big Henry used to tell of the day his father left the family of 9 behind. Henry
was Russell's oldest son. One day, he asked Henry to walk to the road with
him. When they reached the road, he stopped and looked back at the farm
(on the Morgantown Rd) for a long, long time. Then he told Henry, "You go
back now and take care of things". They never heard from him again.

So Henry at about the age of 18 became the man of the house. Their mo-
ther, Stella Apple Pippin, died very shortly after this. One day, the sheriff and
a deputy came to the farm to take away the younger children. Henry was
bound and determined to keep the family together. He got his gun and held
them at bay. At least for that day. They returned and did take the children.
I can only imagine how helpless he must have felt as he watched his family
being divided.

Henry stayed in the area but his younger brothers, Hassell and Leonard
(both teenagers), made their way to Louisville, Ky. They walked into the
Drummond Foundary and asked if they could do some clean up work to earn
a little money. The man asked them where they were from and they told him.
He then asked why they were so far from home. Their reply was "We
have no home". He asked how long it had been since they ate. They answer-
ed that it had been several days. He gave them money to go across the street
to get something to eat. Told them to come back so he could talk to them.
After hearing their story, he gave them money to get a place to stay and he
gave them jobs. Not sure how long Leonard stayed but my Uncle Hassell
stayed for a long time and became Supt of the plant. When the company
sold out, it was with the stipulation that Uncle Hassell remain as the Supt.

What on earth would cause a man to walk off and leave a family of 9 to
fend for themselves? Only he knows what was in his mind as he looked back
on his farm that day. He took the reason with him to his grave. Why would
an 80 year old man [his father] leave his loved ones behind and all that was familiar to
him? He took that answer to his grave, also.

1. Lillian Pippin
b 1900 or 1901 Tennessee

2. Henry Frank Pippin, Sr. (Big Henry)
b March 14, 1902 Tennessee
d August 21, 1970 Bowling Green, Warren Co, Kentucky
buried: possibly Mt Pleasant Church Richardsville, Ky
married: Emma Grace Avery

children 1. Flossie May
b June 6, 1923 Hart County, Ky
d August 2, 1923 "

2. Henry Frank, Jr
b May 12, 1927 Jefferson County, Ky
d Oct 15, 1993 Hart County, Ky

3. Hassell <twin> <preacher>
b March 18, 1930 Jefferson County, Ky

4. Harold <twin>
b March 18, 1930 Jefferson County, Ky

3. Fred Lee Pippin, Sr
b January 19, 1904 Christian County, Kentucky
d December 1, 1974 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
buried: Louisville Memorial Gardens West
married: Sallie Evelyn Jones
b ca 1906
d July 28, 1978 age 72
buried: Louisville Memorial Gardens West

children: 1. Edward Lee Pippin
b May 13, 1923 Jefferson County, Kentucky

2. Fred Lee Pippin, Jr
b July 23, 1926 Jefferson County, Kentucky
d July 24, 1981 "

3. Robert T Pippin (family history researcher)
b July 27, 1929 Jefferson County, Kentucky
d Feb 25, 1996 "

4. Shirley Ann Pippin
b Dec 4, 1930 Jefferson County, Kentucky

5. Doris L Pippin
b Apr 5, 1932 Jefferson County, Kentucky

4. Hassell Dero Pippin
b May 16, 1906 Macon County, Illinois
d August 27, 1980 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
buried: Evergreen Cemetery Louisville, Kentucky

5. Leonard L Pippin
b ca 1908 Illinois
d March 19, 1952 Jefferson County, Ky

6. Lela G Pippin
b ca 1910 Illinois
married: John Nichols

children: 1. John Nichols, Jr b Sept 11, 1926 Jefferson Co, Ky
2. Ruth Irene b Dec 9, 1927 "

7. Effie Irene Pippin
b ca 1912 Fulton County, Illinois
married: John Robertson

children: 1. Doris J b Apr 15, 1939 Jefferson County, Ky
2. Robert L b Apr 2, 1944 "
3. Ted b Aug 15, 1945 "

8. Charlie C Pippin
b June 26, 1914 Warren County, Ky
d Sept 17, 1970 Jefferson Co, Ky resident of Fayette Co, Ky

9. William R Pippin
b January 12, 1918 Christian Co, Ky
d July 4, 1919 "

********************************************************************** **********
Hassell Dero Pippin/ son of Russell and Stella Apple Pippin
Hassell Dero Pippin
b May 16, 1906 Macon County, Illinois
d Aug 27, 1980 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
buried: Evergreen Cemetery Louisville, Ky
parent: Russell Lee and Stella Apple Pippin

married 1 : Alta Mae Talley <divorced>
b May 7, 1915 Hart County, Kentucky
d July 16, 1995 Louisville, Ky
buried: Louisville Memorial Gardens West
dau of Rev Richard D and Mary Mattie Druen Talley

child of Hassell and Alta:
Lucille Earlene Pippin
b Aug 2, 1933 Louisville, Ky
d June 13, 1963 "
buried: Evergreen Cemetery
married: Charlie Gish <no children>
d Aug 18, 2000 Louisville, Ky

married 2 : Lillian Pearl Vertrees Sept 30, 1939 Jefferson Co, Ky
b Feb 24, 1916 Hardin County, Kentucky
d May 28, 1989 Louisville, Ky
buried: Evergreen Cemetery
dau of Herbert Myrtle and Eva Mae Wright Vertrees

children of Hassell and Lillian:
1. Earl Lee Pippin
b March 4, 1942 Louisville, Jefferson, Ky

2. Janet Rose Pippin
b Dec 27, 1946 Louisville, Ky
married: Ronald Patrick Wilson Apr 21, 1967
b Sept 18, 1946
son of Ray and Irene Wilson
children of Janet and Ronald:
1. Ronald Ray b July 24, 1968 Louisville, Ky
2. James Allen b Aug 8, 1979 "

3. Donald Ray Pippin
b March 25, 1948 Louisville, Ky
d May 12, 2001 "
buried: Evergreen Cemetery Veterans Section
married 1 : Beverly ___?___ <divorced> <no children>
married 2 : Marsha Kay Bertelkamp June 7, 1974
b June 17, 1953
dau of Charles R & Doris Ann Schaaf Bertelkamp

children of Donald and Marsha:
1. Shawn Ray b Dec 2, 1974 Louisville, Ky
2. Stacy Ann b July 14, 1978 "

4. Linda Sue Pippin
b April 16, 1950 Louisville, Ky
married: Kerry Oliver Stearman Dec 14, 1968
b June 13, 1947
son of Oliver Leo & Katie Marie Hayes Stearman
children of Linda and Kerry:

1. Karen Lynn b Aug 16, 1972 Louisville, Ky
2. Kristopher Kerry b Aug 21, 1975 "

5. Carolyn Joyce Pippin
b Sept 30, 1952 Louisville, Ky
married Virgil Johnson Oct 2, 1970
b Sept 13, 1947
son of Odie Thomas & Willis Johnson

children of Carolyn and Virgil:
1. Donnie Lee b Nov 18, 1972 Louisville, Ky
2. Duane Virgil b June 17, 1978 "

Russell Lee Pippin and Stella Apple were married on 25 July 1899 in Jackson County, Tennessee.32 Stella Apple was born in March 1884 in Tennessee.32 She died about 1920 at the age of 36 in Warren County, Kentucky.32