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Fourth Generation

107. Anna Susan HARRISON47 was born in 1860 in Illinois.4,32,37

Anna Susan was 2/12 at time of 1860 Census, born in Kentucky, but the 1870 Census says born in Illinois. I do believe she was the first child born in IL - they likely moved circa 1859. Her middle name is also found as Louisa and Sonia - see the birth entries below.
She was not in the 1880 census with the rest of the family; however, she was old enough to be married by then.

Marriage to John E. Icenogle on 13 May 1877. Schuyler Co Marriage Book C, p.107.
A John E. Isenogal is found in the 1860 Census, already 15 years old. Living with what appears to be his father, William, siblings, and perhaps his grandmother, Matilda Isenogal. Mother has apparently recently died as there is a 1 year old girl.

Children in Birth Records as transcripted at Schuyler Co IL USGenWeb:
#1674; William Nathan Icenogle, born 27 Oct 1883, Woodstock Twp, Schuyler Co IL to Anna Louisa (Harrison) Icenogle and John Edward Icenogle
#2008; Ray Icenogle, born 28 Apr 1884, Woodstock Twp, to Anna Sonia (Harrison) Icenogle and John Ed Icenogle.

1900 Census. Winslow, Washington Co, Arkansas. p.166A Hh 109
John E. Icenogle, b. Apr 1855, age 45, married 22 years. Born Illinois, father b. KY, mother b. Ohio.
Anna L. [S?], wife, b. May 1860, age 40, has had 11 children, 10 are living. Born Illinois, parents b. KY
Steward, son, b. Jan 1880, age 20
Clara, dau, b. Nov 1881, age 18
William N., son, b. Oct 1883, age 16
Ramond, son, b. Oct 1885, age 14 [birth record shows April 1884]
Winnie, son, b. Nov 1887, age 12, first child born in Arkansas
Charity, dau, b. Apr 1890, age 10
Nancy, dau, b. Aug 1892, age 7
Lizie, dau, b. Apr 1894, age 6
Carl, son, b. Jan 1895, age 5
Goldy E., dau, b. Jul 1897, age 2

1910 Census. Prairie Grove, Washington Co, AR. Hh 247
John E. Icenogle, age 54, married 1 time, was 33 when he married. Born IL, parents b. IL
Anna E., wife, age 50, was 23 when married, 13 children - 12 are living, b. IL, parents b. KY
Children born in IL: Steward, son, age 30. William N., son age 26. Raymond E., age 24
Children born in AR: Winner, son, age 22. Charity, dau, age 20. Nancy E., dau, age 17. Lizzie, dau, age 16. Clement C., son, age 14. Goldy A., dau, age 11. Silvie & Pearl, daughters, age 9.

This is the most bizarre occurrence I've ever found in a Census. None of the family aged between 1910 and 1920 - the youngest, twins, are even younger than in 1910. Not even the married sons aged - their wives ages are wrong. Only the two children of Raymond "Ray" seem to be the right ages.
1920 Census. Cane Hill, Washington Co, AR Hh 257
John Icenogle, age 54, b. IL father b. KY, mother b. Ohio, miller, saw mill
Annie, wife, age 49, b. IL, parents, b. KY
Steward, son, age 29, b. IL. William, son, age 26, b. IL Both working in the saw mill
Lizzie, dau, age 15. Carl, son, age 13. Goldie, dau, age 11. Silvie & Pearl, daughters, age 7. All born in AR.
living next door in Hh 258
Winnie Icenogle, age 22, b. AR, general farming
Amanda, wife, age 18, b. W. VA.
Hh 259
Ray Icenogle, age 24, b. IL, works in saw mill
Nita, wife, age 24, b. AR
J. P., son, age 1 year 9 months
M. C., son, age 3 months

After discovering the bizarre situation above and looking at 1930, I looked back in 1920 for daughter Charity who had married Charles Jones, to see what their ages were.
I did find them in Cane Hill, Hh 204
Charles Jones was age 30, a miller at the saw mill, b. Kansas
Charity was 29, b. AR [so she had aged appropriately]
Ed, son, was age 4.

By 1930, a couple of databases online [which had very little about the family] did indicate that both John and Anna had died in the late 1920's. By 1930, all the daughters would likely have married. The ages of the sons I was able to locate have made the 20-year jump from 1910.
In 1930. Cane Hill, Washington Co, AR
Hh 86
Ray Icenogle, age 44, married at 29, b. IL, farm laborer
Neta, wife, age 34, married at 19, b. AR
Jay P., son, age 11 and Mary B., daughter, age 1 year, 8 months.
Starr Hill Twp, Washington Co, AR
Hh 34a
Charles S. Jones, age 42, married at 25, b. KS, farm laborer
Cherry D., wife, age 38, married at 20, b. AR [has to be Charity who was not with the family in 1920]
W. Edward, son, age 14, b. AR
Stewart Icenogle, brother-in-law, age 48, b. IL
Barker Twp, Crawford Co, AR
Hh 24
Winnie Icenogle, age 42, married at 30, b. AR, farmer
Amanda, wife, age 28, 16 when married, b. VA
Phyllis M., daughter, age 7, b. AR
Hh 47
Carl C. Icenogle, age 32, married at 25, b. AR, laborer, cutting stave bolts
Clara M., wife, age 24, married at 17, b. AR
John E., son, age 3 years, 8 months, b. AR

Anna Susan HARRISON and John Edward ICENOGLE were married on 13 May 1877 in Schuyler County, Illinois. John Edward ICENOGLE was born in April 1855 in Illinois.