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Second Generation

2. Mary "Polly" HAYS was born about 1816.

Placing Polly Hays & Charles Vincent here is based almost entirely on the child Elizabeth who was found living with Delitha Hays in Tippah Co MS in 1850. She was placed under the guardianship of Elias Hays in 1853 in Johnson Co AR and Delitha did call Elizabeth her "granddaughter". She was with Elias Hays and family in 1860 in Johnson Co AR as a 14-year-old. Nothing else is known about Elizabeth Vincent.

There are various indications that Delitha had lived in Tennessee prior to moving to Tippah Co and that some of her younger children were born there. It seems reasonable that some of the older children married in Tennessee.

It is also possible that Polly Hays & Charles Vincent were not the parents of Elizabeth. They married in 1834 and Elizabeth was not born until circa 1846. One would think there might have been other children.

The 1840 census shows the following two possibilities:
White Co TN. Charles Vincent. 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m age 30-40
2f 5-10, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40 [I doubt that Polly Hays as a daughter of Delitha would have this old. The marriage took place in 1834 and there are numerous children born before that year. Unless Charles had children from a precious marriage.]
Natchez, Adams Co MS. Chas. Vincentz. 1m age 30-40. 2f age 16-20.
[No children in this household so this is a possibility, if Polly was say age 15/16 when they married.]
I also checked Arkansas but there was no Charles Vincent to be found there.

The 1845 Mississippi State Census has a Charles "Vinson", with one male, four females in his household.

In 1850, a Charles Vincent was living in McMinn Co TN. His information is somewhat compatible with the Charles Vincent in White Co TN in 1840, which might further eliminate this Charles:
Charles Vincent, age 45, b. unknown. Julia, age 42, b. NC
John 22, Jane 19, William 17, Nancy 15, Andy 10, Hugh 8 - all born in Tennessee
There was no Charles Vincent in Mississippi which is to be expected if his orphaned daughter was living with her grandmother.

Mary "Polly" HAYS and Charles VINCENT were married on 12 April 1834 in Shelby County, Tennessee. Charles VINCENT was born (date unknown).

Mary "Polly" HAYS and Charles VINCENT had the following children:



Elizabeth VINCENT was born in 1846 in Mississippi.

Elizabeth was with her grandmother, Delitha Hays, in Tippah Co MS in 1850, age 4, b. MS.

In 1853 in Johnson Co AR, Delitha requested Elias Hays be made Elizabeth's guardian, stating that Elizabeth Vincent was her granddaughter.

In 1860, Elizabeth Vincent, age 14 and born in MS, was part of the household of Elias Hays in Johnson Co AR.

I may have located Elizabeth Vincent but more research will be needed. [Crawford Co AR marriage records for this time period were lost in a courthouse fire.] Living in Vine Prairie Twp, Crawford Co AR in 1870, was an Elizabeth, age 24, born in TN [she was more likely b. MS if this is Elizabeth Vincent]. Head of household was James Broada, age 46, Farmer, b. TN. Elizabeth was of course age 24, b. TN and most likely a 2nd wife based on the ages of the following children. I would suspect only the two youngest are hers. James, age 15, b. AR. William age 13, b. AR. John H. age 2 [could this be "John Hays"?] b. AR, Delithe M. E. age 4 months, born Feb. in AR, Sarelada age 16, b. AR, Samuel Nathan age 18, Farm Labor, b. TN, Jane Johnson age 24, b. TX. I cannot find this family in 1880.