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Fourth Generation

19. Chrisman Harrison PARKER was born on 12 July 1828 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. He died on 12 September 1914 at the age of 86 in Los Angeles, California.
From Ancestry FamilyTree:
Elmwood, Saline Coounty Missouri.
October 2, 1881
My Dear Children:
I write this brief sketch for all of you to remember. My great- grandfather was born in England, but like many of his countrymen, fled to this country with his family, while it was small and he settled in North Carolina before the Revolutionary War. When that memorable war of seven years came, it is said than he never hesitated but left his family in a timbered wilderness to take care of themselves as best they could and he battled faithfully to the end of the seven years. And his dust reposes in North Carolina.
My Grandfather was the support of his mother, brothers and sisters during his father's absence for seven years. He was born in North Carolina and was raised there and was married there and several of his children were born there, my father among the rest. Grandfather moved east to Tennessee and raised his family there. My grandfather was in the battle of New Orleans under General Andrew Jackson and was wounded in his ankle of his left leg.
My father, James Parker was a Baptist Minister and never took any part in the War during his life. My beloved father, if he has not, he soon will repose beneath the sod of the valley.
CHRISMAN H. PARKER was born July 12, 1828 near Tazewell, Claiborne
County, Tennessee, and was raised to farm life, until the spring of 1846.
When the war broke out between the United States and Mexico, myself and older brother volunteered in the first call troops to go to Mexico to help defend the country that my great grandfather had defended for seven long years, and that my grandfather had fought to defend from the British. In consequence of the rush made to fill the call, our company could not be received. My brother and I walked two days to the place of rondevous. Our Captain came in from Knoxville with a sad face and mounted the Court House steps and announced that the call was full and by reason of us being so far away, had been left.
Brother and I returned home and went to work and made the crop. When we took our leave and started, not knowing that we should ever return. My father followed us out and said, "my sons, you are free to take care of one another". I was determined to get in on the next call. So one Sunday evening, when everything was quiet, I bid adieu to my home and started toward Mexico. I traveled for several days when my scanty means gave out and I stopped and went to work and to school
When the next call came, I said nothing but marched into the ranks again. This was in September 1847. From Somerset we went to Louisville and from there to New Orleans and from there to Vera Cruz, Mexico, via Cerogorda, Jalappa and Puebla to the City of Mexico where I remained until peace was made.
I then returned with those of my comrades that had survived, leaving 30 of our company beneath the sod of that unhospitable country. Within the year after our return, 5 more had died from diseases contracted there in Mexico. Since then our number has decreased sadly.
C.H. Parker in 1849 came to Cass County, Missouri and located my land warrent and went to school 5 months and then taught 3 months. Then made an outfit and went to California, remaining there 18 months and than returned to Kentucky and Tennessee and in the spring of 1853 married and returned to Saline County, Missouri where life was a struggle ever since.
On the 9th day of August 1862, I volunteered my services to my country and enlisted in Company I, 7th Cavalry of the Missouri Volunteers and served to the end of the war. Was in the following battles:- Lone Jack, Jackson Count, Missouri, Prairie Grove Arkansas, Battle at Van Buren, Arkansas. Helped to drive Shelby and Marmaduke out of the state from the Iron Mountains, was at the battle of Little Rock Arkansas. Also the battle of Maroes Arkansas under General Steel. Also at the battle of South Pine Bluff on the Saline River under General Rowel Clayton
Was mustered out of service at the close of the war and was honorably discharged.
"November 3rd 1904:
Chrisman H. Parker was born July the 12th 1828.
Johnna Parker was born April the 11 1857. and died July the 18th 1900. age 43 years, and three monthes and seven days.
Peoria Parker was born March the 17th 1891.
Edmon Parker was born March the 20th 1894.
Oceolo Parker was born October the 12th 1895
Emma Parker was born July the 11th 1898.
Signed byChrisman H. Parker"

Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA, with second wife Joanna.

Chrisman Harrison PARKER and Lucy M. CRAIN were married on 11 February 1853 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Lucy M. CRAIN was born on 13 December 1836 in Missouri. She died on 23 September 1922 at the age of 85 in Higgins, Lipscomb County, Texas.

Buried Higgins Cemetery, Higgins, Lipscomb Co, TX

Chrisman Harrison PARKER and Lucy M. CRAIN had the following children:



Douglas Alexander PARKER.



Pearlie PARKER.

Chrisman Harrison PARKER and Joanna KING were married in 1889 in California. Joanna KING was born on 11 April 1857 in England. She died on 18 July 1900 at the age of 43 in Los Angeles, California.