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First Generation

1. JONATHAN HARRISON1,2 was born (date unknown).

Most databases give the father of Elisha Harrison as John Harrison. This is incorrect.
According to the research by David Travillion Bunton based on old family letters, Jonathan Harrison and Mercy Terry were the parents of Elisha Harrison.

Mercy Terry was the daughter of William and Rachel Terry of Botetourt County, VA. Records of the estate of William Terry [died1808] from 1808 reveal that "Mercy Terry, wife of Jonathan Harrison" received her one/eighth share in her father's estate.
Jonathan Terry is listed in tax lists of Botetourt Co in the 1770's & 1780's.

Mr. Bunton descends from William Canady Harrison, a grandson of William & Rachel Terry Harrison through their son, Elisha Harrison. He has a family letter stating that Elisha H. Harrison's father was indeed Elisha [Elisha H. was a brother of William Canady and my ancestor Nathaniel Harrison]; his grandfather was Jonathan Harrison; his great-grandfather was Elias Harrison. The grandmother Harrison was a Terry. The letter also mentions a second cousin named Joseph Terry who lived in Madison Co KY - there was a Joseph Terry in the 1850 Madison Co KY. This Joseph Terry was a grandson of John Terry, brother of Mercy Terry; thereby proving that that Elisha H. Harrison did have a 2nd cousin named Joseph Terry.

Online information concerning Jonathan Harrison is confusing and cannot all be correct.
There was a Jonathan Harrison in Tennessee:
Jonathan appears in Court minutes, Claiborne Co., TN. Vol. 2 No 5593-Pg 87-88-89-95-67-164 in 1803 and 1806.
In 1804 he was on Jury Duty.
In Sept. 1805 he gave bail for Silas Williams. Pg. 164.
Feb. 1807 On jury to review road. Pg. 45
May 1807 appointed to review road. Pg 82.
May 1808 Juryman.
Deed of conveyance from Jonathan Harrison, Sr. and wf Mercy 300 acres to John Persinger proved in open court by Webster and Johathan Harrison, Jr., May 1808.
1809 Jonathan Harrison grantor to Elias Harrison Bk. b, Pg. 219-170.
#5593-Vol. 2, Pg. 67 Deed from Walter Evans to Jonathan Harrison.
10-23-1809 Jonathan and Mercy Harrison, Sr. sold land to Elias Harrison (68 acres).

Some state that Jonathan or John "Jack" Harrison was a Longhunter - this may be a confusion with another John Harrison who was Not the father of Elisha.

A Jonathan Harrison filed a will in the County of Sussex, VA in 1776, the year he died, leaving his land and leases to his son William Harrison(1747), along with several slaves, livestock, tools, and household items. Obviously not the same Jonathan that was married to Mercy - see deed in 1808 above.

JONATHAN HARRISON and MERCY TERRY were married.1 MERCY TERRY, daughter of WILLIAM TERRY and RACHEL [TERRY], was born about 1760 in Botetourt County, Virginia.1

JONATHAN HARRISON and MERCY TERRY had the following children:






Elias "Eli" HARRISON.